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“Send two people!”

The leader of the attacking party turned around and shouted, “In fifteen minutes, no one will disturb you.

You must pull out the Dragon Guard flag!”

On the mountainside.


“Little Tree, explode, explode!”

The trees were detonated, and the seeds of the trees that just exploded fell to the ground again.

They turned into towering ancient trees and joined the torrent of explosions.

The cycle went on and on, never stopping.

Xu Xiaoshou transformed into Mu Zixi and behaved as if he had an endless amount of spiritual sources.

He did not care about the consumption at all.

He took pills while he crazily fried the fish.

In reality.

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual source was indeed inexhaustible.

He only took pills to cover his tracks.

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He hadHigh Spirits.

This was also the first time thatHigh Spirits unleashed its full power because of its attributes.

The imitator was too strong!

After transforming into Mu Zixi, Xu Xiaoshou experienced the terrifying power of a wood attribute spiritual cultivator fighting in the forest.

His usage of the wood attribute was very shallow, limited to the first stage of summoning ancient trees and blasting ancient trees.

However, that was enough!

Grandmaster realm.

Ones comprehension of the path principles was only so-so.

From the morning march to the Fourth Dragon Range.

Under the orders ofYoung Master Xu, Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the form of Mu Zixi, took up the position of the vanguard.

He led the 700 men of the Xu faction to conquer the mountain with ease.

The defense troops were like paper, each and every one of them extremely weak.

Furthermore, in the Xu factions army that Xu Xiaoshou led, each and every one of them was full and at their peak state.

In just a few seconds…

They were thrown off their feet!

“This feels so good.”

As he emerged from the battlefield, Xu Xiaoshou looked around.

This was the first time he felt that the imitator was so compatible with him.

As one of the top ten superpower weapons in the continent, the real use of the imitator might not be just the ever-changing transformation Yi had displayed.

Its strongest point should be to help the host to have a deep understanding of the various attributes of the person who was being imitated.

Yi might not have a deep understanding of this, or he might know, but there was nothing he could do.

This was because Yi only had his own Innate Elemental Power, the mental type, hence it was useless for him to comprehend the path principles of other attributes.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was different.

He had all attributes.

The effect of the imitator in his hands was much greater than when he was in Yis hands!

At this moment.

After transforming into Mu Zixi, Xu Xiaoshou could feel that his spiritual source had turned into a wood element because of the imitators effect.

He could feel that the nature of the spiritual source in his body had changed.

From the infernal power, Sword Cognition, and other powers, it had become a strange special power that had an endless stream of vitality.

This was the wood attributes power!

By using the wood attributes spiritual source and slightly controlling the wood attributes element, coupled with the spiritual technique that his junior sister had used before, Xu Xiaoshou was able to imitate 70% of his junior sisters ability.

He finally understood why Yi had the ability to change all sorts of things.

An imitator could really change a persons special ability from the source!

“If I want to cultivate the space attributes, the best path right now is to imitate Ye Xiaotian.

With the spatial origin stone, I can use both methods to experience his abilities first-hand…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had once again found the fast path to comprehending the path principles.

Yi, this treasure-presenting boy, had arrived at the right time.

He was stuck at the time when he was in the Grandmaster realm and needed to comprehend the great path of Heaven and earth.

“Also, with the imitator, as long as I can fight with Yamas boss, Ill be able to witness his ability…”

Xu Xiaoshou had another wild idea.

He felt that in time, he might really be able to grasp the “Time” attribute.

The only pity was that the time attribute was too rare.

Among the younger generation, no one had mastered it.

As a result, he could only fantasize about fighting with Yamas boss, Huang Quan.

Through fighting, he could imitate the other partys ability.

This was too dangerous…

“Thats not right!”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual light flashed, and he thought of the characteristics of imitators.

Did he really need to fight with Huang Quan

That might not be the case!

If he was to use a trick to create a feud between Bazhunan and Huang Quan, he would be able to watch their fight from the side.

This way, he would be able to see the other abilities of Bazhunan as well as Huang Quans moves.

Double mimicry!



“Leader Mu, Leader Mu!”

While Xu Xiaoshou was still fantasizing, there were already members of Xu faction rushing over from the mountainside to report on the battle.

“Whats wrong” Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses.

“Are they all dead”

The moment these words were said, the members of the sect were scared out of their wits.

Too savage!

Compared to the previous battle, Leader Mu was even more sinister and ruthless.

Was it because Young Master Xu was standing guard at the back, and Leader Mu had no scruples at all

This devil…

The faction members cursed silently in their hearts, but they did not dare to speak ambiguously.

“Leader Mu, we are almost at the peak of the mountain.

This group of people should have just gone through a night of battle and are not in good condition.

The decision made by the faction leaders last night to recuperate was indeed correct!”

The faction members took the lead to flatter him, then said solemnly, “There were other faction members who sneaked up to the peak of the mountain.

When they were discovered by the people on the mountain, they immediately retreated.

However, his trial jade pendant has several additional pieces of information.”

“Information What information” Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

There was even a region trigger type on this information

“This is all.

He has already recorded it.

He would like Leader Mu to hurry up and fight your way to the mountain peak.

This is an opportunity that can not be missed.” The faction member handed over a jade scroll.


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