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“So, he didnt erase all traces”

Wang Dachui and Teng Shanhai were dumbfounded.

They couldnt keep up with these peoples train of thought.

But looking at the few leaders in front of them…

“Did I mention the key information by chance” Wang Dachui scratched his ears and cheeks, doubting himself.

Rao Yaoyao was deep in thought.

Huan Yis speculation was very exaggerated.

It sounded as if it was true, but during the process, his speculation had directly rejected all the conclusions they had previously reached.

If the person holding the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap had arrived later, then it was clearly not a trap.

If it was not a trap, how could Yi have died in a short quarter of an hour


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Rao Yaoyao didnt believe in coincidences.

She also didnt believe that Yi couldnt win against Patriarch Wuji, who was being held back, and another person with a weak point in strength, but had some targeted methods.

Furthermore, if there was a weak person on the scene who specialized in targeting mutant abilities, then this was clearly a trap, a trap designed to kill Yi!

The Chief of the Transformation Division was known for his ever-changing abilities.

If one did not prepare in advance, who would be able to deal with him

At this point.

A paradox was formed.

It was not a trap, but a trap.

Other than coincidence, there was no other explanation.

But the only remaining explanation was that after Yi interrogated Mu Zixi, he met a group of higher voids and sovereign juniors who were working together and wandering around.

Moreover, each of their abilities happened to be against Yi.

The two sides also happened to have a grudge

Rao Yaoyao almost vomited blood.

This was too stupid!

If she dared to organize Yis death into such a report and submit it to the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, even without the headquarters sending people to deal with her, Ye Xiao would personally appear and carry out an assassination every day and night.

Ye Xiaos target would be her, Rao Yaoyao.

Who would believe it…

“Summarize it!”

Rao Yaoyao waved her hand and threw away the messy thoughts in her mind.

There wasnt much time left.

She had to make a decision in the first wave before her subordinates could carry out the second operation.

If they were to be stuck in this first round, their subordinates would only waste a large amount of time on standby.

Besides, case reasoning wasnt something that could be completed in one go.

They were required to continue searching for clues and details, to be constantly in denial and extrapolation, and to create new ideas before they could find the final answer.

With this wave of brainstorming, at least the current situation was no longer shrouded in clouds and mist.

Instead, there were clues that could support the second operation.

Huan Yi heard this and was the first to speak up.

“After combining all the information above, my conclusion is…”

“There are three people at the scene of Yis death, or even more.”

“We will continue to discuss the possibility of more than three people.

However, right now, the emphasis is on only three people.”

“Among the three people, the Divine Sorcerer was held back by Yu Zhiwen.

The main attacker fighting Yi is the Storyteller.

The Saint Servant has already declared war against our Holy Divine Palace.

The traces of the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap that the Storyteller deliberately left behind can be understood as a provocation.”

“As for the third person, although he only has the ability to replenish his damage output, his status is very high.

He has holy blood and his strength is temporarily judged to be weak, but he still has the means to target Yi…”

“In the entire continent, there are very few people like him.”

“But there really is such a person in Dongtianwang City.”

Huan Yi paused for a moment, then turned to look at Teng Shanhai, “I believe senior has the answer as well”

Teng Shanhai did not expect the topic to be directed at him.

He knew the answer to this question!

He immediately puffed out his chest, coughed twice, cleared his throat, and was about to speak, “Xu…”

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Wang Dachui jumped up and answered, “Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou!”

Teng Shanhais face was as dark as ink and almost dripped ink..

Huan Yi looked embarrassed.

He had been observing the situation from all sides.

He only said this because he knew how uncomfortable Teng Shanhai felt after being stopped by Rao Yaoyao.

His original intention was to make the Chief of the Combat Division speak out his correct deduction.

But now, Wang Dachui had stolen the limelight, causing him to feel extremely awkward.

It was as if the flames of war had been started by himself.


It was a mistake!

Luckily, Rao Yaoyao knew how to behave.

She only glanced at Wang Dachui, who was still gloating and provoking Teng Shanhai, and then retracted her gaze.

“Wheres the weapon”

Turning her gaze to Teng Shanhai, Rao Yaoyao asked again, “Whats your conclusion”

This time, Teng Shanhai didnt pause, he spoke much faster, “Across the entire continent, only Yu Lingdi is able to fight against the higher void and sovereign.

I can only think of one person, Xu Xiaoshou.

Unfortunately, he has four swords, which can be used against Yi!”

Rao Yaoyao looked back at the others, “Is there anything else you want to add”



Everyone shook their heads in unison.

Rao Yaoyao nodded her head and brought Wang Dachui, who was walking around happily, to her, “Here is your mission.

The control of the Yunlun mountain range is currently in our hands.

Saint Servant and the stowaway must not be far from here.

Find them, or at least, find Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Find someone” Wang Dachui was stunned.

He was good at fighting.

What kind of nonsensical mission was this to ask him to find someone

“Of course you cant find someone, but he can.” Rao Yaoyao gestured.

Huan Yi smiled and took a step forward.

He bowed respectfully, “Senior.”

“Can you be obedient” Rao Yaoyao lifted Wang Dachui and asked coldly.

Wang Dachui was not stupid.

To be able to become a higher void, would any of them be truly stupid

It was just that in comparison, these intelligence workers were more shrewd.

Wang Dachui finally understood why he and Ten Shanhai were asked to join the discussion between Rao Yaoyao and the group of smart people.

They wanted both of them to listen.

Huan Yi…

This kid was indeed a rare talent!


Wang Dachui said as his eyes rolled.

He pointed at Teng Shanhai and said to Huan Yi, “Call him Xu Xiaoshou and I will help you kill him.

Is this obedient enough”


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