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“Mm…” he was confused.

The trial officer sighed.

She was a complete little fool.

Other than making people speechless, there was nothing else she could do.

Yi must have vented a lot of frustration on this girl.

That was why his image in the girls heart had changed from nothing totall,dark, anddevil.

At this moment, the trial officer no longer could stand his own stance.

It was hard for him to imagine how the dignified Chief of the Transformation Division had been tortured by this little girl during his final interrogation before his death.

“Do you have anything else during that accidental encounter that you can remember and want to add” the trial officer thought for a while and asked.

However, the outcome was still the little girls groan…


After a long while, he sighed helplessly.

After the trial officer ended the spiritual guidance, he looked at the little girl who fell into a deep sleep.

In just a short while, she started to snore.

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“Shes really carefree!” the trial officer cursed silently.

He secretly withdrew his bounded domain.

With a shake, he disappeared in a flash.

The trial seemed to have ended.

‘Mu Zixi was still snoring on the ground as if she wanted to recover from the exhaustion from the battle during the day and the mental trauma from thetall, dark and devil at night.

In the quiet wooden house.

This situation lasted for a quarter of an hour or more…

Until the messageUnder surveillance, Passive Points 1 in the information bar no longer appeared.

Mu Zixi, whom Xu Xiaoshou disguised, opened her drowsy eyes.


“Why am I sleeping on the ground

“Wasnt I watering the flowers…”

‘Mu Zixi frowned and rubbed her swollen temples.

She seemed to have a headache from dozing off on the ground.

However, with her spiritual intelligence, she wouldnt think too much about it.

Her hands turned into vines and crawled to the bed.

She was even too lazy to walk.

‘Mu Zixi then lay on the bed and fell asleep.

“Theres no problem!”

Outside the camp of the Xu Faction, the trial officer, who was hiding in the Way of the Heavens, watched everything silently.

In the end, he chose to leave.

Mu Zixi was very normal.

The little girls temperament, playfulness, thoughtlessness, and tantrum-throwing…

All of her characteristics perfectly matched the information of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

They were just as Yu Zhiwen had thought.

After the trial officer came into contact with Mu Zixi, he had the same answer.

A Higher Void (level) would not compromise in such a way.

She had to pretend to be an innocent and cute little girl and before the Imperial City Trial began, she had to spend a lot of time disguising herself: conquering the heaven geomantic arena, kneeling before Young Master Xu, shouting those shameful slogans of the Xu Faction…

In the end, she only wanted to set up a death trap for Yi in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Let alone Yi had taken the initiative to accept the mission to look for Mu Zixi.

Just those shameful slogans of the Xu Faction and the position of the leader of the Xu Faction, which she desperately fought for, the trial officer felt that not a single Higher Void (level) could think of or shout it out.

Mu Zixi had her unique characteristics in this world.

This kind of person had a unique personality that was difficult to be imitated even if one wanted to.

A wild and bold guess would be Mu Zixi is indeed Three Incenses gold hunting token assassin of Higher Void (level)!

Then, it was indeed possible that the assassin would put in a lot of effort to prepare all of this so that the trap would be a perfect closed loop trap.

However, there were still three unexplainable points.

First, how did she gain Young Master Xus trust Had she been planning all of this since the first time she met Young Master Xu in the Northern Region

Second, if it wasnt for that, Young Master Xu was also a part of the operation to kill Yi However, there was no reason for the descendant of the Demi-Saint faction to attack the people of the Holy Divine Palace.

Others might not know the severity of the situation, so how could a Demi-Saint not know

Thirdly, how did Mu Zixi know Yi would be attracted by her physique Assassins had their own targets.

To make a move against outsiders, they had to charge extra fees and weigh the pros and cons.

It was unlikely that she would pretend for so long and kill whoever she attracted.

This was too rash!

If it was not Yi but the Chief of the Physique Division, Wang Dachui, she would have killed Wang Dachui

She would not be able to kill him!

There must be a special ability specifically used to target Yi in killing him.

In Yis death, there were too many things that needed to be planned in advance!

Special people, special treasures, special abilities…

Only by targeting closely could she have the slightest chance of killing the Higher Void (level) in a quarter of an hour!

It wouldnt be Yi had acted by coincidence.

He had coincidentally bumped into a few Higher Void (level) stowaways on his way.

The two parties coincidentally triggered each other, and Yis ability was coincidentally targeted.

His body, soul, mental strength, will… all of them were coincidentally restrained to the point where he couldnt even send a signal for help.

It was all by coincidence!

It was impossible!

Absolutely impossible!

This was too f*cking coincidental!

Even if the gods were here, they couldnt lead the story to such a situation!

Holy Divine Palace was particular about evidence.

There was no possibility of such a coincidence happening.

The trial officer did not believe that a little girl like Mu Zixi could kill the Chief of the Transformation Division who was so difficult to kill.

There was only one subjective thought in his heart.

Saint Servant!

Or maybe it was another dark faction that had the same strength as Saint Servant.

They secretly set up a scheme to kill Yi and then took advantage of the situation to pass the buck to First Pavilion in the Sky and then escape.

This was the only explanation!

The trial officer knew that Rao Yaoyao also only had this thought in her mind.


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