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It was different in Holy Divine Palace.

They had a lot of resources that the assassins didnt have.

In fact, as long as they were noticed during the operation, there was a possibility that they could become the chief of the Transformation Division or the Dark Division.

Yi and Ye Xiao had entered the six divisions from Three Incenses and finally became the chiefs of the six divisions.

“Why is God of Dumbness looking at me this way Do you have a crush on me and want to do that… thing” Golden Foot only wore a black eye patch with an engraving design.

Her pretty face was red from being stared at by God of Dumbness.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone in the hall, she moved her body away, and her eyes were watery.

She said shyly, “Others would definitely not be allowed.

But to God of Dumbness, it is hard to decline…”

Even though all the assassins knew that Golden Foot was just putting on an act, when she displayed her bashful posture, it still aroused the evil fire in the hearts of all the assassins.

This was just like a ripe peach that could be picked by anyone.

Who could resist

For a moment, the hall became much quieter.

The eyes of Double Dumba*s remained calm and indifferent as usual.

It was difficult for assassins to avoid women, but women were also a big taboo for assassins.

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Many assassins had died on womens bodies.

Double Dumba*s had become a gold hunting token assassin, so he would not let himself die for such a matter.

He plainly said, “What youre eying on should be the same as mine.

Since its the same, you should know how dangerous this operation is.”

Golden Foot chuckled.

“No matter how dangerous it is, it cant be compared to the danger of God of Dumbness.

I heard that God of Dumbness seems to be trying to obtain the three-colored hunting token these few years”

Everyone was shocked.

Three-colored hunting token

God of Dumbness had succeeded in assassinating one higher void (level).

With his ability, it was only a matter of time in terms of the number.

Did Golden Foot mean that God of Dumbness was trying to assassinate a Demi-Saint

This was too crazy!

Everyone was anticipating God of Dumbnesss reply.

Double Demba*s did not deny it, “It failed.”

This time, even Golden Foot was stunned for a long time.

She had asked tentatively based on a little bit of information that she had.

She didnt expect God of Dumbness to have acted.

Even if a Demi-Saint was weak, it wasnt something the higher void (level) could contend against.

What exactly did this guy do to be able to escape unscathed after failing to assassinate him

“No wonder he didnt dare to show up for 17 years.

Hes actually been targeted…” Golden Foot was so happy that she was trembling, but she didnt dare to say anything more about this matter.

After all, it was related to the Demi-Saint.

She pondered for a moment, then said with a flirtatious look, “This time, God of DEmbness is also planning to lead the show”

“What do you mean” The expression of Double Dumba*s changed.

Golden Foot rolled her eyes and looked at the door of the hall.

“Its dangerous this time.

They dont dare to act rashly alone and have even called for help.

I wonder if God of Dumbness wants to be a partner or an enemy”

Three different figures appeared outside the door.

A crippled old man with a weathered face.

An old granny with a hunched body.

A cute little boy with a round head and big eyes.

“Elder Xie, Ghost Granny, Little Ninja”

Everyone in the hall froze.

Goosebumps rose all over their bodies.

“Five of the seven gold hunting tokens of the Central Region came today”

“What on earth is going to appear in the mobilization order It had indeed attracted so many powerful figures here!”

“Oh my God…”

Everyone realized that something was amiss.

If the five of them were to merge, even a Demi-Saint would find it difficult to deal with them!

After all, it was easy to dodge a spear in the open, but it was difficult to guard against an arrow shot from a hidden place.

There might be a loophole, and if they were careless for even a moment, they might just die!

Double Dumba*s was also shocked, and he said with some awe, “You came here together just for the mobilization order The bounty hasnt been released yet…”

“Cough, cough, cough!”

The crippled old man, Elder Xie, looked very weak.

After coughing heavily a few times, he looked like a person who was about to die.

Hanging on with a dispirited aura, he waved his hand and said, “Young Man, of course, we value the mobilization order, but this time, there is another target.”

“Another target” Double Dumba*s looked back at the mission board.

There was no golden bounty there.

The round-headed, big-eyed little boy was originally supporting the Ghost Granny.

But when he heard that, he left the old woman behind and jumped over.

He said, “Brother Double Dumba*s, youre really lacking information.

With the mobilization order coming out from the Eastern Region, there is also a hot and upgraded bounty.

Dont you want to take a look”

“Who” Double Dumba*s looked back.

The Ghost Granny took out a bounty order and shook it open.

“Young Man, take a look carefully.

Are you tempted”

In the hall, everyone looked over.

Only the gold hunting token could see the contents of the gold bounty order.

However, as long as someone accepted the bounty order and showed it, everyone could see the contents.

Double Dumba*s was no exception.

He looked over and slightly adjusted his gaze, his heart surging with waves.

[Bounty Order]

“Name: Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Age: 19.”

“Cultivation level: Master (stage), Heavenly Image State.”

“Background: Tiansang Spirit Palace, Saint Servant.”

“Combat strength: Sovereign (stage), Dao realm, Cutting Path (stage)(unknown).”

“Reward level: dispirited corpse.”

“Prize money: 50 billion spirit crystals, five void tokens, one portion of Saint Ascension essence.”


The hall was in an uproar.

This was only the basic information of the bounty order.

As for the detailed information of the characters introduced above, it required spiritual senses to unlock it.

Naturally, no one had the right to know more.

But with just this basic information, it had shocked everyone.

“What the hell”

“19 years old, Master (stage), Heavenly Image State, the combat strength of Sovereign (stage), Cutting Path (stage)”

“A mere Master (stage)… Golden bounty 50 billion spirit crystal”

“Money isnt the main point! The key is the five void tokens! Its fine if its five, but the Saint Ascension essence, isnt this giving you the foundational roots of Saint Ascension”

“Killing a 19-year-old young man, and you can… become a Saint”


Everyones faces were filled with shock.

This strange golden bounty caused everyones eyes to spark with fury, and their hearts were burning with passion.

However, after everyone calmed down, they noticed a crucial piece of information…

“Saint Servant”

Everyone in the hall felt as if they had been poured with ice water, and their emotions calmed down.

Three Incenses was a dark faction.

Who didnt know the Saint Servant leader of the dark faction

Saint Servant Nine Thrones were all comparable to the higher void (level).

The first few thrones were even able to beat the higher void (level).

They were comparable to Demi-Saint.

To capture the second-in-command saint servant, Sleeveless, Holy Divine Palace had toiled for decades and sacrificed a lot of manpower, financial resources, and material resources before they finally succeeded.

A Saint Servant like Xu Xiaoshou of the younger generation would definitely have an expert protecting him.

On the surface, this golden bounty only placed a bounty on the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

Behind the scene, the assassin might have to deal with one of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones or even a few of them!

Who could withstand it

Double Dumbs*s could!

A real assassin did not care about outsiders and only focused on his primary target.

There would definitely be a time a person would be left alone!

Double Dumbs*s had just shown up.

He had never seen the golden bounty that was taken away by the group of old and weak, women and children.

At this moment…

He was tempted!

“Can we talk”


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