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If that was the case, the other branches of the five regions should have also received the mobilization order.

The assassins of the Eastern Region had probably started sharpening their knives.

“Its indeed a bit far, but the reward is definitely more bountiful, isnt it” Corpse waved the dagger in his hand and licked his lips.

“To have the assassins of the five regions rush to the Eastern Region, something big must have happened in the Eastern Region!”

“Who is dead” Heavenly Dog asked.

“I dont know.” Corpse shook his head.

The others in the hall shook their heads as well.

No one knew anything.

They were all assassins and were used to collecting information all the time.

As long as people were talking, the others would keep quiet and focus on the two people.

Therefore, everyone was listening to the conversation between Heavenly Dog and Corpse, but no one knew anything about the last question.

“The big shot of Holy Divine Palace is dead!”

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Suddenly, a hoarse voice came from outside the door.

Everyone looked over and stood up in shock.

“Double Dumba*s”

“God of Dumbness!”

“F*ck, its God of Dumbness! How many years has it been since I last saw him Is this the second time he appeared here since he received the gold hunting token”

Even the assassins who were usually quiet couldnt hold themselves when they saw the person who came.

Double Dumba*s, a gold hunting token assassin in the Central Region who had been promoted 17 years ago.

If anyone thought that this assassins codename was dumb, then he was the dumbest person!

It was because a gold hunting token assassin would have beheaded at least a hundred Cutting Path (stage) and a higher void (level).

Let alone the higher void (level) and just looking at the number of Cutting Path (stage)…

How could an ordinary person assassinate a hundred Cutting Path (stage)

Even if the higher void (level) wanted to assassinate Cutting Path (stage), it would take a lot of time and effort.

In the end, the person might have escaped…

But Doube Dumba*s accomplished this feat 17 years ago and obtained the gold hunting token.

During these 17 years, no one had thought that he had quit.

They only thought that he was hiding from the limelight, or…

Cultivating, breaking through, and improving his assassination techniques!

As expected.

Now that there was a huge reward, he was back in the martial arts world.

“What did God of Dumbness mean A big shot in Holy Divine Palace is dead” Someone in the hall asked curiously.

Double Dumba*s looked straight and walked straight to the mission board.

His spiritual senses swept across the reward and after understanding the information about the mobilization order, he sneered and said, “Many major events have taken place in the Eastern Region recently, but the biggest is not bigger than the appearance of Sky City.

Saint Servant, Xu Yue Grey Palace, Yama, and other major factions have all made public appearances.

Thats all I have to say.”

“What do you mean” Everyone was confused and could not understand what he meant.

At this moment, a graceful figure walked in from outside the door.

She covered her mouth and giggled, “Each of you is a fool.

Cant you tell what God of Dumbness means If someone from Saint Servant and other dark factions has died, would they dare to put up a reward in Three Incenses They dont even dare to show their faces in public.

Theyre just snakes and rats.

And now, theyre mobilizing people to rush to the Eastern Region.

Who else do you think put up the bounty”

This time, everyone came back to their senses.

Saint Servant and the other members of the dark factions didnt dare to put up the bounty.

Then, this could only be the work of Holy Divine Palace

How could it be…

“Holy Divine Palace has a dark division.

If they wanted to make a move, why would they come to Three Incenses to look for people

Most of the people looked confused.

Only a small group of people felt shocked when they heard this.

Very few people knew that Holy Divine Palace was indeed behind Three Incenses.

If they went out to look for clues, they could at most suspect without any conclusive evidence.

However, to an assassin, suspicion was the foundation to assassinate someone.

Since there was a 90% chance that Holy Divine Palace was the one who issued the summoning order, it meant that the person who issued the summoning order could not use the dark division.

However, the important figure of Holy Divine Palace was dead and it could not use the dark division and had to go through the hands of Three Incenses…

What did it mean

Its a private action!

Turning his eyes to the graceful woman whose clothes did not fully cover her body, Double Dumba*s was not affected by her devilish figure at all.

Through telepathic communication, he asked calmly, “Is Yi dead, or is Ye Xiao dead”

In his opinion.

The only important figures who could think of using the power of Three Incenses were those who had walked out of Three Incenses.

In the battle of Sky City in the Eastern Region, the chiefs of the six divisions had all gone.

Only two of them were from Three Incenses.

The answer was obvious.

“God of Dumbness really speaks without restraint.

Why would he speak without evidence” The graceful woman covered her red lips and smiled.

She did not use telepathic communication.

Instead, she took a step forward and walked into the hall.

Not all assassins could suppress their emotions like God of Dumbness.

Obviously, the womans figure was too hot.

One of the assassins had just finished his action and was in a high mood.

He was originally resting in the hall.

Now that he heard and saw her, he could not suppress the evil intent on her body at all.

He turned his head and walked into the private room with the woman in his arms.

However, unexpectedly.

No one dared to look directly into the womans eyes.

They did not even dare to utter a single word.

“Golden Foot…”

The eyes of Double Dumba*s were slightly cold.

This woman was also a gold hunting token assassin.

Her code name was Golden Foot.

It was obvious that all the smart people had the same thought.

To be able to be summoned by the higher-ups of Holy Divine Palace, the value of this mission was unpredictable.

Gold hunting token assassins were no longer short of money.

At their level, all of them wanted to advance to a higher realm.

However, the assassins themselves did not have any background resources.

Just by relying on Three incenses, nobody knew how many years they would have to wait for an assassination mission that was enough to transform their cultivation level.


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