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At Abyss Island Rift.

Teng Shanhai was clad in the Cang God Armor, and his single eye was as cold as an eagles.

He looked like a god of war.

However, his temperament seemed to be lacking.


If he had a great spear or halberd in his hands, Teng Shanhai would be even more intimidating.

Unfortunately, there was none…

Losing the Xiao Divine Spear could be a big or small matter.

At most, it would be a loss of face and would be laughed at by his peers.

However, this matter could also be considered a backup plan to locate the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

If the owner didnt die, the lost divine weapon on the Inscription Stele would come back one day.

It wasnt a big deal.

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If it was a mission, Teng Shanhai wouldnt have paid much attention to it.

However, ever since the Xiao Divine Spear was lost, he had become more cautious.

However, in his heart, the most dangerous part of this mission was the latest news that had just arrived from the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe of the central region.

“Yi died in battle and his soul lamp extinguished.

There is no chance of revival.”

The concise words were the news that would shake the entire Shengshen Continent.

One of the chiefs of the six divisions, Yi.

He had disappeared without a trace!

The Yunlun Mountain Range was suspected to be a battlefield.

However, not even the slightest fluctuation of the battle could be heard from the battlefield.

Who would believe it if it was told to others

Teng Shanhai was in the high sky, so he could see everything that was happening in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Even if the control of the Cloud Realm world was taken away, the spiritual senses of the higher void (level) would still be able to see everything from a birds eye view.

But even so…

During the entire process of his death, Teng Shanhai didnt receive any signals.

He didnt see anything unusual.

It was said that death was like a lamp going out.

But the death of the higher void (level) shouldnt be in this manner.

Not to mention earth-shattering, at the very least, he had to send out a distress signal before he died!

In the end…

Without any news, the higher void (level) died in battle!

“Ye Xiao…”

Teng Shanhai thought of the Dark Division Chief, Ye Xiao, and his heart trembled slightly.

In the entire Holy Divine Palace, who was the person that others were most afraid of.

Other than Gui Zhe Saints Envoy, it was only the Dark Division Chief, Ye Xiao!

Among the six divisions, this was the only person who didnt have any information being leaked out.

He didnt even know her cultivation level, and could only give a vague higher void state based on the comprehensive abilities of the six divisions.

Ye Xiao was like a mystery.

To the outside world, the world did not even know whether Ye Xiao was a man or a woman.

It was because the big shot of the biggest intelligence agency in the world was her man, Yi.

Yi had sealed all information for her, allowing her to sit on the supreme throne in the world of darkness!

The king of murder…

The king of assassins…

In the world of darkness, there were even people who ranked her on the same level as the two great rulers of the Holy Divine Palace.

They called her the invisible third person — the ruler of darkness!

On the surface.

If Holy Divine Palace could not solve the problem, Dark Division could.

If the white-clothed faction could not overcome the dark faction, the dark faction could.

If the red-clothed people could not remove the ghost beast host body, Dark Division could.

In a sentence…

Dark Division had the right to interfere with the affairs of thejustice forces, and it also had the right to interfere with the affairs of the mobs.

Anything in the world that could not be resolved through proper channels, as long as an outline was given, Dark Division would resolve everything when the light could not be seen.

Even among the six divisions, Dark Division was the most special existence.

If the others wanted to mobilize the strength of the other five divisions to carry out a mission, they only needed to apply to the headquarters of Holy Divine Palace and obtain half of the votes of the Stairway to Heaven at the highest level.

Then, they could apply successfully.

However, if they wanted to mobilize the strength of the Dark Division…

Not only did they need 90% of the votes of the Stairway to Heaven, but they also needed the approval of at least one Gui Zhe Saints Envoy.

And finally, the approval of the Red-Vein Edict Seal of Dao Qiongcang, the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace.

Only then could they successfully mobilize Dark Division.

Holy Divine Palace was particular about evidence when they did things.

But once the situation got out of control, and when it really came to the time for Dark Division to take action…

Dark Division only looked at suspicions.

If they suspected you, you had to die.

It was that simple!

Of course, great authority and great power also needed great supervision.

In fact, in the current world situation, the ones who truly needed Dark Division to take action were less than a few times a year.

Every time they took action, they had to go through a strict process of approval and confidentiality so that Dark Division would not alarm the world.

In the eyes of the outside world, Dark Division was just like a decor.

No one knew when this division was established when they made a move, or how many troublesome matters they had settled.


Among the six divisions, the only one that still maintained a 100% completion rate of the mission was the Dark Division.

The members of Dark Division only did two things a year.

They took half a year to do one thing — half waiting, half killing!

“Yi is dead.

Im afraid Ye Xiao will go crazy.”

“The moment Ye Xiao goes crazy, how many people will die if there is no one to suppress her”

As Teng Shanhai thought about it, he felt horrified in his heart.

He would rather believe that he would die, that the world-renowned Eighth Sword Deity would die.

He had never expected that Yi, who specialized in intelligence work, would lose his life in this seemingly simple mission.

People in the open were easy to kill.

In the dark, they were as elusive as snakes and rats.

How would they die How could they die

Yi, Ye Xiao…

This pair was publicly recognized on Gui Zhe Sacred Mountain as the most difficult to die.

One was in the intelligence work, the other was in the assassination, and they were Dao partners.

They were supporting each other.

Who could kill them

But now, Yi was dead…

Not to mention the Dao partner relationship between Ye Xiao and Yi.

Just the traces left behind by the assassination that Yi had wiped out for Ye Xiao after so many years.

She had to repay this favor, right

And when Dark Division was doing things, unlike Rao Yaoyao and Gou Wuyue, they did not need incomparably conclusive evidence for the world to see.


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