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Yu Zhiwens heart turned cold.

The person was dead.

The place where the person died had nothing strange.

How could she report these images

Yu Zhiwen thought of Rao Yaoyaos words.

At the moment, she didnt need to make a judgment…

Immediately, she used the Divine Secret technique to transmit the images that she could see to Rao Yaoyao.

The communication bead was still in contact.

Not long after, Rao Yaoyaos voice sounded, “Wheres Mu Zixi I want to see her live.”

Yu Zhiwens heart trembled.

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She did not dare to delay and her hands moved.

Through the trial jade pendant, she locked onto Mu Zixis location.

She was not in the Xu Factions tent!

This little girl was not far from the Xu Factions tent.

She was on the other side of the mountain where Yi had last appeared.

She was kicking the pebbles on the side of the mountain road out of boredom.

She was holding a small twig that had its leaves snapped off.

Her small face was filled with displeasure.

As the twig swung back and forth, she could not stop muttering something.

Yu Zhiwen immediately zoomed in on the scene.

She amplified her voice and pricked up her ears to listen carefully.

“D*mn Young Master Xu, stinky Young Master Xu!

“Isnt it just the position of the Xu Factions leader I dont give a d*mn!

“Do you think I like those thousands of people of yours Give me time, I can also pull up a team!

“D*mn it…”

On the mountain road, Mu Zixi cursed as she kicked the mountain rocks.

Suddenly, her emotions flared up and she fiercely swung the tree branches as if she was chopping someone with a sword.

“D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it!”

“Deputy Leader Mu…”

Behind her, the guardian in the distance was begging.

He kept shouting in the wind, “Grandma Mu, its time to go back! In this wilderness, Young Master Xu isnt here.

Its too dangerous.

If that fake trial officer made a move, then we…”

“What did you say!” Mu Zixi turned around and glared at him.

“Uh…” Master (stage) guardian Xiaoqing was stunned, “I said, its time to go back!”

“The first part!”

“Grandma Mu”

“Further up!”

“Deputy Leader Xu”

“Thats it!”

Mu Zixi was so angry that she stomped her feet.

“What did you call me Deputy Leader Must you add the worddeputy I was the one who set up the ceremony for Xu Faction to call meLeader.

Now, Young Master Xu hasnt officially held the ceremony to change the leader, and youre calling meDeputy Leader”

Cold sweat broke out on the guardian, Xiaoqing, as she kept apologizing.

“Leader Mu, its my fault, its my fault.

I apologize.

But now, we really should go back.

This place is too dangerous…”

Mu Zixi pouted as fear flashed in her eyes, but she said stubbornly, “Whats there to be afraid of for a trial officer Trial officers are meant to protect trial-takers.

If you dont do anything wrong, you arent afraid of ghosts knocking on the door!”

Xiaoqing added weakly, “You already said that hes a ghost…”

“Ah!” Mu Zixi held her head and screamed, “Stop it.

I wont listen.

Unless Young Master Xu comes to apologize to me personally and returns the position of leader to me… otherwise, I wont go back! Hmph!”

Xiaoqing sighed, “Leader Mu, dont you see what time it is now The battle of the Nine Dragon Range has begun.

Everyone is rushing being afraid that someone will get there first… Wheres Young Master Xu”

He spread his hands, “Young Master Xu has even temporarily put aside the battle of the Nine Dragon Range for your sake.

Under unknown circumstances, the thousands of brothers of the Xu Faction are also waiting for you to return, so theyre resting on the spot… Leader Mu, cant you see how important you are in Young Master Xus heart”

Mu Zixi was stunned when she heard that.

She held the trial jade pendant in her hand as if she was confirming something.

Then, she seemed to have been convinced.

There wasnt much confidence left in her words now.

“I, I was scared by that guy just now and forgot to look at the notice of the trial jade pendant!” She held the jade pendant as if she was holding her lifeline.

She was more confident now.

“Look! I just saw the notice!”

Xiaoqing didnt care about this.

He pouted and asked, “Then, shall we go back”

“Go back… Lets go back.

Whats the big deal!” Mu Zixi had been by Young Master Xus side for a long time.

It was obvious that she knew when to stop.

She knew that the time couldnt be delayed, so she grumbled.

However, she started to follow the guardian, Xiaoqing back.

“After we go back, dont tell him what happened just now.

Ill tell Young Master Xu myself,” Mu Zixi instructed as she walked.

“Of course,” Xiaoqing looked serious.

“I wont add fuel to fire!” Mu Zixi glared at him angrily.

The other party was pretending, he would definitely tell him.

“I know Leader Mus character.

I can trust you,” Xiaoqing smiled.

“Are you insulting me”

“No such thing!”


“Hmph bounced back!”


“Alright, I wont say anything…” Xiaoqing smiled bitterly.

“So, what do you plan to tell after Leader Mu returns”

“What else can I say” Mu Zixi sneered, “That trial officer dared to control me and make me lose my composure.

So I must lodge a report against him… Isnt he just a Sovereign (stage) With Young Master Xus strength, he is definitely capable of destroying a Sovereign (stage)!”

“What happened to not adding fuel to the fire He was just suspicious and asked some questions.”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up bounced back.”

“You… do you believe that Ill also lodge a report that you did not protect me well!”

“Im sorry, I was wrong.”

“Hmph, hmph.”

Yu Zhiwen look at the scenes in the spirit mirror and remained silent.

There was nothing abnormal!

Mu Zixi and Young Master Xus guardian didnt do anything abnormal!

The reason why the two of them hadnt returned to the Xu Factions tent was that Mu Zixi had asked Young Master Xu for the position of the leader, but he didnt give it to her.

This point could be matched with everything that had happened in Young Master Xus tent during thedark time.

According to Mu Zixis temperament as a young lady, she had written it down in a small notebook.

And she needed Young Master Xu to come over personally to comfort her before she could return.

However, Young Master Xu was also fierce.

He didnt respond in person, and he only called off the rest of the Xu Factions actions and waited for Mu Zixi to return.

These trivial things that the two of them had done were all due to their personalities, even if they would affect important matters.

The only suspicious thing was…

“Is she that important”

Yu Zhiwen was mumbling in her heart.

But soon, she realized that her thinking had gone astray and immediately returned to the main point.

According to the content of the conversation…

Yi had obviously come into contact with Mu Zixi.

However, after theinterrogation mission was completed, Yi should have left very soon.

Otherwise, Mu Zixi and the guardian wouldnt have appeared at another place on the mountain and wasted their time wandering around.

From these scenes, one could infer that Yi had fallen into another unknown trap after coming into contact with Mu Zixi.

That trap must have been planned for a long time.

During that period of darkness, the Cloud Realm worlds control happened to be snatched away.

In a quarter of an hour, the higher void (level) couldnt even resist or escape and was killed on the spot.

A large amount of manpower and material resources must have been used!

Even if Mu Zixi and the guardian were stowaways of the higher void (level), they couldnt do so!

Two higher void (level) wanted to kill the Chief of Transformation Division

How strong these two higher void (level) had to be

At the very least, they had to be at the level of two chiefs of the six divisions.

Even so, they might not even be able to kill Yi!

Yu Zhiwen was the first to reject the possibility that the two of them had worked together to kill Yi.

This was simply unrealistic.

It was because if Yi was killed by these two higher void (level) stowaways, at the very least, another higher void (level) who had the cultivation level of the chief of the six divisions or other special abilities would have to come in.

Only by working together could they complete the killing operation.

Yi, the ever-changing Yi, would not die so easily!

After excluding this possibility, Yu Zhiwen felt that it would only be the hands of those large dark forces, such as those who had declared war with the Holy Divine Palace earlier…

Saint Servant!


If it was a dark organization like Saint servant who had done it…

How did they do all of this

How did they know Yis mission and route of action, and then set up an ambush in advance

Yu Zhiwen suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

She thought of a terrifying possibility…

“Theres a mole”

After a flash of spiritual light, Yu Zhiwen didnt dare to continue thinking.

She directly passed on the scene and the content of the conversation to Rao Yaoyao.

Rao Yaoyao would definitely be able to think of what she could think of.

If there was a mole, then the position of the mole…

Was too high!

Subsequently, there might be a great purge in the Holy Divine Palace!


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