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In the sky above the Yunlun Mountain Range.

At the main seat of the Cloud Realms surveillance.

“15 minutes!”

Yu Zhiwen had to go all out to take back the control of the Cloud Realm within 15 as she had promised.

However, that unknown Divine Sorcerer was too powerful!

In the process of fighting for the control of Divine Secret and Cloud Realm, even though she used all her strength, and activated her Pearl Gem Star Eyes extreme, the other party was able to effortlessly set up all sorts of traps.

If she wasnt careful, she would be trapped within and waste a large amount of time.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

The communication bead rang continuously.

15 minutes had passed.

Rao Yaoyao clearly couldnt wait any longer and began to rush her frantically.

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Yu Zhiwen didnt pick up.

At this moment, she was sweating profusely and didnt dare to be distracted.

Even if she used all her strength, she was still one step away from regaining control of the Cloud Realm.

At this moment.

Suddenly, the Divine Sorcerer on the other side seemed to have disappeared and stopped setting up traps.

Yu Zhiwen was pleasantly surprised.

Even if it was a possible trap set up by the other side, she had no choice but to try to go deeper into the structure of the world of the Cloud Realm.

To regain control, she had to completely master the seat of the main controller.

This time, unexpectedly, there was nothing to stop her.

Yu Zhiwen made a hand gesture and formed a seal, and the control of the Cloud Realm world… was in her hands!

“Senior Rao.”

Yu Zhiwen picked up the communication bead and was slightly excited.

She immediately replied, “Fortunately, I didnt fail this time! Ive already taken control of the world of Cloud Realm.

Ive also set up multiple layers of defenses.

This time, the moment someone dares to touch the Cloud Realm world again, I can immediately sense their positions.”

No one could have thought that someone would seize control of the Cloud Realm during the Imperial City Trial.

Previously, it was Rao Yaoyao alone guarding the Cloud Realm, not Situ Yongren.

Otherwise, the moment Patriarch Wuji made a move, it would have been sensed by his Perception.

No matter how bad it was, he wouldnt have lost control of the Cloud Realm all of a sudden.

Unfortunately, there was noif…

When Cheng Ji, the Hall Master of Holy Divine Palace of Dongtianwang City, applied for the Cloud Realm, it was purely for the sake of the spiritual cultivators of the Imperial City Trial.

Just like Rao Yaoyao, he had never thought that someone would use this thing to cheat.

Only someone whose attainments in Divine Secret technique completely surpassed everyone in the Path Division could seize control of the world of Divine Secret.

How could such a figure coincidentally appear in Dongtianwang City, hide in the Yunlun Mountain Range, and covet the Cloud Realm

Unfortunately, it was such a coincidence…

By chance.

For more than a quarter of an hour, Holy Divine Palace was completely in thedark time.

She could not see the scene of the Yunlun Mountain Range, nor did she know what was going on inside.

“Senior Rao”

Yu Zhiwen had taken back control of the cloud realm, and she felt a great sense of achievement.

It was as if she had solved a difficult Divine Secret technique question given by the Supreme Master, and it was very exciting.

However, across the communication bead, Rao Yaoyao remained silent, causing her excitement to cool down like ice water being poured on her.

Something had happened

Only then did this premonition flash through her mind…

“Yi, he died on duty!”

After a moment of silence in the communication bead, Rao Yaoyaos incomparably solemn voice suddenly sounded.

Yu Zhiwens heart instantly skipped a beat.

The Chief of the Transformation Division…

Expert of the higher void (level)…

Was dead

In this quarter of an hour of darkness.

He… died

Yu Zhiwens scalp immediately went numb.

She knew better than anyone else how difficult it was to kill a higher void (level) expert, not to mention the Chief of Transformation Division, who was well known for his ever-changing and elusive appearance.

Such a figure, just because the vision of the Yunlun Mountain Range had gone dark for a quarter of an hour or so…

He was dead!

“Senior Rao, I…”

Yu Zhiwen was a little flustered.

She didnt care about the battle situation at first.

But when she thought of the famous six divisions of Holy Divine Palace, and the chief of one of the divisions was assassinated because she wasnt powerful enough to regain control of the Cloud Realm in time…

Her heart was filled with fear.

Yu Zhiwen wanted to explain, but she could not say anything for a while.

Even the hand that was holding the communication bead started to tremble slightly.

A soft sigh came from the other side of the communication bead.

Then, Rao Yaoyaos comforting voice sounded.

“Zhiwen, I know you have tried your best.

Dont blame yourself.

“Ive asked Situ Yongren about the process of your hard work.

“He said that even if he came, he might not be able to do better than you when it comes to cracking Divine Secret technique.

“Ive seen your hard work for a quarter of an hour or so.

“However, a mans plan is not as good as Gods plan…”

Rao Yaoyao did not seem to intend to waste too much time consoling people.

As she spoke, she changed the topic and said in a deep voice, “Keep an eye on Mu Zixi.

Yi died in carrying out an intelligence mission.

There must be something wrong with this person!”

Mu Zixi…

Yu Zhiwen snapped out of her daze.

She knew that this was not the time to be afraid, but she was also frightened by Rao Yaoyaos words.

“I know this person, but she is just a puny Master (stage).

How did she kill the higher void (level) ” Yu Zhiwen could not believe it.

Rao Yaoyaos voice was solemn, “I dont need you to give me a judgment right now! I just need you to transmit to me all the images that you saw before Yi died, as well as all the people and scenes within a radius of a hundred miles after he died.”


Yu Zhiwen quickly nodded.

She once again controlled the Cloud Realm world.

With a hand seal, all the spirit mirrors in front of her regained their light.

In the Xu Faction, the bonfire was glistening.

In the main tent of the Xu Faction, Young Master Xu was dozing off.

Outside the Xu Faction, the mountain where Yi had last appeared before he died… had no one!


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