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The image that appeared in Lei Xiers mind was a Daoist nun in a Daoist robe holding a horsetail whisk.

As for Patriarch Wuji, he saw the vague figures of the three ancestors of the White Veins, Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, Dao Qiongcang, and the Eighth Sword Deity.

Yi was in an even worse state.

He did not have a physical body to protect him, and his soul was concealed.

He was only guarded by the Escape Divine Coin.

The impact of the Heart Sword Technique on his mind was undoubtedly the greatest.

At this moment, what appeared in his mind was his childhood nightmare, his cultivation demon, and the greatest fear in his life!


The sound of Yis agonizing torture echoed from within the Escape Divine Coin.

He was enduring and wailing.

He wanted to resist.

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However, there was only a strand of his spiritual will left.

He could not possess nor dodge.

There was no other way but to face the fear in his heart.

“Present Gods and Buddhas!”

“This sword strike can directly release the greatest fear in a persons heart.

Its too terrifying!”

Xu Xiaoshou began to feel fear looking at the situation where everyone around him was completely controlled by Lei Shuangxings sword strike.

He was the Sovereign (stage) Way of Sword.

Lei Shuangxing was also the Sovereign (stage) Way of Sword.

However, Lei Shuangxings Sovereign (stage) Way of Sword was many times stronger than his half-baked Sovereign (stage) Way of Sword!

“Is the Nine Great Sword Techniques that powerful”

Xu Xiaoshou had once fought with the third swordsman of the three sword swordsmen of the Burial Sword Tomb.

At that time, Gu Qingsan used the Swordless Sword Technique.

He only knew a little about 3000 Sword Styles.

With his passive skills, Xu Xiaoshou defeated his opponent.

Therefore, he actually despised the Nine Great Sword Techniques in his heart.

“Once I succeed in my passive skills, who in the world can block a punch from me”

Xu Xiaoshou had thought so before.

But now.

He felt that he was wrong.

The world was too big.

It was useless to be invincible physically.

There were many other spiritual cultivators like Yi who focused on the path of spirit and soul or other unorthodox paths.

When faced with such people, only the Soul Reading and Disillusionment Finger could be effective and hurt Yi.

But this still couldnt kill Yi!

And if he, Xu Xiaoshou, could master the Heart Sword Technique of the Nine Great Sword Techniques that was performed by Lei Shuangxing.

Perhaps, he alone could fight and kill Yi!

“Sword Technique Expertise…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought ofSword Technique Expertise.

Previously, he had relied onSword Technique Expertise to create many sword moves.

From the looks of it now, compared to the Nine Great Sword Techniques, those were all small tricks.

Xu Xiaoshou was thinking if he had the chance in the future, he would have to ask Baizhunan about the cultivation methods of the Nine Great Sword Techniques.

Having many skills did not weigh him down.

At the moment, he could only rely on hisSword Technique Expertise to understand and imitate the sword moves and sword styles that he had seen.

But just like the other expertise-type passive skills,Sword Technique Expertise did not directly give him the basic cultivation method of theNine Great Sword Techniques.

Xu Xiaoshou had to learn it himself to master it.

Lets not talk about the length of the cultivation time.

But whether he wanted to start learning and taking action was up to him.

It depended on his subjective thoughts.

Now, with the sword strike of Lei Shuangxing, Xu Xiaoshou was determined to achieve his goal.

If he really wanted to walk the path of the ancient swordsman, he had to learn the Nine Great Sword Techniques!

“Fear, wailing…”

“Unwillingness, helplessness…”

Lei Shuangxing held the Divine-Beating Clutch in both of his hands and the powerful thoughts in his heart continued to bloom, completely locking down Yis will within the Escape Divine Coin.

He was mumbling.

These mumbling sounds were like decadent Sanskrit sounds, constantly torturing Yis crumbling will that had fallen into endless darkness.

“With Gods and Buddhas, weak and withers…”

“Without Gods and Buddhas, blocking stone removed…”

At a certain moment.

Lei Shuangxings body blossomed with light.

His clothes fluttered without the wind, and his body slowly floated in the air.

And then.

He pulled the famous sword, Divine-Beating Crutch, out of space with a clanging sound!

In the past, Baizhunan slashed 700 white-clothed people and cut through Gou Wuyues mental demon with the Heart Sword Technique in the battle of the Eighth Palace.

It was just as he had said.

“My one sword strike will cut through the gods and Buddhas in your heart.”

The Heart Sword art could cut through peoples mental demons, and also peoples minds.

To Lei Shuangxing, Yi was not Gou Wuyue, nor did he have any past friendship with him.

He had offended Lei Xier.

As her older brother, how could Lei Shuangxing just help Yi pull out the Cutting Path mental demon that was incomplete in the Dao realm so that he could face it directly and overcome it later

What he wanted…

Was Yis death!

“My sword strike will give you gods and Buddhas in your heart, and I will slash your weak will!”

Lei Shuangxing slashed out his sword but there was no sword light.

However, at this moment, the void fluctuated.

Patriarch Wuji and Lei Xier suddenly walked out of their mental state.

When they saw that Lei Shuangxings sword strike did not cause any ripples, they were shocked.

As for Yi…

Yis spiritual world which couldnt endure torture was originally a dark abyss.

At this moment, there was a dazzling light that was stunning.

This light reflected his past life and magnified the nightmares in his heart that he didnt dare to face in the past.

It revealed the sins and darkness that he had committed in the past.


“Is it going to end…”

Yi suddenly quieted down and faced all of this.

He recalled his past life that could not be described with words.

Everyone was born, lived, and was different from others.

Some people spent their entire lives without a goal, achieving nothing.

Some people were extremely talented since they were born.

They should be the pioneers.

No matter what, when a person was alive and he used his subjective will to experience the world subjectively, he was the main character of this world!

When Yi was very young, he had experienced thatI am the main character of this world.

Among his peers, he was invincible.

Every enemy that came to his door and faced him was like a stepping stone set by the Way of the Heavens, helping him to move higher and achieve more.

Until he entered the Transformation Division.

The world expanded from a small Central Region to five regions.

There were too many geniuses in the five regions.

Just a fight for the Ten High Nobles.

Yi saw a large number of monsters that were not like humans at all.

Kui Leihan, Bazhunan, Dao Qiongcang…

You Yuan Buddha, Bei Huai, Kong Yuhen…

Every one of them.

Some were genius and some were weird.

Every one of them stood at the highest point of the Great Path they cultivated.

Then, they looked down from a high vantage point.

“In the end, Im just an ordinary person…”

Yi sighed.

He relied on the Imitator to fight his way out of the world.

He was invincible in terms of intelligence, and he became the Chief of the Transformation Division.

But it was also because of Imitator that he had changed his Great Path.

Perhaps from that moment on.

Everything was wrong.

“I cant even squeeze into the Ten High Nobles.

How can I control my life How can I control the cycle of fate How can I… be the main character”

Yi was unwilling to admit defeat.

Everyone would have their unwillingness.

Yi had thought that he would die one day.

After all, there were too many geniuses in this world.

However, he had never thought that when such a day came, he would not die at the hands of the Gods and Buddhas in his heart, but a junior Sovereign (stage).


It didnt seem too odd.

It was just like the obstacles he encountered on his path of growth.

No matter how big or strong they were, they could be completely removed after he fought with all his strength.

A new era was coming.

New characters would come on stage.

The first to be eliminated, sacrificed, and become a stepping stone was probably the wrong life of someone like him

At the final moment.

Yi let go of everything and saw the reality instead.

He saw the scene of the pale blind man with hideous eye veins standing calmly.

He saw Xu Xiaoshou holding the Fourth Sword, hiding behind someone, and not sticking his head out.

It was a familiar dormant scene.

He saw Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes spin rapidly, but she did not turn her eyes away and stared at him with an indifferent expression until the last moment.

The Heart Sword lit up.

It finally drowned everything and destroyed all the images.

The Escape Divine Coin was unable to block this sword.

It was because of this sword strike that Yis will collapsed.

The gods and Buddha in his heart slashed themselves and cut him down.

Yi did not fearlessly resist.

After he let go of everything, he finally understood.

It turned out that it was not the Heart Sword that had exterminated him, but the progress of the times.

It turned out that what illuminated his last moment was not the light, but the redemption of kindness that humans would have when they were born.

“Present Gods and Buddhas…”

At the last moment, Yi thought of the Ten High Nobles who stood at the peak of the Way of the Heavens.

He never dared to admit it.

The Six Divisions was indeed weaker than the Ten High Nobles.


After Yi dared to face the truth in his heart, he could see things that he could not see before.

The slash of Lei Shuangxing had slashed out the elegance of the fresh blood from a brand new era.

It was just like Baizhunan in the past.

This young man who had exterminated himself had used such a sword strike at such a young age…

The Heart Sword Technique, the first realm, Present Gods and Buddha.

It was a sword strike that many people had spent their entire lives but were unable to master.

“So, a new era has arrived…”


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