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The scene continued.

Xu Xiaoshou saw Yi being controlled to death by Xu Xiaoshou, Lei Xier, and Patriarch Wuji, and hit by Disillusionment Finger twice, the entire process of wanting to self-destruct, and before his self-destruction…

He could feel everything!

In a flash, everything ended.

Soul Reading completed a long fragmented life.

However, as it moved on to reality, it was the instant when Yi wanted to self-destruct but was controlled by Xu Xiaoshou.

In that instant!

At the same time that Xu Xiaoshou ended the Soul Reading, Yis self-destruct state froze in pain for half a second before he continued with it!

“Stop him!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

“He didnt intend to self-destruct, he wants to run away!”

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Running away

Patriarch Wuji was stunned.

How would he run

He too didnt think that Yi would commit suicide, but how could he run away under such a flawless plan when he was so weak

Xu Xiaashou had never thought that Soul Reading would have such an effect at the last moment.

It allowed him to understand Yis true intentions.

However, time was limited, how could he have time to explain to Patriarch Wuji

“Up there!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the sky.

This was the direction of Yis escape which Soul Reading was aiming at the last moment.

As long as Yi was intercepted, there shouldnt be any major problems…

But Patriarch Wuji was unmoved.

Yis illusory soul body kept expanding…

All the way to the limit!


Suddenly, there was a slight sound.

Just like what Xu Xiaoshou had seen through Yis intentions, he did not self-destruct.

Instead, after his soul had expanded to its limit, he squeezed out the last drop of soul blood.

When this drop of soul blood appeared, Yis condition instantly fell to rock bottom.

If he was a soul body at its peak, he would not have been so dispirited because of this drop of soul blood.

But now, his soul body was on the verge of extermination.

Somehow he still squeezed out the last drop of soul blood.

Yi did not know how Xu Xiaoshou knew about his plan.

But at this moment, the pain of his soul body being read by Soul Reading had not been alleviated.

After squeezing out the last drop of soul blood, Yis condition was rapidly deteriorating…

Yi did not have much time to think.

This was also his last move.

No matter what the situation was, there was no turning back.

“Soul Avoidance Bell!”

The ancient bell flashed in Yis soul blood and began to tremble vigorously

After reading through Soul Reading, Xu Xiaoshou completely understood what had happened.

Yi had deliberately released all the treasures in his soul space for him to take.

He wanted to use the determination that he abandoned everything to create a fake sign of the Soul Avoidance Bell was lost.

That was right.

Xu Xiaoshou obtained all the treasures in Yis soul space, and there were even many bell-shaped soul weapons inside.


He had only seen the Soul Avoidance Bell once.

Moreover, what he saw was just an illusory image.

And with the presence of Yi, the master, he couldnt take a proper look at these things that were forcefully plundered.

He could only leave them at Yuan Mansion.

However, after thesoul reading, Xu Xiao knew that…

Yi had used all sorts of treasures to pave the final path for himself.

He had stored the Soul Avoidance Bell in his soul blood for detonation as the last resort.


He didnt have any more time.

As soon as the Soul Avoidance Bell was cast, Yi used his soul blood to detonate it on the spot.

He had expected the explosion of the lost divine weapon in Inscription Stele to at least leave a hole in this world.

However, he made a mistake.

Patriarch Wujis hatred for Yi was not something to be taken lightly.

When the second-ranked Divine Secret Sorcerer on the continent wanted to kill a higher void (level) without fail, any escape route would be taken into consideration and sealed.

Amidst the rumbling sound, the explosion of the Soul Avoidance Bell shattered the space in the surroundings.

This explosion had even blasted out the order of the Great Path in heaven and earth.


The Divine Secret Veins were also blasted out.

In this world, from the very beginning when Patriarch Wuji ignored Mu Zixis life and death, he had set up a dense net of Divine Secret Veins that was hidden in the Great Path.

The protective layers in the middle…

Were 100,000 layers!

After Yis Soul Avoidance Bell exploded and shattered 70% of the net of Divine Secret Veins, its power finally vanished.

“It failed…”

Yis soul body was completely shattered by the explosion.

His will rested on an ancient bronze coin.

Looking at the scene in front of him, he felt endless despair.

Even the Soul Avoidance Bell was unable to break through the seal of Divive Secret and give any feedback to the outside world

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned too.

Before the airtight net of the Divine Secret Veins appeared, he had indeed suspected that Patriarch Wuji had schemed to use Yis hand to trap and kill him.

But now, looking at this…

How deep was the hatred!

Why did it go to this extent

Was the sealing of the 100,000 layers of Divine Secret Veins net really something that one could set up during the short period of time when Yi was interrogating Mu Zixi

“He still wants to escape!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not think too much about it.

He saw Yis ancient bronze coin.

During the process of Soul Reading, he could see Yis plan to use this extremely mysterious Escape Divine Coin to store his spiritual will.

After the Soul Avoidance Bell blew a hole in the sky, he would protect himself.

At the same time, he would pass through the hole and escape from this place.

However, a mans plan was not as good as a divine plan.

The explosion did not blast a hole.

If Yi still wanted to survive, there was only one way left…

“Spatial fragment!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the large black hole in front of him and realized that Yi could only use the spatial fragment to pass through the seal of the Divine Secret, and then randomly arrive at another place on the continent.

He immediately turned around and looked at Patriarch Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji… was once again unmoved.

Just like when Xu Xiaoshou had reminded him to defend the sky but he did not move.

Spatial fragment

Patriarch Wuji had already thought of all the escape routes for Yi beforehand.

If he, Xuan Wuji, decided to kill Yi tonight, but he, the former Holy Emperor, let a higher void (level) escape using various tricks…

Xuan Wujis name could also be written in reverse.


He would rather just kill himself!

“Whoosh –”

It was as expected.

When Yis path of retreat was pushed to the final, he could only rely on the Escape Divine Coin to try to pass through the spatial fragment and search for the last glimmer of hope.

The Escape Divine Coin flew into the black hole and was about to disappear.

Xu Xiaoshou was not as calm as Patriarch Wuji.

He immediately followed.

Yi could not run away.

Tonight, he could only die here.

This fellow knew too much.

If the information was passed on, all about the First Pavilion in the Sky, Young Master Xu…

Everything would become nothingness!

Spatial fragment.

The moment he entered the black hole, Xu Xiaoshou stopped.

The spatial fragment, in his memories, was the most terrifying place in the world.

One could not pass through it easily unless one was a Cutting Path (stage), and one could not stay long in it unless one was a Higher Void (level).

This place was constantly plagued by spatial blades and spatial storms.

It was a place of disaster.

Even if one was a Cutting Path (stage) or Higher Void (level), they would still be destroyed here if they were not careful enough.

But now, he had entered the spatial fragment.

The situation was completely different from what he had expected.

In front of them, apart from the 100,000 layers of Divine Secret Veins net, there was nothing else unusual.



Where were the spatial blades

Where were the spatial storms

Everything in this place seemed to have been shut away by the Divine Secret Veins.

Apart from chaos, there was nothing else.


The spatial blades and the spatial storms in the spatial fragment were like the Great Path of heaven and earth to Shengshen Continent.

These were the basic orders of the spatial fragment.

How could the Divine Secret technique be strong enough to block out all the basic orders of the spatial fragment

The only explanation was…

“This place is not the spatial fragment!”

The Escape Divine Coin stopped moving.

It was as if Yi was also stunned by the scene in front of him.

Xu Xiaoyou lowered his head and stomped his feet.

A tangible feeling came from the bottom of his feet.

It was the ground!

This… was the ground in another dimension


Why did he enter the black hole and not reach the space fragment Why did he come to another dimension

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

All of this was beyond his understanding.

He was wondering if there was a mighty figure who had already discovered everything that had happened here and trapped them in advance.

Perception transmitted a strange feeling, and Xu Xiaozhu suddenly looked up.

The Escape Divine Coin also turned and looked in another direction.




A faint sound came from afar amidst the chaos.

Every sound seemed to strike a persons soul.

The echo was endless and made ones heart palpitate.

Lei Xier suddenly appeared, but she was also shocked by the scene in front of her.

Patriarch Wuji also came over and was moved.

“Where… is this place”


After the last sound, everyone looked over at the same time.

In the darkness not far away, it was an outline of a figure!

“Are all of you here”

“Ive been waiting for quite some time…”


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