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Soul Reading seemed to allow one to experience the entire life of the person being read.

However, in reality, the reading process only took an instant.

The risk of this awakening skill was too great!

Previously, when Xu Xiaoshou was undergoing the Soul Reading on Yi, he was afraid that he would face a Demi-Saint in the process.

Therefore, he held back and didnt want to look at the other partys memories.

In an instant, he completed the entire process of Soul Reading.

However, because of his subjective thoughts, he didnt enter the other partys soul at that time.

The images that crossed his mind were just pitch-black.

This gave Xu Xiaoshou a new understanding.

Perhaps, Soul Reading, this awakening skill, was similar to Perception.

When he selectively wanted to look at a certain aspect, he could ignore the content he was not keen to know

For example, he did not want to look at Yis soul memories at that time, and this had caused Soul Reading to become a simple mind control skill

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Xu Xiaoshou had no other way.

Yi wanted to self-destruct.

But he still wanted to know about other things.

Otherwise, the Imitator would be useless.

Therefore, he had to take the risk and try again!

He saw Yis soul body rapidly expand.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou could only try to shrink the range, like what he did for Perception, on Soul Reading which he could see the other partys entire life previously.

He then used this awakening skill again.

The scene turned black.

“I dont want to see!”

Sure enough, there were no soul memories.

It was all darkness…

“Come out!”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses moved again.

It was as if his soul had been sucked away and he wanted to replace the soul that had experienced Yis life.


He suppressed this impulse.


After a babys cry, he abruptly pulled out his spiritual senses.

“Skip it!”

As expected, Xu Xiaoshou skipped the experiences after Yi was born…

It worked!

This method actually worked!

In other words, as long as a Demi-Saint didnt appear suddenly and stare at him, he, Xu Xiaoshou, wouldnt meet a Demi-Saint directly!

Xu Xiaoshou vaguely remembered that after he entered the soul of the Black Heart Mother Gu, he did meet the Demi-Saint Zang Ren first.

However, the Demi-Saint Zang Ren did not realize his existence at that time.

On the contrary, the other party waited until the Black Heart Mother Gu was summoned and after he wanted to enlighten it, only when his eyes came into full contact with the Black Heart Mother Gu that had triggered theMeeting a Saint reaction.

This was an extremely important detail!

In the first fewSoul Reading, because he was not familiar with it, Xu Xiaoshou was a little hesitant.

But this time, after he succeeded in hisnot to see andcan skip attempts, he remembered it now.

As long as he was careful, as long as there was a slight chance of him coming into contact with a Demi-Saint, he could skip the rest of the experiences completely.

Even if he accidentally met a Demi-Saint…

It didnt matter.

As long as they didnt meet eye to eye, the other party wouldnt be able to notice it.

‘Meeting a Saint was a scary matter.

However, when the details and protective measures were implemented, it didnt seem as scary anymore.

While experiencing, Xu Xiaoshou skipped along the way.

He had seen it very quickly.

He had seen the process of Yi obtaining the Imitator, Yi joining the Three Incense Sticks of the hall of assassins, Yi meeting a frail old woman, and was absorbed into the Transformation Division…



“Skip again!”

Yis soul memories were so incomplete.

After being hit twice by the Disillusionment Finger, his remaining soul fragments were very few.

In addition, Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to see too closely…

After Yi entered the Transformation Division, there were too many changes.

What if he met Dao Qiongcang on the small path of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe

Therefore, the life that Xu Xiaoshou saw was very fragmented.

He skipped crazily.

After Yi entered the Transformation Division, the scene became black and white.

Xu Xiaoshou skipped a long distance and then saw…

Yi participated in the lastTen High Nobles!


“D*mn it, skip all of them!”

The lastTen High Nobles was the peak of the battle strength of the Shengshen Continent for thousands of years!

The Kui Leihan, the Eighth Sword Deity, and Dao Qiongcang all became famous after this battle.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even dare to look at it.

The scene skipped directly to Yis appearance in Yunlun Mountain Range when he accepted the mission of Dongtianwang City.

Rao Yaoyao!

The person in charge of the Holy Divine Palace in Yunlun Mountain Range was Rao Yaoyao.

In other words, as long as he started looking from here, theoretically, Yi wouldnt come into contact with a Demi-Saint.

But there might be a chance…

Xu Xiaoshou was cautious and pushed the scene forward bit by bit.

He saw the scene Yi fighting with Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou on the long street of Dongtianwang City.

He could feel how crazy Yi was after being teased by a junior.

He saw Rao Yaoyao, Ye Xiao, Yi, Wang Dachui, and the others discuss and deduce the Life-Devouring Wood Body and the Ultimate Life Demon Physique on the main seat of the Cloud Realm world during the Imperial City Trial.

He also saw Yi follow Mu Zixi for half a day and finally manage to wait for an opportunity.

He then opened up a bounded domain and disguised as Young Master Xu followed by Elder Sang.

He then interrogated with all sorts of tricks.

He saw the crucialfall…

Patriarch Wujis indifference and Yis full power of the Higher Void state caused Xu Xiaoshous state of mind to almost collapse.

This experience was like he had thrown his junior sister away with his own hands.

It was too terrifying.

After understanding the ins and outs of the matter, Xu Xiaoshous killing intent grew even more frenzied.

He wished that he could cut Yi and Xuan Wuji into a thousand pieces.


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