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Patriarch Wuji withstood the other sides attack and guarded the control of the Cloud Realm during this period of time.

It was just like how Xu Xiaoshou guarded the current situation.

Patriarch Wuji had guarded everyones retreat path after beheading Yi.

He had thought that in the middle of the battle, he, Xuan Wuji, would need to break away from the battle with the Divine Secret to help Xu Xiaoshou.

He had never expected Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xier to be able to fight to such an extent.

There were only a few remaining soul fragments and the will that had escaped into the Higher Void World.

Patriarch Wuji knew instantly.

The opportunity had arrived!

Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xier had completed the task of him using a large amount of time to set up the Divine Array to destroy Yis physical body and soul body.

Now, the only thing left was to deal with the aftermath.

After defeating the Higher Void, would he die or escape…

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Basically, it all depended on whether the aftermath was perfect or not.

For Xu Xiaoshou, he had done his best to reach this stage.

Just like how Yi had inexplicably escaped the last time.

This time, if he fought alone, he could not guarantee that Yis physical body, soul body, and will, after being destroyed, would not be the same as Yu Lingdi who was reborn in a way that he had never imagined.

But Patriarch Wuji was different.

He had prepared for this moment for too long.

“Divine Secret, draw!”

With a hand seal, Patriarch Wuji directly controlled the world of Cloud Realm.

Temporarily giving up on fighting against the Divine Secret Sorcerer outside would indeed allow the opponent to break through in a short time and take back the control of the Cloud Realm world.

However, in this short period of time, Patriarch Wuji felt that it was enough for him to deal with the remnants of Yis will.

Starlight sprinkled down from the sky, and the Higher Void World blossomed with bright spots that did not belong to this darkness.

Patriarch Wujis hands moved rapidly again, and the Divine Array under his feet unfolded and slowly flipped over.


His 10 fingers lightly tapped on the void.

There was a buzz.

The Higher Void World stopped spinning.

At this instant, Xu Xiaoshou felt as if time had been frozen.

Even he moved to look sideways became extremely difficult.

“What a powerful fluctuation of the Path Principles…”

Lei Xiers heart trembled as well.

Her God Devil Eyes revolved on their own.

Divine power bloomed and helped her remove the control.

After ignoring the rules of the world of Divine Secret, she was able to move as normal.

However, she was shocked by the aura of the Path Principle that filled the sky.

It was so clear!

In Lei Xiers eyes, the heaven and earth that were originally hidden in the illusory Order of the Great Path seemed to have materialized at this moment.

It was like a precise gear drive rotation.

For each rotation, the power of the Great Path would be utilized by the Divine Secret and a special attribute would bloom.

If someone were to cultivate at where the gear drives were rotating, they would definitely enter epiphany instantly.

However, it was obvious.

This scene was not meant for cultivation.

Patriarch Wuji unleashed his full power.

The restriction of Liu Changqings Cutting Path state had required him to expend even more energy and unleash even more extreme Divine Secret abilities before he could borrow the Order of the Great Path that he had wanted.

Thereafter, he could control Yis will that was hiding in the Higher Void World.

His seven orifices started to bleed.

However, it was only a small matter.

After all, the body was not his.

A large number of complicated patterns appeared before Patriarch Wujis eyes as he was scanning something.

Soon, he stopped his search and smiled coldly.


“Ill let you hide! Lets see how long you can hide!”

He stretched out his hands.

The power of the Divine Array of the Cloud Realm World was once again drawn out by him.

“Heaven-Shaking Ripple Cage!”

Patriarch Wuji roared and materialized Divine Secret Veins shot out from his 10 fingers.

Those veins curled up and turned into threads that covered the entire Higher Void World.

It was as if a network of orders had been established.

Patriarch Wuji clenched the fingers of his hands, pulling the vein world inward.


The space was instantly destroyed by the Divine Secret Veins.

Xu Xiaoshou could only watch as the Divine Secret Veins filled the sky.

Being pulled by Patriarch Wuji, they passed through everyones bodies and gathered on a star not far away.

No injury…

The Divine Secret Veins that destroyed the space did not cause any injury to anyone.

However, these Divine Secret Veins gathered all of Yis will and soul fragments scattered in every corner of the Higher Void World.


Patriarch Wuji clenched his fist.

The net-like veins turned into a cocoon of light and blasted Yis will into the few remaining soul fragments, trapping all of them.


Yi roared painfully.

The soul fragments gathered into a brand new soul body, but this brand new soul body was extremely weak.

Originally, before Xu Xiaoshous second attack of Disillusionment Finger, Yi felt he had no way of avoiding it.

Thus he could only self-destruct his soul body and protect a tiny bit of his soul fragments.

He had the method to split his consciousness.

As long as there was a sliver of the soul fragment left, he could entrust it to his will and resurrect it.

But now, Patriarch Wuji had destroyed all of his hopes.

This old fellow didnt want to let go of any of the soul fragments or wisps of his will.

He found all of them and forcefully gathered them together.

Yi thought of death.

He had a premonition that he couldnt escape this calamity today.

Originally, he was just looking for an unimportant junior to ask about something.

He didnt expect it to be so ridiculous when the more he asked about it, and the snowball grew bigger the more it rolled.

In the end, it had pushed him onto the path of eternal damnation.

“Xu Xiao Shou!!!”

Yis illusionary soul body roared at the culprit, Xu Xiaoshou.

He hated it!

He hated Xu Xiaoshous strange spiritual technique.

In this continent, he had never even heard of it before, let alone seen it before, so he had no way to guard against it.

He also hated himself for not being able to deduce that Xu Xiaoshous move was actually a soul defense counterattack after Xu Xiaoshou had used the first Disillusionmnet Finger before the second.

He hated himself even more for not being able to possess Xu Xiaoshou in the end because he had attacked Xu Xiaoshou with Spiritual Will, Fall.

If not for this move, perhaps the outcome would have been completely different.

There were noifs…

Yi was like a madman, cursing non-stop.

However, his will was extremely calm.

“I cant fight anymore! I cant fight anymore!

“I have to leave! I have to leave!

“The remnants of the Lei family, Patriarch Wuji, and Xu Xiaoshous bizarre skills… If I really die here, no one will know about it.

“The information I have now is too important.

I have to spread it out, I have to let Ye Xiao know.

Otherwise, if she takes revenge for me and sees that Xu Xiaoshou is just a Master (stage), she will definitely take things lightly.

At that time, she will likely also be killed by that d*mn thing!

“But, but…”

Yi was a little anxious.

However, this d*mn Cloud Realms control had been taken by Patriarch Wuji.

The three people standing in front of him were like his nemesis.

If any one of them were eliminated, he might be able to escape.

However, from the beginning to the end, these three people had tightly controlled him.

He couldnt even use any extra counterattack moves.


Yi was anxious and suddenly, he stopped cursing.

He took a long breath.

And then.

His soul body suddenly swelled up!


Patriarch Wuji was shocked.

He had never thought that Yi would be so determined that he would self-destruct his soul body!

With such a suicidal act, wouldnt Yi take all the information he knew and die


This guy would never choose to self-destruct!

He knew so many secrets, how could he commit suicide with the secrets Even if he was humiliated, he had to survive and pass on the information!

Patriarch Wujis first reaction was that it was a trap.

However, when Xu Xiaoshou heard Patriarch Wujis surprise exclamation and saw Yis rapidly expanding soul body, his heart immediately tightened.

He had obtained the Imitator.

He was still one step away from fulfilling the crazy plan in his heart.

How could Yi die so easily

If he was dead…

Rao Yaoyao would come with a sword next.

How was he going to clean up the mess

“Soul Reading!”

At this critical moment, Xu Xiaoshou widened his eyes in anger and looked straight at the Imitator.

Not only did he want to obtain the Imitator, but he also wanted to obtain Yis soul memories of his entire life, including everything he knew!


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