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Yis roar came to an abrupt end.

The berserk giant pointed at the green light.

As its body size increased, the coverage of the green light became larger as well.

Even if Yi had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves, under the clumsy movement of his soul body, he failed to dodge the extreme speedy Disillusionment Finger relying on displacement.

There seemed to be abang sound.

Xu Xiaoshou could only faintly hear the sound of an explosion coming from Yis direction.

However, he could not really hear the explosion of Yis soul body with his naked ears.

He could only rely on the power of Divine Secret attached to his eyes to see Yis soul body explode in all directions under the green light of the Disillusionment Finger.

“Is he dead”

Specks of soul light shattered onto the ground.

Xu Xiaoshou could see it clearly, but he frowned.

It seemed that the person who was killed by Disillusionment Finger shouldnt have exploded, but… completely destructed

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He resumed his normal size and looked at Xuan Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji couldnt suppress the joy on his face but he said resolutely, “Hes not dead yet!”

“Not dead yet”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Yi was still alive under such circumstances

How difficult was it to kill the Higher Void (level)

If Yi hadnt conveniently used the power of the Higher Void to counterattack him in the end, the other party might still be alive.

However, there was noif…

Xu Xiaoshou had never thought that Yis Chaotic Ghostly Qi, which seemed to be a light blow, would give Disillusionment Finger a 4.62% of charge points!

This fellow, he had indeed destroyed himself.

Yi had become a crippled soul body, and he had even been split into two; these had greatly affected his ability.

If he didnt conveniently counterattack, or if he didnt use the power of the Higher Void and just spiritually controlled Xu Xiaoshou, it wouldnt give Xu Xiaoshous Disillusionment Finger a 4.62% of charge points.

But just as Xu Xiaoshou had never thought that Yi would make a backhand attack.

Yi didnt expect Xu Xiaoshou, who he wanted to destroy, to be a hedgehog that he couldnt even touch.

This was so true!

Life was so unpredictable…

“Xu Xiaoshou.

“The bounded domain has changed…”

Lei Xier woke up from Yis control and stood up, reminding him softly.

Just as she said, Yis bounded domain in this place was originally replaced by her White Cave Small World.

But now, with the destruction of Yis soul body, it had been replaced by another scene.

The dark and misty space was like the netherworld.

It was as if one had fallen into an ice cellar.

Xu Xiaoshou faintly felt that this kind of power was of a very high level, and it was somewhat familiar.

Without thinking, he knew that this was definitely Yis backup plan!

That fellow had been hit twice by the Disillusionment Finger, yet he could still survive.

Was he a cockroach, wasnt he


What was this world that looked like an illusion

Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Patriarch Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji was obviously knowledgeable.

He immediately understood the origin of this scene and explained with a smile, “The Higher Void World! This is Yis Higher Void World.

He has no choice but to use this move to save his life.”

The Higher Void World… Xu Xiaoshou thought of Elder Sangs straw hat.

The dead old man had used this method to give him the last help.

And now, Yi was obviously at the end of his rope.

That was why he was forced to summon the Higher Void World.

But why…

The Higher Void World was obviously so powerful.

But Elder Sang and Yi were forced to use it when they had no other choice

If they had used it earlier…

Would the situation have been different from the current situation

Patriarch Wuji saw Xu Xiaoyous confusion and said.

“The Higher Void World is the manifestation of the Higher Voids will.

It is a place to cultivate the virtual image and train mental strength and spiritual power.

“To the low-level spiritual cultivators, they are indeed powerful.

However, when they encounter enemies of the same level and be the first to release the Higher Void World, its nothing more than exposing their most vulnerable side.

“After all, on this continent, there are very few who really focus on the Way of spirit and soul.”

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly enlightened.

But then he thought.

Wasnt Yi majored in the way of spirit and soul

Patriarch Wuji smiled, “Do you really think so”

He then explained, “The sword of the ancient swordsman, the spirit of the spiritual cultivator, and the spirit and soul of the way of spirit and soul; only in this way, one can be considered to be a true major.

“Yi is merely cultivating, based on the spiritual cultivation in the Sovereign level, the enhanced way of the spirit and soul.

“His ability in the way of the spirit and soul is indeed strong.

Under the circumstances of ordinary people do not cultivate the way of the spirit and soul, his ability can also be considered a major.

“But a fake is just a fake after all.

There are even fewer people in the five regions who are truly majored in the way of the spirit and soul than the ancient swordsman.

Currently, only Bei Huai has cultivated successfully.”

“Yi didnt dare to release the Higher Void World earlier because…”

Patriarch Wuji laughed arrogantly, “Others might be afraid of his Higher Void World but my ability could completely restrain him!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He seemed to now understand why Patriarch Wuji could still laugh happily even though he had yet to kill Yi.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youve done enough.

Leave the rest to me!”

Patriarch Wuji looked up at the sky and stopped what he was doing.

Ever since he saw Xu Xiaoshous abilities in fighting Yi, he had taken over the logistics and fully focused on the battle with the Divine Secret Sorcerer from the red-clothed people.

The other party was very powerful.

He was pressured by the Divine Secret techniques several times.

Patriarch Wuji had wanted to help in the battle in front of him but it was difficult to free his hands.

But fortunately, he was experienced.


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