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Having done everything, Yi didnt think too much about anything else.

From his point of view, Xu Xiaoshou was a junior.

This fellow had learned too many things.

How could he even be able to dispel his Great Void energy, the Chaotic Ghostly Qi

Thus, after dealing with Xu Xiaoshou, his soul body advanced in the direction of Lei Xier.

After being blocked by the berserk giant, Lei Xier had a moment to catch her breath.

However, the time was too short.

For the Sovereign (stage) to control the Great Void, the gap between their realms was too big.

Thus the consumption was also huge.

Lei Xier had just barely recovered from the attack of Yis first half soul body.

Her spiritual source energy reserve could no longer support her to cast the God Devil Eyes for another round.

As the Lord of White Cave Small World, of course, she could borrow the power of the world.

Lei Xier had wanted to borrow the power of the White Cave Small World.

But who was Yi

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As he was approaching, he waved his hand again, not giving anyone a chance.

“Little girl, you should sleep too…”

“Spiritual Will, Fall!”

The spirit butterflies fluttered again.

It was again the absolute control of the Great Voids power over the soul.

However, this time around, although Lei Xier had yet to make a move, the God Devil Eyes automatically stopped rotating.

It then began to rotate at a high speed in opposite direction.

At the same time, the demonic Qi on her body was restrained, and a large amount of holy divinity power was released.

Then, it formed a spiritual shield around her body.

“Divine Rejection!”

Yis soul body was stunned.

He did not know much about the ability of the Lei familys God Devil Eyes.

But as a spiritual cultivator who focused on spirit and soul, how could he not have heard of the Lei familys Divine Rejection

Divine Rejection was the exclusive self-defense pupil skill of the host of the God Devil Eyes of the Lei family.

It could make one immune to any spirit and soul attacks in the world.

The fame of this pupils skill was too prominent!

Yi could recognize it immediately.

Previously, he used spiritual control on Mu Zixi and it didnt work.

It was because of Divine Rejection!

However, in theory, the Divine Rejection had the effect of being immune to all spirit and soul attacks.

But it was only for opponents of the same level.

At this moment, Lei Xier was merely a Sovereign (stage).

And Yi was in the Great Void realm.

Furthermore, he had used all his strength to unleash the power of the Great Void.

How could she be completely immune to it

Thus after most of the energy being blocked by the Divine Rejection, the Chaotic Ghostly Qi was completely exhausted.

It was indeed powerful for the Sovereign (stage) to block the power of the Great Void.

After a wave of the chaotic Ghost Qi was exhausted, when it invaded the body of Lei Xier, it could no longer cause her to fall asleep.

It only caused Lei Xier to become a little dispirited.

Yis expression became dark and vicious.

The people he had met tonight could not be measured by their cultivation levels.

They were all too strange!


“Youre still awake”

Yi smiled eerily and said in a ferocious voice, “Its better if youre awake! If youre awake, Ill forcefully possess you!”

The soul body pounced.

Even though Lei Xier was not asleep, she was controlled for a moment.

She was completely unable to stop the other partys possession attack.

But at this moment, an even colder and more bloodthirsty crazy voice suddenly sounded behind Yi.

“Did I let you pass”

Yis soul trembled, and he suddenly stopped and looked back.

Behind him, the berserk giant that was supposed to be on the ground raised its hands high as its huge body leaned back.

This scene was too deceiving.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou hadspiritually awakened, he did not give up on the disguise of being unconscious.

Thus Yis spiritual sense had indeed sensed the berserk giants fall, but it did not react in time.

The lifting of the giants hand behind him was not due to the inertia of his body falling, but it was Xu Xiaoshou who took advantage of the situation.

The berserk giant bent his hand and extended his finger…

One finger!

Yis pupils constricted.

This finger that was like that of an immortal was too familiar.

He had once been blasted by this finger until his spiritual body festered and could not recover for a long time.

He did not have much time to react.

Along with the loud rumbling of his soul, the strange phenomenon of the Disillusionment Finger that was difficult to see with the naked eye was a resplendent green light that could tear the sky and destroy the earth in the eyes of his soul body.


The green light pierced through the void and drowned everything.



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