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Were you provoking me

Xu Xiaoshou should have not been affected by such a low-level provocation.

However, under the demonic Qi of the God Devil Eyes and the attack by the demonic aura from the Fourth Sword, his anger was instantly stirred up.

He raised the Fourth Sword and slashed wildly in front of him again.

However, no matter how the sword energy shot out, he was unable to slash Yis soul body.

“Calm down…”

“Calm down!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had been transformed into a berserk giant, calmed down a little after venting his anger.

He kept telling himself that he needed to calm down even more at this moment.

Great Void was not so easy to kill.

If Great Void could be killed so easily, it would not have enjoyed such a high status on Shengshen Continent.

“I dont have a soul weapon.

Even the only move that can attack the soul, the Disillusionment Finger, has used up all of my charge points…”

Xu Xiaoshou kept thinking about what other methods he had that could kill Yis soul body.

However, after much thought, it seemed like he had to watch Yi recover his physical body after he recovered his soul body.

“Thats not right!”

A thought flashed through his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou thought ofSoul Reading.

In the process of casting this awakening skill, it would cause great pain to ones physical body.

He found out this when Yi was attacked previously and was unable to suppress the trembling of his body even with his Great Void cultivation.

If he usedSoul Reading directly on Yis soul body and cast it non-stop, would itread and bring Yis soul body to death

“Perhaps… its possible!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this method had a 70-80% chance of success.

The berserk killing intent urged him to release Soul Reading immediately, but Xu Xiaoshou forcefully restrained his impulse.

Xu Xiaoshou could even read a Demi-Saint Zang Ren out of Duoers spiritual memory.

He didnt believe that Yi had never seen a Demi-Saints true appearance in his entire life.

If he happened to about Dao Qiongcang, the current Hall Master of the Holy Divine Palace…

Xu Xiaoshou was taken aback and his berserk beast desire halted immediately.

He seemed to have realized that this was a very unwise move.

“Xuan Wuji!”

He turned his head and shouted.

Patriarch Wuji looked over feeling puzzled.

Xu Xiaoshou dispelled his berserk giant form and returned to the size of a normal person.

He immediately felt that the demonic Qis influence on him had weakened significantly.

He held the Fourth Sword and asked in a deep voice, “Yis body has been shattered, but why cant I see his spatial ring”

Patriarch Wuji was stunned.

While drawing the power of Divine Secret to fight for the control of the Cloud Realm world, he freed his one hand to perform the hand postures.

In just a moment, the divine path pattern appeared in his eyes.

He looked at Yis soul body.

Yi was still holding the Spirit Recovery Spiritual Flowers in his hand and his soul body was standing in mid-air.

At this moment, he seemed to have thought of something and his movements were completely frozen.

Patriarch Wuji only took a glance and his eyes lit up.

He replied, “Xu Xiaoshou, Yis spatial ring and other treasures have all been stored in his soul space!”

Soul space… Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of the Holy Blood in his mind.

It seemed that Elder Sang had used some kind of method to erase the physical properties of his treasures in the Great Void world and store them in his soul space.

With just a thought, the items could be used.

It was very convenient.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou frowned and asked, “Is there a way to take them out”

Patriarch Wuji laughed.

“If it was an ordinary person, even a Great Void, it would be impossible to take out the treasures directly from the other Great Voids soul space.

But I, Patriarch…”

“Get to the point!” Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows shot up.

He was not in the mood to listen to Xuan Wuji”s comments.

If not for the fact that this fellow was still of some use, Xu Xiaoshou would have stabbed between his eyebrows using the Fourth Sword.

Patriarch Wuji shuddered and quickly sent a telepathic communication.

“Yi only has one soul body left, and his abilities have been greatly reduced.

“I do have a way to set up the Divine Array and then plunder the treasures in his soul space.

But there are people in the Cloud Realm who are fighting against me now.

It is difficult for me to free up my hands.

“Furthermore, during this process, Yi will definitely use the power of the Great Void and release the world of the Great Void to protect his body.

“To get his spatial ring, the process is too complicated, and its both time and energy consuming…”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him with a cold voice and transmitted, “Arent you confident that you can kill Yi by yourself”

Patriarch Wuji was speechless and blushed.

He was confident that he could kill Yi.

Even if Yi had the Soul Avoidance Bell to save his life, he could not escape from his control.

But killing people required time!

The Divine Secret technique was a wise mans strategy, just like how Dao Qiongcang controlled the world.

If he stepped in personally and only killed one person, the process involved would not be as simple as that of a boorish man.

“How about this!”

He gritted his teeth and stopped the actions of his hands.

He said resolutely, “Ill temporarily let go of the Divine Secret against the Cloud Realm world and go directly to kill Yis soul body.

Now, we can only go all out!

“But if thats the case, we dont have much time left.

“Once the red-clothed people regain control of the Cloud Realm in a short period of time, we wont have much time to set up a backup plan…”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered when he heard that.

He retorted, “You still remember the backup plan”

Xuan Wuji had initially planned to completely abandon Mu Zixi and only wanted to kill Yi to resolve his grudge.

After Xu Xiaoshou dispelled his berserk state, he had calmed down quite a bit.

And naturally, he could not act according to his previous thoughts.


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