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The illusory outline of Yis soul body in front of him seemed to have recovered a bit of consciousness after being severely injured.

He began to have some movement.

He seemed to have taken out something.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt see it clearly.

But Patriarch Wuji behind him was observing very carefully.

“Xu Xiaoshou! That fellow has taken outSpirit Recovery Spiritual Flowers.

Hes trying to repair his soul.

After repairing his soul, his next step will definitely be repairing his physical body.

“Its difficult to destroy the Great Void.

This fellow has too many trump cards.

Once he completes the repair of his physical body, he will be able to recover nearly 30-50% of his strength at his peak!”

Xu Xiaoshou was anxious when he heard this.

He recalled the Fourth Sword and raised the sword to slash at Yis soul body ruthlessly.

He thought that since the Fourth Sword could use vicious demonic Qi to infect peoples will, it might be able to destroy Yis soul body.

However, Yis illusory soul didnt even dodge this attack.

Xu Xiaoshous sword was as if slashing through the air.

The other party didnt react at all.

“D*mn it…”

He was furious.

As expected, physical attacks werent effective against the soul body.

Seeing this, Patriarch Wuji was speechless.

He finally noticed that Xu Xiaoshou had a little bit of the brainless action that a Master (stage) cultivator should have.

However, he didnt dare to mock him.

Instead, he explained loudly.

“A non-soul weapon wont be able to have any effect on the soul body! Your vicious sword is the Fourth Sword and notHun Che.

If you have a soul weapon…”

At this point, he still hoped that Xu Xiaoshou would have other trump cards.

After all, the ability that this young man displayed was way far beyond ordinary people.

The berserk giant that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into suddenly turned his head around.

The madness in his eyes was extremely tyrannical.

“Why are you so useless Didnt I say that you only make noise here!”

Patriarch Wuji was speechless.

He could not express his bitterness.

In the world of Cloud Realm, according to his prediction, as long as Dao Qiongcang did not come, no one would be able to find a solution and regain its control so quickly.

However, at the red-clothed peoples end, Situ Yongren seemed to have gone crazy.

He had suddenly become so fierce.

If he, Xuan Wuji, could not withstand the pressure from Divine Secret and this place was exposed, everyone would die!

Moreover, the great array to slay Yi needed time to be set up.

According to his previous prediction, he was able to complete everything.

But now, there was an expert from the red-clothed people.

He, Xuan Wuji, had been busy dealing with the crazy Situ Yongren.

How could he have the time to set up the great array to slay Yi

Patriarch Wuji was indeed powerful.

But that was the limit of the ghost beast possessing a spirit cultivator.

Even Feng Yujin was limited by Mo Mos cultivation level.

He, Xuan Wuji, could not break free from Liu Changqings low cultivation level of Cutting Path to completely release all his power.

“I can let you see…”

Patriarch Wuji thought for a moment and barely freed his hand to construct the divine path pattern.

In an instant, Xu Xiaoshou felt the world in front of him had become so clear.

The broken soul body of Yi was holding the Spirit Recovery Spiritual Flower in one hand, crazily absorbing the soul energy within.

In such a short time, the injuries on his body had been mostly healed.


Seeing Xu Xiaoshou looking at him, he raised his eyes, smiled bitterly, and said coldly.

“Little Brat, you have a lot of trump cards

“However, do you dare to use the Saint Statue in this place”

The moment the Saint Statue moved, Rao Yaoyao could follow the fluctuation of the Holy Power and rush to this place even though she couldnt see the scene in the world of the Cloud Realm.

This was also the reason why Xu Xiaoshou only dared to feed Mu Zixi with Holy Blood to heal her injuries.

He didnt dare to use the Holy Blood to activate the Saint Statue!

Yi obviously understood the fear of the other party.

He raised his head and laughed wildly.

Without using Saint Statue, my life savings cant compare to you, a junior who has only debuted for two to three years

“Do you really think that with the Fourth Sword and the Flame Python, youre Invincible”

Yi spread his hands, and many divine objects were displayed in his soul body.

There were soul cauldrons, ancient bells, spirit pagodas, weapons…

He held his chest like a mad dog that had been beaten senselessly.

He drooped his tongue and laughed ferociously, full of provocation.

“You dont have a soul weapon, do you

“Oh, perhaps with your experience, is this the first time youve heard of a soul weapon”

Yi pointed at a dagger-shaped soul weapon in front of him as if he was about to throw it at a dog.

He waved his hand.

“Come on, come and get it if you want it!

“If you can get it, Ill give you one.

It doesnt matter!”



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