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The mental attack was Yis proudest technique.

However, when it came to spiritual defense, no matter who they were, or how high their cultivation levels were, as long as they werent someone who specialized in the soul body, their defense power was simply not enough!

As long as their spiritual attacks were strong enough, Xu Xiaoshous Disillusionment Finger couldnt be considered to have killed an enemy of a higher cultivation level.

At most, at the soul level, he only nearly killed an enemy of the same level.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Patriarch Wuji came back to his senses and said anxiously, “Do you have a second finger attack If you do, Yi will definitely die!”

Patriarch Wuji thought that he was the second in the continent in the Divine Secret technique.

However, in terms of mental and spiritual attack techniques, at this moment, he admitted that Xu Xiaoshou had surpassed him.

He had even surpassed the Transformation Division Chief.

The moment the Disillusionment Finger appeared, it stood at the peak in this era where spiritual attack and defense techniques were lacking!

On the other side.

In the battle, the Soul Avoidance Bell had protected Yis true spirit.

However, it was just like what Patriarch Wuji had said.

After the illusory outline of the ancient bell was blasted by the Disillusionment Finger and revealed its shape, the Soul Avoidance Bell became indistinct again.

In the end, it completely disappeared.

What was revealed was Yis soul body.

His soul body was originally stronger than an ordinary person.

However, it was now in tatters after being blasted.

It was as though he was on the verge of death.

If an ordinary spiritual cultivator were to cultivate to become a Great Void, his soul body would naturally grow from an infant to at least the size of a young man.

Then Yis soul body had grown into a burly man that was as strong as an ox under continuous training.

Now, a large and savage hole had been opened in the burly mans chest.

His entire body had been pierced into a hornets nest by the energy emitted by the Disillusionment Finger at last.

If not for the appearance of the Soul Avoidance Bell, he would have disappeared like a cloud rain.

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“The Inscription Stele, the lost divine weapon”

The berserk giant that Xu Xiaoshou had transformed into stared at the void in front of him.

Under normal circumstances, an ordinary spiritual cultivator couldnt see the soul body that Patriarch Wuji could see.

However, the Perception of Sovereign Stage gave Xu Xiaoshou a vague silhouette in front of him at a specific position.

The silhouette was ethereal and formless.

It sometimes appeared and sometimes disappeared.

However, Xu Xiaoshow knew it.

It was the spiritual body of Yi!

His heart sank.

The Transformation Division Chief was indeed worthy of being a super big shot who could live for so many years.

He could even get his hands on a soul-protecting divine weapon like the Soul Avoidance Bell.

Xu Xiaoshou was aware that the divine weapons recorded in the ancient Inscription Stele were all genuine supreme treasures that transcended eras.

Simply put…

Such supreme treasure should not have appeared in the current era.

Every one of them required a special method to open the seal.

Just like the swords in Xu Xiaoshous hands, the vicious Fourth Sword, and the famous Flame Python.

If he died, these two swords would still be found by the generations after several eras and centuries.

As the treasures would conceal themselves, the power of the two swords would be permanently sealed.

By that time, the names of these two swords would appear on the Inscription Stele.

Although the power of the vicious sword and the famous sword would be sealed, they would never disappear.

In fact, after a long period of nourishment of fame and the Way of the Heavens, they would only become even stronger.

After a few more eras, if someone could find these two swords and use the methods of the current era to unseal theselost divine weapons, they would be able to display even more powerful power.

Xu Xiaoshou had fought with the Combat Division Chief, Teng Shanhai, before.

He used the power of the Saint Statue to seize from him one of the lost divine weapons in the Inscription Stele — the Xiao Divine Spear.

Right now, the Xiao Divine Spear was still resisting and struggling in the world of Yuan Mansion.

It had not been completely suppressed.

This thing was similar to the Soul Avoidance Bell.

In their era, it was also an existence similar to the 21 Famed Swords.

And now, it was obvious that Yi had unsealed the Soul Avoidance Bell.

And at the most critical moment, he had used the lost divine weapon to save his life.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

On the other end, Patriarch Wuji was still anxiously calling out.

The fellow who had entangled with him in the world of Divine Secret was unexpectedly using the Divine Secret technique in a way that was different from how Liu Changqing had fought before.

His ability had completely surpassed Patriarch Wujis imagination.

At this moment, Patriarch Wuji couldnt free himself to lend a helping hand.

He had to ensure that when Yi died, the control of the Cloud Realm world would still be in his hands.

Otherwise, even if Yi died…

If the slightest bit of the battle scene here was leaked out, Rao Yaoyao would come with her sword.

And everyone present would be buried with him!

Patriarch Wuji had to make the final logistical assurance.

He only wanted to settle a personal grudge and didnt want to be buried with Yi.

Of course, more importantly…

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt die here!

Otherwise, Patriarch Wuji, even his soul, wouldnt be able to escape the wrath of the three ancestors of the White Vein and the sword of Bazhunan.

“Shut up!”

Faced with Patriarch Wuji urging, the berserk giant didnt even turn his head.

He shouted and his deep voice caused the world to tremble.

Patriarch Wuji was astonished.

Xu Xiaoshou still had his rationality

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou would still have his rationality.

His head started to spin rapidly once again as he was thinking about how he should deal with the remnant soul body of Yi.

He could no longer use the Disillusionment Finger.

This special passive skill was similar to the Passive Fist.

Every time he used it, he would empty all of his charge points.

However, even if he could control it, Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to leave any leeway in front of the Great Void.

He wished he could crush all of this guys soul with one finger.

How could he not use all his strength


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