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“Disillusionment Finger (charge point: 10.22%).”


The giant pointed his finger and a green soul light disappeared in a flash.

Just like the ordinary attack of the Passive Fist, Disillusionment Finger had never brought gorgeous visual enjoyment to people.

It was even more low-key.

It was because attacks based on the soul level could not be seen clearly by the naked eye.

In the eyes of outsiders, the battle was just about what happened after the berserk giant pointed his finger.

Due to the linear diffusion caused by the physical characteristics of the sword finger, the gravel that contained Yis flesh and blood was spreading out lightly.

However, Yis flesh and blood that had been completely hit by the Disillusionment Finger did not have any physical characteristics reaction.

They just fell straight downward by gravity.

They fell infinitely…

In everyones spiritual senses, the spiritual aura from Yis soul quickly withered and disappeared.

“Hes dead!”

Patriarch Wujis eyeballs almost popped out on the spot.

He had just thought about it.

Xu Xiaoshous methods were monstrous.

However, to use the cultivation of a Master (stage) relying on the famous and vicious sword to resist the Great Void, was nothing more than an ambitious attempt without a sense of ones limitation.

But in the next second, the berserk giants finger which was a spiritual attack slapped his face across space.

“How could there be such a powerful spiritual attack

“Isnt this brat mainly focused on cultivating the physical body

“His physical body, Way of the Sword, Art of Alchemy, and Divine Path are already so powerful.

How did he have the time to cultivate his spiritual attack to such an abnormal level”

The scene of the green soul light cutting through the sky kept replaying in his mind.

Outsiders couldnt see it, but Patriarch Wuji could see it very clearly.

He was certain that with this terrifying move, even a Great Void would be severely injured even if he had a way to save himself after being hit.

There was almost no cure for such severe injury to the soul.

It did not only affect the destiny and foundational roots of a spiritual cultivator.

If the injuries were severe enough, it could cause the other party to be in a vegetative state.

Broken memories and loss of Path Principles comprehension were possible too.

The trump cards that Patriarch Wuji had wanted to use with the Divine Array against the troublesome Yi were wiped out here.

He had never thought that a single move of Xu Xiaoshou would have been enough to achieve his goal.

Beside him, Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes moved.

She seemed to have seen something that no one had seen before.

Something in terms of soul that was impossible to pry into.

She frowned slightly.

At this moment.


A deep sound as if from a huge bell sounded and resonated in everyones heart.

Everyone trembled and their scalps went numb.

Even the berserk giant Xu Xiaoshou was without exception.

A look of shock flashed in his eyes.

“Why is there such a sound”

Xu Xiaoshou tried the Disillusionment Finger before.

Even a cloud beast that didnt have a fixed body would be wiped out by the Disillusionment Finger.

Thiswipe out was silent and didnt have any abnormal fluctuations.

But now, what was used on Yis soul was the Disillusionment Finger with a 10.22% charge point.

Theoretically speaking, no matter how strong Yi was, he was unable to withstand this attack.

When Passive Fist was used on Gou Wuyues head, the charge point was only 8.64%.

But that move had even blasted Gou Wuyues head apart.

If not for the arrow that Ai Cangsheng shot across the two domains at the end, the outcome of the battle had been decided for the Passive Fist just based on the extremely long period of time that Gou Wuyue had taken to recover from his injuries.

And this was only physical damage that was easy to defend and recover from.

Moreover, it was the Passive Fist of one of the Seven Sword Deity, the Moonless Sword Deity.

No matter how strong Yi was, he couldnt be stronger than Sword Deity, could he

The charge point of the Disillusionment Finger was more than 10%.

Moreover, it was soul damage…

Yi, how could he be different

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He had vaguely felt that things were not going well.

The move that was supposed to silently annihilate the enemy, when it was applied to Yis soul, suddenly rang out with such a sudden sound.

Was this Yis trump card

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

The crushed flesh fell to the ground, and there was no more movement.

However, between heaven and earth, it began to buzz and shake.

Then, an ancient bell appeared in the space where Yi was standing.

The ancient bell was bronze in color, and its surface was rusty.

It gave off an ancient aura as if it shouldnt have appeared and been owned by someone else in this era.

“Soul Avoidance Bell!” Patriarch Wuji exclaimed.

Lei Xier turned her eyes.

Without waiting for her to ask, Patriarch Wuji explained to Xu Xiao in a loud voice.

“The Soul Avoidance Bell is one of the lost divine weapons recorded in the ancientInscription Stele.

It can only be activated passively before the soul is completely destroyed.

It can protect the hosts true spirit consciousness and prevent the three immortal souls and seven mortal forms from completely collapsing.

“This thing has to feed on countless soul treasures daily.

It can only be activated once in a short period of time…”

Patriarch Wuji then paused.

He was astonished that the ability had such a life-saving method, but at the same time, he was also shocked that Xu Xiaoshous attack just now had the terrifying power of the Great Void nirvana!

He also realized.

This time, Yi had been forced to use his final trump card!

Perhaps, if it had been a normal person…

Even a Great Void, no matter how fierce the fight with Yi was, wouldnt have forced Yi, the Spirit Division Chief who was a big shot in the spiritual and soul aspects, to use such a life-saving method.

But, Xu Xiaoshous inexplicable finger had really hit Yis soft spot!



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