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“What the hell is that!”

Yi was stunned as he looked at the berserk giant that had completely turned black.

He had fought with Xu Xiaoshou before.

However, back then, Xu Xiaoshou had drunk the Holy Blood and unleashed a battle prowess that exceeded his cultivation level.

In addition, he had used that strangeOrdinary Fist.

Yi had been successfully ambushed.

The power of Holy Blood would be fine after some time had passed.

Yi had learned his lesson from underestimating his opponent last time.

This time, he would just wait for Xu Xiaoshou to drink the Holy Blood and be on guard against that strangeOrdinary Fist.

However, he did not expect Xu Xiaoshou to have other tricks up his sleeves this time around.

He could even transform into such a state!

Yi had seen Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshous intelligence and knew that the other party did indeed have a spiritual technique that allowed him to transform into a giant.

However, he did not expect the pressure brought by the other partys transformation to be so terrifying!

“The Fourth Sword…”

“This brats body has been completely contaminated by the demonic Qi of the Fourth Sword.”

“I cant let him hurt me at all.

Even with a scratch on my skin, I will be completely invaded by the demonic Qi.”


Yi looked at the giant sword in the berserk giants hands and his face twitched.

They were Flame Python and Fourth Sword.

The two of them could almost ignore the defense of Great Void.

In addition, Xu Xiaoshou had mastered sword cognition.

If he wanted to fight with him, he couldnt be unharmed!


While Yi was calculating everything in his mind, the berserk giant could no longer wait.

With a roar, the berserk giant flapped the wings on his back.


The figure completely disappeared.

“So fast!”

Yis pupils constricted.

He had thought that the opponents enormous size would bring about a delay in his movement.

However, he did not expect him to just take the time of flapping his wings when the giant was about to face him.


The berserk giant stomped his foot, and with a loud sound, the terrifying explosive power brought by the Exploding Posture directly shattered the ground completely.

Yi reacted swiftly and dodged backward.

He didnt expect the berserk giant, who looked like he had gone crazy, to turn around rationally as if he had eyes on his back.

And the huge Fourth Sword slashed forward.

“Little Brat, are you addicted to fighting”

Yi was annoyed.

His sleeves were burnt and two scorched hands reached out in the air.

He wanted to receive the slash of the Fourth Sword using his physical body.


The moment the Fourth Sword clashed with the Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand, the space within a radius of several thousand feet was shattered by the rebounding force.

“Not good!”

Yi instantly sensed that something was wrong.

The physical strength of the berserk giant was so terrifying.

The combined strength of an ordinary Sovereign (stage) and Cutting Path (stage) couldnt compare with the physical strength alone.

In addition, there were all sorts of special spiritual techniques that had amplified attributes…

Yi even felt that the various powers released from the berserk giants body had gathered together and seemed to have the embryonic form of the invincible power of the Great Void.


As the Fourth Sword broke through the spiritual source defense, Yi did not dare to be careless and immediately left.

In that instant, he could feel the power of the sword cognition and he did not want to use his hands to defend against the world-renowned swords sharpness.

If he won, he was only able to receive the opponents ordinary attack.

If he lost, as long as his skin was cut open, the demonic Qi of the Fourth Sword could cause any non-ancient swordsman in the world to go mad!


“Why did he master the Sleeveless Red Scorched Hand”

Behind him, Lei Xier was very confused.

The wound on her chest had been completely healed by Xu Xiaoshous large amount of Life Force.

At this moment, she could clearly see that the pair of hands of the Elder Sang that Yi incarnated, which had pierced through Xu Xiaoshous and her bodies were Elder Sangs famous ultimate skill — the Sleeveless Red Scorched Hand!

But it shouldnt be…

Even if Yi had the ability to transform into anything, he couldnt have mastered the spiritual technique that even a shapeshifter needed to cultivate for a long time.

At this moment, Patriarch Wuji had walked over to their back and explained in a very serious manner.

“Yi is the Chief of the Six Divisions.

The weapon he carries along is one of the 10 great superpower weapons of the continent, theImitator.

“The top 10 superpower weapons, regardless of their attacks or their strange attributes, can even be compared to the power of the top 10 supreme divine weapons.

“Are you wondering why he has Sleeveless Red Scorched hand”

Patriarch Wuji paused and looked at Lei Xier beside him.

Lei Xier had just recovered from her serious injuries.

Even though there was a large amount of Life Force left in her body, and her beautiful face was still sickly pale, she had a beauty that no one would resist.

She glanced coldly at Patriarch Wuji and didnt say anything.

Patriarch Wuji was embarrassed and didnt dare to keep her in suspense anymore.

He then said solemnly, “The special ability of theImitator is that as long as you get the blood of the person you want to imitate, you can transform into his appearance and possess any of his abilities.

Although you cant perfectly restore it, you can imitate 77% of it!”

At this moment, Lei Xier could not stay calm anymore.



Just now, Yi had pierced through her with one hand and used this to break Xu Xiaoshous chest.

He had obtained Xu Xiaozhes blood.

Wasnt this as good as…

Lei Xier turned her head instantly and looked at Yi who was dodging around under the berserk giants sword as if he was looking for a flaw.

She suddenly realized.

The other party was probably testing the berserk giants various ability values


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