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He seemed to realize that it was impolite to ask such a question and wanted to explain something.

But in the end, he couldnt say anything.

As no matter how he asked, that was his original intention.

Lei Xiers face turned pale and a painful look flashed past.

Her gaze moved down and landed on Xu Xiaoshous hand.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly let go of his hand.

Lei Xier then said, “Im Lei Xier, and Im also Mu Zixi.

Shes me, and Im her.

In fact, were not even different.

“Its just that when I was asleep, she was more resistant to my existence.

“I can feel all of her emotions personally, and she… or rather,I, thatI, didnt want to acceptI in the past, which has led to this outcome.”

Lei Xier smiled faintly.

She had the charm of melting ice and snow.

She said softly, “You be able to understand.”

How would Xu Xiaoshou not understand

He just couldnt accept it!

Just like how Mu Zixi couldnt accept it.

She might just be a product of Lei Xiers self-protection mechanism after she was injured.

Xu Xiaoshou also couldnt accept that his junior sister wouldrecover to such a state after encountering such a disaster.

Demonic Qi ignited in his eyes, and his voice suddenly turned cold.

“What if you disappeared”

Lei Xier was stunned.

She had never thought that Xu Xiaoshou would be so extreme even though she had already explained it so clearly!

But when she turned her eyes, she saw the burning demonic Qi in the eyes of the youth in front of her…

Lei Xier had understood.

“You are too extreme,” she said softly and turned her God Devil Eyes.

“Mm!” Xu Xiaoshou grunted.

The monstrous demonic qi that he had just devoured was uncontrollably sucked back into her God Devil Eyes.

“Watch out…”

At this moment, Patriarch Wuji suddenly roared.

The three of them had not made any movements.

The power of the bounded domain covered them, directly moving Lei Xier and Xu Xiaoshou to the front of Yi.

Patriarch Wuji was just about to lend a helping hand to make up for his mistakes.

However, it was Yis bounded domain after all.

Under the attack, Patriarch Wuji was frozen in space for a moment and couldnt move.


Elder Sang, who was in Yis incarnation, laughed sinisterly.

He raised his hand, which was burning with white flames.

“What a touching scene!”

“However, you shouldnt have appeared.

You should have died at the hands of your master.

Perhaps, thats your only fate, right”

Yi had only wanted to kill the remnant of the Lei family First.

However, the two people in front of him were so close that he could pierce through them with one hand.

Why not bury Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshould together with her

In terms of emotions alone, his desire to kill Xu Xiaoshou was much stronger than to kill Lei Xier!

“Ohhhhh…” Xu Xiaoshou groaned in pain.

His Perception had seen everything and could even know what would happen next.

However, Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes were still spinning.

Just the act of sucking out the demonic Qi alone, the powerful control of the God Devil Eyes had been fully displayed.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt even turn around to defend himself.

Lei Xier immediately realized that something was wrong.

In this current circumstance, she couldnt help Xu Xiaoshou at all because Yi was eyeing his prey and had the intention to kill everyone present.

She instantly cut off the absorption of demonic Qi from her God Devil Eyes.

But it was too late…

Even if she cut off her control, Xu Xiaoshou was not able to recover for the time being.

“He has the body of a Sovereign (stage).

His body is very sharp.

His physical defense also has the anti-shock attribute.

Its not something an ordinary person can compare to…”

Lei Xier was very clear-headed and rational.

She analyzed everything in an instant.

Yi came from behind Xu Xiaoshou.

If he wanted to pierce through the two of them, he had to break through Xu Xiaoshous defense first.

Lei Xier knew that Xu Xiaoshous defense was very strong.

It was not something that could be broken so easily.

In theory, her body could not withstand a single blow from the Great Void.

But Xu Xiaoshou could.

However, Lei Xier realized that her hands had subconsciously reached out at this critical moment and grabbed Xu Xiaoshous waist.

Then, a huge black vine coiled out and swung in the air.

She could not move Xu Xiaoshous body at all, but based on the inertia, she threw her body behind Xu Xiaoshou…


A pair of scorched black hands pierced through Lei Xiers back and out of her chest like a piece of paper without any deterrence.

Then, they stabbed into Xu Xiaoshous chest and grabbed his heart!


Lei Xier spat out a mouthful of blood on Xu Xiaoshous face.

She was stunned on the spot.

As seen by the spiritual senses, the white flames that erupted from Elder Sangs body were not fake.

His pair of scorched hands pierced through the two of them and connected them together…

Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand

How did he do it

“Xu Xiaoshou! Im here to save you!”

Patriarch Wuji finally broke free from the binding force of the bounded domain.

When he saw Yis pair of scorched hands break through Xu Xiaoshous chest, he felt a chill run down his spine.

His 10 fingers moved, and Divine Secret surged.


Patriarch Wuji pointed with his finger, and the starlight and moonlight shone on Yis head, completely stopping his action of crushing the heart.

“Thump thump…”

“Thump thump…”

The heart was gripped.

Chaos erupted in the outside world in an instant.

However, in Xu Xiaoshous world, there was only the dark and black Reborn Lily, as well as all the nothingness that had been delayed by time.

In the nothingness.


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