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Chapter 880 Lei Xier 2

Yi suddenly realized that things were about to go beyond his expectations again.

His gaze locked onto Mu Zixis eyes.

He was attracted by her tightly shut eyes that were emitting black and white mist.

“What is this”

Patriarch Wuji, in the sea of white flowers of Reborn Lily, was also at a loss.

However, he was different from Yi.

He had once stayed on Abyss Island and came into close contact with the highest level of power — divine power!

And now, the little girl that he had abandoned, after being fainted for a short while, a wisp of divine power was released from her body.

It wasnt an illusion!

It was really divine power!

It was just a wisp, but who was Patriarch Wuji He had seen such power before!

“I, what have I done…”

Immediately, Patriarch Wuji was filled with regret.

He finally realized that Mu Zixis status was different from others.

Perhaps, just like Xu Xiaoshou, this little girl was also someone who had been secretly groomed by Bazhunan.

But now, because of a personal grudge, he had messed up the plan of Bazhunan


“Why didnt anyone tell me this person is so important!


Patriarch Wujis face turned pale.

His mind went blank, and his lips quivered.

He wanted to say something, and then do something to make up for it.

However, at this juncture, he realized that he couldnt even figure out what was going on with the little girl, so how could he do anything

On the other end….

Xu Xiaoshou, who was the nearest to him, suddenly felt refreshed the moment the divine power bloomed.

The demonic Qi in his body was completely suppressed, and his eyes regained their clarity.

“Whale Fall”

He looked at the unusual magnificent sea of Reborn Lily, for some reason, this phrase appeared in his mind.

“A whale falls, and all creatures come to life.”

Wasnt this the scene right now

Mu Zixi had yet to awaken, and the power that spread out from her body had caused the mountains to bloom into a sea of flowers, and the birds and beasts to be extremely happy.

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“What about Junior Sister

“Junior Sister, you cant fall!

“Didnt they say that Holy Blood of the Infernal Lineage is like the blessing of God, and it can instantly heal injuries of any level”

Xu Xiao was anxious.

He had fed her Holy Blood.

However, in his Perception, most of the power of Holy Blood had gathered in Mu Zixis body, but it didnt have any healing effect.


Xu Xiaos pupils constricted.

After his consciousness cleared up, he discovered the true profoundness within Mu Zixis body.

She wasnt injured at all!

In other words, Mu Zixis injuries on the surface and inside her body had been healed by the power of Holy Blood very much earlier, but she had yet to awaken.

And this had only used less than one-thousandth of the power of the Holy Blood.

The reason why Xu Xiaoshou could use up the power of a drop of Holy Blood was that he had opened the Saint Statue.

Only Holy Blood and the Saint Statue could perfectly offset the input against the output.

But now, Mu Zixis body didnt have any energy output at all.

There was only input.

If it wasnt for the specially treated Holy Blood of the Infernal Lineage that didnt have any side effects, the vigorous power would have probably destroyed her Life Force.

“No injuries…

“And this strange divine power…”

Xu Xiaoyu muttered to himself as if he had realized something, and his pupils started to tremble.

He looked at Mu Zixis eyes.

He lost control of his emotions before this, so he didnt observe such details.

But now that he had calmed down, he finally noticed something unusual.

In this world that was filled with the white divine power of the Reborn Lily, everything should have been sanctified and purified.

However, at the position of Mu Zixis right eye, there was still a black demonic Qi that was out of place.

That demonic Qi…

Didnt seem to have the demonic Qi of the Fourth Sword which mainly focused on the power of murder.

On the contrary…

It was ultimate Yin, evil, and dark.

That was the real demonic Qi!

“God Devil Eyes” Xu Xiaoshous head buzzed.

He thought of another voice in Mu Zixis body.

That seemed to be the second personality of his junior sister

Could it be…


At this moment, Mu Zixi suddenly let out a painful groan, interrupting Xu Xiaoshous thoughts.

Clearly, all the powers in her body didnt interact, but she seemed to be enduring some kind of pain.

Her small face was wrinkled, and her body was gradually trembling.

“Kaa…” her teeth knocked against each other.

“Uh uh…” she cried out in pain.

After that…

“Ah ah ah!!!”

Along with mournful cries of pain, Mu Zixis entire body was bent upwards.

Without any external support, her body floated in the air.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”

In the sea of Reborn Lily flowers, a cry of unbearable pain rang out.

Xu Xiaoahou was completely flustered.

He didnt know what had happened to his junior sister either.

And just as the cries of pain reached an extreme, Mu Zixis body, which had been arched up out of thin air, suddenly stopped trembling


She opened her eyes, and the black and white eyeballs spun at high speed, emitting endless black and white mist.

The divine power in the world came to a halt.

The black demonic Qi which represented ultimate yin, evil, and darkness began to churn.

With just a spark, it devoured and attacked the divine power! “Pshht!”

On the ground, the first Reborn Lily that bloomed was dyed black under the demonic Qi attack.

After that…

It was the second flower, the third flower…


Xu Xiaoshou was the nearest and the first to be attacked by the demonic Qi.

His eyes turned red again, but his head kept shaking.

He seemed to have realized something and stretched out his hand to stop what would probably happen next.


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