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Chapter 879 Lei Xier 1


The Fourth Sword was vibrating at a high frequency

It had not felt such strong anger and killing intent for a long time.

In the hands of its previous master, it had vented its feelings of gratitude and hatred many times.

It felt that the true meaning offierceness was extreme happiness.

However, since it had fallen into the hands of its current master, it could only occasionally come out to get some fresh air.

This master did not speak much.

Normally, he was carefree and happy.

He rarely had such extreme anger as now.

The vicious sword could only truly unleash its power when the sword wielders will reached complete compatibility with the true meaning offierceness.


Just a little more to go!

The Fourth Sword crazily sent the demonic Qi into his hosts body.

Just a little bit more, and it would be able to seize the temporary control of this human and begin to vent its happiness.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was already on the verge of losing control.

If it were any other day, he would be able to sense the abnormality of the Fourth Sword and his abnormality.

But at this moment, from the moment he slightly lost control at the beginning, he had been taken advantage of by the demonic Qi of the Fourth Sword.

And now he was completely destroyed…

He was not only fighting against his rationality now.

More importantly, he had to resist the invasion of the demonic Qi!/ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

In such an environment, it was already irrational to go head-to-head withhis people, Patriarch Wuji.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had completely lost control of his rhythm.

With the Fourth Sword as the vicious sword, its influence was truly too great.

He only wanted to follow his heart and massacre everyone.

As he raised his sword and slowly walked towards Patriarch Wuji…


Mu Zixi suddenly moaned in his arms as if she was showing signs of waking up.

This moan directly woke up Xu Xiaoshous only shred of soberness in the spiritual altar.

He hurriedly put down the Fourth Sword and held Mu Zixi as he squatted down again.

“Junior Sister”

Xu Xiaoshou called out in a low voice, and the fierce and demonic Qi in his eyes seemed to fade away

The Fourth Sword let out an angry hum as if it was scolding its master for not living up to expectations.

However, it was just a sword after all.

Although it could take advantage of the weakness, it could not completely control the will of the successor of the vicious sword appointed by the previous master.

Xu Xiaoshou was not affected and carefully observed the condition of her junior sister.

Mu Zixi did not wake up.

After consuming the Holy Blood, it seemed to have only touched the core of her soul at this moment, causing her to have a slight physical reaction.

However, this was only a natural physiological reaction after being stimulated by the majestic power of the Holy Blood.

Mu Zixis consciousness didnt wake up.

“Whoosh, whoosh…”

Not long after, the wind whistled and the vitality of the surrounding plants and flowers were sucked into Mu Zixis body.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up when he saw this, thinking that his junior sister was going to use the vitality to recover.

“Suck, Ill let you suck it all!”

He even placed his finger on Mu Zixis lips.

It was because, in terms of Life Force, no one could compare to his technique, Eternal Vitality.

However, his junior sister did not open her mouth to bite him as she usually did when she was angry.

She was indifferent.


Xu Xiaoshou was anxious.

He gently pinched Mu Zixis chin and knocked against it.


Mu Zixis teeth were as sharp as ever.

This was practically the only part of her body that could break through Xu Xiaos defense.

With a bite, blood started to appear.

However, there was no feeling of being sucked from his fingers.

The fresh blood dripped through Mu Zixis lips.

Then, the wound healed.

Xu Xiao was stunned.

Mu Zixis abnormal reaction of absorbing the energy of heaven and earth only lasted for a moment before it stopped moving.

When Xu Xiaoshou sensed with Perception, she realized that a large amount of Life Force was gushing out of her body.

There was the power of the Holy Blood and the energy of heaven and earth.

However, there was more Life Force that belonged to Mu Zixi — it came from her constant absorption.

This portion of energy was the largest!


Just as he was in a daze, a large amount of Life Force was released from Mu Zixis body.

That majestic energy surged out in an instant, causing the Life Force to turn from invisible to a clear and noticeable mist.

The life mist surged and filled the entire region.

Everyones spirits were roused.

At the spot where Xu Xiaoshou was hugging Mu Zixi and squatting down, a white sprout suddenly split open.

The sprout trembled as it grew upwards and finally bloomed into a white Reborn Lily.

The enchanting and magnificent Reborn Lily gently slanted in the wind…

In an instant, holiness bloomed all over the mountain and the land.

The white Reborn Lily that represented the power of divinity emitted a charming fragrance and an unknown divine power.

It made those who were in the sea of flowers feel as if they were on a pilgrimage.

Everyone was stunned by this unexpected event.

Yi blinked his eyes and woke up from the mental illusion.

His heart was in turmoil.

What kind of power was this

At that moment, he seemed to feel a trace of extremely weak…

Divine Power “Impossible!”

A look of incomprehension flashed in Yis eyes.

He completely didnt understand how the little girl, who had fainted after he threw her, could release such magnificent power.

“The Life-devouring Wood Physique”

“No, Ultimate Life Demon Physique”

Yi was confused.

However, he didnt understand the abilities of the Life-devouring Wood Physique and the Ultimate Life Demon Physique.

But the power of divinity!

How could this thing be released by a mere spiritual physique or sacred physique



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