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Chapter 877 Xu Xiaoshou! What Are You Doing! (Part 2)

“Are you crazy! You even dare to mess with Patriarch”

Patriarch Wuji brought out the Divine Secret and Path Principles generated the healing power.

In an instant, the injuries in his eyes recovered, and he looked at Xu Xiaoshou as he pointed at him and shouted.

At the back, Yi was still tackling the remnant power of the sword cognition on his body.

Originally, after knowing Xuan Wujis identity and being ambushed by Xu Xiaoshou, he had thought of retreating.

However, when he heard the shout, he began to watch with interest.

Internal strife

That was good.

It was a big show.

He had to watch it before he could decide whether to attack or leave.

He held onto the combat communicator.

He wanted to contact Ye Xiao and ask her to come over to help.

After all, even Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou had shown up.

He was hitting the jackpot tonight.

If he could take down Xuan Wuji and Xu Xiaoshou together…

It would be a great achievement!

However, unexpectedly even the custom-made communicator was completely malfunctioning at this moment.

Yi was stunned and his heart sank.

He thought of what Xuan Wuji had said before: even if a Demi Saint arrived, he was unable to sense the situation on the battlefield here.

“Is he for real

“Does he really dare to make a move in the Yunlun Mountain Range Does he really want to kill me”

Yi panicked and prepared for the worst.

Great Void would not die so easily.

If he could not defeat him, he could run.

If he really wanted to kill Yi, he would need to erupt with Holy Power which was not so easy to succeed.

But what if Xuan Wuji had the intention to destruct everything both good and bad, even risk exposing himself

Yi began to think of a way out.

On the other end.

After hearing the words of Patriarch Wuji, Xu Xiaoshous expression became even gloomier.

Finally, he turned his head around.

While he was trying his best to suppress the wild beasts desire to attack in his mind, he reluctantly asked calmly, “So, you actually did hear what I said to you previously”

What did he say

– а ПО

Patriarch Wuji was stunned for a moment before he finally reacted.

Xu Xiaoshou had said to Liu Changqing in the Xu Factions tent: Protect Mu Zixi.

“Im just living on a host, Im not deaf.

So I naturally heard it!” Patriarch Wuji frowned.

He didnt understand why Xu Xiaoshou was still dwelling on this.

Xu Xiaoshous fingertips trembled uncontrollably.

He tried his best to stabilize his voice and asked again in a deep voice, “So, after knowing about your mission, you still chose to put killing Yi the first and protecting Zu Mixi the second”

Patriarch Wuji was extremely angry and asked in return, “Xu Xiaoshou, are you really crazy This is such a rare opportunity.

What do I do if I dont kill Yi”

He pointed at Mu Zixi who was in the young mans arms.

“She, shes just a…”

He was just about to saya pawn.

However, when he thought of Xu Xiaoshous aggressive reaction to the wordpawn just now, Patriarch Wuji immediately changed his words and slowly asked in return, “Saving a Master (stage) and killing a Great Void, which is more important”

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou shouted and the ferocious aura in his eyes was clearly about to lose control.

“What do you mean” Patriarch Wuji unconsciously lowered his head under the increasingly majestic aura of the person on the opposite.

How long had he been away from Abyss Island and how long had it been since he possessed Liu Changqing

During this period of time, Liu Changqing was busy saving himself.

Why would he pay attention to the information about Xu Xiaoshou, whom he did not know much

Even if he did pay attention to it, Liu Changqing couldnt have access to the important information that had been locked down by the Holy Divine Palace.

Therefore, even though Patriarch Wuji was living in Liu Changqings body, he could still observe the situation in the outside world.

He could only tell from the Four Pillars of Destiny Token that Xu Xiaoshou had taken out on the Spirit Gem Trade Fair that this person was an important pawn for the Bazhuan.

As for how important it was…

How would Patriarch Wuji know something that even Holy Divine Palace couldnt understand

Therefore, in his heart, it was already a great honor for her name Mu Zixi to be remembered.

Compared to Yi, who was one of the chiefs of the Six Division and had a personal grudge against him…

Which was more important

The answer was obvious.

However, Xu Xiaoshou didnt think so!

He stared at Liu Changqing as if he was looking at a person who was about to die.

“I am asking! Why Why are you concerned about killing Yi”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Yi, who had retreated to the back.

He didnt hide the crazed killing intent in his eyes.

“This is my business!”

Till now, he had naively thought that Patriarch Wuji had wanted to help him take revenge because Yi had chased after him in the Dongtianwang City.


Patriarch Wuji was stunned for a moment.

He then opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “Personal grudge!”

“Personal grudge” Xu Xiaoshous pupils dilated in an instant.

“Hmm…” Patriarch Wuji was stunned by the question.

He did not know why he would feel such strong pressure in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

Didnt this only seem to happen when he was facing Bazhunan

But soon, Patriarch Wuji came to his senses.

Xu Xiaoshous body had an aura that didnt belong to his cultivation level at all.

When that powerful aura that came from deep within his bones erupted from the very beginning, the lowest level of that aura was that of a Sovereign (stage).

And as time passed, the aura on the young mans body continued to pile up and accumulate.

It was as if there was no upper limit, and it continued to rise.

Strange kid… Patriarch Wuji finally realized why Bazhunan had chosen this person.

With just this aura that could swallow mountains and rivers, as long as Xu Xiaoshou was able to control it, and with Fourth Sword, this little kid didnt even need any external objects to fight against Cutting Path and Great Void.

And he was only a Master (stage) at this moment!


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