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Chapter 873 Shut Up!!! 1

Yu Zhiwen was stunned for three whole breaths.

It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

Was it a coincidence…

“Yes,” she nodded emphatically.

“What anomaly” asked Rao Yaoyao.

An image flashed in Yu Zhiwens mind, and the scene of two strangers walking into the Xu Factions camp appeared in her mind.

This was the last image she saw, and she subconsciously wanted to blurt it out.

But when the words came to her lips, Yu Zhiwen paused, and her thoughts started to spin.

“Thats not very good, right

“Its just two strangers visiting Young Master Xu…

“From what they said in the tent before I came, Sword Deity Rao should have seen a lot of such scenes

“If I tell this, will it show that Im very concerned about… Young Master Xu”

Yu Zhiwen looked conflicted.

She wanted to find something else to say, but then she realized that it was as if she had no impression of other people in her mind.

She could not find any abnormalities at all.

“What anomaly” urged Rao Yaoyao on the other side.

Yu Zhiwen was still able to distinguish between right and wrong.

She knew that nothing should be hidden in battle strategy.

Thus she could only open her mouth and tell selectively.

“There was no major anomaly, there was no outbreak of battle in various places either.

I have not found any traces of Divine Sorcerer.

“The only thing that is slightly strange…” Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment and said solemnly, “Outside the camp of the Xu Faction, there are traces of the opening of the bounded domain.

But Elder Rao, you have already told me…”

“It was Yi carrying out a mission.

Dont bother about him!” Rao Yaoyao interrupted.

“Then theres nothing unusual,” Yu Zhiwen didnt know why, but she heaved a sigh of relief.

Yao Yao Raos somewhat anxious voice sounded, “Its mainly the Divine Sorcerer…”

“I didnt find any Divine Sorcerer!”

Yu Zhiwen said firmly, “If there is, and he can act in the dark without anyone noticing, then his level must be above Senior Brother and



Yu Zhiwens eyes flashed with strong confidence, “He doesnt know the structure of the Cloud Realm.

No matter how powerful his skill is, he can only rely onbrute force to shield the Divine Secret.

Give me time, and I will definitely be able to help Senior Brother regain control of the world of Cloud Realm.”

“How long will you take” Rao Yaoyao asked.

“An hour!” Yu Zhiwen replied.

At the edge of the crack on Abyss Island…

Rao Yaoyaos one foot stepped on the spatial fragment and the other on the void.

She was also on a mission to inspect the crack on Abyss Island.

In the entire Holy Divine Palace, probably only she, who carried the Cang Godhood Sword, could carry out this mission.

Teng Shanhai couldnt do it either.

What Teng Shanhai needed to do was to stop people and things that might come out of the crack on Abyss Island.

He was the guardian.

What Rao Yaoyao had to do was to bring the barren land under cultivation.

However, during the process, Situ Yongren had communicated via the Divine Secret technique saying that they had lost control of the world of Cloud Realm.

Who could accept this

Their home had been stolen

Therefore, halfway through cultivating the barren land, Rao Yaoyao had no choice but to come out of the spatial fragment and dial Yu Zhiwens communication bead to inform her.

But now, after a round of contact, she found out that the time needed to break out of the situation was an hour!

Rao Yaoyao tightened her grip on the communication bead, and her heart turned cold.

Although she knew that she was still in control of the main seat in the world of Cloud Realm, she could only be anxious in the face of such a situation.

She could not do anything about it.

After all…

If there was a problem with Divine Secret technique, she would have to rely on the two Senior Brother and Senior Sister of the division to fight it.

But even so, Rao Yaoyao was still very anxious.

“An hour, Its too late by then!” she shouted directly at the communication bead.

Yu Zhiwen was obviously offended, and her tone became unpleasant as she replied.

“Its not so easy to seize the control of the world-type Divine Array in a totally unfamiliar situation.

“If its not that the Cloud Realm world itself is having a problem, but a Divine Sorcerer has appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range, the persons Divine Secret technique attainments would probably be close to Hallmaster Dao!”

After Yu Zhiwen finished explaining, she paused and continued.

“Divine Secret reduces ones lifespan.

Under normal circumstances, breaking the situation in an hour is already my limit.

“Even if you summon Situ back, he wont be able to do it in less than an hour!”

Rao Yaoyaos heart trembled.

Was the situation so critical


“In half an hour, the person who has taken over the control of the Cloud Realm world will have finished doing everything that he has wanted to do!” Rao Yaoyao knew that her tone wasnt good, but she had to put pressure on her now.

The other party was silent for a moment before sending a voice transmission.

“Is the situation very critical”

“What do you think” Rao Yaoyao asked back.

In front of the pitch-black spirit mirror, Yu Zhiwen, who was in the control seat of the world of Cloud Realm, took a long deep breath and slowly exhaled.

She was only here to monitor the spirit mirror.

The mission of leading the battle and controlling the battlefield was still in Sword Deity Raos hands.

She naturally did not care.

However, if the situation was really this critical…

Yu Zhiwen closed her eyes and opened them.

The radiance of the stars in her eyes surged.

The complicated Path Principles of Great Path, the strange and unpredictable Divine Patterns in the world of Cloud Realm became clear and distinct in an instant.

The Pearl Gem Star Eyes turned complexity into simplicity.

Yu Zhiwen took out a medicine bottle and poured out a golden pill.

She lifted her veil and swallowed it.

Her expression became resolute.

She held the communication bead and said the last sentence before cutting off the communication.

“Give me 15 minutes.”

In Yunlun Mountain Range.

The mountain top far from the Xu Factions tent was hidden above the Path Principles inner bounded domain.

Xu Xiaoshou was holding the Fourth Sword in one hand and a spatial source stone in the other.

The closer he got to this bounded domain, the worse his premonition became.

His right eyelid was twitching uncontrollably.


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