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Chapter 867 How Dare He Touch My People 3

Mu Zixi was so frightened that her body trembled vigorously.

Her shoulders were being pulled, so she could only lean her neck backward toward her back.

She kept chanting and hypnotizing herself, “Bodhisattva bless me, Bodhisattva bless me…”

Yi exploded!

What kind of contestant was this!

She must be a fool!

But how could such a fool possess the ability to eliminate the mental manipulation instantly!

It was simply… sh*it!

After taking a deep breath, Yi regained his composure and let go of his hand.

But as if he suddenly remembered something, he immediately grabbed the little girls shoulder, sending his spiritual source over.

His original intention was to check if there was any infernal aura within the little girls body.

However, sending his spiritual source over was like throwing a stone into the sea…


Mu Zixi burped.

Due to the absorption of the spiritual source of the Great Void, she looked radiant all of a sudden.

She was stunned too.

She didnt know why this person in front of her suddenly became so kind and sent over such a spiritual source that was full of vitality.

At that moment, she could only blink her big eyes and tilt her head.


She didnt dare to speak and could only use a nasal voice.

Yi went crazy!

I was not feeding you!

I was not being kind, I was just testing you!

Did you know what testing was


You, a fool!

Yi gave up.

He suddenly felt relieved.

Why should he be angry with such a fool with special abilities

This little girl obviously didnt know what was happening to her at the moment.

If this continued, what could he get out of it

Even if he were to ask her why the Devouring Wood had a tendency to mutate, and was it like what Rao Yaoyao had speculated, or what Ye Xiao had speculated…

What could this girl tell

First of all, she was very stupid and couldnt make up anything.

It was very likely that she was telling the truth.

This was an advantage.

But the disadvantage was that she was too stupid!

Even Yi couldnt figure out Rao Yaoyao and Ye Xiaos speculations from their sixth sense.

If he were to talk about this with this stupid girl in front of him, just the background introduction alone would take three days and two nights before he could make her understand.

The most important thing was…

After the other party understood it, there was a high probability that she would reply with this sentence…

“Boy, Im actually so powerful”

Yi did not even intend to ask questions.

Why would he want to waste time explaining so much to this little lackey

He felt that Rao Yaoyao and Ye Xiao were just creating trouble for no reason.

If the Lei family really had such a descendant, it was not luck, but shame to the family!

Yi suddenly missed Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou very much.

Although he was tricked by that fellow last time, the other party was smart.

Under his mental manipulation, the other party displayed a strong desire to survive as well as a fighting spirit.

Only such prey could move the hunters heart.

The girl in front of him…

“Forget it, Im mentally tired.”

Yi let go of his hand and turned around in exhaustion, walking into the distance.

Mu Zixi didnt expect the crisis to be resolved so mysteriously.

She was still not in the right state.

She waved her hand and asked, “Is there anything else you want to ask I still know a lot of things!”

The corner of Yis mouth twitched.

He didnt dare to stop and quickened his pace.

Mu Zixi was happy.

She shouted at his back, “Dont worry.

Youre a good person.

I wont tell Young Master Xu about what happened tonight.

When the time comes, Ill make up an excuse for you.”

Yi was stunned.

He quickly turned around and said, “Dont! You dont have to make up anything! Just tell him everything.”

Since he couldnt get anything out of her, Yi wouldnt want to make enemies with a Demi-Saint descendant.

What he was most afraid of was that this little girl would make up something when she went back and reveal his abilities.

With this girlsintelligence…

Yi trembled.

He knew that Young Master Xu was not Mu Zixi.

That fellow was very shrewd.

He was afraid that he could deduce his identity with just a sentence.

By that time, he would have a feud with the Demi-Saint family over such a trivial matter.

Just the thought of it made Yis feel uneasy.


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