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Chapter 866 How Dare He Touch My People 2

Being stupid had its benefits.

Why did you use your weakness to go against others strengths

The little girl looked up weakly and said a little shyness, “Actually, he was not that aggressive.

He also talked to me…”

“But Im Young Master Xus people.

How could I go with him” said the little girl who got excited and stood up as she spoke.

“But he wanted me to go with him!

“But I refused to go with him.”

“Then he still insisted that I must go with him…”

“Stop!” Yis head hurt.

If it wasnt for the fact that the mental manipulation had failed, he swore that he wouldnt let this little girl in front of him say even a word of nonsense!

Yi tried to lead her to the topic to have a better conversation.

“Did he want you to be his disciple How did you get rid of him”

“Uh!” Mu Zixi choked.

Oh yes, Elder Sang was so powerful.

How did I get rid of him What was the situation back then

Yis expression immediately turned ugly.

This was obviously a lie.

What happened next would depend on how the other party would make it up.

However, Mu Zixis mind was blank.

In the end, she failed to make up anything.

She could only say obsequiously, “If… I mean, if I say that I dont know, will you kill me”

Yi was lost for words.

At that moment, he really wanted to slap this girl to death.

When Mu Zixi saw that the situation wasnt right, her tears started to flow again.

She hugged her head and squatted down, “Dont kill me.

I really dont know.

At that time, he wanted me to be his disciple, and I rejected him.

Suddenly, he didnt say anything and just left.

How would I know the reason I wouldnt want to make it up…”

Yi selectively blocked the rest of the


He narrowed his eyes.

Now he could understand what the little girl in front of him had said.

She was exposed…

Other than the Saint Servant Sleeveless exposing his aura, a little girl was unable to get rid of the other party.

He continued with the topic and asked, “So, after the Saint Servant Sleeveless left, what else happened”

Mu Zixi was stunned.

Was it over

Why did this guy not pursue the process anymore

How could he accept such a flawed process

“Speak!” Yis expression turned serious.

Mu Zixi trembled and was about to cry.

“You dont be so fierce.

If you speak in this manner, I will easily associate it with some bad memories.”

Yi was speechless.

He simply changed into a passerby and said gently, “What happened next”

Mu Zixi completely gave up on making things up.

She chose to be an ignorant passerby.


“Next is Young Master Xu brought his people over to protect me.”

She secretly raised her eyes and glanced at the person in front of he.

She noticed that the other party was emotionless.

The little girl then said weakly, “Let me tell you, Young Master Xu might be a despicable person and is cocky, but he treats me very well.

You, you,


She struggled for a moment and chose to close her eyes, as though she was prepared to die bravely.

“If you choose to leave now, I can pretend that nothing happened, and I wont tell Young Master Xu about what happened tonight!”

Yi was speechless.

What was this…

A threat

I was the Chief of the Transformation Division.

How could I be threatened by a mere Master (stage) lass

“Is there anything else” Yi didnt care about the irrelevant information at all and asked again.

Seeing that the threat didnt work, Mu Zixi sighed in her heart, ” As expected…”

Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

The little girl seemed to have recalled something and said, “Yes! When Young Master Xu came to pick me up, he said something!”

“What was it” Yi immediately bent over and sensed that this might be the only key piece of information in the little girls entire nonsense.

Mu Zixi raised her head and puffed out her chest.

She said loudly, “Boy!”

Yi was stunned.

He waited for a long time.

But there was no follow-up to the sentence from the other party.

He finally could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

“Thats…thats all”

“Thats all,” Mu Zixi spread her hands with a blank look on her face.


At this moment, Yi could even feel that the other party was fooling him.

His face darkened.

When Mu Zixi saw that the situation wasnt good, she thought to herself that she really couldnt make things up.

She shrunk her head and said timidly, “Actually, actually, theres still the second half of the sentence, but I dont dare to say it…”

Yi sensed that the situation had taken a turn.

He quickly grabbed the little girls shoulder and shouted, “Speak!”

Mu Zixi lowered her head and looked at the pair of hands that were tightly gripping her shoulders.

Then, she turned her head and closed her eyes.

She looked like she was prepared to die.

“Boy! How dare he touch my people”

Yi was lost for words.

At this moment, he felt his heart howling crazily.

The monstrous killing intent almost pierced through the sky!

So it turned out…

It was all nonsense!

“Dont kill me…” Mu Zixi immediately cried out again.

“Its you who asked me to say it.

I didnt want to say it in the first place.

I also didnt beat around the bush, nor did I sand attack you.

I also did not point at the mulberry and curse the ghost.

I just told you everything I know according to your request.

Dont kill me.”

Yi interrupted her angrily and roared, “Sneak attack, not sand attack! Also, thats called pointing at the mulberry and cursing the locust!”

“Ah” Mu Zixis tears stopped and she asked in a daze, “Whats pointing at mulberry and cursing locust Did I say that just now”

Yi was furious!

He furiously clenched his fist and hit hard on the ground.


The broken gravel flew in all directions.


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