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Chapter 865 How Dare He Touch My People 1

Mu Zixi felt that she had encountered a great terror tonight.

First, it was Xu Xiaoshou, then it was Elder Sang.

These two people couldnt possibly appear here.

How could this person in front of her use all of them to scare her

Could it be that he was aware of her true identity but he didnt reveal it And he only changed his appearance to play with her

Most importantly…

This guy was too sharp!

She just lost control of her reaction for a moment and he could deduce it so accurately.

She couldnt deny it straightaway… Mu Zixi was confident.

She knew that denying it now was equivalent to admitting it directly.

At that moment, she could only follow the circumstances and said with a trembling voice, “I, I met him once…”


Yi didnt expect to gain so much after transforming into Saint Servant Sleelesss appearance.

He asked with interest, “Where did you see him What exactly happened Tell me the time, place, and person of the incident.”

Mu Zixis brain couldnt work that fast.

Just as she was about to make up a story, the cold voice fromMaster sounded again.

“Ill give you three breaths time.

If you cant tell me, its equivalent to making up a story.

Youll have to bear the consequences!”

The little girl was stunned for a moment.

The emotions in her eyes instantly changed to fear.

She said in a trembling voice, “In the northern region, during the clan meeting…”

She could only go along with it.

It was because Mu Zixi was from the northern region.

The farthest mission was the current Dongtianwang City.

At this time, Elder Sang had already entered


If she were to say that she met the person in Dongtianwang City, the person in front of her would probably squash her to death directly.

Yi narrowed his eyes, and his expression was even more terrifying.

He said calmly, “Since you can recognize my face, then you must know my identity… Did we meet in the northern region, at a clan meeting A celebration in your clan”

“Yes, yes,” Mu Zixi nodded stiffly, and her mind began to spin rapidly.

Yis expression turned cold, and he shouted, “I am a Saint Servant.

You met me in the northern regions Demi-Saint clan.

Are you saying that your Demi-Saint clan is having an affair with Saint Servant!”

The little girls thoughts froze.

Her mind was blank as if it had been struck by lightning.

“No, its not so…” she waved her hands.

“Then what” Yi leaned over with a ferocious expression.

Mu Zixi was anxious but she couldnt make anything up.

She suddenly had an idea and tears immediately flowed out.

She covered her head and squatted down.

“Dont be so close to me.

Do you know that your face is very scary Can you let me speak properly!

“You also speak properly…” she added weakly like an aggrieved baby.

Yi frowned.

Indeed, he knew that at night, Sang Qiyes face not only could stop a baby from crying, but it could also even scare a baby to death.

However, a lot of interrogation experience made Yi feel from the first instant that the little girl in front of him was making things


He had seen too many people who made up the perfect excuse under such buffering.


Those who could fall into the six divisions were all old foxes.

The little girl in front of him, who looked like she had yet to experience the world, might really be frightened by his appearance.

Yi hesitated for a moment.

The mental manipulation that he was best at was completely useless against this little girl.

This made his greatest trump card disappear.

Thus he followed the flow of the conversation.

Yi took a step back and said, “Sure, you can speak slowly and tell me everything you know.

But you must know that three breaths have passed and your words are no longer evidence.

Everything could have been fabricated by you, understand”

Mu Zixi felt despair in her heart.

The person in front of her made her feel as if she was facing Xu Xiaoshou.

It was a feeling of fear that every thought in her heart could be seen through by others.

She had not done anything and yet the other party was able to see through her thoughts just by speculating and applying pressure.

It was like a worm in a persons stomach.

arson W

This kind of person was too terrifying! “Ill tell, ill tell…”

Mu Zixis mind was blank.

She did not make things up anymore.

She recalled the first time she met Elder Sang and told him everything.

“It was the person that you have changed into!

“At that time, when I was taking a walk in the small forest in the clan, he appeared directly and wanted to kidnap me to be his disciple.

“I didnt even know what happened, who the person was, and how he appeared.

But what could I do

“I couldnt defeat him at all!

“I tried to resist…” While Mu Zixi was telling what had happened, she started to feel it and began to change the story.

At the critical moment, Yi interrupted with a frown and asked, “Was he very aggressive”

Mu Zixi was talking about Tiansang Spirit Palace.

But the image that appeared in Yis mind was the small forest in the Demi-Saint clan meeting in the northern region.

These two were too far apart.

He couldnt connect them at all.

However, in Yis impression, Saint Servant Sleeveless didnt seem to be very aggressive.

This person might be unreasonable, but at least when facing a junior, how could he behave like a bandit This was too insulting to his identity!

Mu Zixi was startled when she heard this and subconsciously wanted to nod.

However, she was stunned deep down in her heart.

She knew that the person in front of her was meticulous.

If she made it up, the other party would not believe her.

On the contrary, when she revealed everything, she would selectively block out some of the key information.

The other party relied on visualization.

He might be able to fill in the blanks on his own.


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