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Chapter 861 Peeling the Onion, the Best Plan! 3

“After transcending the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, or in other words, the Cutting Path in the Nine Death Thunder Realm…”

“And even, the Great Void!”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

This was too terrifying! Why did the Cutting Path and Great Void big shots suddenly enter the arena And they didnt target him but his junior sister instead

“Is it related to the Life-devouring Wood Physique, or they have discovered the abnormality of God Devil Eyes”

This forced Xu Xiaoshou to think of the worse scenario.

But the more nervous he was, the calmer his train of thoughts became.

He knew that thinking about this wouldnt help the current situation, so he forcefully stopped thinking and continued to deduce the possible whereabouts of Mu Zixi.

“Its impossible for Demi Saint to enter the arena.

“Then, even in the worst-case scenario in which the Higher Void attacked, it was impossible to use brute force to destroy Liu Changqing in an instant that he couldnt even send out a single signal.

“After all, if he did this, Im afraid that Patriarch Wuji would have directly possessed his body, and his power would be even greater!

“Therefore, the only possible methods that the enemy would attack were Fantasy Realm, Restraining Array, spiritual guidance, or methods targeting the soul… This way, only was it possible that Liu Changqing was affected and not able to send out a signal.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes suddenly lit up as he was deducing

He finally deduced something beneficial to his side.

“Firstly, using such methods to set up a trap could only prove that the enemies werent completely certain of their guesses.

It was just an experiment… then, theres a high probability that little junior sister is not in trouble in such a short time.

“Secondly, from the arrival of Lei Shuangxing to the time I went to the world of Yuan Mansion to set up the trap, it didnt take much time at all.

It would probably take a long time for the Higher Void to use the method of guidance to trick the enemy.

Furthermore, the location of the trap wouldnt be extremely far away, it would only be nearby!

“Thirdly, why did you lure the other party away Why didnt you just appear in front of me like Yu Lingdi and interrogated me with both threats and rewards”

Xu Xiaohe sneered.

He understood now.

“Yu Lingdi must have reported the situation of the confrontation between him and me.

These guys knew that if they were to investigate Junior Sister, they had to bypass


“They knew about me!”

“In fact, they were even afraid of me!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath.

He knew that his brain was actually a very scary thing to these red-clothed and white-clothed trial officers.

After all, from the day of the White Cave until now..


He didnt even need to look at those.

Just by looking at the First Pavilion in the Sky, from the day of its construction until now, the red-clothed people hadnt been able to find any concrete evidence.

This could tell how meticulous Xu Xiaoshou


“You want to bypass me”


Xu Xiaohe was initially anxious.

As he was thinking, he wasascending to the heavens in a single step.

By this point, he had almost teleported from the inner regions of the Yunlun Mountain Range to the outer regions with hisPerception.

However, he still could not find any abnormalities.

Now that he had made up his mind, he immediately turned around and returned to the camp of the Xu Faction without stopping.

Then, his mind completely quieted down.

“At least Cutting Path, at most Higher Void, and is very familiar with my … escape technique.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of Yu Lingdi.

The second thing he recalled was the anomaly that had trapped him with a mental illusion.

After all, although many people around Rao Yaoyao could use it, the number of people who possessed such a strange ability was only a handful.

Apart from experts like the chief of the six divisions, Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that anyone could trap Liu Changqing.

“He even set up a trap nearby…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered in his heart, and hisPerception swept again.

Not even an inch of space in the sky or underground was left out.

Yet, there was no result!

He became anxious again.

But he immediately calmed himself down.

“Use your brain, use your brain! Whats the use of being anxious! “Think about it, whats the best thing for Higher Void to trap someone when he makes a move

“A bounded domain!

“Thats right, he must have opened a bounded domain, just like how he trapped me back then…

“After opening a bounded domain, Master (stage) cultivators are completely helpless.

However, I am different.

I have just comprehended Space Order.

Even though I am not familiar with it, it is unfortunate!”

With this thought in mind, Xu Xiaoshou took out the spatial origin stone.

With his spiritual sense, his body, which was of all attributes, was instantly guided by the origin stone and entered a state of epiphany.

The Great Path that filled the sky had completely disappeared at this moment.

Only the Nine Heavens and Eight Barrens were left.

There were countless space nodes and countless spatial elements.

“Right here!”

Not far away, the spatial nodes seemed to have been gathered by someone.

They formed a huge sphere that covered several thousand feet.

It was a bounded domain!

Previously, Xu Xiaoahou did not know how the space nodes of the bounded domain were formed.

However, under the state of epiphany and Order of the Great Path, this place that had been tampered with was clearly the place where he intended to go.

He withdrew the spatial origin stone.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes narrowed, and the killing intent in his eyes instantly soared.

He could not even contain it.

In the camp of the Xu Faction, there was a bonfire party.

At a certain moment, everyone felt a chill run down their spines, and all of them became vigilant.

However, in the next second, this illusion disappeared.

Everyone discussed a few things and sent more people to keep watch over the night.

When they realized that nothing had happened, they returned to the party that lasted for a long time.

Xu Xiaoshous entire deduction process only took a few minutes.

And after these few minutes.

No one knew about it.

In the night sky of Qingming, a completely invisible young man appeared in the sky above the camp of the Xu Faction.

Under the sky, he slowly pulled out his sword.

The sword was black.

It was not Hidden Bitterness, it was Fourth Sword!

“I dont give a d*mn about Cutting Path or Higher Void.

How dare you touch my junior sister Even Yama is here, Ill not spare his life!”


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