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Chapter 855 The Battle of the Nine Dragon Range, Start!

What did they give Xu Xiaoshou did not believe that Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei would take such a huge risk to give him a useless ring.

He was the only one who was smart enough to understand their intentions.

If it was someone else, they might have a huge problem with how the other party would give them the ring and how they would receive it.

They would not be able to complete the performance so easily and have the ring delivered to them perfectly without raising any suspicion.

“Lets take a look first!” In the tent, Xu Xiaoshou dismissed everyone and collapsed on the chair in boredom.

However, his spiritual senses went into the ring hidden in his right sleeve.


The space in the ring was not big.

Xu Xiaoshou only saw two lonely talismans.

He was momentarily stunned.


What was the meaning of this

Could it be that these two people knew that his right eyelid had twitched just now and came here to deliver talismans to ensure his safety Gods protection

He examined it carefully.

The two talismans looked the same and there wasnt much difference.

The only difference was the two ancient characters that were written on them.

“Golden colored characters…”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of the Storyteller.

The Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in the Storytellers hands seemed to have the ability to summon the form of the inscription and make the freehand brushwork come true.

Moreover, the words on these two talismans emitted the same power as the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

“These talismans were drawn by the Storyteller” “He can draw talismans Whats their purpose” Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to identify the talismans and recognized that they were written in the ancient language of this world.

It was the character,Communicate.

And the other,Death.

“A communicate and death character talismans” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He realized that there was nothing else in the ring except for the two talismans.

As for the instruction manual…

That was even more nonsensical!

If he didnt have his previous memories and could read a few characters, he wouldnt even be able to deduce the function of the talisman.

“So, what function would it serve”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at theCommunicate Talisman and fell silent.

Spirit telepathy The kind that could summon a big toad


Not at all!

ThisCommunicate should meanCommunication.

In the Yunlun Mountains, all kinds of communication methods were banned.

In the Nine Heavens, the Storyteller should have developed a competing solution, so he sent theCommunication talisman here so that he could contact him at a critical moment.

That should be it.

Xu Xiaoshou thought as he looked at theDeath character, then fell into silence again.

TheCommunication was understandable, but what didDeath mean

It was not to the extent that he could kill someone on the spot by using this talisman on others, right The Storytellers realm was not high either! Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could kill a sovereign already.

Against cutting paths and the higher voids, Xu Xiaoshou felt that even if the Storyteller himself came, it would be difficult for him to kill them, let alone kill them with a talisman

“I will just keep it!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not think too much about it.

Unless it was a critical moment, he would definitely not use the items sent by the Saint Servant.

If he used more of their people and items, he would owe them even more.

This would make it even harder for him to repay his debts in the future.

Last time, Xu Xiaoshou borrowed the power of Bazhunan to allow the people of the First Pavilion in the Sky to come out safely from the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.

He had not repaid that debt yet, so how could he continue to owe him On second thought, Xu Xiaoshou felt that perhaps he was thinking too much.

Perhaps the two talismans were sent by the Storyteller so that he could better coordinate with the saint servants pace when the time came.

After all, the Storyteller would not care so much about him and send two talismans with unknown uses for nothing!

He decided not to think about it anymore.

Xu Xiaoshou looked left and right, but there was no one around him.

He could only hear the noise outside, but inside the tent, it was very quiet.

He slowly walked out of the tent and looked at the night sky.

“Its almost midnight…”

The night in the mountains was dim, and there were the cries of beasts and birds in the distance.

The bonfire nearby was bright.

Someone saw Young Master Xu leaving the tent and called out respectfully.

Xu Xiaoshou did not respond.

He suddenly felt a little irritated.

Just now, his right eyelid twitched.

He thought it was due to Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei.

However, after the conversation with them, nothing happened, and no trial officer came to trouble him.

This made Xu Xiaoshou very uncomfortable.

He was very confident in something like consciousness.

Or rather, he was very confident in the early warning effect of the “Perception” at the sovereign stage.

“If its not the abnormality brought about by Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei, then theres only one possibility left…” Xu Xiaoshou took out the Divine stone.

This was something that Liu Changqing had created while he was in the Yunlun Mountains.

All the important figures of the First Pavilion in the Sky one.

The Divine stone did not have the communication ability.

However, as long as one party injected spiritual senses into the Divine stone the other party would definitely be able to sense it.

Xu Xiaoshou, Liu Changqing, and the others had already made an agreement.

No matter who sent the signal to the other party, there had to be a response.

If within ten breaths, the other partys Divine stone did not respond, that meant that there was only one possibility.

“Something happened.” Xu Xiaoshou silently counted in his heart.

Ten breaths passed very quickly, and the Divine stone did not move at all.

His heart skipped a beat.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

Liu Changqing was called out by him to protect Mu Zixi.

His Divine stone did not respond.

This meant that both of them were met with an accident.

Xu Xiaoshou injected his spiritual source into his Divine stone.

This time, the spiritual senses were directed at his junior sister.

“One, two, three…” “Ten.”

Ten breaths had passed, but his Divine stone still did not respond at all.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly took a long breath and lightly exhaled, his expression extremely solemn.

Behind him.

Xiao Wanfeng had actually sneaked over.

He had rarely seen Young Master Xu like this.

Normally, even if it was a stranger with a lowly status, as long as they greeted Young Master Xu, Young Master Xu would definitely respond with a smile.

If he had the time, Young Master Xu would even wave his hand to greet them.

It was rare for Young Master Xu to not even look sideways when his own people greeted him.

Xiao Wanfeng hesitated for a moment, but he still chose to go forward.

“Young Master Xu, do you want some tea” He served a teacup.

Under the night sky, Xu Xiaoshou slowly turned around.

At a certain moment, Xiao Wanfeng even thought that he was hallucinating.

He suddenly felt that the desolate night wind contained boundless killing intent! That killing intent was extremely cold, but it was also very obscure.

It was as if a dragon was being touched by its scale, and was trying its best to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy.

And before launching an attack, no one could imagine that this deeply hidden dragon already had the intention to leap out of the sea.


In just an instant.

Xiao Wanfeng saw the Young Master Xu in front of him smiling slightly, making people feel as if they were bathed in the spring breeze.

That hallucination seemed to be really an illusion, and it dissipated on the spot.

“Young Master Xu” Xiao Wanfeng was stunned and said again.

Xu Xiaoshou gently waved his hand and said in a low voice, “I dont want to drink anymore.

I drank too much tea today.

I might not be able to sleep at night.” Xiao Wanfeng was silent.

He could see that there was something wrong with Young Master Xus condition, but he could not tell what exactly was wrong.

After all, he had never seen Young Master Xu like this before.

After a moment of silence, Young Master Xu clearly did not have any intention of saying anything more.

He turned around and entered the tent.

As he approached the door, he specially instructed, “Tonight, no one is allowed to enter this tent.

Remember, its no one.”

Xiao Wanfeng froze on the spot and suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

He shouted at Young Master Xu, who had lifted the curtain and half-stepped into the tent.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around with a calm expression.

Xiao Wanfeng paused for a moment and said with slight embarrassment, “Young Master Xu, you never treated me as a servant, right”

“Of course.”

“Then, Young Master Xu, do you treat me as a friend” “Yes.”

Xiao Wanfeng received an affirmative answer.

He straightened his face and said sincerely, “Then, between friends, if Young Master Xu is facing any difficulty and needs help, will you let me know”

Then, he suddenly blushed and waved his hands nervously, “I know that my strength may not seem much in Young Master Xus eyes, but…” “I know.” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly smiled and interrupted Xiao Wanfengs nonsense.

He turned around, put down the curtain, came to the front of the youth, and patted his shoulder gently.

“Now is not the time.

I wont tell you much.” “But dont worry.

Me, you, my friend, your friend, as long as I, Xu Deye, am here, everyone will be safe.” “Also, Xiao Wanfeng…”

Xu Xiaoshou said with a serious face, “Never underestimate yourself! As your friend, I will always look forward to the moment you draw your sword.”

Then, he patted the wooden sword on Xiao Wanfengs waist, raised his eyebrows, and returned to the tent as if nothing had happened.

The curtain was lowered.

The night wind blew again, faintly revealing the poor furnishings inside.

Xiao Wanfeng sighed softly.

In the end, Young Master Xu still didnt tell


Even though he knew that Young Master Xu had already treated him very well.

However, the feeling of being powerless when something happened to his friend felt really bad.

Even though Young Master Xu had already told him that there was no need to belittle himself, sometimes, Xiao Wanfeng really doubted whether his hidden sword technique really needed to be hidden anymore “I, cant do anything…” Xiao Wanfeng let out a frustrated cry and turned his head to look at the sky.

Under the dark night sky, the clouds in the sky above the Yunlun mountain range had been swept away by the night wind at some point.

Above the sky, the crescent moon, which had not been seen the whole night, finally revealed a corner of its shyness.

It sprinkled pieces of silver light on the mountain and the ground.

“Its time!”

“Its here, its here.

This is the moment Ive been waiting for!”

By the bonfire, the voices of the people from the Xu Faction became even louder.

Each and every one of them shouted excitedly.

Some even raised their liquor high in the sky to celebrate.

Xiao Wanfeng realized something.

He took out the trial jade pendant.


The trial jade pendant rang and a few messages popped up.

“The 10-day deadline has arrived.

Congratulations to all the trial-takers for still being able to see this message.

Now, the Yunlun mountain range has opened the Nine Dragon Range in the core area.” “The Battle of the Nine Dragon Range is divided into the Nine Great Mountain Ranges.

It will be carried out in the core area.

The specific location will be marked on the trial


“Every participant who occupies one of the Dragon Range will become theDragon Lord of that range.

The Dragon Lord can set up eightDragon Guards.” “Participants who occupy the Dragon Range will need to kill eight Dragon Guards or directly kill the Dragon Lord to become the new Dragon Lord.”

“The Dragon Lord will be rewarded 1,000,000 points per day.

The Dragon Guards will be rewarded 100,000 points per day.

If the Dragon Range was occupied by the same party for more than ten days, the Dragon Lord of that range will be rewarded one Path Principles Origin Stone.”

“If there is a Dragon Lord, and their eight Dragon Guards each occupy the other eight dragon range, then the Dragon Lord will receive the title ofLord of the Nine Dragons.

They will be rewarded with 100,000,000 points, five Path Principles Origin Stones, one grade-one spiritual weapon, one grade-one elixir, and one piece of the Cang God Armor Heart Protection Mirror.” The notification of the trial jade pendant ended here.

After everyone in the Xu Faction camp finished reading the notification, they all fell silent.

In the next second, a huge commotion broke out.


“The Lord of the Nine Dragons! 100 million points!”

“Did you see that That last message was to encourage everyone to kill each other!” Someone held his head and roared.

“Are you stupid 100 million points are nothing.

If you really have the strength to become the Lord of the Nine Dragons, are you afraid that you wont have points” Someone refuted.

“The main reward is the Path Principles Origin Stone.

Five of them!”

“Spiritual weapon, spirit pills… and most importantly, the Cang God Armor Heart Protection Mirror” “The Cang God Armor… That is the Cang God armor.

I heard that only people from the combat division of the Holy Divine Palaces six divisions can obtain it.

Its the number one defensive item in the world.” “This Heart Protection Mirror can withstand any higher void level attack from the five regions!” “This is insane, insane… Dragon Lord, Dragon Guard, Lord of the Nine Dragons! Even if its not for points, to obtain such a title among the cultivators of the five regions, we must fight!” “This battle of the Nine Dragon Range reminds me of the ten thrones.

Everyone in the world does not seek benefits, but also for fame.

If I can really obtain the title ofLord of the Nine Dragons in the trials of Dongtianwang City, Im afraid my reputation will spread far and wide to the Central Region!” “Young Master Xu! Quickly find Young Master Xu!” “Lets fight! The Xu Faction has set out on an expedition, not even a blade of grass will


Shouts shook the sky.

The people of the Xu Faction present did not seek the position of the Dragon lord or the Dragon Guard, because these are at a height that they could not reach.

But, Young Master Xu could!

Just with Young Master Xus strength that suppressed two demi-saints descendants today, he could even covet the title of the Lord of the Nine Dragons.

That was because there were already too many people under Young Master Xu who had the combat strength of the Dragon Lord.

“Where is Young Master Xu”

“Hes in the main tent!”

“Hurry up and find Young Master Xu.

The Battle of the Nine Dragon Range is a race against time… In my opinion, we have to set off tonight.” “After all, only by occupying one Dragon Range on the first day can we say that we can hold on for the next ten days and get the Path Principles Origin Stone reward.” “By the time the final trial is completed, Im afraid that even the Dragon Range will not be defended.

Everyone will have to gather at Pixiu Mountain.”

“Young Master Xu!”

“Please fight!”

As the members of the Xu Faction spoke, they put down the barbecued meat in their hands and surrounded the main tent one by one.

Xiao Wanfeng was shocked.

He had also read the information on the trial jade pendant.

He knew how tempting the rewards given out by the trial officers were.

It could be said that as long as he took down the position of the Dragon Lord, he would be able to rely on the million points that would be rewarded to him every day.

Even if he did not manage to become the first in the points rankings, he would most likely have a guaranteed opportunity to the Holy Palace trial.


Xiao Wanfeng looked at the thousands of people that were swarming over from the Xu Faction and then looked in the direction of the main tent.

Young Master Xu had just said that no one was allowed to set foot in this tent tonight.


Xiao Wanfeng held the tea tray and braced himself as he shouted at the crowd.

In the end, no one paid him any attention.

Everyone knew that this was a mortal serving tea beside Young Master Xu.

It was all thanks to Young Master Xus powerful friends that he was able to reach this stage.

In the later stages, he would probably continue to rely on Young Master Xu alone.

The cultivators present were all geniuses of the five regions and they were not people who would bow down to anyone they met.

What they respected was Young Master Xus strength.

For a mere servant serving tea and pouring water, they have already given him enough respect.

“Where is Young Master Xu We are looking for Young Master Xu.

Move aside!” “Everyone! You cant rush in!” Xiao Wanfeng panicked.

He held the tea tray and saw that this group of people was about to squeeze into the tent.

He was so anxious that he did not know what to do.

At this moment.

A cold voice appeared in the tent and immediately suppressed the entire commotion.

“Whats the hurry”.

“Tonight, everyone should continue to rest, eat, drink, and have fun.

The Xu Faction will set off tomorrow morning!”


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