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Chapter 852 Could Be Zero or 100%!


“Fairy Rao, Im coming!”

In the Nine Heavens, accompanied by a slightly excited voice, Wang Dachuis figure appeared beside Rao Yaoyao.

The moment he appeared, he stared straight at Rao Yaoyaos beautiful back.

Then, with a face filled with drool and curiosity, he asked, “I heard that you spent a lot this time and even gave away the spatial origin stone.

How was it Did you manage to bait anyone”.

Rao Yaoyao stared at the spiritual mirror with a solemn expression.

Wang Dachui rolled his eyes.

When he saw her expression, he immediately understood.

He chuckled and said, “Isnt it quite normal that you cant bait anyone Which big fish would be caught so easily by a stone of yours” After pausing for a moment, he then squeezed his brows and said, “So, your spatial origin stone really went down the drain”.

Rao Yaoyao did not respond to his words.

With a swipe of her hand, the spirit mirror image belonging to Ye Xiaotian appeared.

“Lets get down to business.

Do you know this person”

Wang Dachui moved closer to take a look, but all he could see was a blurry outline in the spirit mirror image.

He was shocked.

“What can you see from this I can only see that this should be a person!”

Rao Yaoyao rolled her eyes.

“What I want you to see is his ability… the persons image is here.”

With a flick of her slender finger, the image of Ye Xiaotian floating aimlessly in the Yunlun Mountains appeared.

“The person must have been disguised.

Even if I show him to you, what can you see” Rao Yaoyao sneered.

This time, Wang Dachui was really stumped.

He did not recognize the short white-haired youth in the spirit mirror image at all.


“Space attributes and he has such a high comprehension of path principles.

Furthermore, he has white hair and is so tall.

Isnt there only one person who can match the image you gave me” Wang Dachui shrugged his shoulders and looked over, “Holy Palace, Ye Xiaotian”

Rao Yaoyao mocked, “If it is really that simple, do I even need you to take a look Hes a stowaway! How would he dare to be so brazen”

Wang Dachui was immediately unhappy.

“You only showed me these.

Its already pretty good that I can come up with these conclusions.

Wheres the space origin stone”

“Didnt you use the space origin stone to fish You must be fishing for him!”

“What about the scene of him attacking As long as there is a battle scene, I will definitely analyze it for you!” Rao Yaoyao replied, “If there is a battle scene, why would I need you”

Wang Dachui choked, “Then go look for that kid, Yu Lingdi.

Using attributes to identify ones identity is not my strong point.

The person you gave me doesnt have any special constitution, how can I tell”

Rao Yaoyao was angered by what Wang Dachui said, but on second thought, Wang Dachui was right.

The problem was that she couldnt bait with the spatial origin stone.

In the end, the item fell into Young Master Xus hands.

According to the battle prowess that Young Master Xu displayed in the Yunlun mountain range, as well as the rumors that he was on par with Yu Lingdi.

This spatial origin stone might really be snatched away by Young Master Xu for nothing since the short white-haired young man in the spirit mirror didnt have any intention to snatch it.

Rao Yaoyao could understand.

The Yunlun mountain range was originally a

had appeared, displaying battle prowess that surpassed his peers.

Which stowaway would take the risk of being exposed and forcefully snatching a spatial origin stone that they might not even be able to snatch away successfully Thus, in this case, Young Master Xu had taken advantage of the situation.

At the same time, that space attribute expert also had a reason not to make a move.

Rao Yaoyao wanted to ask the trial officer to stir up the situation and see if they could pull some strings to let the space attributes expert meet Young Master Xu face to face.

However, the trial officer had already stirred up the situation once and managed to get rid of Gu Qingsan.

If they were to interfere in the trials matter again, she, Rao Yaoyao, wouldnt be able to answer to the Holy Palace.


Even Yu Lingdi, who was the Chief Commander of the trial officers, could not do anything to Young Master Xu.

Now that Yu Lingdi was not around, who would be able to pull the strings and mess up the situation with the spatial origin stone that Young Master Xu had taken

She had thought about the fate of this spatial origin stone repeatedly, but little did she expect it to fall into the hands of a young man!

The only thing that was worth celebrating


No matter what had been said, the spatial origin stone did not really go down the drain.

Rao Yaoyao didnt plan to dwell on trivial matters for a long time.

She directly brought up Mu Zixis battle scene and asked, “This person, what physique does he have” Wang Dachui saw it clearly this time and felt comfortable.

He firmly said, “Life-devouring Wood Physique!” Rao Yaoyao was stunned.

“Take a look again” “Its the Life-devouring Wood Physique!” Wang Dachui didnt even need to look at it anymore and shouted it out.

Rao Yaoyao stood up, clearly taking it seriously.

She asked, “Life-devouring Wood Physique… Isnt there a limit to how much life force it can absorb This little girl…”

“She has a Life-devouring Wood Physique!”

Wang Dachui was very conceited when it came to the physique because that was what the Physique Division studied.

He said heavily, “Theres no need to doubt it.

If I say that she has the Life-devouring Wood Physique, then she definitely has it.

Its just that this physique of hers has already undergone a slight mutation.”


Rao Yaoyao did not say a word.

Ye Xiao appeared beside her, carrying Yi on her back.

The two of them were obviously very concerned about this matter.

They asked in a strange voice, “What kind of mutation”

“Watch carefully!”

Wang Dachui pointed at the little girl in the battle scene and began to explain.

“This person has a wood attribute and can absorb life force.

Her fighting style is so obvious, and she looks so young.

She definitely has a Life-devouring Wood Physique.”

“On this continent, other than some freaks, it is impossible for an ordinary person to have two physiques at the same time.

It is just like a soul having two bodies.

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to appear.”

“Of course, the research done by the Physique Division was freaky.

Those who use acquired stage methods to forcefully seize another persons physique and seal it onto their own body will not cause a repulsive reaction…” Wang Dachui puffed out his chest and chuckled.

“Thats me, I can tell at a glance!” Yi raised his eyebrows, and with a candied haw in his mouth, he asked in a hurry, “What does that mean The little girl has only one physique.

Other than the vital wood body, she has other abilities” “We cant be absolute about it…” Wang Dachui understood and shook his head, he said, “Look at this little girl.

The degree of absorption of life force has exceeded the limits of her physical body, so she will become younger and younger… Well, I cant sayyoung, I should sayyoung and small.”

“Young and small” Rao Yaoyao repeated with a frown.

“Yes, itsyoung and small!”

Wang Dachui thought of something and suddenly looked back at Rao Yaoyao Rao and Ye Xiao, he winked and said, “Lifeforce is a good thing.

This thing is related to a womans capital.

If you absorb it properly, it can be considered permanent godhood.”

“Of course, the life attribute is rare in the continent.”

“If you really want to find someone who possesses this attribute, Im afraid you wont even be able to find them.

The only place where you can find them is the Spirit Division…”

“Dont go too far!” Rao Yaoyao interrupted.

Wang Dachuis mouth couldnt stop once he started talking.

If she didnt pull him back to the main topic, she might not be able to get any useful information even after talking for a long time.

“Oh, yes.”

After being shouted off, Wang Dachui wasnt angry.

He returned to the main topic and pointed at the little girl appearing on the Spirit Mirror.

“This lasss Life-devouring Wood Physique has mutated.

Although it hasnt reached the level of a sacred physique, its about to.” “Look, her degree of absorption of life force is almost unlimited.”

“Lifeforce is a blessing and a curse.

Shallow absorption can retain ones appearance and body, but if too much is absorbed, the body will regress and develop towards the direction of infants.”

As Wang Dachui spoke, his finger slid down and pointed at the little lasss chest.

“Look at this, its too shriveled.” He slid down again.

“Look at this again, her legs are too short.” He circled his fingers once and circled her entire body.

Then, he said, “From the level of physical development of this lass, its completely out of proportion to the age of her bones.”

“Obviously, she cant control the degree to which she absorbs life force.”

“But thats more like it.

How can a little girl learn how to control it”

“Lifeforce is something that can be continuously absorbed.

Its addictive, and the degree of addiction is terrifying.”

“Look at her now.

She looks perfectly fine and her face is rosy.

But if we were to try and not let her absorb lifeforce, she will go crazy.

This kind of person will become very scary.

If she holds it in at the extreme, she might even bite someone.”

“Didnt a disaster happen before…”

As Wang Dachui spoke, he saw that everyone was listening attentively.

It was obvious that he was beginning to get a little carried away.

Who were in front of him

Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao, two of the chiefs of the six divisions, Ye Xiao and Yi.

It was too rare of a chance for him to give pointers in front of such people.

Wang Dachui blurted out and got carried away.

He continued to babble,

“Didnt this happen to one of the five great aristocratic families of the Holy Emperor, the Dao Clan, more than ten years ago Wasnt it because a junior of the family went unsupervised by adults and played with his peers during the Nine Sacrifices Holy Meeting.

His foundational roots were then directly absorbed by theUltimate Life Demon Physique of the Lei Family”.

“If he hadnt been discovered earlier, he would have been sucked dry!” “Didnt this become one of the triggers for Demi-saint Xuanjis expedition to the Lei Family” “TSK TSK…”

Wang Dachui sighed as he said, “Thats the Lei family who wields the power of punishment from the way of the heavens.

With the eye of the world, who wouldnt covet it Even I suspect that the little fellow from the Dao family was directly…” “Wang Dachui!” Rao Yaoyao suddenly realized something and immediately shouted to interrupt him.

It was only then that the few of them seemed to have regained their senses.

They were all shocked.

Wang Dachuis first half of his speech was too well-directed.

Even he himself did not realize that everyone, including himself, had subconsciously thought in the direction of the body constitution he was thinking of.

In the end, when the secret of the Lei family came out, everyone was still in a daze.

The main thing was that these words were actually not that serious between them.

Therefore, when everyone knew about this matter and treated it as a normal matter, the focus of their attention was not on this at all.

Naturally, they could not stop the little old man from speaking without thinking.

It was only until Wang Dachui got carried away that he wanted to say his own speculation… Those two words, “was directly” were like a bolt from the blue, directly stunning Rao Yaoyao.

If she did not stop him, there was a possibility that the few people present would lose their members!

“You went off-topic.” Rao Yaoyaos face was pale.

Her beautiful eyes stared at Wang Dachui.

Her voice was extremely cold, as though she wanted to swallow someone.

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Wang Dachuis face was covered in sweat and his back was bent down, as though he was enduring some terrifying pressure, he couldnt help but apologize, “It was me who got carried away.

It was me who spoke without thinking.

I was just spouting nonsense and you guys didnt hear anything.

Just treat it as a fart and let it go.”

Yi, who was on the back of Ye Xiao, took a long time to calm down before he came back to his senses and said, “Wang Dachui, Oh Wang Dachui, if you want me to not hear anything, that wont do.

This thing is worth a favor.”

Wang Dachuis expression froze.

After enduring the intangible pressure for a while, he finally relaxed and straightened his back

However, when he heard Yis words, the corners of his mouth began to twitch.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and nodded.


He actually agreed!

Ye Xiao, who had not spoken for a long time, also said, “The listener has a share.

Its a favor.”

“Why are you joining in the fun!” This time, Wang Dachui jumped up and almost pulled out his big hammer, wanting to give Ye Xiao a blow.

Yis expression stiffened.

“What, you cant do the favor”

Wang Dachui had a headache.

Looking at the pair in front of him, he gave up struggling.

He held his head and jumped around, his expression filled with frustration.

“Fine, fine, fine.

A favor, a favor.

I must have been stupid to explain these to you… Ingrates! A bunch of ingrates!”

Rao Yaoyao waved her hand.

She did not care about whether they are ingrates at all.

However, Wang Dachuis words pulled her back to the wild thoughts that she had before.

She suddenly became a little nervous, she asked in a low voice, “So, which direction did the Life-devouring Wood Physique that you said mutated go”

Wang Dachui did not dare to say anything more, he replied directly, “Under normal circumstances, it will evolve and mutate in the direction of the Life-Devouring Sacred Physique.

There may be special functions that will appear, but there wont be a big change… As long as her physique completes the mutation, she will not be limited to the spirit of plants and the life force of humans.

The degree of her swallow will also become very terrifying.”

“What about the abnormal situation” Yi pried himself off Ye Xiaos head and asked curiously, “Under the abnormal situation, how will she mutate”

Rao Yao Yao also looked over nervously with a face full of hope.

What she expected was naturally not Wang Dachuis affirmation, but Mu Zixis physique.

It was completely inconsistent with the direction of the mutation that she had expected.

However, this time, Wang Dachui was silent.

He paused for a long time, then, he said, “I know what you are thinking.

Although the probability is very small, the Life-devouring Wood Physique has the chance to evolve and mutate into the few life-attribute physiques that you are familiar with: The Evil Moon Sacred Physique, the Great Dark Heavenly Physique, and… The Ultimate Life Demon physique that cant be mentioned!” The expressions of the few of them changed.

Rao Yaoyao continued to ask, “The probability is very small…how small”


Wang Dachui stopped for a moment and suddenly placed his hands on his waist, he laughed loudly, “Im just joking with you guys.

This lasss evolution direction has already been determined.

Its basically impossible for her to have the Ultimate Life Demon Physique.

What you guys are thinking in your mind is too exaggerated.

The only person with the Ultimate Life Demon Physique in this world is already gone, how can there be another one The Physique Division cant even find any!”

Rao Yaoyao and the others were so angry that they almost attacked.

Yi even jumped off Ye Xiaos shoulder on the spot, raised his fist, and was about to hammer someone.

Wang Dachui hurriedly dodged in all directions.

“Ha, you cant hit me.

You cant hit me!”

“Im asking you to do me a favor.

You bastard.

Next time, dont even bother asking me to help you in the future.

If I, Wang Dachui, dont remember this grudge, then my surname wont be Wang!”

Yis short legs couldnt catch up to Wang Dachuis short legs.

He could only grit his teeth and shout, “Damn shorty, stop right there!”

Looking at the two chiefs of the six divisions fighting in front of her, Rao Yaoyao couldnt help but feel relieved.

It was good that she wasnt…

It was good that she wasnt…

At this moment, the silent Ye Xiao spoke again.

“Do you guys think theres such a possibility Perhaps, she does have theUltimate Life Demon Physique, but she sealed it as a spiritual physique.

Then, transplant it with the wood attribute to disguise it as the Life-devouring Wood Physique.

In that case, regardless of her appearance or the development of her mutated physique, in essence, it would only be in the direction of theUltimate Life Demon Physique… unsealed”

Wang Dachui, who had been jumping around happily, suddenly froze in mid-air as if space had been frozen.

Yi bumped into his back with a loud bang, causing him to grimace in pain.

Rao Yaoyaos pupils constricted as she turned around and looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief.


Wang Dachui also turned his head stiffly.

Firstly, he was shocked because it was the first time he had heard Ye Xiao say so many words at once.

Secondly, he was shocked by the content of these words.

Rao Yaoyao saw Wang Dachuis reaction and her heart jumped.

She asked loudly, “Wang Dachui! Is there such a possibility!” The void was dead silent.

Wang Dachui was speechless.

At this moment, even Yis raised fist did not dare to hammer down.

“Dont joke!” Rao Yaoyao shouted again in a deep voice.

She was afraid that Wang Dachui would joke again.

However, this matter was of great importance.

Wang Dachui obviously did not dare.

After he finished comprehending the content of what Ye Xiao said, he forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with difficulty, “Yes!”

“Possibility” Rao Yaoyaos breathing stopped.

Wang Dachui opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

After a long while, he said with a trembling voice, “It can be zero, also, it can also be… 100% .”


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