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Chapter 851 Torture a Mans Heart Rather Than His Body, Demon King Xu!

Jiang Xian calmly watched Young Master Xu walk up to him.

The confrontation in front of the Plenty Gold Company appeared in his mind.

To be honest, he couldnt imagine how such a careless person could match up to his exceptional cultivation level.

Whether it was the way of the sword, body, alchemy, spiritual array… Everything about Young Master Xu was too incompatible with his age.

At this moment, Jiang Xian also understood that there couldnt be any scion in the world who could master so many paths at the same time.

Young Master Xu looked like he was always trying to impress the crowd, but this was only what he deliberately showed.

God knows, behind the scenes that no one could see, how much blood and sweat this person had put in to achieve his current achievements.

Also, the Ghost Beast…

When the Three Loathsome Eyes were still there, Jiang Xian had used the Mind-changing Aperture on Rong Dahao.

He knew very well that Young Master Xu was in cahoots with the Ghost Beast.

Perhaps, he should have followed his heart from the beginning and not sent people to test Young Master Xu.

“Long time no see.” After a long silence, Jiang Xian only curled the corners of his mouth and said a sentence that sounds neither envious nor indifferent.

He had secretly observed the battlefield, and the girl, who was the Ghost Beast Host body, was not at the scene.

Perhaps she had already parted ways with Young Master Xu.

Perhaps it was just that the two sides had yet to gather.

But no matter what, after witnessing Young Master Xus combat strength, Jiang Xian no longer intended to provoke the other party.

After all, this was someone who could even destroy the Black Heart Mother Gu.

Outsiders did not know the importance of the Black Heart Mother Gu to the clansmen of the Black Heart Fruit Clan, but Jiang Xian, as a demi-saints descendant, knew it clearly.

He knew that Young Master Xu should also know the consequences of killing the Black Heart Mother Gu.

But, the other party still killed it without hesitation.

What did this mean

It meant that Young Master Xu was not afraid of demi-saints revenge at all! Xu Xiaoshou chuckled as he came in front of Jiang Xian and sized him up, then, he clicked his tongue and said, “Speaking of which, it was quite a coincidence.

That day, I had a rather unpleasant exchange with Young Master Jiang and the Plenty Gold Company.

After that, my First Pavilion in the Sky was attacked by assassins at night.” “Oh”

Jiang Xians eyes narrowed, and he let out a soft exclamation of surprise without batting an eyelid.

However, ripples began to form in his heart.

This Young Master Xu was really asking for trouble! He had absolutely no intention to give him, Jiang Xian, a way out.

Is Young Master Xu going to settle the score later “What assassin Does it have anything to do with me” Jiang Xian said with a normal expression.

“I dont know if it has anything to do with you.” Xu Xiaoshou shrugged and said with a smile as if nothing had happened, “But after those two people were arrested for the night raid, they couldnt withstand the interrogation.

Maybe they were trying to frame you by saying that their real identity was your Jiang clansman!”

Jiang Xian was still calm, not even the slightest movement had appeared on his body.

Perhaps some time ago, when Young Master Xu spoke to him in such a way, he would have at least confronted him.

After all, they were both demi-saints descendants, and yet Young Master Xu was so full of himself.

He was even about to take off his pants and pee on him, how could Jiang Xian endure it


The scene of Duoer getting defeated just from Young Master Xus three strikes was still vivid in his mind.

The scene of the Black Hearted Mother Gu being crushed into pieces had not disappeared too.

Jiang Xian knew that Young Master Xu was forcing him to make a move, how could he fall for it “I believe that with Young Master Xus intelligence, you could easily see through something like a frame-up,” Jiang Xian smiled, “Speaking of which, although your usual behavior could be rather strange, for you to have such combat strength despite being at the Master realm, you must have put in a lot of effort, right” He could not let Young Master Xu control the situation and try to counterattack.

“I didnt put in much effort.

Rather, I just slept more than others.”

Xu Xiaoshou said truthfully, but then he changed the topic, “Young Master Jiang, dont you want to know what happened to the two assassins who pretended to be from your Jiang Clan”

Jiang Xian said calmly, “Being a demi-saints descendant has already brought me a lot of danger.

I dont have the leisure to pay attention to too many trivial matters… by the way, why is Young Master Xu interested in telling me these trivial matters” “This is not a trivial matter!” Xu Xiaoshou said expressively, “They framed you.

As fellow demi-saints descendants, dont I have to help you teach them a lesson” Jiang Xian was silent, but his heart suddenly tightened.

Xu Xiaoshou revealed his white teeth and grinned.

“Those people are actually quite tough.

After the interrogation, one died and the other was crippled.

But whether they are dead or not, they have said what they should have said.

What they shouldnt have said, they have been forced to say.” “Ive already helped bury the one who died.

Even though we went against each other, they are still fellow humans.

The flowers and plants in the courtyard of the First Pavilion in the Sky do indeed need high-grade fertilizer like a sovereign stage assassin.” “As for the crippled one…” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stepped forward and stared straight at Jiang Xian for a long while, as if he wanted to see some hatred on Jiang Xians face.

But there was no result.

He shrugged indifferently, he spread his hands, and said, “The crippled one is still in my First Pavilion in the Sky.

If Young Master Jiang turns out to have remembered wrongly, that you actually did send assassins, you are welcome to come to me at any time.

You can take them back if you pay a little price.” Even though Jiang Xian had a good temperament, at this moment, he wanted to punch and smash this hateful face in front of


This bastard…

Not only did he kill his people, he even tortured and questioned my heart! Werent these words saying that he, Jiang Xian, was a man who did things and dared not admit it In the end, he was so cowardly that he didnt even dare to admit that his own family had failed and was arrested.

He even wanted to abandon his clansmen in order to continue living a miserable life The two demi-saints descendants conversed with each other, and the people around them didnt dare to come close.

But whether it was the Xu Faction or Jiang Xians team, they were all standing not far away at this moment, listening to the innuendo between the two sides.

Everyone knew.

If Young Master Xu dared to speak to Jiang Xian like that, then the assassin was most likely sent by Jiang Xian.

However, after being forced to such an extent, would Young Master Jiang still not dare to claim his clansmen

“Have you thought it through” Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and put his hand behind his back.

Xiao Wanfeng then skillfully handed over the tea that had been brewed.

He took a sip of the tea and felt that the tiredness after the great battle had been washed away by the astringent fragrance.

The battle in the Yunlun mountain range was over.

However, some of the debts outside the mountain had yet to be settled.

Xu Xiaoshou was no longer a little sheep.

He had long developed a temperament of seeking revenge for every enmity.

The feeling of being ambushed while sitting at home was never pleasant.

Even if he was well-prepared and was not afraid of the covert attack of others at all.

It was his own business that he could solve himself.

However, Jiang Xian had once sent people to assassinate him.

He even had the vague intention of kidnapping his junior sister.

How could he let go of this debt He wanted to force Jiang Xian into a desperate situation.

He wanted to see what this guy could do under a pincer attack, overtly and secretly.

Perhaps, Jiang Xian would admit defeat and pay the price to bring that miserable guy in the First Pavilion in the Sky back home.

If that was the case, Jiang Xian would also admit that he had sent assassins to the demi-saints descendant.

This matter could be serious or mild.

However, at least Xu Xiaoshou would have room to mediate if he brought out the “Three Loathsome Eyes” in front of the world in the future.

He could even hold on to this situation and drag the demi-saints Jiang Clan down with him from the Yunlun Mountains to the end of the trial.

Or perhaps, Jiang Xian could resist the pressure and let Jiang Tai and Jiang Yu go.

If that was the case, Xu Xiaoshou would think highly of the demi-saints descendant from an objective point of view.

After all, those who want to achieve great things shouldnt care about trifles.

However, in his subjective sense, Xu Xiaoshou had already looked down on this person.

After all, a person who could give up his companions… No, his clansmen! A person who could give up his clansmen who were related by blood, even if he was iron-willed, his achievements would always be limited.

From then on, there would be no one by his side who was sincere.

To be able to survive alone was already impressive.

Not to be deserted by others was already considered very capable.

Jiang Xian naturally knew his own situation.

With a few words from Young Master Xu, he was forced into a dead end.

He had thought that the matter would be settled after sending people to spy on the First Pavilion in the Sky.

He had never thought that Young Master Xu would use this matter to make things difficult for him at this time.

The Jiang clans team of dozens of people looked at him differently now.

Although everyone knew that the imperial city trial could only be considered a short-term encounter, Jiang Xian had given everyone a lot of benefits.

But in comparison… One of the two demi-saints descendants had hundreds of spiritual cultivator followers in their Xu Faction, while the other was even considering whether or not to give up on his own clansmen.

Comparing people to death.

Comparing goods to throw.

It was nothing more than that! Jiang Xian thought for a moment, but in the end, he was unable to walk out of Xu Xiaoshous expectations and find the third path that belonged to him.

He smiled and raised his eyes, saying in surprise, “Whats wrong with Young Master Xu If you want to make things difficult for me, theres no need to do so.

Ive already said that its common for people to frame others.

Why would Young Master Xu need to use such a method to deal with me”

The Jiang clans team was completely heartbroken when they heard this.

Although everyone knew that what Young Master Xu said might not be true and perhaps he was just trying to attack their morale.

However, the other partys evidence was conclusive.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xian was neither agitated nor indifferent.

He didnt even dare to make a move after being forced into such a situation.

When he, Jiang Xian, chose the second path, his state was already lower than Young Master Xus by more than one level.

Xu Xiaoshou remained silent for a while, staring straight at Jiang Xian.

Jiang Xian was not afraid at all, and his gaze met his.

Finally, Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

He reached out and patted Jiang Xians shoulder, whispering in his ear, “You will remember today.

When you break through a certain realm in the future, Jiang Tai and Jiang Yu will come looking for you.” With that, he chuckled and took half a step back.

At this point, Jiang Xian could no longer hold himself back.

His face was ashen, and his fists clenched tightly.

Young Master Xu was torturing his conscience! That man was truly torturing his heart! It turned out that from the very beginning, Young Master Xu had no intention to let Jiang Xian off.

Whether it was the first path or the second path, the other party had already calculated countless steps ahead.

As long as Jiang Xian had a choice, the other party would naturally have a countermeasure.

The current situation was all part of Young Master Xus plan! He directly raised Jiang Tai and Jiang Yu to the level of “Inner demons” with the intention to influence Jiang Xians path of spiritual cultivation.

Perhaps the truly vicious and ruthless people would not be affected by the matter of Jiang Tai and Jiang Yu.

But Jiang Xian was not! He even needed time to make a choice.

How could he truly be able to pick up and let go When the matter didnt concern him, Jiang Xian could calmly deal with it.

But when he realized that this matter could really become a shackle for him to breakthrough in the future, Jiang Xians expression changed on the spot.


“What about me”.

Xu Xiaoshou cut him off sternly.

He raised a finger and directly pressed it on Jiang Xians forehead, he smiled and said, “Remember, my words will always be useful.

When you, Jiang Xian, decide to admit this matter, prepare a gift, go to the First Pavilion in the Sky to apologize, and then exchange for the person.” The arena immediately erupted into an uproar.

The members of the Xu faction began to ridicule Jiang Xian without holding back.

“Oh, so its actually true.

From what I have noticed, Young Master Jiang was so straightforward just now.

I thought he had really been framed, but it turns out that this assassins surname is really Jiang” “Hes agitated, hes agitated.

Look at him.

He cant hold back his ** and pee when he heard that he would have an inner demon.

His face turned so dark, TSK TSK… Hey, why is there ink on the ground Who leaked it” “Hes anxious, hes anxious.

He clenched his fists and is prepared to give it his all!” “Leader Xu is mighty.

Leader Xu will rule the world of martial artists for thousands of generations!” The arena was filled with thousands of people laughing and teasing one another.

Looking at their skilled mocking skills and the endless stream of trash talk, they must have received special training! This was indeed the case.

In the past, before Leader Mu was forced to resign, the Xu Faction had used tricks to trap their enemies.

When the faction members saw that Leader Mu had single-handedly lifted up all the enemies with nothing to do, he could only be the strongest king.

Taunting an ordinary spiritual cultivator was never as cool as taunting a demi-saints descendant!

The cheers were too sudden.

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily shocked by his own faction.

He looked at Mu Zixi in surprise.

The little girl covered her eyes and turned her face away with an expression that said, “I didnt train them.

They ended up like this on their own.”.

The taunt was too crucial!

Jiang Xian almost couldnt hold it in anymore and chose to attack.

It wasnt until he felt the sword will from Young Master Xus finger in front of his forehead that he suddenly remembered the combat strength of the person in front of him, Mu Xiaogongs suspected “Vital body”, and the Ghost Beast Host body that hadnt appeared yet by Young Master Xus side… Hold it in! Jiang Xian, hold it in! You absolutely can not step into this mess! How many times has Young Master Xu insulted you today In the future, he will suffer the revenge of the Holy Divine Palace! But the premise is that you can not be dragged into it by him… Jiang Xian thought to himself.

He took a deep breath and regained his calm.

He said, “Young Master Xu, your subordinates are really well-behaved!”

Xu Xiaoshou could hear the mockery in his words.

He knew that Jiang Xian was belittling him for bringing out such a group of unscrupulous people as a demi-saints descendant.

He didnt think much of it.

He wasnt the one who brought out the people.

But the mockery… Wasnt the mockery quite good To deal with a person like you, Jiang Xian, you should be ridiculed like this! “Young Master Jiang is really magnanimous.

How can you endure this” Xu Xiaoshou put down his finger and looked at the team behind Jiang Xian, he asked, “Then, if you can even give up on your clansmen, it shouldnt be too much for me to ask you for another irrelevant person”

Jiang Xian was stunned.

“What do you mean by an irrelevant person”

Xu Xiaoshou opened the trial map.

On it, the coordinates of the fire-type, space-type, and thunder-type origin stones were completely overlapping.

“The third origin stone is here.

Its impossible for my people to steal it.

So, it could only be hidden on your people.”


Xu Xiaoshou looked at Jiang Xian with a smile.

“Its on yourself”

Jiang Xian was dumbfounded.

If he had the Thunder origin stone, how could he still get involved in this mess Wouldnt he be taking advantage of the end of the battle to reap the benefits Why would he charge forward bravely from the beginning However, when he opened the trial map, the coordinates of the three source stones indeed overlapped.

Jiang Xian turned his head to look behind him in shock.

So, there was already a traitor among his own people Xu Xiaoshou looked at Jiang Xians unknowing look and frowned.

However, this did not affect his control of the entire situation.

He looked around.

Xu Xiaoshou said loudly, “Come out.

You probably dont want me to give the order for the Xu Faction members to search your body, right”

The mountain was silent.

After a short while, a delicate little girl walked out from behind Jiang Xian with her head cowed and trembling.

“Are… are you looking for this” Nangong Jiner held the origin stone in her hand and went forward, but she didnt dare to make eye contact with Xu Xiaoshou.

She had wanted to bring the Thunder origin stone from afar to stir up the situation here.

She didnt expect that a god-like Young Master Xu could appear in the Yunlun mountain range and suppress the whole scene by himself.

Stirring up trouble Even one of the demi-saints descendant, Nangong Duoer, had been in trouble for stirring things up.

How could she, Nangong Jiner, dare to continue stirring up trouble “Whats your name” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the person who had approached.

“Nangong Jiner.” The little girl was extremely fearful.

She couldnt defeat the Great Demon King Xu at all, and she didnt even have the intention to make a move.

“How did you obtain this origin stone” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“It, it jumped out from the crack of the stone…” When Nangong Jiner said this, her face was so red that it was almost bleeding.

She didnt dare to believe it herself, but the fact was that she didnt dare to lie.

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

He thought that he would have to lead a group of people to kill again for the Thunder-type origin stone, but he didnt expect that this silly girl in front of him would get it.

“You were just lucky” “Yes, yes.” “You are not Jiang Xians Man” “Yes, yes.” “Then come with me!”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and directly sent the girl behind him.

He grabbed the air again and the Thunder Origin Stone flew back into his palm.

“You traveled a thousand miles to give me an origin stone, This is a small yet heavy gift.” “For the rest of the journey of the Imperial City Trial… I will protect you!” Nangong Jiner raised her eyes in a daze and looked at the arrogant man in front of her.

For a moment, a strong sense of security welled up in her heart.

Her lips quivered, but in the end, she was unable to complete a sentence.

She could only nod with a trembling voice.

“Good, good.”


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