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Chapter 850 If I Want You Dead, Even If the Gods Come, You Wont Live

Eastern Region, Yunlun Mountain Range.

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if it had been a whole century since he had performed the Soul Reading on the damned spider-like monster in front of him.

The intense headache caused by the side effects of facing a Demi-Saint had eased a lot when the various wills in his body had been awakened.

The Saint Blood in his brain that had been left behind by Elder Sang moved slightly as if it was about to release its power to help him completely withstand this attack, but Xu Xiaoshou immediately suppressed its abnormal movement.

He knew that now was not the time to use the Saint Blood.

Even the power of the Sovereign Stage was not allowed in the Yunlun Mountain Range, so if he used Saint power, it would only lead to even more terrifying consequences.

He forcefully ended theSoul Reading.

The Black Heart Mother Gu in front of him seemed to have lost its consciousness after the technique had been cast on it.

Its figure in the air completely lost control as it smashed towards his face.

In the face of danger, Xu Xiaoshou could not even take a step forward.

He bit the tip of his tongue, using the slight physical reaction brought about by the pain to move his finger slightly.

“Close-bounds Force Field!”

With a buzzing sound, air expanded in the space, and the domain was activated.

The spectators were still wondering why both sides had lost consciousness at the same time when they saw that the Black Heart Mother Gu that was smashing toward Young Master Xu seemed to have hit something.

“Clang, clang, clang –“.

Sharp sounds of metal rang out, like countless sharp swords cutting at something.

The hard outer shell of the Black Heart Mother Gu formed an arc as it struck and got stuck on the wall of the domain about ten feet away from Xu Xiaoshou.

Then, above its outer shell, countless sword marks appeared along with the clanging sounds.

The sword marks were extremely deep.

But after the Demi-Saints enlightenment, the Black Heart Mother Gus defense was clearly superb.

It forcefully withstood the Close-bounds Force Fields domain attacks and slowly inched forward.

“Isnt this too hard!” Xu Xiaoshous head was splitting as he watched.

Yet his spirit had been heavily injured during the process ofSoul Reading, making it so that he could not use any other moves.

He could only watch as the Black Heart Mother Gu approached him inch by inch.

“Clang, clang, clang…” Ear-piercing sword cries resounded throughout the space.

Everyone raised their heads to look with shocked expressions.

They could already guess that Young Master Xu had probably done something for the Black Heart Mother Gu to have gone out of control.

However, Young Master Xu must have suffered an unknown counterattack during his move just now, causing him to be injured.

However, what was this domain-like ability that was being cast by the injured Young Master Xu

No one could see the transparentGlow of Sharpness within theClose-bounds Force Field, but judging by the effects the domain had when an external object entered, namely the increasingly dense sword marks on the Black Heart Mother Gu, they could deduce something

“A passive trigger-type… domain skill” “Hes only at the Master Stage, right!”

Everyone gasped in shock.

Young Master Xu had too many trump cards.

At the start, seeing that both sides had lost control, even Jiang Xian who was outside the battlefield had some thoughts that he should not have.

But now, seeing that even in such a dangerous situation, Young Master Xu still had a chance to retaliate, he became completely obedient and did not dare to act rashly.

“Hiss–” The Black Heart Mother Gu, which was being cut by the high frequency sword light, seemed to have regained some consciousness due to the pain.

The moment its pair of green eyes regained their focus, the intense pain that exploded on its body caused the Black Heart Mother Gu to let out a shrill wail, which almost caused Xu Xiaoshous eardrums to explode.

Because at this moment, the Black Heart Mother Gu was less than a palm away from his face!

“I cant cut it open…” Xu Xiaoshou instantly deduced from the injuries on the Black Heart Mother Gus body that if he was given more time, theClose-bounds Force Field would be able to cut this monster into powder.

But now, it was too late!

The Black Heart Mother Gu had regained its consciousness, so it would definitely not allow him to continue maintaining the domain.

As long as it bore the pain and exerted its strength, Xu Xiaoshou felt that even with all his passive skills, he would not be able to withstand the Black Heart Mother Gus next burst of attack.

During the process of “Soul Reading”, although he had not seen how Demi-Saint Zang Ren had enlightened this monster, he knew that after the monster had gone through the exquisite baptism of the Demi-Saint along with Duoer, it must have some unknown trump card.

It might have an unknown explosive attack similar to that after swallowing Saint Blood.

“Hiss!” After the Black Heart Mother Gu regained its consciousness, its second screech was filled with strong killing intent.

At this time, it had clearly understood what the human before it had done to it.

To think this ant dared to harm its precious body and even steal its souls memories.

Death was not even enough as a punishment!

Following this, the spectators watched helplessly as the Black Heart Mother Gu that was about to reach Young Master Xus head raised its leg blade with great difficulty and determination in the obscure domain.

On the leg blade, there was actually a faint fluctuation of Saint power! “Be careful!” “Young Master Xu!” “Yo-young Master Xu, be careful!”

Xiao Wanfeng and the others instantly felt a chill and wanted to make a move.

Su Qianqian drew her sword.

Mu Zixi was ready to open her eyes.

Xin Gugu, Liu Changqing, and the others who were watching the show at the back didnt expect that a little monster could force Young Master Xu into such a corner.

Even if they wanted to help, it was too late.

At this critical moment, a spontaneous idea flashed in Xu Xiaoshous mind as he thought of the experiment he had carried out when he first awakened theClose-bounds Force Field.

This awakening skill could change forms!

In an instant, at the moment when the Black Heart Mother Gus leg blade slashed down, with a thought from Xu Xiaoshou, theClose-bounds Force Field suddenly narrowed and straightened, like a shadowless sword that had appeared out of thin air.

TheClose-bounds Force Field that had a circumference of ten feet and was filled withGlow of Sharpness was instantly compressed into a vertical line.

One could imagine with just ones toes how terrifying the cutting force condensed as such would be!

Everyone watched as the Black Heart Mother Gu that seemed to have delayed movements suddenly became as fast as lightning!

It cleaved down with its leg blade, and even Mu Zixi could not react in time to its sudden acceleration.

But! The Black Heart Mother Gu, which was already covered in injuries from theClose-bounds Force Field, simply could not withstand Xu Xiaoshous passive defense after he changed the form of the force field.


With a slight sound, the Black Heart Mother Gus front leg was cut open.

The front half of its cut-off leg was sent flying, millimeters away from Xu Xiaoshous scalp.

At the same time, the part of its leg that had been connected to its body flew past the Black Heart Mother Gus shocked eyes, but did not even touch the tip of Xu Xiaoshous nose.

“Die…” Xu Xiaoshous lips moved as he finally spat out the word weakly.

His gaze was indifferent as he stared at the Black Heart Mother Gu that could not control its inertia.

Its entire body followed the momentum of the leg blade and directly crashed towards the shadowless sword version of theClose-bounds Force Field.


Although the Black Heart mother Gu could not see the shadowless swords, it seemed to have realized the risk of losing control of its body.

At the crucial moment, it managed to forcefully stop its momentum of falling forward, kicking its left legs into the air to make its body move to the side!

“Heh,” Xu Xiaoshou smiled mockingly.

His awakening skill had never been so simple.

“If I want you dead, even if the Gods come, you will not live!”

His gaze shifted, and the “Close-bounds Force Field” filled with shadowless swords went in the direction of the Black Heart Mother Gus movement, slashing through the air.

— It slashed!


Another soft sound.

The ultimately hard shell of the Black Heart Mother Gu was split into two by this intangible sword line.


The outside of the battlefield exploded with noise.

What everyone could see was that even after the Black Heart Mother Gu had moved its body sideways after its leg blade had been cut, it still couldnt escape the fate of being split into two.

“This, what ability is this”

Everyone was shocked.

It was apparent that Young Master Xu could not even move, yet with just two glances and two sentences, the fierce Black Heart Mother Gu was gone

The Black Heart Mother Gu had been split into two while moving sideways.

Following this, half of its body raised high, while the other half crashed towards Xu Xiaoshou.

However, after a loud bang, even though Xu Xiaoshous mental state was currently weak, he didnt budge at all as his body relied on “Toughness”.

The half of the Black Heart Mother Gu that had hit his body was then cut open by the shadowless sword with a sizzle, causing everyones scalp to go numb.


Xu Xiaoshou knew that countless people were looking at him.

Not only were the people at the scene looking, but the gaze that existed forever in the Nine Heavens was also staring at him.

Thus, since he had exposed his additional ability, he simply couldnt leave the Black Heart Mother Gus corpse intact for others to study.

In that instant, the “Close-bounds Force Field” expanded once again.

Without the control of its will, the Black Heart Mother Gu that was left in pieces could no longer withstand the cutting force and was directly turned into powder by the intangible domain.

Black shell powder, dark green blood foam, hair fragments that were difficult to be seen with the naked eye…

Xu Xiaoshou raised his head amidst the scattered remains in the sky and opened his eyes like a Demon God that was bathed in blood.

At that instant, his murderous intent that could not be suppressed caused everyone present to tremble.

“The Great Demon King!”

“This is the true Great Demon King, the Great Demon King Xu!”

“Long live Leader Xu!” “Leader Xu will rule the martial arts world for thousands of years!”

Under the leadership of Rong Dahao, the members of the Xu Faction were celebrating wildly.

Mu Zixi, Su Qianqian, Xin Gugu, Liu Changqing, and the others also landed in front of Xu Xiaoshou, still in shock as they asked with concern, “Young Master Xu” Everyone was worried about Xu Xiaoshous health.

After all, as the trump card of Duoer, the Demi-Saints successor, only Young Master Xu had experienced the special ability of the Black Heart Mother Gu personally.

Only he knew what had happened in that split second.

“Im fine,” Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he felt the special effect of “transformation” in his body.

At this moment, the mental weakness caused by him facing a Demi-Saint had almost been restored to its normal level by the various plump abilities of his body.

The Black Heart Mother Gu may have had more trump cards, but after theSoul Reading, it had been beheaded before its consciousness had even fully awakened.

How much loss could he, Xu Xiaoshou, suffer

“Lets not talk about this for the time being…” Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Duoer.

Duoer, who had a large hole in her chest, had unknowingly been healed by an unknown power.

At this moment, she was in a deep sleep.

She probably did not know that only because she had provoked Young Master Xu, who was also a Demi-Saints successor that even the Black Heart Mother Gu that she had nurtured for her entire life had been beheaded in a few moves.

“How about I kill this little girl” Xin Gugu asked.

He could tell that after this battle, Xu Xiaoshous body might not have suffered much damage, but his spirit and soul might have been severely injured.

Thus, he wanted to help Xu Xiaoshou vent his anger.

“Whats the rush” In the time it took for these few sentences to be said, Xu Xiaoshous spirit had almost been restored to perfection.

He walked forward step by step and turned his head with a smile while saying, “Her points are still in her jade pendant, and youre already you going to send her on her way”

“Uh…” Xin Gugu never thought that Xu Xiaoshou would still be concerned about the meager points at a time like this.

He watched speechlessly as the Great Demon King Xu walked over and moved his hands all over the sleeping girl, finally getting her trial jade pendant.

Then, he drew three strokes.

With that, Duoer turned into stardust and was eliminated on the spot.


The spectators shuddered when they saw this scene, especially the small group of people behind Jiang Xian.

A Demi-Saints successor was gone just like that

“Isnt this too terrifying Young Master Xu isnt at the level of an ordinary Master at all.

Its probably so that in the Yunlun Mountain Range, whoever he wants dead will definitely die, right”

Someone secretly sized up Jiang Xian, wondering if Young Master Jiang would be able to exchange a few blows with Young Master Xu.

But in an instant, everyone gave up on such wishful thinking

Young Master Xu was just too terrifying.

A trump card that others would only reveal before death seemed like nothing to this fellow.

Any casual move of his was extremely bizarre.

And yet, no matter how he made his move, he appeared to be as calm as a breeze, as if he didnt expend much energy.

Take a look…

It had only been a moment, but the Great Demon King Xu, whose face had been as white as a sheet of paper just now, had steady breathing and a ruddy face at this moment.

If it were to be said that he had just experienced a huge battle, who would believe


Probably only ghosts!

“Young Master Xu, here, this is the spatial origin stone.

Its safer to keep it with you,” Xiao Wanfeng took the spatial origin stone back from Su Qianqian and handed it to Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the little girl with an indifferent expression.

He took the origin stone and said, “I will remember your kindness to Xiao Wanfeng.

Remember… If you need anything, no matter what or when, feel free to look for me!” His words were firm, and everyone could tell that Young Master Xu was a person who distinguished clearly between kindness and enmity.

A drop of kindness given to him would definitely be repaid in full.

Su Qianqian, on the other hand, could hear a different meaning She knew that this was her big brother Shou, and this was his style.

Even after he had experienced so much, from Tiansang City to the White Cave, Dongtianwang City, and the current Yunlun Mountain Range, he seemed to have changed, but in reality, he hadnt changed at all!

“I will,” She nodded lightly, her voice as soft as a whisper.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his eyes away with a smile, and his gaze focused on the distant mountain peak.

There, in a place where no one could see, he could sense that there was a pair of eyes staring at him.

“Who could it be”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar.

These two notifications had been in the information bar since forever.

“Peeped, Passive Points 1.”

“Watched, Passive Points 1.”

After comprehending Space Order, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly tell that the space in the direction of the mountain peak in the distance had been modified.

However, werent space attributes extremely rare in this continent

There was someone with the space attribute in the Yunlun Mountain Range

Was it a stowaway

Or perhaps, a young man like him

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of Ye Xiaotian, but he felt that the Dean had no reason to come to the Yunlun Mountain Range, so he immediately rejected the thought.

After he glanced at the place, the feeling of being watched disappeared.

The space on the mountain in the distance also returned to normal.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that the other party had left and had no intention of fighting for the spatial origin stone.

He had never felt any hostility.

As such, his thoughts were that either there was an expert who could perfectly conceal his aura standing there, or it was someone on his side.

Bazhunan had too many backups.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that perhaps this person was also a backup of Bazhunan, just like how Chen Qiaofu had protected him after the night battle in the Imperial City that day.

After all, the legendary Eighth Sword Deity was just too shrewd!

When he thought of the multiple wills that had exploded in his body after he had faced the Demi-Saint, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he only needed to settle the matters before him in this world.

Those that he could not settle were definitely the moves of the opposing chess masters.

As for the matters between the chess masters, he should just leave them to the chess masters to settle.

His body could only be considered a small chessboard at most.

After all, he had just experienced a confrontation between Demi-Saints!

“The next step…”

After waving everyone away, Xu Xiaoshous eyes met with Jiang Xian, who had been waiting for a long time.

The corner of his lips lifted, and he said with a smile, “Isnt this Young Master Jiang Its been a long time.”


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