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Chapter 847 My Name Is Bazhunan.

Those Who Want to Try My Sword Will Die!

Just as Rao Yaoyao who was hidden within the nine heavens was still letting her thoughts run wild while making preparations, the battle in the Yunlun Mountain Range had basically stopped.

The Demi-saints descendant, Duoer, had been inexplicably scared out of her wits by Young Master Xus single punch.

No one would believe it if such news were to spread out.

As for the person in question, Xu Xiaoshou could only vaguely deduce some of the reasons as to why this had happened.

Perhaps it had something to do with “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”, but he couldnt be sure.

After all, no one could determine whether Duoer herself was sick or not, right However, “Feast” had devoured almost all the Black Heart Gu army in one gulp, which meant that the battle could be put to rest.

Everyone was amazed at Young Master Xus ability.

Xu Xiaoshou himself was amazed at the terrifying devouring power of “Feast”.

As such, no one dared to make a move easily.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was not someone to be trifled with.

Since he was now the one leading the scene, he naturally could not let the potential points go to waste.

“It seems that I dont need to use the third move…” He smiled and raised his sword, coming to the front of Duoer who had quietened down.

After the Black Heart Gu had been broken, Duoers madness had stopped.

But she seemed to be exhausted as she simply lay on the ground and panted.

“Wheres the trial jade pendant” Xu Xiaoshou came before her and inexplicably felt danger, yet Duoer seemed like she had completely lost all combat ability.

He did not dare to touch the girl, so he used Hidden Bitter to flip her over, then asked, “Are you still conscious” “Uh, uh, uh…” Duoer seemed to have lost consciousness and was convulsing softly.

The more Xu Xiaoshou looked at her, the more he felt that something seemed off with her.

He realized that the girl, who was covered in bandages, seemed to be a lot bigger than before.

“Whats this” Before he could squat to examine her, he saw Duoer, who was convulsing all over, suddenly raise her head and let out a shrill cry.


The scream was accompanied by almost audible pain.

Then, Duoers body started to expand!

The bandages on her body seemed to be unable to restrain the strangeness of her body as they were all broken.

“F*ck!” Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and quickly retreated.

At the same time, Duoers body exploded with a bang, and a huge ugly Black Heart Gu worms head emerged from her chest.

“Startled, passive points 1.” “What the hell!” Xu Xiaoshou had truly been frightened.

The Black Heart Gu was too big.

Just its head was as thick as a few people combined.

It was hard to imagine how such a huge thing could be hidden in the body without being detected by outsiders.

“What is this…”

“What kind of monster is this” “My God, isnt this too big!” The Xu Faction members who had eliminated the uncontrolled Black Heart Gu also retreated in shock.

They wore expressions of fright, apparently frightened by the huge Black Heart Gu.

“Its the Black Heart Mother Gu!” On the other side, Jiang Xians hidden gaze finally moved away from the twin-ponytailed loli behind Young Master Xu and focused on this sudden change.

He felt that the battle was about to escalate and its nature was about to change.

The Black Heart Mother Gu was usually nurtured by the Southern Regions Black Heart Fruit Clan with an entire lifetime of effort.

This thing could only be barely released for battle when its host was above the Sovereign Stage.

Otherwise, the host would not be able to provide the energy needed for it to battle.

The current situation was that after Duoer lost control, she could not suppress the Mother Gus power.

Thus the Mother Gu had taken the opportunity to seize her energy and escape.

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“Lets go! We should not be involved in this battle anymore,” Jiang Xian took advantage of the situation and lead his remaining men to escape from this place.

However, after he turned around, he had only flown for several hundred feet before he crashed into an intangible barrier in the air, causing him to bare his teeth in pain.

“Young Master Jiang” The survivors behind him were stunned and stopped in their tracks.

Everyone recalled the details that they had overlooked earlier.

When Mu Zixi had attacked the Masters, some people had chosen to escape.

However, those people had also crashed into the invisible barrier like them then.

Before this, when Gu Qingsan had lured the many trial officers away, he seemed to have been met with the same problem.

At that time, everyones focus was on the spatial origin stone, so they had never thought about the reason behind these occurrences.

But now, everyone looked at Young Master Xu who was on the battlefield, and fell silent.

Jiang Xian took a deep breath.

His eyes were filled with shock as he muttered, “Young Master Xu… If thats the case, isnt his plan too advanced To think he came early and set up this great array in advance.

At that time, had he already expected such an outcome” “Young master Jiang, what should we do Should we break the array” The cultivators behind him asked.

They were like a group of lackeys without a leader, and were completely flustered

“What are you panicking for With Young Master Jiang here, what are you afraid of” Someone mustered up his courage to speak, “As long as Young Master Jiang makes a move, this array can be destroyed in an instant.

It cant be that the lot of you still think that Young Master Xus Way of the Sword is invinci… Uh, Way of the Sword is strong, physically strong, strong in alchemy, and even in the Way of Spirit Array, he is also invinci… Uh, strong” Hearing this, even Jiang Xian couldnt help but glance at the speaker.

He should just say invincible if he wanted to say it!

This was indeed publicly acknowledged, and there was no taboo about it!

Jiang Xian wasnt a petty person.

He put this matter aside and began to study the spirit array in front of him, hoping to find its weak point and break it.

“Theres no need to study it!” At this moment, a light flashed by the side of the spirit array.

Xiao Jing, the captain of the Xiaoxu faction, surrounded Jiang Xian and the others with many Masters.

He said with a smile, “As you said, no Master can break Young Master Xus array at all.

We wont make a move against you, but Young Master Xu has given the order that before his matter is settled, no one is allowed to leave.”

Turning to look at Jiang Xian, Xiao Jing asked, “Young Master Jiang, will you give us some face”

Jiang Xians eyes narrowed, “What if I refuse”

“Young Master Xu had said that you would agree.

To be honest, he doesnt lack points.

He just wants to be friends with everyone who stays,” Xiao Jing was fearless as he shrugged his shoulders and looked at them casually.

Behind him, the three hundred Masters spread out in unison with a “whoosh”.

Their aura even stunned Jiang Xian.

No one had expected that not only did the Xu Faction have over a thousand people, but Young Master Xus trump card, the Xiaoxu Faction had three hundred Masters!

It must be known that there were less than ten thousand trial-takers in the entire Yunlun Mountain Range, and now Young Master Xu alone commanded close to one-seventh to one-eighth of the people “Your answer” Xiao Jing smiled.

Jiang Xian swept his gaze across the black mass of people around him, and after three breaths of silence, he said, “Fine.

I, Jiang Xian, will give Young Master Xu some face.”

No one on the battlefield had expected that a three feet long and wide Black Heart Mother Gu would crawl out of Duoers small body! Its eight legs were as thick as a spiders, black smoke was coming out of the ugly worm hole on its back, and it had black hair that was as sharp as a blade… The Mother Gu was like a monster, directly suppressing everyone.

Xu Xiaoshou was also quite frightened by this ugly monster.

It was the first time he had seen something so disgusting.

The key was that it was standing right in front of him, and his “Perception” could see it very clearly.

He could even smell the disgusting smell that wafted over from his front.

“F*ck! Ive managed to cripple one, but another one appears.

Is this purely to disgust people” Xu Xiaoshou could not help but grumble in his heart.

But clearly, the Black Heart Mother Gu was not just there to disgust people.

The moment it appeared, the Mother Gu locked onto the ugly human before it that had caused it to appear in advance.

It could also smell the great nourishing aura that the human gave off, which made it salivate.

“Hiss–” The Mother Gu raised its head and let out a cry that sounded like a wraiths mournful cry.

Then, with a swish, its figure disappeared.

“So fast!” Xu Xiaoshous pupils trembled.

His “Agility” which was currently at the Sovereign Stage was unable to track the whereabouts of the Black Heart Mother Gu.

But at this time, a notification jumped out in the information bar.

“Ambushed, Passive Points 1.” With that, Xu Xiaoshou curled his body and tried to reduce the area of attack.

Then, just as he had barely managed to raise his hands to defend his chest, the Mother Gu was already in front of him… “F*ck!” Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He did not have enough time to react at all!

At this moment, the darkness and stench enveloped his senses.

The two worm legs that were raised high in front of him were like sharp swords as they slashed down from the sky, even making continuous sounds of explosions.

“Boom boom!”

Xu Xiaoshou received the sudden attack with the pure strength of his physical body and felt a burning pain in his forearm.

The ground beneath his feet had been directly smashed into pieces by the huge force, and his entire body was struck into a deep pit.


The Black Heart Mother Gu, which had launched this terrifying attack, had it even worse.

After the successful attack, according to its attacking habits, it would immediately roll back and slide forward.

With that, its remaining leg blades would be able to cut the humans head off.

But when the two parties had come into contact, the Mother Gu was also stunned.

It could feel that a recoil that was not inferior to its own attack produced from the little humans body although the human had merely raised his hands to feebly block it.

The recoil, which it did not expect, completely shattered its plan of ending the humans life, causing its body to be thrown high into the air, unable to gain control over itself for a short time.

“So ruthless! And such a powerful attack!” In the deep pit, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the bloody scar on his forearm and was shocked.

With his Sovereign physique, recoil, toughness, and transformation, to think he had still been injured by the Mother Gu that had emerged from the body of the young lady in the Master Stage!

So this was this the trump card of a Demi-Saints descendant

To think she couldve almost turned the situation at the last moment…

What a pity! Xu Xiaoshou could not help but sigh.

If Duoers Black Heart Mother Gu had been more powerful, it could have cut off his arms in one strike.

But at this moment, with a circulation of Eternal Vitality, in the time the Mother Gu had been sent flying, the injury on Xu Xiaoshous forearm had already scabbed.

“This damned thing!” Even so, Xu Xiaoshou was furious.

It had been a long time since he had suffered such a serious injury as “scabbing instead of healing”.

On top of that, it had been caused by a sneak attack from a monster.

He flipped his hand, and Hidden Bitter entered his palm.

“Die!” He slashed in the air.

Xu Xiaoshou did not want to face this monster head-on, so he directly shot out a surge of sword energy.


That sword energy was like lightning as it pierced through the Black Heart Mother Gu and slashed into the air.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils shrunk.

This time, he was extremely vigilant.

His “Perception” clearly told him that the moment the sword energy reached its body, the Black Heart Mother Gu had already regained control of its body.

It even flashed in the air and dodged the attack.

“Ambushed, Passive Points 1.” Without the need for a warning, Xu Xiaoshou had already taken a step forward, teleporting out of the deep pit and into the sky.


As expected, a disgusting monster suddenly appeared from the deep pit, shattering the ground within a radius of several hundred feet.

The surrounding spectators could not help but step back.

To think the Black Heart Mother Gu that had suddenly appeared was so strong that it had even forced Young Master Xu into such a state! “Be careful…” Xiao Wanfengs expression was twisted.

He did not want Young Master Xu, who was like a savior, to be defeated by a monster.

On the battlefield, Xu Xiaoshou turned in the air and his eyes met with the Black Heart Mother Gu that was on the ground and had turned to look at him as well as it had not succeeded in its attack.

Those big green eyes, the thick killing intent, and the disgusting saliva… “Coveted, Passive Points 1.” Xu Xiaoshous hair stood on end.

Almost instantly, he raised his sword.

At the same time, the Black Heart Mother Gu felt threatened, and it stomped on the ground with its eight legs, shooting its body shot up into the sky.

The audiences hearts raised.

Both sides had probably used 120% of their strength in this clash, so with this, they should be able to determine who was stronger and who would die.

Nobody expected that Xu Xiaoshou had used a feint in this clash.

He did not stab the black sword that he had raised out at all, instead, he changed his move at the last minute when he saw the Black Heart Mother Gu pouncing toward him.

His eyes widened.

“Soul Reading!”

“Hiss–” The Black Heart Mother Gu let out a shrill cry, and its body instantly lost control as it smashed toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment.

In Xu Xiaoshous pupils, the Mother Gus body was infinitely enlarged.

But in his mind, the scenes that flashed past were even more spectacular.

Soul Reading began… Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have turned into the Black Heart Mother Gu and began to experience its life.

Breaking out of the cocoon in the darkness, the Mother Gu had been born.

It grew and gained spiritual intelligence in the Gu cup, and had successfully awaited its host, the Black Heart Fruit Clans Duoer.

Then, parasitism and growth.

It had continued its process of growth in Duoers body, but it was not completely in the dark.

The Mother Gu could see everything that she was experiencing from Duoers perspective.

The Black Heart Fruit Clans method of nurturing talents was similar to nurturing their poisonous worms.

They would place all their geniuses on an island and decide that the last living one was the winner.

Duoer had relied on luck, wisdom, and strength to fight her way out of the encirclement step by step.

In the end, she had successfully left the island with her Mother Gu on the corpses of others.

She had then been led into a sealed inheritance room.

In the inheritance room, Duoer met her Master, the Demi-Saint of the Southern Regions Black Heart Fruit Tribe — Zang Ren! Demi-Saint Zang Ren had already prepared for the baptism and was only waiting for Duoer to bathe and evolve.

During Duoers baptism, the Black Heart Mother Gu exited her body for the first time, receiving its first enlightenment from Demi-Saint Zang Ren.

It was at this moment!

During the Soul Reading process, he saw that on the first encounter of the Black Heart Mother Gu and Demi-Saint Zang Ren, their eyes met! According to the normal Soul Reading process, Xu Xiaoshou shouldve been able to see the following “enlightenment” scene.

But at this moment, Demi-Saint Zang Ren as shown in the Soul Reading scene seemed to have come to life.

He stopped his movements and raised his eyes, looking straight at Xu Xiaoshou! “Boom –“

One glance!

With just one glance, Xu Xiaoshous mind seemed to have exploded with lightning as blood spurted out of his seven orifices, and he almost fainted.

“Who dares to hurt my disciple” Demi-Saint Zang Ren actually spoke.

His voice was ethereal, but it was filled with anger.

Between them were two regions, but his voice still traveled thousands of miles and entered Xu Xiaoshous mind.

“I…” Xu Xiaoshous consciousness was low, not expecting that his attempt to control the Black Heart Mother Gu would cause this calamity.

At this moment, he thought of the matter offacing a Demi-Saint!

Mortals were like ants, so how could they face a Demi-Saint straight on

However, before usingSoul Reading, Xu Xiaoshou had never thought that he would face a Demi-Saint in the Black Heart Mother Gus soul memories! “Its over…” The only clear consciousness in his Purple Mansion spiritual altar experienced a thick sense of despair.

Xu Xiaoshou would never have thought that after all his tricks and the fact he even dared to trick the red-clothed, white-clothed, Seven Sword Deity as well as the Sacred Mountain Demi-Saint, he would ultimately die due to hisSoul Reading.

“Die!” Demi-Saint Zang Ren stretched a finger from afar, about to destroy Xu Xiaoshous will and soul.

At this critical moment, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that he had lost control of his body! It was as if something in his body had been angered, and several voices that didnt belong to him could be heard.

“How dare you” “Go back to your Southern Region!” “Such an inferior pearl, yet you dare to shine before me” With these words, the many divine objects in his Origin Court, energy reserve, and the soul space trembled.

The scruffy-looking mans sword cognition, Elder Sangs Saint Statue that he had left behind, the Sloppy Saints light bead that he had inherited…

At this moment, the Demi-Saint Zang Ren in the Soul Reading scene was taken aback.

He stopped his movements in a daze, clearly shocked by these voices.

But that wasnt all!

Apart from the resounding words of the divine objects, an ancient book that Xu Xiaoshou had long forgotten and whose whereabouts he didnt know began to slowly condense and appear.

The Sword Observation Manual!

The pages of the thick and heavy ancient book flipped and condensed into a magnificent figure.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen this scene before.

The first time he had opened the Sword Observation Manual given to him by the scruffy-looking man, he had seen this figure before.

However, back then, the figure had been blurry and it had been difficult for him to see its appearance.

But this time, he could see the figure clearly! The white-robed swordsman that had been condensed from the ancient book had a cold expression, and his brows were raised.

His expression was disdainful and arrogant.

On his back, there were two swords, one purple and one gold.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt recognize the purple one, but he had once seen the three-foot-long sword with dazzling golden spots that covered its eerie pale pink color.

He had seen it on one of the Seven Sword Deity, Gou Wuyue.

The famed sword, the Voice of Nulan! Other than that, there were two other swords at the white-robed swordsmans waist, one black and one green.

He didnt recognize the green one either, but the black sword seemed very familiar because it was right in his Yuan Mansion.

It was one of the five chaotic divine instruments, the vicious sword, the Fourth Sword!


“So its you…” Xu Xiaoshou finally matched the handsome swordsman in white with ten fingers and no sword marks on his neck with the unkempt man with turbid eyes in his impression.

While he was surprised that Bazhunan looked like this when he was young, the figure of the illusionary swordsman that had appeared on the ancient book had already turned around.

His cold eyes full of arrogant Sword Will met Demi-Saint Zang Rens eyes.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why the legendary Eighth Sword Deity had been called “lawless and bold”!

The illusionary remnant of his humble body should have been muddled, yet now, he had simply raised his eyes and faced the Demi-Saint while declaring in an indifferent voice, “My Name is Bazhunan.

Those who want to try my sword will die!”


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