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Chapter 845 One Punch from Young Master Xu has Scared the Demi-Saints Descendant Shitless!

The minute these words were spoken, with a “whoosh”, the Black Heart Gu that filled the sky seemed to have lost control as the poisonous worms started flying around unconsciously.

Duoer had never felt such pressure from a young man!

If not for the fact that she already knew that the young man was Young Master Xu, even if someone else told her that the person standing in front of her was actually a Sovereign…


Even if she was told that the person was in the Cutting Path Stage, Duoer would still believe it!

The aura that was about to physically condense caused Duoers head to spin and her vision to darken.

With the Black Heart Gu, she could originally observe the entire area through the eyes of the poisonous worms.

But now that she was fighting head-on with Young Master Xu, her vision was suddenly limited to the person in front of her.

Other than Young Master Xu, it was difficult for her to pay attention to anything else within or out of the area.

“Is he really in the Master Stage” Duoer had doubts in her heart.

Even if he was a Demi-Saints descendant, it shouldve been impossible for him to condense such a magnificent aura at such a cultivation stage, right

A move of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers not only suppressed Duoers Black Heart Gu army that consisted of thousands of poisonous worms, but also suppressed everyone outside the battlefield to the point they did not dare to move an inch.

Jiang Xian, Zhengzheng, and the others stood outside the battlefield in a daze.

They didnt even dare to budge.

Duoer pursed her lips.

She knew that she could not wait for reinforcements.

“Purposely making a mystery of simple things!” After cursing in a low voice, Duoer cleared her messy thoughts and returned to controlling the Black Heart Gu.

With her spiritual senses, the army of poisonous worms swarmed out once again.

“Young Master Xu, be careful…” Xiao Wanfeng, who was at the back, was a little worried.

The opponent had indeed not been successful in casting the entire move just now, but the scene that had just played had been too intimidating.

With the overwhelming black mass of worms, it would probably take three days and three nights for an ordinary swordsman to clear them all slash by slash, right

But clearly, Xu Xiaoshou was no ordinary swordsman.

In fact, at this moment, he did not even have the desire to use the black sword, Hidden Bitter.

Seeing the army of poisonous worms rushing toward him, Xu Xiaoshous expression remained extremely calm.

He flipped his hand and sheathed Hidden Bitter, who was resisting his actions intensely and was yearning to be used in combat, at his waist.

Then, he slowly extended one of his hands in front of himself, showing his white and flawless hand with slender fingers.

“Watch carefully,” Xu Xiaoshou muttered softly.

Everyone held their breath and focused.

Even Jiang Xian did not know why Young Master Xu had retracted his sword at such a moment, but extended his palm that had no spiritual source on it at all instead.

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Wasnt he a swordsman

Duoer also narrowed her eyes.

In her view, the Black Heart Gu army had already drowned Young Master Xu.

In just three breaths, her beloved worms would be able to send this ultimate conman to the afterlife!

“Whoosh!” Wherever the poisonous worms travel through, not a single blade of grass remained alive.

Just as Xu Xiaoshous figure had been completely covered by the shadow of the poisonous worms and everyones hearts were in their throats, space suddenly froze and everything in the world froze at the same time.

Space had been frozen once more!

“One punch…” Amidst the black stillness, the calm murmur suddenly became ear-piercing.

After the murmur, everyone saw a dazzling light that suddenly explode amidst the black army of poisonous worms.

No one present had ever seen such holy light! The light was so holy that it seemed to be something that could only exist in the Heavenly Court, so dazzling that it seemed to be something that could only exist in a dream world.

It was like such a light shouldnt have appeared in this world, and could only exist in the most magnificent scenery of a painters brush.

But it had indeed appeared!

It had truly descended into this world!

The instant the holy light exploded, everyone could see that within the army of poisonous worms that seemed almost colorless due to the light, a man with his back to the light gently clenched his hand, retracting his fingers into his palm.

Just like what he had said before, he retracted the punch that did not contain any spiritual source in the air before striking out.

This punch was simple and insignificant to the extreme.

However, it was also this punch that smashed into the void when the power had no place to land…

Everyone was stunned.

They thought that the punch had missed and had hit nothing but the air.

But in the next second, everyone came to their senses.

No, that wasnt the case!

Young Master Xus punch itself had been aimed at the air!

Or rather, the space!

“Rumble–“A sky-shaking sound rang out.

Everyone present felt their eardrums tremble like they were about to split apart.

Following this, the space that had been hit by the punch instantly shattered into pieces like a mirror.

The cracks in space that spread out like lightning seemed akin to a disrupted eight trigram array diagram, instantly spreading to a radius of several thousand feet.

Space had been broken! After the “mirror” collapsed, a huge black hole appeared and cut the army of poisonous worms from the middle, separating the worms into two halves.

Then, the force of the punch exploded, and a terrifying wave of air pushed the poisonous worms that had crossed the black hole into the spatial fragments.

“Ha!” Xiao Wanfeng was at the back, and he was so shocked he took in a breath of cold air that almost killed himself.

He stared blankly at the scene before him.

Young Master Xu had only used one punch, but it was this one punch that had shattered space, destroyed the mountains and rivers, and sent the endless Black Heart Gu flying “What move is this A spiritual technique A sword skill No, it doesnt look like a spiritual technique, and it definitely isnt a sword skill! It looks more like… pure physical strength!” Xiao Wanfeng was dumbstruck.

He had long known that Young Master Xu had the brilliance of tearing apart the galaxy with his sword.

However, he had never thought that after Young Master Xu had put down his sword, he could still achieve the terrifying strength of completely defeating his peers with just his physical body and one punch.

Young Master Xu… Was he really still human

On the other side, after experiencing this punch head-on, Duoers eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

The force of Young Master Xus punch had been just nice to send the Black Heart Gu that had crossed the boundary into the spatial rift.

If one were to say that the other partys strength was not dangerous, Duoer had still been struck by the remaining force of the punch and had been forced to take a few steps back, her entire body hurting.

If one were to say that the other party had controlled his force, it cant be that he had suppressed his strength and could subtly control how much strength he wanted to use, right

Furthermore, could this really be called aone punch!

Duoers face suddenly twitched violently.

If the other party had used up all of his spiritual source to unleash such a powerful punch, she could accept it.

After all, Young Master Xu was also a Demi-saints descendant, so it was understandable for him to achieve such an effect if he had unleashed his full strength.

However, just a moment ago, when he had punched out, he had merely clenched his fist and simply delivered a blow.

That was all!

How could such an ordinary punch be capable of shattering space

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

“In Awe, Passive Points 1,225.”

“Praised, Passive Points 648.” All of the Xu Faction members were dumbfounded.

So this was Young Master Xus true strength The saying “if one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through” should only be as such.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had finished his punch, had already spread his hand.

He sized up his hand.

The skin at the front of the punch had been completely broken and had been instantly repaired.

He was at a loss for words for a long time.

Strong! Too strong!

Even though Xu Xiaoshou had long been wondering if one day he could achieve the effect of shattering space with his punch after his physique had reached the Sovereign Stage as well as his “Recoil” and “Toughness”, when this moment had finally arrived, he was unable to extricate himself from his surging emotions for quite some time.

He had succeeded!

With a full-strength attack, he could really do it.

The power would first hit the space but not disperse.

Then, after using his body to withstand the recoil, he would use “Recoil” and “Toughness” to stop himself from budging, which could then return double the power to space.

By repeating the process over and over again, he had finally achieved the effect of shattering space.

An ordinary Sovereign physique would definitely not be able to achieve such an effect with a single punch.

The theory behind Xu Xiaoshous ability to achieve such an effect was too complicated and too difficult for him to explain.

It was probably just that he and the space were affecting each other.

In the beginning, space could not be shattered.

However, when the strength of the physical body reached its peak, and the frequency of the vibration between the two reached an extreme that exceeded the critical point of space, while the power still gathered and did not disperse, space simply could not withstand it anymore.

In easier terms, the truth was that space that had been instantly shattered in the eyes of the outsiders had actually exploded due to an extremely “vibration”.

Xu Xiaoshou did not feel good either after the punch.

However, he hadtransformation, which meant the recoil from space was no longer able to hurt him.

On the contrary, it could only strengthen his recoil of power.

The remaining injuries were.

on the other hand, quickly healed byEternal Vitality.

As such, this created an illusion that Xu Xiaoshous freehand punch could easily shatter space.

“Tsk,” The atmosphere was heavy for more than ten breaths while Duoer did not dare to launch a second attack.

Xu Xiaoshou clicked his tongue and laughed, “I said one punch, so its only one punch.”

“Ill give you two more chances to attack.

If you cant take me down, I will also attack you with the same punch,” Xu Xiaoshou said calmly.

It was as if the attack just now was within his grasp, and it was within his expectations that he had created such terrifying power.

Duoer couldnt help but gulp and swallow her saliva.

She admitted that she had been frightened by the opponent.

This couldnt be a Demi-Saints descendant at all!

How could a mere Master shatter space so easily Even a Sovereign couldnt do it! Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “You dont dare to make a move”

Duoer didnt respond.

Instead, she looked left and right.

Where was the trial officer

A stowaway had appeared here, so why were there no reactions from the trial officers at all


She suddenly remembered that the group of trial officers just now had all been lured away by the stupid Gu Qingsan.

“A stowaway” Duoer turned her eyes to Young Master Xu, her eyes already filled with fear.

“Hahaha…” Xu Xiaoshou raised his head and laughed, “This is the biggest joke Ive heard this year.

To think you think that others cant achieve what you cant imagine when you cant even beat me.”

Duoers face turned red.

Fortunately, her face was bandaged, so no one could see her flushed face.

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment and then said with a teasing smile, “A stowaway Then what stage of a stowaway do you think I should be at A sovereign Stage or a Cutting Path Stage”

Duoer did not respond.

She already had the intention to retreat.

To hell with the spatial origin stone!

She did not come to the Yunlun Mountain Range for the spatial origin stone anyway.

Even if she could not reach Sky City, she had to at least reach the final step of the Imperial Citys trial and obtain the qualification to participate in the Holy Palace Trial.

Why bother with a stowaway here The area suddenly fell into a deathly silence.

This was a vicious cycle.

When ones power was so great that even ones opponent did not dare to speak recklessly, the audience would only become more cautious and even begin to control their breathing, afraid that they would accidentally attract the Great Demon King Xus attention.

This caused the atmosphere to sink into the freezing point.

In just an instant, Duoer felt that something was wrong.

Just as her thoughts had finished flashing past her mind, she suddenly felt that the icy aura that filled the sky was pressing down on her thin shoulders once again.

She raised her eyes, and Young Master Xus indifferent face was magnified infinitely in her pupils.

His voice was eerie like a ghost as it directly pierced into her heart.

“Did I allow you to be silent!”

With a “boom”, Duoers mind went blank.

After this sentence, she only felt that Young Master Xus figure had grown infinitely high before her, condensing into a towering giant.

And she was just an ant at the foot of this giant.

Her life and death were insignificant! “Ah–” Duoer fell to the ground with a bang, clutching her head and screaming crazily.

This time, no one noticed any abnormality.

Even Xu Xiaoshou himself thought that something had gone wrong with the other party herself.

He didnt realize that the “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” of the Sovereign Stage had already taken shape.

It no longer needed him to accumulate his aura for a long time before being able to cast it.

On the contrary, the short time when both parties fell silent was enough for his aura to magnify the most fragile part of the enemys heart that the enemy feared the most.

And when the fear took shape, the enemys enemy was no longer Xu Xiaoshou, but the enemy himself.

Perhaps if the opponent was a Sovereign, the influence of “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” wouldnt have been so great, but Duoer was only at the Master Stage… She was new to the world.

She hadnt even had the time to see the tip of the iceberg of the darkness in this world.

As such, it was normal for her to have such a violent reaction.

Xu Xiaoshou did remember the sense of inferiority that had welled up when he had lifted his head to look at the infinite giant back in the fantasy realm.

At that time, he couldnt even stand up straight, and he had felt as if he was facing a Demi-Saint.

Duoer, who was experiencing all this for the first time, had it even worse.

When the God she worshipped in her heart stood up and completely took shape, if she didnt have a matching overlord will, she would simply be worshipping the God and would have no way to resist!

“Die, die, die, die… All of you just die!” As if she had gone mad, Duoers pupils were dilated while she waved her hands wildly.

The Black Heart Gu army that filled the sky also started to scatter in all directions.

Some charged into the group of Xu Factions members, while some flew towards Jiang Xian.

At the same time, most of them formed a circle and with a buzzing sound, surged towards the God in Duoers heart — Xu Xiaoshou!

“Shes gone crazy” Xu Xiaoshou was indifferent.

He looked at Duoers condition and seemed to have understood something, but couldnt be sure.

However, he couldnt just let the Black Heart Gu be.

The energy form of it determined how much pain one would suffer if it entered the body.

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fist again.

This time, even Jiang Xian, who was outside the battlefield, could not help but take half a step back.

But at the crucial moment, as if he had thought of something, Xu Xiaoshou stopped the punch he was about to throw.

“Energy form…” He muttered and his eyes suddenly brightened as he shouted: “Feast!”

With a whoosh, a ferocious Taotie Beast Head the size of a millstone appeared behind him, swallowed the Black Heart Gu army before it, and disappeared.

The sky brightened!

The endless Black Heart Gu army had been swallowed in one gulp! “Burp ~”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his stomach swell and his energy reserve felt so full it seemed to be about to explode.

Spiritual source overflowed and gushed out from his pores.

He could not help but burp.

When he regained his senses and looked in front of him, he was also shocked.

The army of poisonous worms was gone The awakening skill of “Transformation”, “Feast”, had cleared the entire Black Heat Gu army near him with various energy forms in a gulp “This…”


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