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Chapter 834 Young Master Xu Blushed

It was day nine at the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Nearly a third of the Imperial City Trial had passed.

Under the big waves, there were less than 10,000 cultivators left from the initial 30,000 odd.


This was the ranking number of the cultivator at the bottom of the rankings.

Xu Xiaoshou was still lingering above the fire essence magma in the inner area.

These few days, he had been waiting for the cultivators by guarding the origin stone.

He had hunted too many cultivators who had come here happily but were disappointedly unable to return.

The only thing that he regretful was… “Why arent there any important figures here” Xu Xiaoshou stared at the sky in a daze.

At this moment, 200 odd cultivators had been imprisoned within the range of the spiritual array that he had set up.

Or it could not be said to have beenimprisoned.

After all, these people had sworn to join the Xiao Xu Faction and were willing to pay the price of 10,000 points a day for each of them to comprehend the fire-type origin stone.

There seemed to be fewer people here.

However, in reality, it was because only the fire-type spiritual cultivators had stayed.

The others had been frantically trying to earn points for the Path Principles Origin Stone that would appear next.

“Young Master Xu, theres still no movement,” Xin Gugu, who was at the side, also appeared to be bored to death.

His mission was to find the coordinates of the newly born Path Principles Origin Stone from the trial map.

However, in the past few days, other than the first fire-type origin stone, no one had been destined to find the Path Principles Origin Stone of other elements.

“This is strange,” Xin Gugu muttered.

He felt that the probability was a little unrealistic.

Nearly 10,000 trial takers had arrived at the inner area of the Yunlun Mountain Range in the past few days.

However, no one found the origin stone Liu Changqing said with a smile, “The Path Principles Origin Stone is a supreme treasure of the world.

Even if Master Cheng is generous and can offer some as a reward, he cant collect all the origin stones of every element.

To be honest, I feel that it is only normal for only one fire-type origin stone to appear in a few days.” But Xin Gugu had a different opinion.

He looked back and said, “I dont think the origin stone is in the inner area.

But when the Nine Dragon Range trial opens after a day, perhaps there will be more inside.

If there is only one origin stone, Master Cheng wouldnt have given it as a reward to Chongyuan directly.”

Liu Changqing did not object and shrugged, indicating that he did not know the inside story and that it was useless to say anything more.

Xu Xiaoshou listened to the two peoples complaints from the side.

He knew how boring the trial was for them.

In fact, it was the same for him.

If he did not meet an enemy of the same status, he would be almost invincible in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

But the problem was that in the past few days, he had been waiting but it seemed that even Jiang Xian and the other Demi-Saint descendant forces, who were qualified to challenge the existence of his faction, had heard the news here and did not come to fight.

Just as Xu Xiaoshou had expected.

His Demi-Saint descendant identity mattered.

He had first taken the fire-type origin stone.

If other people of the same status came to snatch it forcefully, not only would they have to consider whether they were qualified, but they also had to consider whether they could accept the price of snatching the origin stone.

Obviously, no one could afford to pay the price.

After all, after the battle, it was estimated that not many people would be left in the two groups.

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And two-thirds of the Imperial City Trial was still in progress.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the 200 or so fire-type spiritual cultivators who were sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the small mountain.

They were all Master (stage)! The power was not to be underestimated.

However, the key point was that the number of the spiritual cultivators that were wandering outside and belonged to the Xiao Xu Faction was even more than this!

As long as this place was in trouble, assistance would come from all directions.

It was afraid that even if 10 Demi-Saint descendants brought their forces along might not be able to compare to his faction.

Moreover, there was no Demi-Saint descendant in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“What a pity.

I want to show off my strength but thees no one for me to kill.

I can only wait for another day.” “After tomorrow, Nine Dragon Range is predicted to have more battles!”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He did not want to go out and find someone to kill.

This was a waste of energy.

It was because, at the end of the trial, all parties would eventually meet at Pixiu Mountain.

Thinking too much was useless.

Xu Xiaoshou was immersed in his Passive System.

These few days, he had been earning the Passive Points from the trial takers who tried to snatch his origin stone.

In addition, he had purposely hoarded the Passive Points during the Dongtianwang Citys elixir master convention.

This time, he had accumulated the most points.

“Passive Points: 1872,625.”

1,800,000! When Xu Xiaoshou saw the amount, he was a little shocked.

Out of this amount, about 1,500,000 to 1,600,000 were earned from the elixir master convention.

The remaining was obtained through several origin stone snatchers over the past few days.

One could imagine that the most suitable place to earn points was not in the Yunlun Mountain Range where opportunities could be found everywhere.

Instead, it was in a place with a dense population of Spiritual Cultivators like Dongtianwang City.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at his Passive Skill pane.

Among them, almost half of the Passive Skills had been upgraded to Sovereign (stage).

However, there were still a few that were ranked at the bottom.

Due to the lack of Passive Points at that time, they had not been upgraded in time.

“Breathing Technique, Recoil, Transformation, Toughness.”

Just these four.

One fundamental Passive skill, three extended Passive Skills.

Xu Xiaoshou currently had 1.8 million in his inventory.

Upgrading a Sovereign (stage) Passive Skill required no more than 100,000 Passive Points.

Without even thinking, he directly exchanged for 40 Level Three Skill Points on the spot.

“Recoil (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


“Transformation (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


“Toughness (Sovereign (stage) Lv.

1).” “Breathing Technique (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


For the first three extended Passive Skills, there was only a strange reaction from the body.

It seemed like an illusion of genetic mutation.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think much of it.

He wanted to test out the new Sovereign (stage) Passive Skills ability.

For exampleRecoil andToughness, would they achieve the effect of shattering the void that he had expected

For exampleTransformation was previously limited by the size of the body.

He wondered if it could turn one into a small stone now If it could, how invincible the escape ability would


However, as he was being watched secretly in the Cloud Realm, Xu Xiaoshou did not try it out.

But it was the last “Breathing Technique” that Xu Xiaoshou was afraid of.

However, thinking that he would have to use it sooner or later, he decided to go ahead.

This time, the Master (stage) Lv.

1sBreathing Technique directly became a Sovereign (stage).

It was equivalent to a Master (stage) cultivation method, but it suddenly transformed into a world-class Sovereign (stage) cultivation method.

The movement was not ordinary.

Almost at the first instant, Xu Xiaoshou could feel all the pores on his body explode.

Then, the pure heaven and earth spiritual energy in the Yunlun Mountain Range suddenly rushed toward him like a mountain flood and tsunami.

His body seemed to have become a treasure

The surging Heaven and Earth spiritual energy seemed to have transformed into a dragon of spiritual energy in a state visible to the naked eye and entered crazily through his pores, nose, mouth, ears, and eyes…


Xu Xiaoshou was originally sitting cross-legged on the ground.

But at this moment, he felt his entire body turn cold as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

That delightful and comfortable feeling made him lose his consciousness almost at the first instant.

Only the muscles in his entire body were crazily absorbing spiritual energy, and there was a feeling of fullness and twitching.


“Oh my God…”

Xu Xiaoshous voice was so distorted that it was out of shape.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing were shocked.

Young Master Xu only closed his eyes.

They never thought that he was cultivating.

Why did he suddenly… Became like this!

Looking at Young Master Xu whose body the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy entered crazily, his shoulders were raised high, his elbows squeezed his ribs tightly, his knees were crossed, and he suddenly kicked forward like a zombie.

Then, like a drunk fish, he suddenly fell onto the mountain rock with a snap.

His body kept bouncing up and down, making a wonderful sound with the rock.

“Whats this”

Xin Gugu was shocked.

Had he cultivated to the stage of being possessed by the devil But the question was, what had caused this sudden spiritual energy storm Why did it all gather on Xu Xiaoshous body Xin Gugu suddenly felt that this scene was a little familiar

Liu Changqing was also stunned.

He looked at the scene before him in a daze.

In the past, no matter what he encountered with Young Master Xu, he was like an omniscient person, knowing everything.

But the scene that happened on Young Master Xu at this moment…

Liu Changqing couldnt understand it at all!

“A covert attack”

“Spiritual energy attack”

“But… Whats going on with this spiritual energy”

At the foot of the mountain, the 200 odd cultivators who were comprehending the fire-type origin stone also opened their eyes at the same time and looked in Young Master Xus direction.

However, they did not see a single person other than the mountain that had suddenly turned misty.

“What happened”

“Did someone attack”

“No! Isnt that the place where Young Master Xu and his two guardians are staying How could anyone dare to attack that place”

Everyone was confused.

They moved together, wanting to go there and find out.

Xiao Jing also stopped cultivating and looked in that direction in a daze.

What he was puzzled about was that there was clearly no battle fluctuation in that place.

Now that the spiritual source was gathered, it looked like a perfect place for cultivation instead.

“Everyone, do you feel that all the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy in the surroundings has gone to that place And we cant absorb any of it” Xiao Jing asked.

The others sensed it for a while and said in surprise, “Its really the case! That Heaven and Earth spiritual energy seems to have a master now.

It doesnt listen to my orders at all and directly gathers in the direction of the mountain top…”


“Young Master Xu, what did you do”

The people below were shocked, and they hurriedly rushed toward the mountain.

They were afraid that something might have happened.

No matter what, in this place, others could get into trouble, but not Young Master Xu.

“Goose, goose, Goose…” On the mountain, Xu Xiaoshou was like a drunken fish rolling his eyes and continuously slapping the mountain rocks with his body.

But every time he touched the rock, the icy cold sensation of peppermint on his skin made him feel like dying


“Ive gone crazy!”

“It took me a lot of effort to control the Breathing Technique at the Master stage to prevent it from absorbing the Heaven and Earth phenomenon of the spiritual energy and shocking others.”

“Now, how dare I put the Breathing Technique to the Sovereign (stage)”

“How dare I!”

Amidst the storm, Xu Xiaoshous only remaining consciousness was filled with endless regret.

This time, theBreathing Technique had undergone a qualitative change.

The spiritual energy that he had absorbed in a short period of time had directly consolidated his cultivation level to the extreme.

Along the way, the overflowing spiritual energy was actually thinking of breaking through the thin bottleneck of the early stage of the Heavenly Image State.

How could Xu Xiaoshou let this spiritual energy do as it wished

His two legs suddenly clamped!


He had broken through… He could no longer suppress the profound Path Energy of a Sovereign (stage).

Even though he had his Sovereign (stage) hidden, this surge of breakthrough energy could be detected with the naked eye.

“D*mn it!”

Xu Xiaoshou was about to go crazy.

He had suppressed his cultivation level for so long to make others think that he was only at the Innate (stage).

More importantly, the spy in the world of the Cloud Realm thought so too.

However, who would have thought that this sudden accident would break the balance!

After breaking through to the Heavenly Image State of Master (stage), the energy reserve had risen and its capacity had further expanded.

The spiritual energy that was injected into every cell in his body seemed to have found a place to go, and it was all absorbed into his energy reserve.

Xu Xiaoshou finally felt that he had regained control of his body.

He suppressed every pore in his body and stopped breathing.

Finally, the crazy spiritual energy in the world stopped…


At this point, Xu Xiaoshou finally let out a sigh of relief.

He opened his eyes.

In front of him, two pairs of big eyes were staring at him in surprise.

They were from Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing.

Following that…

Hundreds of people had climbed up the mountain.

Each of them had a strange expression on their face as they stared at him with strange expressions.

“Suspected, Passive Points 224.” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He blushed on the spot.

His reputation was gone!

Although Xu Xiaoshou felt ashamed, he would never show it.

He waved his hand indifferently and said, “What are you doing here I just had a small breakthrough.

Why are you all so nervous Are you afraid that I will be attacked”

Everyone was stunned.

This was a small breakthrough

Did you call this a small breakthrough

The Heaven and Earth spiritual energy that filled the sky was suddenly sucked dry by you alone.

Others couldnt even sense it.

This was called a small breakthrough

Moreover, the most important thing was that you were the leader of the Xu Faction and Xiao Xu Faction…

So this was what a breakthrough was like

Everyone recalled the scene of Young Master Xu squeezing his legs and moaning.

They all chuckled, and their expressions were extremely lascivious.

How long had Young Master Xu been holding it


The Demi-Saint descendant had only entered the Yunlun Mountain Range for nine days, and he had already suppressed to such a state

How luxurious and extravagant his daily life was!

“Boss, I have an idea…”

In the Xiao Xu Faction, a man mustered up his courage and spoke.

“Shut up!”

Xu Xiaoshous cold gaze turned towards him and said sternly, “I have a complete set of death methods for this idea of yours.”

“Uh,” the man was dumbfounded on the spot.

He immediately shut his mouth.


The cultivators on the side burst into laughter.

Even Xiao Jing was no exception.

In the past, they always thought that Young Master Xu was an existence like a heavenly being.

Conducting alchemy, the Way of the Sword, he was proficient in everything.

But today, they finally saw the human side of this high and mighty Demi-Saint descendant.

It turned out that he was also an ordinary person who had been suppressed for a long time, and abreakthrough would appear veryabnormal!

Over the past few days, through the fire-type origin stone, everyones favorable impression

they would dare to joke around, but the distance between them was still as wide as a chasm.

It was as if they had met an elder or a sect master in their clan.

The members of the Xiao Xu Faction would only joke around when the timing was right.

Other than that, they would usually be very careful and obedient.

After all, Young Master Xus sword was like a celestial being

However, it was only after seeing the scene today that the members of the Xiao Xu Faction realized that Young Master Xu was only a person of their age.

He also had the same problem as people of the same age.



Everyone laughed lewdly and went down the mountain to continue their cultivation.

Xu Xiaoshou was left alone.

He stared at the information bar and the Passive Skill, Breathing Technique.

He was in a daze for a long time.

“D*mn it, this cheating skill!”


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