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Chapter 832 Xiao Xu Faction, Origin Stone Monopolized!!

On the point board.

“1st, Chong Yuan, 1175,000 points.”

“2nd, Tang Zheng, 1064,000 points.”

“3rd, Xiao Wanfeng, quickly come to the east to look for me, 884,300 points.”

He struck it rich!

The points that 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators gave Xu Xiaoshou broke through the 800,000 mark.

When finished plundering the points from the long line of cultivators, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the number in a daze.

It was too fast.

The points had come too easily.

The points held by the first batch of cultivators who rushed to the inner area of the Yunlun Mountain Range should have been all transferred to his account, right “Who is this Tang Zheng” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the second-ranking scorer and asked with a frown.

Liu Changqing and Xin Gugu didnt know this person who had suddenly appeared.

However, the Master (stage) cultivators who had been plundered had heard of this person.

Someone said helplessly, “We dont know who this Tang Zeng is, but this guy is very fierce.

He was the first person to block the fire-type origin stones landing point, but he didnt do it for the origin stone.

He just killed people whenever he caught them, just for the points.” “Xiao Jing was killed by him.

Most of us, several hundred Master (stage) cultivators had retreated from the battlefield over there and came here.”

“But there was about the same number of Master (stage) cultivators in that place.

Those who couldnt escape, the points could only be given to Tang Zheng.” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

This guy actually did what he had wanted to do the most.

However, it was very clear that without an array, he was unable to retain the other half of the people who battled for the origin stone.

As a result, the points he lost ran over to this end.

However, as an ordinary cultivator who didnt have an array, he could defeat a few hundred Master (stage) cultivators and plunder their points to be on the second-ranking, breaking through the million mark.

This person was somebody!

“Descendant of the Higher Void (level), Demi-Saint” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“I dont think so,” someone replied.

“I dont know where this guy came from, but hes very fierce.

Hes only at the Heavenly Image State of Master (stage), but even a cultivator of the Ying Yang State wouldnt be able to withstand his broadsword.”

“There are so many talented people!” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He wanted to return to the place where the fire-type origin stone appeared and plunder the remaining Master (stage) cultivators.

Perhaps he would be lucky enough to meet Tang Zheng.

However, at this moment, he reckoned that by the time he got there, it might be too late.

After all, this place of his was indeed the second battlefield.

The second battlefield had already been fought, thus the first battlefield would have been fought even longer.

“Im not going “Ill just wait here for the opportunity.”

Xu Xiaoshou made a decision.

He held the fire-type origin stone in his hand and felt a clear and penetrating feeling.

He knew that as long as he sat down cross-legged, this fire-type origin stone would bring great benefits to his cultivation.

But he couldnt.

Once he broke through, or if he was too engrossed in his cultivation, he would expose his infernal aura.

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The outcome would be very terrifying.

After all, the identity ofYoung Master Xu revealed extremely special space attributes.

“Put it into Yuan Mansion”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this fire-type origin stone and was slightly moved.

The trial jade pendant had mentioned that it couldnt store storage items such as a spatial ring.

However, the Yuan Mansion had already taken shape.

For such a small treasure to be able to enter it and become a treasure of suppressing barrier, it should be its honor, right

Very quickly, Xu Xiaoshou dismissed this idea.

If he were to store it and the coordinates on the map disappeared, wouldnt that be announcing to the world that I, Young Master Xu Deye, have the Yuan Mansion “Keep it in your pocket and act as bait.

Lets see how many little sheep will be attracted over.”

The important matter was done.

The 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators were waiting eagerly for Young Master Xu to give them an ultimatum.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this group of people and hesitated.

To absorb them into Xu Faction, although there were many of them and they were powerful enough, the Xu Faction would be overwhelmed.

The key was… The members of the Xu Faction had not reached the inner area yet.

They were currently slaughtering people somewhere.

After this battle, Xu Xiaoshou also understood.

Forming the Xu Faction and earning nine million points was just to play safe.

The fastest way to earn points was to use origin stone and other items as bait to attract hundreds of Master (stage) cultivators and slaughter them directly.

This was the fastest way to cut leeks! However, there had to be both high and low risks.

There would always be times when the economy was in a slump.

For example, if subsequently everyone was scared of cutting leeks, one origin stone might not be able to attract so many people.

“Young Master Xu, what should we do next” Xin Gugu also looked over.

There were 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators and they were all scattered experts.

Who wouldnt be tempted by this power

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and made a decision.

“Everyone.” He looked at everyone and said with a smile, “I believe that everyone here should know how powerful the combined power of the 200 scattered Master (stage) cultivators is.” All the Master (stage) cultivators frowned.

They vaguely understood what Young Master Xu was going to say next, and they resisted it from the bottom of their hearts.

If they wanted to join the group, they would have joined long ago.

It was because they were used to the freedom that they were able to fight alone until today.

Who would have thought that Young Master Xu seemed to have taken a fancy to them Xu Xiaoshou did not care about this and continued, “I have a Xu Faction with 900 members.

They are on their way here, but the timing of your appearance is very unfortunate.

The Xu Faction is already full.

I will not accept you into the Xu Faction.”

He shook his head slightly with a somewhat regretful expression.

Some of the Master (stage) cultivators brows relaxed because they could smell the scent of freedom.

However, there was another group that had a conflicted look in their eyes.

The Xu Faction

They had already seen Young Master Xus ability.

In the past, he did not join the faction because they did not meet a good leader.

However, if Young Master Xu was the leader, who would dare to touch the people of the Xu Faction

But it was a pity that they appeared too late and the Xu Faction no longer recruited people.

Xu Xiaoshou did not seem to see the expressions of these people and continued, “The opportunity is reserved for the fated ones.

I dont want to lead too many people, but I cant let go of these 200 people.”

“Young Master Xu, what do you think” someone asked.

It was obvious that they were not used to Young Master Xus style of beating around the bush.

Xu Xiaoshou said, “After all, you all have more or less one or two more chances to be plundered.

The Yunlun Mountain Range trial has entered the middle to late stage.

Im certain that many Master (stage) cultivators have formed groups.

If you scattered cultivators bump into those powerful groups, you will die without a doubt.

It will be the most tragic outcome of being plundered twice in one go and then sent out!” This time, everyone panicked.

What Young Master Xu said was true.

Everyone had expected and witnessed this point.

Who hadnt encountered danger when they rushed to the inner area Too many Master (stage) cultivators had seen big groups led by people like Young Master Jiang, Young Master Xu, and others.

Xu Xiaoshous words caused them to sink into deep thought.

Fighting alone was fine previously, but after meeting Young Master Xu, they knew that it was too good to be true! If they met someone strong… There was no one to hold on to.

Their underpants would be torn, and they didnt even have the face to take back!

At this time, more people began to regret why the Xu Faction had stopped recruiting.

If Young Master Xu still wanted more people… They would follow the momentum and join the Xu Faction.

They wouldnt have to worry about their future.

Xu Xiaoshou then said happily, “So instead of letting you guys leave and then giving the points to the other groups for free, why dont you take this opportunity now Ill help those people accept your points with a smile and even directly eliminate you guys.” Everyone was shocked when they heard this and the situation turned chaotic.

Someone shouted, “Young Master Xu, you said just now that you would only plunder us once!” “Thats right!” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Thats why I said its a pity.

I dont intend to go back on my words.

But if I let you guys leave, no matter if you run into people from my Xu Faction or other groups later, youll only end up dead.” Everyone was at a loss for words.

Young Master Xus words indeed revealed the part that they did not want and dare to think about the most in their hearts.

“Then what should we do”

Someone was already starting to panic and asked, “Young Master Xu, your Xu Faction is not recruiting anymore”

Most of the people looked over with hope.

Xu Xiaoshou understood, but he shook his head very straightforwardly and said, “No, not recruiting means not recruiting.

My Xu Faction already has more than 900 people.

Further recruitment would be overwhelmed.” “Pitied, Passive Points 165.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 43.”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“But Ive seen 200 odd Master (stage) like you, and I love your talents so much that I cant bear for you to be sent off…”

After everyones disappointment, they looked at him as if they had just been reborn, and their expectations had returned.

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin, clicked his tongue, and said, “How about this I will form an elite Xu Faction called theXiao Xu Faction.

The gang will only recruit Master (stage) cultivators.

You guys will be the first batch of members of theXiao Xu Faction, and he will be the leader of theXiao Xu Faction!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed his finger as he spoke, and everyone looked over.

Xiao Jing! Xiao Jing was stunned.

He didnt expect that he would be the leader.


Raising his broken palm, Xiao Jing shook it.

“Young Master Xu, are you sure” Xu Xiaoshou nodded affirmatively, “Yes, Im sure! Did you forget that Im a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) conducting alchemy I even said that I would help you heal your broken palm.”

As he spoke, he flew in front of Xiao Jing, took out a pill bottle, and handed it over solemnly.

“This is the high-grade rejuvenation pill that I refined at the conducting alchemy conference in Dongtianwang City.

You can use it first.

It should be able to heal your injuries directly.” “And then, you will be the leader.” Xiao Jing was dumbfounded.

Little Rejuvenation Pill It was that simple Just now Young Master Xu had said that he would refine a Little Rejuvenation Pill for him.

But they had met by chance and were still enemies.

How could he believe what he said

But the bottle in front of him… Without hesitation, Xiao Jing pulled out the stopper and took a sniff.

A rich medicinal fragrance surged out.

Not to mention him, everyone present could smell it.

Everyones eyes revealed doubt and anticipation.

Xiao Jing was a little hesitant.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“If I want to kill you.

Is there a need to waste the poison”

Xiao Jing was speechless.

He was straightforward as well.

He directly raised his head and swallowed the pills.

In just a few breaths time, the flesh and blood of the severed palm began to squirm.

Then, bones, skin, nails… quickly formed.

“Its indeed magical!”

It was also Xu Xiaoshous first time seeing the medicinal effects of the rejuvenation pill.

He sighed with emotion.

No wonder it was so hard to find the rejuvenation pill on the market.

With this thing, it was equivalent to having an extra life!

Xiao Jing squeezed his brand-new palm.

It was exactly the same as before.

Other than the slight difference in the color of his skin, he didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

He sighed with emotion.

Even for him, he had to use a large number of contribution points to exchange for such divine elixirs.

It was even harder to find them in the market.

However, Young Master Xu just gave one to him in such a short time.

“Is this the power of fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) of conducting alchemy…”

It wasnt just him.

All the Master (stage) present who witnessed this scene were envious.

The value of the Little Rejuvenation Pill was so great.

In front of them stood a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) who was capable of conducting alchemy with such a high value of elixirs — Young Master Xu! If it was said that there were people who were suspicious of Young Master Xus identity as an elixir master before this, then no one would doubt him anymore.

He could even casually take out the Little Rejuvenation Pill.

This Demi-Saint descendant was really awesome!

For a moment, everyone thought of Young Master Xus suggestion, which was to establish the elite Xu Faction and only to recruit Master (stage) members.

“If I can join, perhaps such elixirs can be exchanged at a certain price.”

“If Young Master Xu takes a liking to me…” There was no lack of female Master (stage) cultivators.

For a moment, there were all those with ulterior motives, even those who wanted to conceive.

“Young Master Xu! TheXiao Xu Faction that you mentioned…” someone couldnt help but ask.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his gaze over and said with a smile, “I said what I meant.

The Xiao Xu Faction is established, and the leader is Xiao Jing.

As for you guys… Do as you please!” “If you want to join, I will give you a chance now.

If you dont want to join, I wont force you.” He shrugged with an indifferent expression.

Everyone naturally knew Young Master Xus confidence.

With his status as a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) conducting alchemy, was he afraid that no Master (stage) cultivator would come In an instant, everyone understood that they had encountered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Young Master Xu was going to establish the “Xiao Xu Faction”.

The first batch of pitiful people who had their points plundered suddenly became lucky in the blink of an eye.

“I can be the leader but I want to ask Young Master Xu a question.” Xiao Jing took a step forward and said seriously, “May I ask Young Master Xu, what is your goal of setting up the Xiao Xu Faction Young Master Xu doesnt seem to lack points.” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Of course, I dont lack points.

Your question is very good.

It is exactly what I want to say next.” He looked around and raised his head slightly.

He said, “The only goal of theXiao Xu Faction is not to accumulate points, but to gather all the elites of the cultivators and monopolize the Path Principles Origin Stone that appears in the Yunlun Mountain Range!” His words were firm and decisive.

Together with Xu Xiaoshous aura ofswallow the mountains and rivers, he struck a heavy blow on everyones hearts.

Everyone felt their scalps go numb.

While they were still worrying about the points, there were already people of the same age who had their eyes set on all the Path Principles Origin Stone that appeared or had not appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range!

And yet, if it was someone else who boasted this, everyone would have looked down on him.

But when it slipped out of Young Master Xus mouth…

No one dared not to believe it!

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely domineering.

His eyes were filled with disdain as he said coldly, “Not only do I want fire-type origin stones, I also want metal type, ice type, space type… and so on.”

“Where Path Principles Origin Stone appears in the Yunlun Mountain Range, Xiao Xu Faction and I will appear there!” “Of course, I wont use all of these origin stones.

Then, during this one-month trial, as long as my faction members need them…” He paused.

Everyones eyes suddenly lit up, including Xiao Jings.

From what he said… Xu Xiaoshou raised the fire-type origin stone and said, “I will return this to my clan after the trial, but now, your chance has come!” “During the trial, with 10,000 points, you can comprehend for one day.” “Furthermore, the elite Master (stage) members of theXiao Xu Faction, 900 members of theXu Faction, and my guardians will guard you.

No one is allowed to disturb


Everyone was in an uproar.

At first, everyone thought that 10,000 points were too expensive, but on second thought…

It was a state of comprehension where there was no burden, no hunting down by others, and one could devote all ones attention to cultivation!

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the transformation in the eyes of the people around him and smiled.

From the beginning when the Xu Faction was full and no longer accepting new members, to the establishment of theXiao Xu Faction which was a bright turning point; to the appearance of theLittle Rejuvenation Pill which was a method to win over peoples hearts… He did not believe that the Master (stage) cultivators present would want to continue remaining free.

A leek could only be a leek forever.

No matter how it turned over, it could only turn over in the pot.

If a team could not bring oil and water to the leader, then there was no need for it to exist.

And if a person could not make money from the manpower of his subordinates, he would only work hard.

Then, his achievements would be limited forever.

It was still the same saying…


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