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Chapter 829 Fated The Root of Nirvana!

Yu Lingdi came with a valiant spirit and walked away unwillingly.

Hua Ying, who had transformed into a trial officer, was full ofpraise me quickly expressions.

Xu Xiaoshou had survived this ordeal without any danger, but he still had some fright remaining It was fortunate that he had maintained his identity as the Demi-Saint descendant, causing Yu Lingdi to be a little wary of him.

He had even mastered the Weaving Technique… Otherwise, he really didnt know how he could get through this round.

“Thanks to the envoy from the Holy Palace.”

After saluting his junior martial nephew solemnly, Xu Xiaoshou said in telepathic communication, “Someone is watching.”

Hua Ying was a little excited when she saw her masters brother.

She wanted to say something, but after receiving the telepathic communication, her excited expression disappeared.

“Its a small matter.

You can think about what we have discussed before.

The door of the Holy Palace is always open for you,” she waved her hand casually.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised that this little girl actually had some brains.

He was really afraid that Hua Ying would make a slip of the tongue and expose something, causing the trial officer to start the hassle all over again.

Fortunately, although Hua Ying was vigorous but not so bright, she could still distinguish between right and wrong, the stand of the mere Saint Servant and the Holy Divine Palace.

“Ill follow you.

I can protect you in this area,” Hua Ying said with hope in her eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled when he heard this.

The admiration that had just risen in his heart disappeared in an instant.

To be so close to him, did Hua Ying want to


Faced with Uncle Xus surprised expression, Hua Ying hurriedly explained, “Theres no need to be afraid.

The position of the Holy Palaces envoy is extraordinary.

My identity as a trial officer was also formally requested from Sword Deity Rao.

Im not a fake.

Ill protect you.

Lets travel together.

This small matter is nothing.”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He could not be too close to Hua Ying.

Otherwise, if his identity was exposed in the future, even the Infernal Lineage of the Holy Palace would have to expend a lot of effort to protect Hua Ying.

“Thank you for Envoys good intentions.

Trial officers have their responsibilities.

If you protect me all the way, its not appropriate.

“Furthermore, as long as I dont encounter what happened just now, I believe that no one can hurt me in this vast Yunlun Mountain Range.” Xu Xiaoshou rejected her flatly.

Hua Ying wanted to say something, but her masters brother shook his head subtlely.

The little girl could only curl her lips and leave angrily, “You dont know how to appreciate good intention!”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled bitterly.

If no one was watching the Cloud Realm, then everything would be fine.

He could bring Hua Ying everywhere.

However, even Liu Changqings obscure Divine Secret technique could be detected by the higher-ups of the red-clothed people, he really didnt dare to act recklessly now.

“Young Master Xu.”

Behind him, Liu Changqing and Xin Gugu walked over.

The two of them did not discuss much what had just happened.

They knew that if they spoke too much, it would cause trouble.

Even though Liu Changqing was curious that Young Master Xu actually knew the Divine Secret technique, and his attainments seemed to be quite high, he understood it in his heart and did not ask about it.

He just walked over with the trial jade pendant in his hand.

“Young Master Xu, after being delayed for a while, the fire-type origin stone has begun to move quickly.

Clearly, an expert has arrived and obtained this treasure,” Liu Changqing brought the topic back to the right track.

Xu Xiaoshou took out the trial map and took a look.

It was indeed the case.

“Bad luck!” he snorted.

“It is quite unlucky.

He came to us for no reason, what a waste of time!” Xin Gugu followed up with a sentence.

Towards Yu Lingdi, he did not feel good if he didnt complain.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar that suddenly appeared.

He thought to himself that Yu Lingdi had indeed not left yet, but it was clear that he did not reveal any flaws.

He just pretended that he did not see this information.

He turned around to look at Liu Changqing and Xin Gugu and said, “Regarding the Divine Secret technique, you guys continue to keep it a secret.

The clan has already clearly stated that the related abilities can not be shown to the public.

Its only used to solve special situations during special times.

Moving on, dont discuss what happened earlier.”

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He knew that the two great guardians beside him wouldnt rashly discuss it.

However, the unnecessary words were meant for the invisible fourth person present to hear.



Liu Changqing and Xin Gugu nodded their heads in agreement without saying a single word.

Xu Xiaoshou then turned his head and looked in the direction of the fire-type origin stone on the map.

“Lets go.

“Lets rush over.

The most important thing is the fire-type origin stone!”

The three of them stomped their feet and continued on their way to the origin stone as if nothing had happened just now.

At the same spot.

After a dozen breaths of time, a figure slowly appeared from the Dao of Void.

Yu Lingdis brows were tightly furrowed.

He looked sideways and seemed to be thinking about something.

However, as he watched the three of them leave, the frown between his brows slowly relaxed.

His body gradually shattered and turned into the water element before disappearing At the same time.

At the peak of the Yunlun Mountain Range, above the Cloud Realm world.

The water element converged, and Yu Lingdis figure appeared thousands of miles away at the same time.

“Sword Deity Rao…”

“I saw it all.” Just as Yu Lingdi opened his mouth, Rao Yaoyao interrupted him.

She looked at one of the spirit mirrors in front of her.

The scene of Young Master Xu and the other two who were rushing was in the mirror.

Obviously, Rao Yaoyao had seen the whole scene from the beginning to the end.

“What do you think” Yu Lingdi asked.

“What do you feel about confronting him face to face” Rao Yaoyao did not answer but asked with a smile.

Yu Lingdi pondered for a moment and put aside his previous displeasure.

He only praised him, “I have to admit that he is very outstanding! Regardless of integrity, combat strength, ability to deal with matters, and adaptability, Young Master Xu should be one of the best in the younger generation that I have seen.”

“Its rare for you to have such comments,” Rao Yaoyao smiled.

She then asked again, “How does he compare to Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou”

Yu Lingdi was stunned.

Then, he thought for a moment and said quickly.

“If we compare him with the Xu Xiaoshou that I met previously, the two of them are indeed not at the same level!

“Regardless of Young Master Xus Way of the Sword, combat strength, Demi-Saint descendants integrity, methods, and thoughts, they are completely superior to Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

“Xu Xiaoshou was indeed not bad…”

While speaking, Yu Lingdi rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “But in front of me, he has no power to resist.” “Young Master Xu is different.

When he faced my pressure, the confidence he displayed vaguely made me feel a sense of intimidation.

I can imagine that he has a trump card that can hurt me.

“And previously…” Yu Lingdi recalled the scene where he completely defeated Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou in the Eighth Palace.

“When Xu Xiaoshou faced me, a Sovereign (stage), other than waiting for death and rescue, he couldnt even resist the slightest.” Rao Yaoyao nodded.

Even the Chief of Spirit Division said so.

These two were completely different persons.

Perhaps the two had some similarities in some aspects, but the difference was too great.

It was the difference between heaven and earth!

The difference between clouds and mud!

It couldnt be that Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou could completely change his personality and improve his combat strength in just a few months, right Most importantly, the confidence and the aura that Young Master Xu exuded from the Demi-Saint descendant could be sensed by Rao Yaoyao, who was far away, from the spirit mirror.

If they were the same person… There was no other possibility than being possessed! After all, what Young Master Xu had shown was not only the Way of the Sword but also other aspects of his abilities that far surpassed Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou!

Rao Yaoyao looked at Yu Lingdi and said, “Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou is, after all, under the guidance of Bazhunan.

His growth is also very terrifying.” “In order to kill you, his master even lost his future and was imprisoned under the Holy Mountain.” “And you, because of the final gift given by your father,Saint Restoration Blood, you were reborn.

Another Demi-Saint took action and summoned the Seven Spirits to protect your soul.

“In the end, with the help of the extremely overbearing infernal white flame, he cut off the foundation of his final stage Dao Realm of the Sovereign (stage).

With the ultimate flame, out of the depth of misfortune, he combined the slim chance of life in the process of Cutting Path (stage) and made Water-Type Upanishad a perfect nirvana, achieving the unity of spirit and flesh, and rebirth.

“Tsk, tsk…”

Rao Yaoyaos tone was very sorrowful.

It seemed that even she found this outcome unbelievable.

She sighed and finally said, “Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou probably hates you to death.

I have a feeling that if he can grow and develop in the future, the two of you might have a battle.”

Yu Lingdi recalled the process of rebirth and had a lingering fear.

The only drop of Saint Restoration Blood left by his father, a Demi-Saint used the complete opposite of the ultimate water — ultimate flame to help him cut the path… If anything went wrong in any of these steps…

He, Yu Lingdi, would die.

However, fate was just that magical.

The person who helped him, a final-stage water-type Dao Realm Sovereign (stage), happened to be Sang Qiye, who possessed the ultimate infernal white flame.

He was also in the Higher Void State, and he had tremendous combat strength.

If it was anyone else, or any ordinary fire-type… Not to mention cutting off his foundation.

It would be difficult to kill him!

Yu Lingdi had lived for more than 20 years in his life.

The only thing that was out of his control was that after the battle in the Eighth Palace, Sang Qiye helped him break through to the Cutting Path (stage) and resurrect.

He had never believed that there would be such a coincidence in this world.

But after all, Yu Lingdi had heard of the hand outside this world that controlled the fate of the people in this world.

And now, he believed in coincidence.

He had thought that he would be stuck at the final stage of the Sovereign (stage) and not able to achieve the Cutting Path (stage).

On a routine mission, he went to the Eighth Palace.

Coincidentally, he beat Sang Qiyes disciple on a mountain road and brought the disaster.

In a life-and-death battle, he was killed by the infernal white flame!

Sang Qiye, who cut him… TheSaint Restoration Blood that His father refused to use until his death and only wanted to pass on to his son…

Hallmaster Daos help…

It seemed that Yu Lingdis disaster was fated so that he could be reborn.

Yu Lingdi also wondered if this was the Supreme Holy Emperors plan.

His Cutting Path (stage) might be useful for the future situation of the continent.

However, on the second thought…

Abyss Island, which was hostile to the secret realm of the Holy Land, would definitely not let those supreme existences succeed in their plans, even borrow the Saint Servant faction to help him achieve the perfect Cutting Path.

Yu Lingdi was relieved.

“It must be a fortuitous encounter…” he sighed and said.

“If not for this encounter, I really cant think of any other opportunity to succeed in cutting path (stage).”

Rao Yaoyao smiled.

“You are the number one genius of the Five Regions.

Even without this encounter, with time, you can still rely on yourself to succeed in achieving Cutting Path (stage).”

Yu Lingdi did not say anything.

He knew that without a great fortuitous encounter, it might take hundreds or thousands of years to reach the final-stage Sovereign (stage) of the Dao realm.

“Bazhunan killed my biological father.

I took the opportunity to kill his second-in-command Saint Servant.

Its considered to even out the matter.

“As for Xu Xiaoshou…”

As Yu Lingdi spoke, he recalled what Sword Deity Rao had said just now.

There might really be a battle between the two of them in the future.

He laughed and said, “To be honest, Im not looking forward to a battle with him.” Rao Yaoyao did not make any comments.

Yu Lingdis talent, even in the previous era when geniuses were many, was estimated to be among the top of the Ten High Nobles of The Central Region.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshous growth rate was indeed strong

But compared to him…

From the same age, to barely the Master (stage), to a perfect Cutting Path (stage), he was indeed insignificant.

Unless he had also obtained a great opportunity that helped him along the way!

“Lets not talk about this.”

Rao Yaoyao sighed and retracted her thoughts.

She turned to look at Yu Lingdi and said seriously, “There is new information from your real opponent of the previous era.”

Yu Lingdi was stunned before his eyes lit up.



Rao Yaoyao nodded.”Yu Zhiwen has received news that the Bazhunan has infiltrated Abyss Island.

Chu Lisheng has also come over to discuss with me at the first instant.

He has officially given you an order!”

Yu Lingdi straightened his body.

Rao Yaoyao looked straight at him and took out the void token.

She said solemnly, “Chief of Spirit Division, Yu Lingdi, temporarily put aside all matters in the Yunlun Mountain Range and enter Abyss Island with the void token.”

“Remember, the Bazhunan might be from the inner island.

Your mission is to find him and the Storyteller.

Keep an eye on them, but dont act rashly!”

“Just keep an eye on them” Yu Lingdi frowned.

“Thats right, just keep an eye on them.

Only a perfect Cutting Path (stage) like you can carry out this mission without being discovered.

As for the existences on Abyss Island, dont worry.

Hallmaster Dao will secretly help you,” Rao Yaoyao said.

“Alright.” Yu Lingdi took the void token.

Rao Yaoyao repeatedly reminded.

“No matter what situation you encounter, dont act rash.

Dont make any move!” “Remember! Even if Bazhunan is currently suffering from a serious illness, even if he still has Sword Deity Huas remnant sword energy in his body, as if he is on the verge of death, even if you are a perfect Cutting Path (stage)… “But the moment you are discovered, you will be controlled.

It will only take an instant!

“A strike!”

Rao, Yaoyao raised a finger.

Her beautiful eyes filled with solemnity.

“He will be able to lead you to eternal damnation, never to be reincarnated!” Yu Lingdi was shocked when he heard this.

Even though he was a perfect Cutting Path (stage… Even though Bazhunans current state had dropped to the lowest point in history…

However, was the so-called Eighth Sword Deitys combat strength still so terrifying “Dont worry.”

After pondering for a moment, Yu Lingdi nodded heavily.

“Ive been waiting for a long time.

One day, I will personally kill and end the hatred of killing my father.

But its not this time.”

After he finished speaking.

His figure disintegrated and turned into a water element that dissipated.

Rao Yaoyao withdrew her attention and landed on the countless spirit mirrors in front of her.

The spirit mirror that came from Young Master Xu was no longer her focus.

In genera, the fight between such small figures was of no importance.

Even if Young Master Xu was a ghost beast, it was not a big deal for him to bring two ghost beast host bodies to train in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

It was at most three ghost beasts.

The amount of the red-clothed peoples defenses on the continent could catch more than this in a day.

Moreover, Young Master Xu was not a ghost beast!

Rao Yaoyao felt that she had given enough face to the Demi-Saint descendant by spending time and confirming repeatedly Young Master Xus identity.

What she had really been paying attention to…


The scene changed, and several spiritual mirrors were enlarged.

Among them, shockingly, were the training scenes of the three swordsmen of the Burial Sword Tomb.

“Your appeared in the White Cave, and there are traces of you in the Yunlun Mountain Range…”

Rao Yaoyao muttered silently in her heart, “Wen Ting, Wen Ting, I just cant find any evidence or trace against you.

But your intention to help your good old friend is too obvious.”

She turned her gaze to the other spirit mirrors and frowned again.

There were many people that she had confirmed their identity as stowaway, but it was not good for her to directly attack them.

There was one among them who was short and had a head of white hair.

He did not care about points or trial officers.

It was as if he was strolling aimlessly in the Yunlun Mountain Range, leisurely and at ease.

“Space attributes…”

Rao Yaoyaos eyelids were closed.

There was some anxiety between her brows.

“There arent many people on this continent who possess space attributes.

Why did you come here”


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