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Chapter 826 The Demon King of Chaos, Mu Zixi!

In the inner area.

Chong Yuan was stunned.

He had just dug out a fire-type Path Principles overflowing strange crystal and was still trying to confirm whether this thing was the legendary Path Principle Origin Stone.

The information about the trial jade pendant made him explode.


He immediately opened the map.

As expected, there was a conspicuous red coordinate above the trial map.

The coordinates were exactly where he was.

“Are you kidding me!”

Chong Yuans mouth began to twitch.

He was the top point scorer but his points were earned by killing cloud beasts.

In terms of combat strength, he probably couldnt compare to the descendants of the Higher Void (level) and Demi-Saint in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

But at this critical moment, the map had revealed his coordinates.

“What should I do”

The fire-type origin stone was like a hot potato.

This thing was indeed good.

But if he held it in his hands, it meant that he, Chong Yuan, would be chased by all the fire-type Spiritual Cultivators in the Yunlun Mountain Range!

“I have a million points, but its all gold-type.”

“If this origin stone is gold-type, with a million points, Ill be the top point scorer for a long time.

Then I can temporarily put aside accumulating points, flee with the origin stone and be enlightened.” “Perhaps, I can fight everywhere and gain benefits from the chaotic situation.”


Chong Yuan looked at the fire-type origin stone in his hand and was very distressed.

“But why are you the fire-type To me, you are of no use at all!”

They were all geniuses and they were all smart.

Soon, Chong Yuan made a decision.

“Rather than taking this thing and being forced to stop accumulating points, I might as well let it go and let them fight to the death here.

“Maybe this fight for the origin stone can destroy the trial path of several descendants of the Higher Void (level) and Demi-Saint.

“After all, they may not be fire-type, but there must be fire-type people in the clan.

They need this thing.

“And I…”

Chong Yuan looked into the distance.

His eyes regained their calmness.

He said to himself calmly, “My goal is the Holy Palace!”

Those who achieved great things would not care about trivial matters.

He just let go as he decided.

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Chong Yuan fired dozens of shots on the spot, shattering an entire mountain, burying the fire-type origin stone deep under the ground.

He then used the spiritual source to move the rocks and made this mountain into a valley.

Before he left, he looked back several times feeling reluctant.

He was somewhat sad.

“Its a pity.

If I were a Spirit Array Caster, I would use the origin stone to set up a monstrous killing array.

With the right timing and geographical advantages, I would take the opportunity to kill all that come forward!” But he wasnt.

Thus he had to let go and head towards the direction of the Nine Dragon Range.


“So theres such a reward for being the first.

If Im the first one to reach the Nine Dragon Range, will I also be given a million points and a gold-type origin stone” With endless thoughts, Chong Yuan quickly left the place.

At the same time…

In the outer area of the Yunlun Mountain Range, everyone had gone crazy.

This time, they no longer care about the cloud bead or the cloud beast.

For a fire-type origin stone and more Path Principles Origin Stone in the inner area, everyone put down what they were doing and rushed straight to the inner area.

The road sign that they used to validate the location was that very eye-catching fire-type origin stone.

In the east…

Xu Xiaoshou saw the notification from the trial jade pendant and laughed out loud.

“The heavens are helping me!”

A fire-type origin stone wasnt enough to move him.

The key was he had predicted the battle that this fire-type origin stone would bring! In less than a day…

Chong Yuan, who was holding the fire-type origin stone, would attract a large number of Spiritual Cultivators.

In such a chaotic battle, if he, Xu Xiaoshou, suppressed the chaotic scene, how awe-inspiring would that be

Most importantly…

Passive Points!

They were all Passive Points!

If this attracted tens of thousands of people, it meant he just needed to suppress all the Spiritual Cultivators once, and he would receive close to 10,000 Passive Points!

The members of the Xu Faction in the surroundings watched as Young Master Xu laughed maniacally in the air.

They were not aware that this guy had thought of fighting 10,000 people by himself.

They assumed that Young Master Xu was also interested in this fire-type origin stone.

“Congratulations, Young Master Xu!”

Zhao Xiu was the first to run up to him and said obsequiously, “Young Master Xu, although you are of the space type, you also cultivate the Art of Alchemy.

I believe that the fire-type origin stone will also be of great help to you.

Should we go over this time” The other members of the Five Tiger Generals, including the acting commander of the sixth squad, Rong Dahao, as well as the members of Xu Faction, looked over.

Everyone knew Young Master Xus combat strength.

Everyone expected the scene of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

However, no one was afraid.

On the contrary, with Young Master Xu leading them, they had a great chance of obtaining the fire-type origin stone.

And according to what Young Master Xu said earlier, although he was only interested in the origin stone, what about the points of the other cultivators

With a casual sword strike from Young Master Xu, the members of the Xu Faction would be extremely rich!

Who wouldnt want to get a share of the spoils

Rong Dahao and the many newly joined Master (stage)members also thought of the benefits of having Young Master Xu as their leader.

After all, in the Yunlun Mountain Range, even if Young Master Xu wasnt at the peak of combat strength, he was still one of the top few.

And with so many people under his command, he didnt have to worry about not getting the fire-type origin stone and the trial takers points.

“Of course, well go!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately made a decision without any hesitation.

He turned to look at the Five Tiger Generals and asked, “Does any of you know Chong Yuans combat strength”

Tai Xing said, “Chong family only has this genius, but his foundation is not comparable to the Higher Void Family.

Chong Yuan cant beat Young Master Xu.”

“En,” Rong Dahao nodded.

He had only heard of Chong Yuans name.

However, as the descendant of the Higher Void family, he knew how big the gap between the Higher Void Family and the ordinary aristocratic family was.

Not to mention the one who wanted to fight him this time was the Demi-Saint descendant, Young Master Xu! Xu Xiaoshou asked again, “Whats his attribute”

“Gold type,” Mo Beibei said and then paused as if she realized something.

“Gold type is good…” Xu Xiaoshou immediately laughed out loud and looked at everyone.

He asked, “If you have a million points and feel that you cant fight against 10,000 enemies by yourself, and the origin stone you obtain doesnt match you, what choice will you make”.

Everyone was stunned.

Rong Dahaos eyes suddenly lit up.

“Give up!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the others.

There was hesitation in Zhu Dongs eyes.

“I may not want to give it up, but Im afraid I have no choice but to give up just like Brother Rong.” “Give up!”

“Me too!”

“What a hot potato!”

Without exception, everyone gave the same answer.

Xu Xiaoshou held the jade pendant in his hand and said with a smile, “Then take a look.

Since the news was released, has Chong Yuans coordinates changed”

“No,” Zhu Dong was stunned.

“Sigh, thats strange.

Why isnt he running away” Zhao Xiu scratched her head.

“Stupid, he must have abandoned the origin stone and chosen to accumulate points so that he can continue leading the point rankings,” Xi Guanghan sneered.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and said, “Thats right.

Chong Yuan must have let go of the fire-type origin stone and run.

This guy… really adapts to the situation well!”

He was a little emotional.

Not everyone could do it.

When a rare treasure was in their hands, they could have such a calm attitude.

There was a reason why Chong Yuan could continue to lead the point rankings.

“However, since he has let go of the fire-type origin stone, its an opportunity for us,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

Rong Dahao probed further, “Young Master Xu, we are still some distance away from the inner area.

Moreover, the fire-type origin stone is not near the east area.

Im afraid by that time we arrive, the origin stone will have been taken away.”

“This is what Ive wanted to say.”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that time waits for no man.

He then said seriously, “Bringing everyone from the Xu Faction is too slow and the goal is too big.

I and the two great guardians will set off first.

You guys follow behind.” “This…” the Five Tiger Generals were stunned.

The Xu Faction was established by relying on Young Master Xu.

How could they not be led by a leader

Moreover, what if Rong Dahao led the sixth team of Master (stage) members and attempted a revolt in Young Master Xus absence

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and waved his hand, suppressing the few people in front of him who were hesitant to speak.

“Dont worry, the Xu Faction has developed and even if it doesnt sweep across the entire Yunlun Mountain Range, its strength is still one of the best.

“Even if you do encounter other big factions, I believe they wont choose to fight at this time because the outcome will be others reaping the benefits of both sides.

“Under such circumstances, Xu Faction naturally will not have any enemy as they advance.

“You guys go ahead and accumulate your points.

I will open a path for you guys in advance!”

The Five Tiger Generals were a little touched when they heard this, but there was still worry in their s eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou was very smart.

How could he not see what these people wanted to say

He looked at Rong Dahao, “In my absence, you are the chief leader and have the power to kill.

I can trust you, right” Rong Dahao was touched.

To be honest, he didnt even have the intention to revolt.

It was because only by fighting with Young Master Xu could he know how terrifying this guy was.

However, when the atmosphere around him became strange, he knew that the people around him were suspicious of him.

After it was directly pointed out by Young master Xu, Rong Dahaos mood brightened.

He said sincerely, “Young Master Xu, dont worry.

When you leave, Xu Faction has 900 members.

When we see other again, there will only be more members!”

“I dont want more people.”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and smiled.

“I want all of you to stay alive and see me at the location of the fire-type origin stone! I also hope that when the time comes, all of you will be able to earn a lot and give me 10,000 points to regain your freedom.”

Rong Dahao nodded solemnly, “Definitely!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Five Tiger Generals.

He wouldnt use the person if he suspected him.

And he wouldnt suspect the person that he used.

Furthermore, in the Yun Lun Mountain Range, he wasnt afraid of any betrayal.

“Definitely!” the Five Tiger Generals also shouted in unison.


Xu Xiaoshou instantly turned into a ray of light and left with the two guardians.

After seeing Young Master Xu leave, Rong Dahaos aura suddenly rose.

It was as if the dark clouds that had been pressing down on him finally dispersed.

His aura as a descendant of the Higher Void (level) was also released.

He turned around.

Rong Dahaos aura was awe-inspiring.

He shouted, “The members of the Xu Faction, youve heard Young Master Xus words, right Our mission is to give Young Master Xu 10,000 points when we reach the inner area.

Next, theres only one thing to do…”


Just as Rong Dahao raised his arms and shouted, and he was about to shout out the two wordsscoring points, a ray of light turned around in the distance.

Xu Xiaoshou came back and blocked in front of Rong Dahou.

“Oh!” Rong Dahao choked.

With Young Master Xus return, his aura was weakened that it was as if he was suppressed to the bottom of a valley.

He raised his arm and couldnt utter a sound.

He almost choked until he spat out blood on the spot.

Even if he managed to hold it in, his face couldnt help but turn green and white.

“Young Master Xu” Rong Dahao held back the urge to attack.

With his face covered, he gritted his teeth and asked in puzzlement.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and scratched his head, “I forgot to tell you guys this.

If you encounter the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky, do not clash with them.” “Its because you do not know my people.

If you want to start a war, you must first ask for their identities,” he said seriously as if this was a very important matter.

Rong Dahao and the Five Tiger Generals were dumbfounded.

Just this Just for this, he interrupted the Xu Factions surging aura.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled bitterly in his heart, “Im afraid that you guys will cause trouble, and the flood will wash over the Dragon King Temple!” If they offended Mu Zixi, Mo Mo, and the others, with their abilities, they could kill the entire Xu Faction alone! “Thats all, Im leaving.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not wait to say much.

After saying a few words, he turned around and left.

Rong Dahao raised his hand in a daze.

After a long while, he shook his arm, exhaled, and regained his aura.

“Did you hear that!”

“Before you kill, ask the questionAre you a member of the First Pavilion in the Sky””


When the main group of Xu Faction set off, a strange phenomenon occurred.

A few hundred people suddenly jumped out from a mountain top and surrounded a few weaklings.

They shouted in unison, “Are you from the First Pavilion in the Sky”



The moment the other parties answeredNo, the overwhelming element attacks directly knocked them out.

And then…

“Alright, theyve knocked out… stop, stop quickly.

If you keep bombarding them, theyll all be shattered!”

“Begin the plunder, Im the first!”

“Im the second!”

“Im the third!”

According to the intensity of their attacks, everyone would plunder the jade pendants points one after another without humanity before sending it away on the spot.

The cycle repeated itself.

After a long time… In a dense Senluo Woods, everyone was besieging a little girl with twin ponytails who looked like a daughter of a humble family.

“Those above, Ive already surrounded all of you.

All of you show up! Dont hide anymore!” that girl was in the upper hand! The members of the Xu Faction were all stunned.

The original Rong group vaguely felt that these words were somewhat familiar.

It was as if they had heard it before, but they couldnt remember where it was.

The members of the Xu Faction asked in unison, “Are you from the First Pavilion in the Sky!”

The little girl was stunned, “Hey, how did you know”


Due to the inertia of their thinking, no one could react in time.

Everyone had gone crazy from the killing.

The questioning had become a routine and they did not think at all.

After the other party answered, 99% of the people had pounced forward with their knives.

When the Five Tiger Generals and Rong Dahao realized that something was wrong, the situation in the entire forest had distorted crazily.

The little girl clapped her small hands.

The moment the hundreds of people from the Xu Faction flew up, they were wrapped by countless vines and wounded all over their bodies.

They were all hung up.

Rong Dahaos scalp went numb as he exclaimed, “Were on the same side! Were Young Master Xus people! May I ask who you are”

At this moment, he finally understood what Young Master Xu meant.

So it turned out that any person of the First Pavilion in the Sky really had the strength to fight against a thousand people “My name is Mu Zixi.

Are you guys led by Young Master Xu” Mu Zixi asked curiously.

In the dense forest, she was like the daughter of a god, blessed by the heavens.

The cultivation level of the Heavenly Image State of Master (stage) could even display effects similar to that of the Sovereign (stage).

It could kill everyone that blocked its way.

Of course, her biggest trump card was still the God Devil Eyes.

But these Innate (stage) little tricks were not worth using at all.

With the power of the White Caves World Source, she could lock them up one by one and swallow them all.

Rong Dahao nodded in a daze.

“Yes, we are Young Master Xus people.” After leaving Xu Xiaoshou and being alone, Mu Zixi was like a great demon king of chaos.

When she heard this, she stopped sucking everyones life force and put down the dispirited members of the Xu Faction.

“Interesting…” Her eyes lit up instantly.

She pointed at Rong Dahao and said loudly, “Okay, from now on, you guys will be under my control!”


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