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Chapter 822 Disillusionment Finger.

Terrifying Output!

“Come, come, eat this recovery medicine.

This is my secret Amber Juice.

It is very effective on a master like you.” Xu Xiaoshou took out the honey and handed it to Rong Dahao.

Rong Dahao had a complicated look on his face.

“Dont worry, I am not greedy for your points.

Up to now, It must not have been easy for you to accumulate points.

However, there are more than 900 people working under both of us.

It would not be difficult to accumulate points.

It would be something that can be obtained with a swish of our hand!” Xu Xiaoshou patted Rong Dahaos shoulder.

Rong Dahaos face was twisted into a bitter gourd.

“Im a sovereign in both alchemy and the way of the sword.

I have an unparalleled sacred physique.

My combat strength is enough to sweep across the entire Yunlun Mountain range.

If you, Rong Dahao, can follow the Jiang clans demi-saint descendant, why cant you follow me” Xu Xiaoshou pretended to be angry.

Rong Dahao covered the wound on his chest and was speechless for a long time.

He really didnt know why this young man, standing in front of him, valued him so much.

He was just a descendant of the higher void!

Could he find someone else instead There are plenty of people in the Yunlun Mountain, and he, Rong Dahao, really didnt dare to follow Young Master Xu! “Still not talking” Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

“Im sorry, Young Master Xu.

Im very grateful that you didnt kill me, but forgive me… I really cant work under you.” Rong Dahao was touched by the affirmation, but more than that, he didnt dare to move.

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“No reason…” Rong Dahao shook his head lightly and made up a lie.

“My master and the demi-saint of the northern region, the Xu Family, are not on good terms.

I cant go with Young Master Xu on a matter of principle.

I hope Young Master Xu can make it easy for


Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

He, the descendant of a demi-saint, was made up.

How is it even possible for his Rong Clan to have a grudge with the Taixiang Xu Family of the Northern Region

This is the greatest absurdity in the desolate world!

“How should I make it easy for you” He asked.

“Kill or release.

Its your choice.” Rong Dahao was unafraid of death.

“Yo-ho!” Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

Was this little fatty really not afraid of death “I wont kill you, but if you refuse to surrender, I will kill every one of the hundreds of people under your command today.

Not a single one of them will live.” Xu Xiaoshou did not believe that he could not deal with this little fatty.

Killing them one by one meant nothing more than ending this group of peoples path of survival, and at the same time, destroying their hopes of stepping into the Holy Palace.


Rong Dahao was furious.

He was infuriated by this wave of moral kidnapping.

Young Master Xu must be a plaster.

That must be why he was constantly clinging onto him, Rong Dahao.

Furthermore, theres no need for Young Master Xu to cherish talents to such an extent.

There were above forty Masters yet he didnt accept any of them.

Why did Young Master Xu only want him, Rong Dahao “What kind of virtue do I have…” Rong Dahaos emotions were mixed again.

He turned to look at his comrades who had also been subdued on the ground.

Each of them had an unyielding look in their eyes, or they were looking forward to it… But without exception, everyone looked at him and believed in him.

Rong Dahao firmly believed that as long as he shook his head and said the word “No”, these old subordinates would really be willing to pay for his choice and calmly die.

But, could he do that

Rong Dahao was a person with feelings.

These old subordinates had treated him well and loved him so much, so how could he repay his debt with the feelings of others “Young Master Xu…” “Think carefully before you answer!”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted and raised a finger.

“Ill give you an incenses time, 5 minutes.

Whether you die or surrender, its up to you.

I still have something else to do.” Then, he ignored Rong Dahao and looked up at the sky.

In the Nine Heavens, clouds and mist covered the sky.

However, within the barrier of sword energy, the stupid yet adorable Cloud Beast was still bumping into walls everywhere, unable to escape.

Xu Xiaoshou had come for the Cloud Beasts 10,000 points.

How could he abandon his main objective after taking down the Rong Clans team along the way

He immediately ditched the Xu Faction and the rest and flew towards the peak of Drifting Cloud Mountain.

“Young Master Xu…” Rong Dahao looked at the young mans departing figure with a complicated expression.

To be honest, if not for the Ghost Beast Host Body that he had seen in the Plenty Gold Company, he would really have been moved by Young Master Xus methods.

But now…

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“What should I do What should I do” Rong Dahaos face was mournful as he sobbed in his heart.

Ever since he was young, he had never felt so wronged.

This multiple-choice question was really difficult.

“Stop, Brother Rong.

You wont be able to escape.” The Five Tiger Generals came over and surrounded Rong Dahao.

They also looked up at the sky.

Tai Xing said, “We didnt want to give in before this, but Young Master Xu is too strong.

Even if we double the number of people, we wont be able to take him down.”

Zhu Dong was also trying to persuade him, “Young master Xu values you more than he values us.

Weve followed Young Master Xu for a day now.

In the past, when he encountered such people, he would just send them away with a single sword strike.

Why would he waste his breath Think about it yourself.

The stakes are high!” Mo Beibei chuckled, “After three rounds of persuasion, we hereby invite Brother Rong thrice.

Young Master Xu is full of sincerity.”

Zhao Xiu said, “Why the f*ck did you act like a sissy You were so bashful.

Young Master Xu has taken a fancy to you, so why dont you just obediently follow him Stop thinking about so many troublesome matters!” Xi Guanghan nodded.

“Yes, theyre right.”

Rong Dahao stayed silent.

He could not react in time.

It had only been a day, so how did Young Master Xu subdue these people to such an extent They even came over to help Young Master Xu to persuade him.

It must be known that he had given his own 100 men a huge benefit to be able to make them submit to him wholeheartedly.

“I dont know…”

Rong Dahao was at a loss again.

He had nowhere to run, and he didnt want to commit suicide.

If this continued, would he really surrender “Think about it carefully for the time it takes an incense stick to burn!” The Five Tiger Generals left, leaving Rong Dahao to discuss with the masters of his team.

The time it takes for an incense stick to burn… Rong Dahao looked at the sky with a complicated expression.

Suddenly, his expression trembled and he reacted.

“5 minutes” “That fellow means that he can take down the cloud beast in 5 minutes”

Above in the Nine Heavens.

“Wu –“

A peculiar beast cry reverberated in the air.

The Cloud Beast had already hit a wall more than ten times.

Even though it had a gentle temperament, it still felt a little angry at this moment.

It did not understand how this sky, which had nothing in it, could make it feel uncomfortable time and time again.

Even its cloud body was unable to pass through the strange barrier and would be directly destroyed.

“Attacked, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his sword and landed on the peak.

Hearing the Cloud Beasts neigh, his head swelled and he felt dizzy.

In the blink of an eye, he woke up.

Looking at the Cloud Beast which had no fixed form, he was a little shocked.

“Spiritual attack” What the heck!

A casual cry against a grandmaster realm cultivator could also be used as a spiritual attack.

This Cloud Beast was really powerful! It must be known that in terms of spiritual attack and defense, someone of the innate stage, master stage, or even an ordinary sovereign stage, might not even be able to touch it for the rest of their life.

For those who were proficient in this path, other than those at the sovereign stage with special attributes, there were only supreme experts like the sovereigns who had a deep understanding of the rules and could capture the minds of others with a single move.

“Such a tiny Cloud Beast is actually quite powerful” Xu Xiaoshous mind moved, and he flew over with Hidden Bitter in his hand.

“Take my attack!”


With a backhand slash.

White sword aura shot out.

Xu Xiaoshou used 50% of his strength in this sword attack.

Who would have thought that the sword energy did indeed slash through the Cloud Beast in an instant, but it also directly penetrated through it The sword energy suddenly disappeared into the horizon, unable to cause any damage.

“Whats this situation”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

Could it be that the Cloud Beasts physique was immune to all physical attacks

In the sky, the Cloud Beast, which was still inexplicably swaying, felt that it had indeed been attacked and became angry.

The Cloud Beast suddenly expanded and twisted, and its buttocks turned into a head.

Its two shining big eyeballs were aimed at the shocked human who was holding a sword on the Drifting Cloud Peak.

“Wu Wu!!”

The loud and clear sound wave tore up like thousands of arrows.

The moving clouds in the sky were torn apart, and the intangible sound wave blade slashed toward the Drifting Cloud Peak at an incredible speed.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

A violent explosion sounded.

The Xu Faction and the Rong Clan members at the foot of the Drifting Cloud Peak covered their ears and wore painful expressions as they looked up in shock.

However, after the Cloud Beasts sonic wave attack, a wave of chaos swept across the peak.

The entire peak of the Drifting Cloud Peak was directly chopped into pieces! The mountain rocks turned into fingernail-sized gravel and rolled down from the mountain like an avalanche.

It was vast and mighty.

Smoke and dust filled the sky.

“That beast is so strong”

Rong Dahao and the others were shocked.

They had seen the Cloud Beast before, but they hadnt had the time to attack.

They hadnt expected the Cloud Beasts sound wave damage to be so terrifying! “Young Master Xu, he cant be dead right” Someone asked in a daze.

Indeed, the entire Drifting Cloud Peak had been destroyed by a beasts roar.

If it was a human, they wouldnt be able to withstand such damage.

Rong Dahao thought of Young Master Xu, who was as light as a feather under the Black Heavy Ancient Gate.

He shook his head and said, “Impossible.

His defense is extremely high.” “But this is a spiritual attack!” Someone retorted.

Rong Dahao was stunned for a moment.

He turned around and looked at everyone.

Only then did he realize that they were so far away from the battlefield.

The people around him were also injured by the sound waves of the Cloud Beast.

Their temples were swollen and blood was flowing out of their seven orifices without them knowing it.

When he saw this, Rong Dahao realized something He wiped his eyes and nose… His hands were covered in blood!

“F*ck!” Rong Dahao was terrified.

If the sound wave damage was raised to a higher level, would everyone here die without knowing how Or perhaps, they didnt even know when they were going to die “Back off!”


Rong Dahao shouted and unconsciously led the Xu Faction and the Rong Clan away from the scene on behalf of Young Master Xu.

“That really hurts!”

In mid-air, Xu Xiaoshou covered his ears and grimaced.

He put down his hand and realized that his palm was covered in blood.

His perception saw that the surface of his skin was full of cracks.

Even his internal organs were affected by the sound wave and were all ruptured.

Even though it only took a few breaths of time for his injuries to heal.

However, Xu Xiaoshous eyes were opened wide when he saw the amount of damage that Cloud Beast at its master stage was able to do to him.

His injuries had healed, but his clothes had not been repaired.

Xu Xiaoshous body was covered in blood as if he had just been pulled out of a pool of blood.

“I only slashed your butt once.

Do you need to be so angry” Xu Xiaoshou was also angry.

He raised his sword and slashed again as if he did not believe it.

“Sword Web Style!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The dense sword energy interweaved into a three-dimensional network, completely blocking the Cloud Beasts path.

“Chi Chi Chi…” Explosions sounded in the air.

The Cloud Beasts body was torn apart by the sword energy.

However, the cloud is the cloud.

It has no fixed shape.

No matter how strong the sword move was, as long as it was a physical attack, it would not hurt the beast at all,

On the contrary…

The Cloud Beast was enraged again.

It opened its mouth, revealing its fangs.

“Wu Wu Wu!!!”

Another mournful cry.

This time, Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

He covered his ears and closed his eyes, wanting to escape immediately.

But it was too late.

The speed of the sonic wave attack was too outstanding.

He suffered another terrifying attack.

“Weng Weng Weng Weng –“.

His brain buzzed chaotically as if tens of thousands of mosquitoes had barged in.

Xu Xiaoshous goosebumps were all growled out.

Only then did he realize that he really did not have any defensive spiritual technique that could withstand mental attacks like sound waves.

“Thats not right.” “I have a move!” Very quickly, a spiritual light flashed in his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the special passive skill he had previously obtained: Disillusionment Finger.

He did not have a defensive spiritual technique, but he did have such a move in the form of a mental counterattack.

“Disillusionment Finger (charge point: 2.67%)”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked that the Cloud Beasts two Soundwave attacks had actually brought so much charge point to Disillusionment Finger.

He came to his senses.

The reason he was able to escape from the sound wave attacks stun state was because of the effect of the Disillusionment Finger! “Disillusionment Finger: when receiving a spiritual attack, the charge point will be increased.

Every 1% increase in charge point can trigger aSpiritual Awakening to escape from the control of the mind and choose whether to cast Disillusionment Finger.”

Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

The effect of not being controlled by the stun was theSpirit Awakening!


As for Disillusionment Finger, it could not be released on its own accord.

It had to be controlled by the spiritual attack before it could be released.

Since that was the case, if he wanted to deal with this Cloud Beast, it seemed that everything would become simple… As he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his sword and another wave of sword energy slashed out.

This time, he did not seek to injure the beast, he only wanted to provoke it.

Sure enough, the silly Cloud Beast opened its mouth again.


Like the wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves, with a very high penetrating power, the cry of the beast broke through the eight space, the smell of tinnitus, dizziness, headache.

But this time, the first moment the cry came into contact with Xu Xiaoshou…

“Coming!” While Xu Xiaoshou felt dizzy, at the same time, he felt sober.


He pointed his finger as if he was an immortal guiding the path.

“Disillusionment Finger!”


A faint sound was heard.

A beam of green light flashed.

No earth-shaking phenomenon or abnormal phenomena could be seen.

The Cloud Beast that was crouching in the air, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, suddenly disintegrated when it was hit by the green light, turning into wisps of clouds and disappearing into the air.

The battle ended! “Its dead!”

Far away, the Xu Faction and the Rong Clan members who had already fled the battlefield and could not help but fly into the air to watch the battle from afar.

They were all shocked when they witnessed the scene.

The Cloud Beasts final attack caused even them, who were far away from the battlefield, to feel their hearts stop and their bodies almost explode on the spot.

Young Master Xu, who was the first to bear the brunt of the attack, was not only safe and sound, he was also unaffected by the sound wave stun state and attacked calmly.

With just one finger.

He destroyed the entire Cloud Beast “Crazy!”

“Am I really seeing things, or did I become delusional from the Cloud Beasts roar”

“Is this something that a sovereigns way of the sword can do Didnt that Cloud Beast ignore sword moves and physical attacks How could it not withstand that sword finger” “Young Master Xu even has a spiritual attack! That Cloud Beast is good at spiritual attacks, and its spiritual defense is definitely not low.

Yet, Young master Xus finger can even destroy its body and soul.” “If this finger was pointed at us…”

Rong Dahaos face suddenly turned pale as he listened to the discussions around him.

He suddenly realized that if Young Master Xu were to use this finger to point at him, it would be considered a luxury if he was kicked out of the Yunlun Mountains and ended the imperial city trial.

The only result would be that his physical body would be kicked out.

His soul would sink forever!


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