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Chapter 821 The Inheritance of the Defeated, Three Strikes Break the Body!

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Rong Dahao felt like he was going crazy.

He never thought that he would be chosen by Young Master Xu because of his determination to fight to the death.

Rong Dahao would rather not have his talent be cherished this way by the young master.

He didnt want to be with the Ghost Beast!

“Screw it!” Rong Dahao shouted and waved his sleeve.

Xu Xiaoshou rushed up from behind him.


The master praised.

He continued with a smile, “Thats the kind of aura you should have.

Youre very wild and arrogant, but your attitude is what makes me like you even more.

After joining the Xu Gang, your talent will

be fully displayed!”

Rong Dahao didnt reply a word.

The twenty-eight masters behind him flew up in unison.

He wanted to see how far this Young Master Xu could go

“Good timing!”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out Hidden Bitter from the air.

He wasnt stingy with his words of praise and sheathed his sword.

Rong Dahao was confused.

He was stunned.

What did this mean

“Was this fellow scared out of his wits” Rong Dahaos expression had already turned into one of shock.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A total of twenty-eight masters flew through the air.

At this moment, they all felt Young Master Xus contempt.

This fellow held no regard to them at all.


“Great Waves Engulfing The Sky!”

“Energy Reserve Devouring Slash!”

“Golden Phoenix Striking Spear!”


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Twenty-eight streams of light, twenty-eight master stage spiritual techniques, formed in various forms, either element light, shadows, or ancient beast void energy… from all directions, they charged toward the

smiling young man.

Xu Xiaoshou, however, said leisurely, “Let the sword aura fly for a while.”

n the prisoner-of-war camp, the Nine Grandmasters closed their eyes, which were filled with tears, as painful memories flashed in their minds.

At that time, they were also so arrogant.

When they saw Young Master Xus actions, they thought that the other party was powerless to resist.

But now, as the prisoners-of-war, the Nine Grandmasters understood the moves that they couldnt see through, the moves that the twenty-eight new masters couldnt see through either.

ff those people could see through, then they wouldnt be from the second and third squads.

Instead, they should be the commanders of the zero and first squads.

n the entire arena, the only one who realized that danger was imminent when they charged forward, was the commander of the zero squads, Lei Ze.

He slashed out with a single move, but his back instantly turned cold.

He felt a faint cooling sensation on his neck, which made him terrified.

However, before he could react…

Young Master Xus sword had already been sheathed!

“Be careful!” Lei Zhe roared.

As a bystander, Rong Dahao wasnt threatened by the attack, so he couldnt immediately sense the danger.

It was only after he recovered from his shock that he slightly reacted… Young Master Xu had struck out with

his sword.

“Be careful!”

Rong Dahao also shouted loudly.

But it was too late.

Just as the twenty-eight masters approached Young Master Xu, a series of explosions suddenly exploded in the air.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom…”

Without exception, each of the twenty-eight masters exploded with a white sword aura on them.

The sword aura wasnt strong but was just enough to shatter their protective vital spirit and defensive spiritual technique.

On the other hand, the sword aura was very strong as each of the twenty-eight masters had different defensive methods yet the sword aura managed to break through only their defense, intentionally.

It didnt even

damage their clothes.


The air was filled with gasps of cold air.

As everyone involved was a genius, they could clearly see the technique behind this sword attack.

All of the master stage spiritual techniques were destroyed and interrupted in an instant.

The masters who had stopped moving in the air looked at their own bodies with an inexplicable shock on their faces.

“This level of control…”


Rong Dahao was also stunned.

What kind of swordsmanship was this

Against twenty-eight cultivators at their master stage, who could determine the strength of their defenses in an instant and then destroy them one by one

What kind of speed was this

Despite being attacked by twenty-eight master stage cultivators, he was able to strike first and stop all of the cultivators with a single strike

“Oh my God!”

In the camp of the Xu Faction, the top five generals, the Five Tiger Generals were flabbergasted.

They were all masters and were stationed close by.

They had long been prepared and wanted to see through Young Master Xus sword technique, so they were the ones who had the best view.

However, it was because they could see clearly that they saw the sword aura behind the great path of the void and the enemys neck.

Only then did Five Tiger Generals know just how powerful Young Master Xus swordsmanship was!

“This is a sovereigns way of the sword”

“Even if we started practicing sword techniques since we were in the womb, we couldnt reach such a level, right”

There were very few swordsmen in the central region and even fewer ancient swordsmen.

In the eyes of all the spiritual cultivators outside the eastern region, the ancient swordsman was just a miracle that had been deified.

In the beginning, they didnt believe that the so-called ancient swordsman could be

invincible in the same stage and werent afraid of being besieged.

The Seven Sword Deity was a deviation of the survivors, a minority!

But now, after watching Young Master Xus sword…

“Im convinced.” Tai Xing shook his head in amazement.

“I dare to say that even a sovereign might not be able to react in time to this strike, but it seems to be just a casual slash to the Young Master Xu”

“That seems to be true…”.

Zhu Dong also regained his calm.

His eyes were still full of shock as he continued, “His sword is fully aware of the order of the great path.

Its like an antelope hanging its horn.

Its natural…

forget about finding traces, if you dont pay attention in advance, you wont even know when hes going to strike!”

“Genius!” Mo Beibei exclaimed.

“Monstrous!” Xi Guanghan echoed.

“He showed off till my balls hurt.

What the hell.” Zhao Xiu cursed in the prisoner-of-war camp.

He wasnt as cultured as the others.

“Feared, passive points 24.”

“Impressed, passive points 846.”

In the air, Xu Xiaoshou, who had forced the twenty-eight masters to stop, stood there with Hidden Bitter, and a smile on his face.

“How was it I used ten percent of my strength in this strike.”

He raised a finger and smiled.

Even though they knew that the person in front of them might be showing off, the twenty-eight masters couldnt help but feel their scalps go numb.

Ten percent of his strength

They didnt know whether it was ten percent or not.

However, seeing how Young Master Xu was still holding back, they knew that if this strike was to become even heavier, twenty-eight heads would roll on the ground.

“How could he be so strong”

“He was completely unprepared.

Are all ancient swordsmen this terrifying”

“After being attacked by this fellow, I wasnt able to defend in time.

My life was really in danger!”

The twenty-eight masters panicked.

Lei Ze swallowed hard and touched the chill on his neck.

When he spread his hands, there were traces of blood.

He was shocked and corrected his companions mistakes.

“He didnt attack first, he attacked later!”

The crowd was silent.

After saying that, the masters in the air took half a step back.

The pressure Young Master Xu gave everyone was already extremely strong.

At this moment, after he swung his sword, the figure that stood with the sword seemed to magnify into a giant that could reach the heavens in their eyes.

That kind of power was simply unstoppable!

If the gods were watching, how would a mantis arm dare to stop a chariot

Xu Xiaoshou waited for a moment.

Seeing that no one responded, he knew that after the strike, these people would find it difficult to wipe away the dark scars in their hearts.

After all, the power of that strike was considered small.

However, the combination of a sovereigns Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, and his attitude of looking down on everyone was truly indelible!

In short.

Even if he, Xu Xiaoshou, stood still, these people probably wouldnt dare to draw their swords.

Just like the towering giant he faced in the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers, Xu Xiaoshou knew how difficult it was to muster the courage to face such a god-like creature!

“Do you surrender or not”

Xu Xiaoshou no longer paid attention to the twenty-eight masters and turned to look at Rong Dahao.

It could be said that the only person he truly valued was this little fatty.

“Surrender” Rong Dahao gritted his teeth.

He also wanted to retreat, but there was a bottomless abyss behind him.

If he took a step back, not even his bones would be left.

“Its better to die than live in disgrace!”

With another roar, the eyes of the twenty-eight masters of the Rong clan became clear.

But at this moment, no one dared to say anything, and no one dared to raise their swords.

“Tl fight you!”

Rong Dahao stepped forward alone.

He had to make his move.

No matter how strong the person in front of him was, he had no way out.

“A descendant of the higher void”.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and spread his hands.

“Ive already defeated one before.”

The sword strike just now was just a casual strike that he tried to combine with his comprehension of the paths principles of sword technique expertise.

That strike might be strong.

But in essence, it was created by Xu Xiaoshous strong foundation.

Sword observation all day long, his sword will wanton.

A move from the Flying Flowers also pierces through all things.

That was all!

Xu Xiaoshou had a special feeling that this descendant of a higher void, Rong Dahao, is different from any other ordinary master.

“Come!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

He also wanted to use Rong Dahao to verify how far his cultivation level had reached.

The instant Rong Dahao flew up, the spiritual source in his sea of energy reserve surged, and the phantom of an ancient gate appeared behind him.

The moment the ancient shadow appeared, his body seemed to pierce through space and turned into a glazed form.

With the naked eye, one could actually see the mountains, rocks, and plants behind him.

“Is this a phantom, physique technique, or art of space”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

He started making all sorts of deductions in his mind, but for him to verify his own thoughts, it would only cost a single strike.

“Blade-draw Technique!”

His body sank as he drew his sword with his right hand.

With a thud, the others could only see traces of the black sword, Hidden Bitter, returning to its sheath.

Then, a few miles away, a huge wave of sword energy shot up into the sky and exploded on the mountain, directly tossing the peak of a small mountain to the side.


The twenty-eight masters, who were spectating, were shocked.

The might of this strike was more than five times stronger than before!

“Brother Hao, is he dead”

Everyone looked over anxiously, only to see Rong Dahao, who had been pierced through by the sword, continuing on his way as if nothing had happened.

He was extremely fast.

At the same time, everyone could see Rong Dahao muttering to himself as he flipped the seal in his hand, moving gracefully like a butterfly.

“Black Heavy Ancient Gate, open!”

Rong Dahao shouted as the phantom of the ancient gate behind him was dyed black and became extremely heavy.

A heavy aura that felt like it had carried all life and the entire world of mountains fell.

Then, the area within a hundred feet of Young Master Xu collapsed like an abyss.

“Under heavy pressure, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had the sovereign physique and was supported by his numerous passive skills, could not help but be blasted into the ground by the increased gravity.

“What was that move” He was surprised.

When Rong Dahao used the move, Xu Xiaoshou could only detect a little spiritual source fluctuation.

It was as if that guy was actually a human-shaped fierce beast that was only activating its own bloodline skill and had nothing to do with the path of spiritual cultivation.

“Black Heavy Ancient Gate”

“Pressure of gravity”

In the deep pit underground, the void was distorted.

Xu Xiaoshous clothes were tightly pressed against his skin.

Even the muscles on his face were showing signs of being pulled down.

The moment he didnt use any strength on his lower eyelids, they would be pulled down by gravity.

It was as if his eyeballs were about to be pulled off.


Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

This was the first time he had encountered such a move.

It wasnt an element-based spiritual technique.

It was more like an exclusive skill that Rong Dahao had inherited as the descendant of a higher void.

“Under heavy pressure, passive points, 1.”

“Under heavy pressure, passive points, 1.”

The information bar kept popping up.

Xu Xiaoshou felt the pressure on his body from both sides.

He deduced that this kind of gravity might be able to crush the bones of an ordinary master in an instant.

However, to him, this was equivalent to swallowing an Infernal Fire Seed that had just mastered the ability to attack.

Other than the passive points that increased by one point per second, all other damage had already beenconverted and restored by theeternal vitality to its original state.

Hes pretty strong.

He can actually increase passive points with his attacks.

This fatty should be the first master who could do that. Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

Then, he drew his sword.


The sound of air being torn apart rang out.

The arena was filled with hundreds of spectators.

All of them were imbued with spiritual senses, and they didnt even dare to blink their eyes.

At this moment, they were shocked to realize that Young Master Xu, who had been heavily pressured by gravity to the point where his eyeballs were about to fall out, had decided to draw his sword…

His speed didnt decrease at all!

His original speed!

t was still a sword strike that no one could react to, and they couldnt see when it would strike!

“F*ck!” Rong Dahao cursed in his heart.

He was also waiting to see if his move would be effective.

Then, he would deduce the difference between him and Young Master Xu and decide what move he would use next.

He didnt expect this.

There was no way to deduce it!

The effect of the Black Heavy Ancient Gate on this fellow was like air on cotton.

It wasnt even able to slow down his movements!

“What kind of joke is this Isnt this fellow an ancient swordsman Isnt the body of an ancient swordsman a weakness The weakest kind… this fellow, what kind of monster is he !”

While he was ridiculing in his heart, Rong Dahao watched as Young Master Xu pulled out his sword.

In the blink of an eye, he also changed his move.

He flipped the seal in his hand, and his body once again turned into a glazed state.


A few hundred miles behind him, another mountain peak was destroyed.

ong Dahao was already breaking out in cold sweat.

What kind of damage was this!

nvincible physical body.

nvincible swordsmanship.

The ancient swordsman was only a warrior, but this Young Master Xu could also attack from a long-range.

How was he supposed to continue this fight

A hexagonal warrior with no blind spots in all directions

n the deep pit, Xu Xiaoshou slowly floated up and once again appeared in midair.

His hand stroked his chin as if he had understood something.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “This young master seems to have understood how to fight you.”

ong Dahaos heart trembled.

[tt cant be

He had only done the move once, and this fellow has seen through his move

“If you dare to attack again, that will be the time for you to lose.” Xu Xiaoshou looked at him from afar and chuckled.

ong Dahao was shocked and uncertain, but he saw that Young Master Xu did not move.

There were nearly a thousand people by his side, waiting solemnly.

For some reason, he was somewhat anxious.

He did not notice that he had already been affected by the aura.


This time, Rong Dahao did not charge forward.

Instead, he flipped the seal on the spot.

Ina breaths time, the phantom of the ancient gate behind him turned black.

“God-subduing Ancient Gate!”

Rong Dahao roared angrily.

A towering ancient gate descended from the sky at the speed of light.

The ancient gate was as huge as a tower.

Its four corners were like chains that suspended the path of the void.

With an unparalleled state, it used a speed that was even more exaggerated than Young Master Xus

sword-unsheathing speed.

As soon as it appeared, it descended.

In the blink of an eye, it suppressed the void.


The instant the space shattered, everyone could see Young Master Xus figure.

He was blasted into pieces by the God-subduing Ancient Gate on the spot, turning into stars.

“Hes dead”

Everyones pupils constricted.


At this moment, the sound of a sword body breaking could be heard from Rong Dahaos position.

Everyone turned their eyes at the same time, only to see blood flowing on the other side.

Young Master Xus back was pressed against Rong Dahao, and his elbow was pressed against the fattys chest.

Hidden Bitter had already been sent into Rong Dahaos chest.

Blood splattered.

The sword body pierced through his body!

“I have already said that when you make another move, it will be the moment of your defeat.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head gracefully and looked at the afterimage of the majestic God-subduing Ancient Gate shattering his body.

He still had lingering fear in his heart.

This move was very strong.

The descendant of the higher void was indeed worthy of having a trump card.

He knew that if he was really suppressed by the Ancient Gate, he would probably end up seriously injured.


It was too slow!

Rong Dahao moved his hand, and Xu Xiaoshou reacted.

The battle awareness of both sides was not on the same level.

“If Im not wrong, you have indeed mastered the art of space, or should I say, the Gate of Space”

“However, it seems that you are still a little unskilled…”

“When one gate is opened, must the other one be closed”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the fatty and his tone was full of ridicule.

Fear flashed in Rong Dahaos eyes.

He spat out blood and gradually lost his spirit.

Did he really see through it

He lowered his head.

Under the protection of the Ancient Gate, he had entered the body of the space order.

However, because he had changed the seal, he was directly stabbed by Young Master Xus black sword at this moment.

The black sword trembled.

Every time he moved, Rong Dahaos pain increased.

But he didnt care about this.

What he cared about was why there was such a big gap between them despite being of the same generation

A descendant of the higher void.

A descendant of the demi-saint.

Was the gap between them so big that it couldnt be crossed.


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