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Chapter 814: Everyone, You Have Been Surrounded by Me, Xu!


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“Who is thinking of me”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in a hurry, sneezed.

He felt that he was not even on the point board yet, but someone had started thinking of his points

After rushing for a half a day, he saw that the number of people on the point board had increased.

From 100 or so people to more than 3,000 now.

Although most of them were only at the initial 100 points, they had obtained the cloud bead.

But Xu Xiaoshou had not even seen a trace of it.

“Whats going on”

‘When he stopped to rest, even Xin Gugu was a little upset.

“Are we so unlucky We couldnt even find a cloud bead after such a long time, and we havent even seen a cloud beast.

Instead, we killed a few spiritual beasts…”

“Cloud beast Youre still thinking about cloud beasts at this time” Liu Changqing couldnt help but roll his eyes.

At this moment, as a Divine Sorcerer who was second to none, he had no choice but to believe that metaphysics was better than the Divine Secret.

In half day, more than 3,000 people had found the cloud bead.

The three of them were a Master (stage), a Sovereign (stage), and a Cutting Path (stage).

They didnt expect not to be able to make it into the top 3,000 on the point board after sealing their cultivation level.

“Its time for me to change my strategy…”

Xu Xiaoshou also began to reflect on his problems.

On the way, he met some people, but they all looked so skinny and weak.

There were not many advantages at all.

If heplundered one of them, he would only earn half of the points of the other party.

Therefore, he reserved all the chances ofplundering these people and only wanted to find the cloud beast.

But it was so difficult to find cloud beasts.

Not to mention cloud beasts, he hadnt even seen what cloud bead looked like until now.

He opened the point board.

“First, Chong Yuan, 24,200 points.”

“Second, Duo Er, 2,700 points.”

“Third, Su Qiangian, 1,050 points.”

The top three of the point board had reached four digits.

The most exaggerating was the one that had hunted two cloud beasts.

It actually had more than 20,000 points, which was 10 times faster than the second in ranking!

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

He felt that he was really wrong.

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It was not practical to look for a cloud beast.

He didnt have the luck of the top scorers luck to kill two cloud beasts in a row.

And to get his name on the point board, it was no doubt that he had to startkilling people.

“Su Qiangian.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the1,050 points on the third-ranking and muttered to himself.

This name was too familiar.

The master swordsman genius from Tiansang Spirit Palace would easily stand out in this kind of trial competition.

However, he didnt pay attention to Su Qiangians name.

Instead, he was interested in her points.

This50 points had a spiritual quality.

It was obvious that people who didnt go on a killing spree wouldnt get a round figure of 50 points.

“Perhaps, well have to change our method,” Xu Xiaoshou stood up on the big rock.

He was just pretending to be tired.

The journey didnt affect him at all.

“Te already said that we cant be merciful.

If we were to kill all the way here, we would at least have a few hundred points by now…” Xin Gugu immediately complained.

Xu Xiaoshou held his forehead.

“I thought that killing a cloud beast would be much faster than killing people one by one for 50 points each.

In the process, we might also meet some poor people like us.

Fighting them would only waste time… I just didnt expect that it would be so difficult to find a cloud


“Its too difficult!” Liu Changging also shook his head and sighed.

“I really dont know how Chong Yuan did it.

He had killed two cloud beasts.”

In just half a day, the top scorer had surpassed the others by more than 10 fold.

Obviously, it was not because everyone was incompetent, but because of Chong Yuans luck.

“Lets kill people.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He was anxious now.

Just as the three of them stood up at the same time, a spiritual light burst out from afar, attracting the attention of others.

“Is there a movement” Xin Gugu looked back in pleasant surprise.

“Lets go!” Xu Xiaoshou made a prompt decision.

He didnt even want to wait and immediately left.

“Spiritual light”

“A treasure has appeared”

“Maybe its the cloud bead! Lets go!”

In the Eastern Region of the Yunlun Mountain Range, many people were as anxious as Xu Xiaoshou.

Obviously, the lack of cloud bead in the Eastern Region was something that everyone had encountered.

It wasnt because Xu Xiaoshou was targeted by the Cloud Realm.

Therefore, when this spiritual light appeared at the beginning, it might not attract too much attention.

However, at this moment, everyone was anxious When they saw the light, they began to move forward.

Being cautious when entering the Yunlun Mountain Range at the beginning had been thrown to the back of their minds.

At the place where spiritual light shone…

The two cultivators were traveling together.

Originally, the two of them were only staying here temporarily to complain about the fact that Chong Yuan, who was ranked first in the point board, was inhuman.

Then, they complained that they could not find a cloud bead after a long time.

They never expected that good luck would suddenly fall upon them.

“Cloud bead!”

‘When the cloud bead that was unearthed by the spiritual light more than 10 meters away entered their eyes, their eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

“Its finally our turn.

D*mn it, the East is really barren.

We had searched thousands of miles before we found this one”

“Quickly keep it.

Everyone is anxious now.

I believe this spiritual light will attract too much trouble.”

The duo stepped forward at the same time.

They did not take a mere spiritual light seriously.

Immediately, spiritual sources gathered around their bodies.

The two cultivators attacked at the same time.

According to the rules that were set, the first to obtain the treasure was to split the spoils.

The two spiritual source light columns instantly struck the spiritual light of the cloud bead.


With an explosion, the spiritual light of the cloud bead did not move.

“Its that hard” The duo was surprised.

The attack from a Peak of Innate Stage didnt use its full strength for fear of damaging the cloud bead.

However, even with one-fifth of the energy, an ordinary Innate Stage wouldnt be able to withstand this attack!

“Full strength!” The two of them looked at each other and made a decision.


With another explosion, the spiritual light remained unbroken despite the full-strength attack.

At this moment, their faces turned dark.

“A defense of the Master Stage.

It might even be able to withstand a full-force attack from a Heavenly Image State cultivator.”

Everyone was a genius.

After two attempts, they had deduced the hardness of the spiritual light of the cloud bead.


Just as they were thinking of countermeasures, they heard the rustling of the wind from the horizon.

A figure landed.

It was obviously the spiritual light of the cloud bead that had attracted the attention of others.

“Hahaha, it really is the cloud bead.

Our luck is too good.” It was another three-man team.

After half a day, everyone knew that the communication bead was useless in the world of Cloud Realm.

Therefore, to prevent being killed alone, they formed alliances.

‘When the three-man team landed, the two people who were originally together felt a little pressured.

“The two of you are so lucky.

Youve actually waited for us to come over” Zhu Dong, the leader of the three-man team, laughed.

The pressure on the team of two had become even greater.

One of them said, “The cloud beads spiritual light cant be destroyed.

If you think you can do it, you can try.”

“Oh” Zhu Dong raised his eyebrows and looked at the cloud beads spiritual light.

“Master Stage” He immediately guessed.

TThis glance shocked the others.

He had not even made a move yet.

But with just a glance, he could see the defense level of the spiritual light.

Zhu Dongs strength was obviously not an ordinary Peak of Innate Stage.

“Tl go and try.

You guys wait here, dont let anyone else come over,” Zhu Dong instructed the two people behind him.

Then, he walked forward alone.

His energy center sunk.

His entire body was covered in a dense mist, and spiritual light gathered in his left fist.

“Tide rise!”

With a punch, the airwaves surged like a tsunami.

There was even a faint water-type aura of Dao comprehension.

“This punch is definitely at the Master stage.

Its Master stage spiritual techniques!” The two-man team was shocked.

Zhu Dongs strength was definitely on the verge of breaking through to Master Stage at any moment.

Probably he had suppressed his cultivation level for a year or a half.

With a rumbling sound, the spiritual light of the cloud bead flickered as if it was about to dissipate.

Under the expectant gazes of the others, the spiritual light finally stabilized and returned to its original state.

“It cant be destroyed” Zhu Dongs face stiffened.

He had used all of his strength in this punch.

He did not hold back at all.

If it could not be destroyed in this manner, wouldnt he have to wait for the others to arrive

“D*mn it…”

Several figures flew over from the distance.

Faintly, from all directions, there were cultivators from the Eastern Region who were waiting to be fed.

The battle for this cloud bead was going to be even more intense.

“Breakthrough” Zhu Dong hesitated.

To be honest, breaking through to Master Stage for a cloud bead was not worth it.

However, Zhu Dong was confident that as long as he broke through, he would definitely be in the top 36.

But what if…

“All of you get lost! This cloud bead is ours!”

A savage voice came from afar.

Following closely behind, a burly bald man led six people and came from afar.

Zhu Dong narrowed his eyes.

Seven people.

This was a little difficult to withstand.

“You guys try!”

He led the two people who were originally retreating slightly and said in a low voice, “Lets retreat for a while.

Its going to be chaotic here.”

Before the burly man could start testing, more than 10 figures suddenly arrived.

More than 10 people were in different groups.

As soon as they landed in front of the cloud bead, the atmosphere at the scene began to become anxious.

However, more than 20 people kept trying and this cloud beads spiritual light was obviously not something that could be destroyed by an Innate (stage) cultivation level cultivator.

After a while…

D*mn it, there are more than 40 people now.”

“Its only one broken cloud bead.

Its not enough to split it even its broken into pieces.

How poor is the Eastern Region”

“F*ck, Tai Xing of the Mystic Heavenly Mansion in the Central Region, Mo Beibei of the Three Lives Sect, Xi Guanghan of the Virtuous Palace, and Zhu Dong of the East Court are all here.

But they cant even shatter a cloud bea¢s spiritual light.”

“Even Master Yin-Yang Mirror cant shatter the spiritual light.

If we dont become a Master (stage), we can only wai

“Thats right.

Innate using Master (stage) spiritual techniques cant do anything to the cloud beads spiritual light at all.

This Cloud Realm is too much.

Its manipulating to force people to break through to the Master (stage) .”

“Its terrible…”

While the group was conversing, they didnt notice that three old rascals were holding their breath and hiding in the grass several hundred meters away.

“Young Master Xu, what are we waiting for” Xin Gugu didnt understand.

Just now, Young Master Xu said that he wanted to kill people.

But when he got close to the cloud bead, he suddenly changed his mind.

Did he want to be a good person again

If he made a move, not to mention the cloud beads spiritual light, even the cloud bead would be shattered.

‘What was the point of waiting for so long

“Dont be anxious.

There are only about 40 people here.

If we want to do it, then we will do it in a big way,” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

Xin Gugu was puzzled.

“Young Master Xu, are you deaf, or am I having an auditory hallucination Didnt you hear their discussion They are as poor as us.

The Eastern Region is too poor!”

“Yes, they are poor too.”

“Then why…”

“But they are all geniuses!” Xu Xiaoshou turned around and smiled.

His canine teeth began to shine.

“What do you mean” Xin Gugu was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“Are you stupid The Eastern Region is so poor.

A cloud bead can gather so many people.

If you dont defeat them all at one go and when a spirit bead appears, do you want to fight again”

Xin Gugu was dumbfounded.

“You want to fight 50 people at one go There were already more than 50 people now.”

“No,” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“Im giving them a chance to attain godhood.

Demi-Saint descendant, who doesnt want to defeat Demi-Saint descendant”

After he finished speaking…

He saw that the number of people had exceeded 60, and the cloud beads spiritual light had also shown signs of fading.

Xu Xiaoshou could no longer wait.

He soared into the sky and shouted sternly, “Everyone, you have been surrounded by me, Xu Xiaoshou!”

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing, who were hiding in the grass behind the big rock, looked at each other.

“He is so cheapskate!” Xin Gugu ridiculed him, but he was a little envious of Xu Xiaoshous elegance at this moment.

“He really isnt human,” Liu Changging was also rather emotional.

He hurriedly rushed out and went to the guards.

“Everyone, you have been surrounded by me, Xu!”

A loud shout immediately diverted the attention of the 60 or so people from the cloud beads spiritual light to the newly appeared person.

“Who is this”

‘When someone saw this arrogant fellow with an ordinary appearance and an unknown cultivation level, they felt as if they had seen a retard.

“So arrogant!”

“Does he mean that he wants to take on 60 plus of us alone”

“F*ck, this guy instantly aroused my… anger! I want to take him on one-on-one, dont stop me.”

In the crowd, a big bald man with a heavy hammer on his shoulder jumped out.

This big man had a lewd smile on his face.

His yellow teeth were clenched, and his saliva was about to flow out.

Facing the arrogant young master in luxurious clothes, he said, “Who are you Tell me your name, I never beat up nameless people.”

“What a coincidence,” Xu Xiaoshou saw the lewd smile on this fellows face and felt disgusted in his heart.

He mocked, “When I make a move, I never ask for a persons name.”

After saying this, he took out the black sword Hidden Bitter from his ring.

Hidden Bitter had already reached the level of a sixth stage Master (stage) spiritual sword and was full of spiritual quality.

It was enough for such a scene.

Although its appearance was not much different from when it came out of Tiansang Spirit Palace, its temperament was completely different now.

It was impossible for anyone familiar to recognize it.

As Young Master Xus saber, Hidden Bitter was extremely compatible with him.

As soon as the black sword appeared, it was so excited that it twisted into a snake.

That abnormally high-pitched sword cry was ear-piercing, but at the same time, it gave everyone a strange feeling.

“F*ck, what sword is this Why does it feel even dirtier than Zhao Xius”

“This sword cry… F*ck, why cant I feel any killing intent Its all the sound of goosebumps.

Isnt this sword too disgusting” Someone ridiculed.

“How can a sixth-grade Master (stage) spiritual sword have such spiritual quality” There were also people who were shocked.

The bald man, Zhao Xiu, didnt care about this at all.

Xu Xiaoshous words angered him.

He swung his hammer, and the air was filled with a strong wind.

Even the sound of a sonic boom was blasted out.

As expected of a genius… Xu Xiaoshou held Hidden Bitter in his hand and was a little surprised.

This casual attack from a Peak Innate had already faintly contained the power of a Master (stage).

This bald man wasnt ordinary!

However, the so-callednot ordinary ended here.

Xu Xiaoshous cultivation level was already at the Master (stage) level.

Although he could only reveal his Innate (stage) cultivation level, his Way of the Sword had completely surpassed everyone here.

“leeting white clouds, sword-pulling stance!”

The casual counterattack of the black sword was without a trace.

Zhao Xius hammer, which carried the weight of gravity, did not only miss its target, but he also felt as if he was stuck in a deep swamp.

The momentum around him was so strong that even his steps were messed up by Xu Xiaoshous sword.

Then, an ancient beast leaped out of the swamp and opened its bloody mouth.


The void suddenly shook.

In the instant when Hidden Bitter attacked, Zhao Xius body was full of vigor, but he couldnt even hold his weapon.

His heavy hammer was directly sent flying.

He pulled himself out of the swamp, but he found a black sword already lying horizontally on the main artery of his neck.

“Tadmit defeat, I surrender.

Dont kill me, dont move…” Zhao Xius face turned pale.

He raised his hands high.

He didnt want to die, and most of all he didnt want to be eliminated.

“I didnt move.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled calmly.

He wanted to subdue everyone, not kill them all.

It was meaningless.


Zhao Xiu looked as if he was about to cry.

He bent his fingers slightly and pointed at his neck.

The main artery of his neck had been cut.

At this time, fresh blood splattered wildly.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment and also looked at Zhao Xius neck.


Hidden Bitter had twisted into a cramping maggot.

It, it was licking blood


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