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Chapter 803: Masters Brothers Heavy Love


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A hot potato…

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Hua Ying had taken the situation lightly.

His identity as a saint servant was not that easy to be freed from.

It was hard to say whether the Holy Palace could protect him or not.

The key was, is that completely unfamiliar place really his last “home”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

Hua Yings eyes were filled with hope as she waited.

“What do you mean” She asked.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt respond.

After a long pause, he gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Tll take it.”

Putting everything aside, this little lady had come all the way from the central region just to deliver this letter.

She wasnt here to trick him.

It wouldnt kill him to take it.

If the Demi-saint Infernal really wanted to harm him, and if he really stood on the side of the Holy Divine Palace, then the person who had come this time wouldnt be such an adorable and gullible little lady, but a law enforcer.

Moreover, how could a Demi-saint use so much effort to deal with a junior of the master stage

‘Taking ten thousand steps back, Elder Sang had said that after he left, his next backer would be Long Rongzhi.

If even his own grandmaster didnt believe him, then who else could be trusted in this world

“The letter, give it to me.” Xu Xiaoshou reached out his hand.

Hua Ying retracted her hand like a treasure and said weakly, “You havent said…”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

“Im your masters brother, Uncle Xu, alright!”

Did she really have to make him say so clearly

The walls have ears, you little girl, do you even know

After saying this, Hua Ying finally lets down her last layer of defense.

She took a step forward and giggled.

“It would have been better if you had done this earlier, Uncle Xu.”

She smiled and handed the envelope over.

Xu Xiaoshou took it carefully.

Under Hua Yings gaze, he tore open the envelope and took out the folded letter inside.

A faint medicinal fragrance…

“Who wrote this letter”

‘Xu Xiaoshou asked as he opened the letter.

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“Tdont know.” Hua Ying shook her head and stretched her head to take a look.

“If its not my master, then its my grandmaster.

If not, then its great grandmaster who wrote i

Arent you talking nonsense… Xu Xiaoshou complained to himself.

A piece of paper.

He looked over and found that there were no words on it.

“This” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He tured the paper to Hua Ying and showed it to her.

“No words” Hua Ying was also stunned.

“I havent read it before.

I dont dare to Peek at Masters mission, and I didnt erase the words.”

If it was really written by those mighty figures, would she even be able to erase it… ku Xiaoshou was at a loss for words for a moment.

He frowned, having thought of something.

For someone as foolish as Hua Ying to come directly to his door and give him the envelope as soon as he nodded and said, “lam your masters brother…

The people of the infernal lineage wouldnt be as stupid as her.

They wouldnt have thought that Hua Ying could have found the wrong person, right

Then, what could be the only thing that could be used to display the contents of the letter to a specific target across the two domains

“Infernal White Flame!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment and came up with this answer.

He smiled and shook the letter.


The moment the white flame burned, the letter was burned to ashes.

“You are indeed Uncle Xu…” Hua Ying was happy.

No matter what had happened before, when she saw the Infernal White Flame, she was sure that the person in front of her was really her masters brother, Uncle Xu.

There were only four generations of direct disciples in the infernal lineage, and there were only six people in total.

Other than that, who else in the world could have the Infernal White Flame

“Why do you have the Infernal White Flame when youre only at the cultivation level of an innate and not the Infernal Heavenly Flames” Hua Ying suddenly thought of something.

With a shocked expression, she said, “I cultivate in the Holy Palace and have a lot of resources.

Yet I just cultivated the white

flame not long ago.

Uncle Xu is so powerful…”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou no longer had the time to answer Hua Yings question.

After white flame burned the letter, a stream of obscure and mysterious energy, using the infernal power as a medium, shot into his mind.

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

In his mind, along with the voice, black light rose and gradually outlined a figure.

This person was dressed in a black robe and had a head of black hair.

Beneath his high cheekbones hid a fierce look.

In his extremely deep eye sockets was a pair of eyes as sharp as an eagles.

He had no eyebrows, dark circles under his eyes, and thin lips…

With just a glance, he gave Xu Xiaoshou a first impression of him being extremely harsh and heartless.

“You are…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart pounded wildly.

This persons appearance was that of a villain, right

So you really sent people to look for me.

Are you going to kill me, or… Capture me and bury me alive

With this heartless face, Xu Xiaoshou really could not tell that he was part of the “family” at all.

“My name is Mu Ling.

Strictly speaking, you have to call me masters brother.”

The figure of the man with no eyebrows was sometimes blurry and sometimes clear.

The only fortunate thing was that his voice didnt seem like his face.

Not only was there no coldness in it, but the warmth in his words washed away a lot of the coldness in his body.

“Uncle Mu…”

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood who this person was.

He is the junior brother of the old man, Elder Sang, the Demi-saint Infernals second disciple, and also the Grandmaster of Hua Yings lineage.

“Hello” Not knowing how to greet him, Xu Xiaoshou hesitated and greeted him.

Mu Ling obviously didnt have the mood to exchange pleasantries.

“I dont have much time.

I just want to ask you, Sang Qiye has been arrested.

Do you want to return to the Holy Palace”

He paused for a moment before he continued, “Your master was sentenced away from the Holy Palace a long time ago, but his matter has nothing to do with you.

As long as you want to, you could be another disciple under my name.

You are just wandering outside.

You dont have to worry about anyone

pursuing you because of your infernal power and other abilities.”

His words were too domineering.

Mu Ling deliberately emphasized the word “anyone.”.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that the “anyone” he was referring to might also include a demi-saint.

Hes rather fierce

The performance of this eyebrow-less hero meant that he did not care about the holy divine palace at all!

But thinking about it, it made sense.

The status of the Holy Palace and the Holy Divine Palace were essentially on the same level.

It was just that they were in different directions.

After asking, Xu Xiaoshou was a little hesitant.

Anyone who was suddenly hit by such a huge opportunity would have a hard time making a decision.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth, but he didnt know how to answer.

He knew that if he agreed, he could skip all the bull** missions from the saint servant, Imperial City trial, and Holy Palace trial.

And, he would be able to walk to the other side of the sea of bitterness and reach the highest peak in a short time.

If it was in the past, Xu Xiaoshou might have really agreed to it.

After leaving Tiansang Spirit Palace, he would directly change a place and a new environment.

He could use the passive system to gather the wool of another group of people and with a big reliable tree behind him that he could lean on, he would not need to be afraid of offending anyone.

Doesnt this

sound like a good deal

But he quickly calmed down.

The Holy Palace was only the Holy Palace.

The Holy Divine Palace was also only the holy divine palace.

To put it bluntly, the two were just a slightly bigger “cage”.

If the path of cultivating saints in the Holy Palace was feasible, Sang Qiye, who defected to the Holy Palace, and the Bazhunan, who wanted to crush the Holy Divine Palace which was on the same level as the Holy Palace, would not be born on this continent.

Xu Xiaoshou composed himself and asked seriously, “Lets not talk about your question for now.

I want to know why my master defected to the Holy Palace.”

Mu Ling smiled faintly as if he had expected this young man to ask this question.

He replied, “Hes too stupid.”

His words came to an abrupt end.

Xu Xiaoshou waited for a long time, but there was no continuation from the other party.

He was a little speechless.

“Thats it”.

“The position of the Holy Palace is extraordinary and its ranked at the peak of the continent.

He was able to enter the Holy Palace and yet, he thought of defecting to escape.

If hes not stupid, then what is Other than being stupid, what else is there” Mu Ling sneered.

Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss for words.

If it was someone else, he would have retorted.

However, this is his masters brother.

As a junior brother, he was not about to ridicule his masters brother.

He should just pretend that he did not hear anything!

“Everything you said is right,” Xu Xiaoshou echoed.

‘Who would have thought that after Mu Ling snorted coldly, he would suddenly become frustrated.

“He is really stupid.

Putting himself in the prison of the Holy Divine Palace, does it really mean that he can transcend”

Xu Xiaoshous heart moved.

“Masters brother doesnt seem to be against my masters actions”

Mu Ling stared at him with a sinister gaze, without any emotion, he said, “In this world, naturally anyone who is a spiritual cultivator wants to transcend.

However, even a demi-saint is unable to do so.

Can he, a mere higher void turn the heavens upside down He only has thoughts and acts like a brave


Hes a fool!”

Xu Xiaoshou was conflicted for a moment.

He whispered, “You are right, but I actually dont want to return for the time being…”

“You have also joined the saint servant” Mu Ling interrupted.

Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a moment.


“Fool! Just like him!” Mu Ling cursed angrily.

His voice turned cold.

“Think carefully before you answer.

Leaving the saint servant and returning to the Holy Palace is indeed your best choice.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and answered seriously, “The sky seen from the Holy Palace is just a piece of the sky after all.”

‘Mu Ling didnt say anything, but narrowed his eyes and stared at him.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his hair stand on end, but his thoughts became more firm.

He said seriously, “Looking at the sky from a well is not my choice.

I will not return to the Holy Palace, at least not now.”


‘Mu Ling let out a long sigh, and his figure became even more indistinct.

“I knew that your choice would definitely be the same as his.

Stubborn! Forget it, I understand your decision now.”

Xu Xiaoshou apologized, “Masters brother, I appreciate your understanding…”

‘Mu Lings style was just like his appearance.

He wouldnt be polite at all.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to retum to the Holy Palace, he immediately changed the topic.

He interrupted again, “You chose the path yourself.

Its good that you understand it.

Im leaving

even more blurry, as if he was about to disappear.

s he spoke, his figure became

“Okay.” Xu Xiaoshous spirit tensed up, and he made a respectful gesture to send him off.

However, Mu Ling waved his hand and threw out two pill bottles.

“Is our first meeting, so theres nothing much for me to give you.

Regardless of what, you are still my martial nephew.

Before I leave, I shall give you some things to protect yourself.

I only hope that you wont be like him and die too early.”

It was clearly in the form of a will, but with a wave of Mu Lings sleeve, two streaks of spiritual light settled down.

Just like in Elder Sangs higher void world, the two pill bottles stored themselves in Xu Xiaoshous spiritual world.

“This is”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Was this how the infernal lineage worked Giving pill bottles

Mu Ling pointed at the first pill bottle.

“This is a bottle of sacred blood, specially made.

Your Grandmaster usually has nothing to do, so he said that its best for you juniors not to get into trouble, so he refined some more sacred blood.

I brought this bottle over, so it should be enough for you… When I first

wrote this letter, I actually already expected your answer.”

He was still sighing.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was shocked when he heard this.

Another bottle of saint blood!

Was he crazy

It was a tradition of the infernal lineage…

Saint Blood A whole bottle of saint blood

“T-Thank you, masters brother…” Xu Xiaoshou was dizzy and his mind was a little muddled.

‘Mu Ling pointed at the second pill bottle.

“This is my mark.

If you are about to meet with any mishaps, just crush the pill bottle with your mind.

I will come out and help you verify your identity as a member of the infernal lineage.

Remember that at that time, even if you dont want to return to the Holy

Palace, you have to go home.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked again.


‘Mu Ling had already prepared a way out for him.

If anything happened to him, he would switch from the identity of a saint servant to a true descendant of the infernal lineage.

From then on, he would wash his hands of the dark faction

“Is it possible” Xu Xiaoshou was a little doubtful.

He felt that if his identity as a saint servant reached the most extreme point and he was caught by the Holy Divine Palace, what was the use of Mu Ling coming out

However, Mu Ling was slightly annoyed.

“If a senior gave you a gift, just take it.

If something happens, crush the pill bottle and leave the rest to your masters brother.

Its not like you, a junior, need to do anything.

Whats the point of talking nonsense!”

“Oh oh…”

Xu Xiaoshou was frightened.

This heavy love made him feel flattered.

In his mind, after the last sentence of the eyebrow-less hero, he did not even say goodbye.

His figure disappeared, turning into specks of light and disappearing.

“Oh my God!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a long time to recover from his shock.

This was the infernal lineage

Just because there were only six people, there were too many resources that they could just casually give him a bottle of saint blood

Even a demi-saint faction would not be so extravagant!

Xu Xiaoshou used to be a fake demi-saints descendant, but after meeting Mu Ling, he felt that he should become the richest demi-saints descendant.

Not only was his identity confirmed, if anything happened, he would also have someone to protect him.

Leaning against a big tree was a good way to enjoy the shade.

Xu Xiaoshou had never experienced it before, but the more he experienced it now, the more he felt that it was unrealistic.

“How is it”

In the hall, Hua Ying had been waiting.

Seeing that Uncle Xus eyes had recovered, she asked hurriedly, “What did the letter say”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head, not knowing how to say it, “The letter has no content, but I met a senior without eyebrows…”

“Grandmaster Mu!” Hua Yings eyes lit up, she said excitedly, “The man without eyebrows, thats Grandmaster Mu Ling.

He personally used his spiritual senses to see you To talk to you Were you nervous Let me tell you, hes too scary.

I usually dont dare to raise my head when I see Patriarch Mu Ling.


feel like Ive been bitten by a snake when I look at his face.

Im scared…”

The appearance of Infernal White Flame and Grandmaster Mu Ling directly pushed Xu Xiaoshou into Hua Yings “Family” ranks.

When she spoke, she did not have any scruples and spoke without end.

Xu Xiaoshou had a headache when he heard that.

So this is a chatterbox

He interrupted in time, “Speaking of which, when youre out, do you have anything to protect yourself with, such as Saint Blood” He probed.

Hua Yings big eyes were blinking, and her excitement was overflowing.

“Of course I do.

Did Grandmaster Mu Ling give you Saint Blood too”

“Let me tell you, those Saint Blood were specially made by Great Grandmaster, a demi-saint infernal.

It doesnt have any side effects.

I only have one bottle, and Im not usually willing to use it…”

“For self-defense, I have the infernal lineages forbidden arts, Saint martial arts, and a saint weapon, the large bathtub.

I also have theSaint Pill that Great Grandmaster developed to explode holy power and smash people.

I also have the virtual image of Great Grandmaster, Great Grandmasters saint

statue, and…”

Hua Ying fiddled with her fingers as if she was counting her familys treasures.

In the end, she realized that she couldnt finish her sentence, so she changed her words..

“Master said that when youre outside, dont take the initiative to bully others, but dont let others bully you either!”


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