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Chapter 798: The Finals! The Little Rejuvenation Pill!


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“The finals will last for an hour.

Each of you is required to refine your best elixirs.

Normal assessment criteria apply.”

In the judges seat, Dong Ling announced the last rule.

The contestants at the competition venue heaved a sigh of relief.

It finally went back to normal!

At the end of this competition, it finally returned to the most basic assessment of an elixir master.

And the standard of the assessment was nothing more than whoever had the highest grade and quality of elixirs would be the champion.

Time taken was not taken into consideration.

“Tm doomed, no more nonsense…”

Among the 10 of them, the only one who felt regret that Xu Xiaoshou.

He had thought that if the competition rules allowed, he would strive for the last sprint.

However, the method of the final assessment had ended his hope.

Conducting alchemy as normal would mean that he could only win the championship as normal.

“What will you refine”

Before entering the competition, Xu Xiaoshou asked Yu Chuchu.

Before the competition started, Miss Yu still harbored some thoughts of fighting.

But now she didnt even have a delusion at all.

“Sixth-grade, Grandmaster Elixir,” she replied weakly.

She didnt care if Young Master Xu knew in advance so that he could come up with a countermeasure.

“Grandmaster Elixir is indeed good, but Im afraid that it will be difficult to get good results…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the others as he spoke.

There were only 10 people left but 60% of them were sixth-grade Master!

One could imagine the number of geniuses from the five regions that had come to the convention of alchemy.

Yu Chuchu shrugged and said indifferently, “Im not that powerful, to begin with.

Its too risky to change elixirs at the last minute.

If I can produce a top-grade Grandmaster Elixir, its more than enough to defeat the other top-grade elixirs.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood.

Yu Chuchu was actually specialized in this elixir.

“What about the others” He asked again, “Do you know their background”

Yu Chuchu looked at the other sixth-grade Masters and knew what Young Master Xu was worried about.

“Dont worry.

With their strength, they might have wanted to give it a try, but nowits only a handful who wants to advance to fifth-grade.”

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou wasnt embarrassed to be seen through and chuckled.

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Yu Chuchu rolled her eyes.

“What else In the last round, you refined another batch of top-grade Little Thunderbolt Pill.

With the points that you have obtained, no one can beat you!”


This time, Xu Xiaoshou understood.

His Little Thunderboth Pill was sixth-grade and top-grade among the sixth-grade elixirs.

There might be some who could advance to the fifth grade, but those who could advance to the fifth grade would definitely not be able to refine top-grade elixirs.

Under the circumstances where there was not much difference in the scores in the first two rounds, everyone might strive.

But there was no point in striving now as they might even lose the second rank.

Why didnt they choose a safer route

“Go for it!”

Xu Xiaoshou ended the conversation and happily watched Yu Chuchu walk onto the spirit array platform.

He then shouted, “Now you have the temperament of my alchemy apprentice.

You have answers to all my questions.

Hahaha… Work hard and lets beat them all together!” He even clenched his fists

after he finished speaking.

Yu Chuchu staggered and entered the spiritual array silently with a dark face.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

The finals of the alchemy competition officially began with a shout from Dong Ling amidst the cheers of the crowd.

“Young Master Xu, what elixir are you going to refine”

Xiao Wanfeng raised his eyes and asked.

He held a small piece of paper, doing the extra work besides serving tea and pouring water–helping Young Master Xu write down the names of the medicines and picking them up.

Xu Xiaoshou was still thinking.

At this moment, a staff member at the side came forward and handed each of the 10 finalists a blank jade scroll.

Jade scroll was used for picking up the medicines.

Obviously, at the final stage, the senior presidents were embarrassed to let the contestants pick up the elixirs by writing.

It was not a waste to send out 10 blank jade scrolls.

Xiao Wanfeng took over the jade scroll and pursed his lips slightly.

D*mn it!

Did he lose his job again

Xu Xiaoshou took the jade scroll with a smile and stuck it on his forehead.

Dong Lings message flashed in his mind.

“Refine theYin Taunting Blood Pill with the spiritual medicines you picked up in the previous round.

If its successful, even if its low-grade, the championship will be yours.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard this.

He then quickly came back to his senses.

The Magic Pill Technicians Association had wanted to verify the authenticity of his Yin Taunting Blood Pill formula!

In the previous round, he had brought up many pill formulas, but the Yin taunting Blood Elixir was brand new.

As Xu Xiaoshou didnt know the overall formula of this pill, he had perfected one and handed it in.

Obviously, the judges considerations were as long as this pill formula worked, Young Master Xu could be considered to have improved the fifth-grade pill formula.

Thus it was normal for him to win the championship.

“Great! You want a free ride”

But Xu Xiaoshou was happy.

He didnt intend to refine the Yin Taunting Blood Pill because although this pill was fifth-grade, he didnt need it.

Strictly speaking, a fifth-grade Grandmaster Elixir was very powerful.

After all, it was suitable for the people of the Sovereign Stage.

But Xu Xiaoshou remembered that there was a pill that had extreme practicality and was many times better than the modified Yin Taunting Blood Pill!

“The Little Rejuvenation Pill.”

Although the weakened version of the third-grade Little Rejuvenation Pill could not restore the entire body with broken limbs, it was still very practical.

It could do simple limb regeneration.

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou was not keen on its effect.

However, he did not need it didnt mean that the people around him did not need it.

In the past, he could not refine the Little Rejuvenation Pill because he was not strong enough.

Now that his Cooking Expert had advanced to the Sovereign level, how could he not try out such a good pill when he had the formula left behind by Elder Sang

He raised his eyes and looked up.

The judges were full of anticipation.

It was obvious that the message in the jade scroll was what all the old foxes were looking forward to.

However, Xu Xiaoshou gave an apologetic look and used his spiritual senses to leave three portions of medicines in the jade scroll for the Little Rejuvenation Pill.

The staff member retrieved all the jade scrolls and handed them over to the judges.

The senior president couldnt wait to open the others jade scrolls and ordered the medicine to be approved.

Only the No.

1 spiritual array was left.

Dong Ling picked up the No.

1 jade scroll and placed it on her forehead.

Her eyes flashed with shock and a trace of helplessness.

Then, she put down the jade scroll.

“He refused.”

“What!” Lu Chenghui was furious.

“Refining low-grade elixirs and he will win this rounds championship but he rejected Other contestants can strive for fifth-grade elixirs in this round.

This is an opportunity for him!”

Shi Ti said faintly, “Does he lack opportunity Even if other contestants advanced to the fifth-grade, the total points from all three rounds of competition wouldnt be as high as the total points he has after he refines a middle sixth-grade elixir.”

“You shut up!” said Lu Chenghui.

The other senior presidents were discouraged too.

“What elixir is he refining”

“Little Rejuvenation Pill.” Dong Lings expression was strange.

“Little Rejuvenation Pill!” Lu Chenghuis voice became shrill again.

“Has he gone mad Isnt it enough to guarantee him to be at the bottom for this round He wants to refine such an exaggerating and difficult fifth-grade elixir If he fails and his cauldron explodes, I want to see how he can break


“Didnt you want him to break through to fifth grade just now Now that he wants to break through to fifth grade, you want to guarantee him to be at the bottom” asked Shi Ti.

Lu Chenghui said,”You shut up!”

Shi Ti then saic

“Calm down.

One must know that tolerance is a virtue, generosity…”

Lu Chenghui covered President Shi Tis mouth and dragged him away while his eyebrows were twitching wildly.

“This is not how you behaved in the past.

Who has taught you to say such disgusting words Say it out, and I guarantee that I wont destroy him!”

The senior presidents beside them didnt pay attention to the two who were quarreling.

All of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

“Little Rejuvenation Pill.

He refused to let the other contestants live, is he”

“If this pill is successfully refined, the results will definitely be at the top.

I had thought that he wanted to be at the bottom, but Young Master Xu indeed wont choose to be at the bottom.”

“In my opinion, the difficulty of refining the Little Rejuvenation Pill is no less than the difficulty of refining a fourth-grade Sovereign pill.”

“Yes, but if this kid Xu is conducting alchemy, I feel that his strength is indeed enough…”

At this moment, none of the presidents felt that Young Master Xus ability in conducting alchemy was weak.

Even in this competition with the geniuses of the five regions, he was still an existence that stood out from the crowd.

Choosing the most difficult Grandmaster Elixir, the Little Rejuvenation Pill, seemed to fit his personality

“Lets see!”

Dong Ling dispersed the group of presidents.

Young Master Xu had wanted to refine the Little Rejuvenation Pill, so there was indeed nothing much to say.

If this pill was refined successfully, even the modified version of the Yin Taunting Blood Pill wouldnt be able to compare with it.

And Young Master Xu had handed over the pill formula for the Yin Taunting Blood Pill.

The Magic Pill Technicians Association had a lot of time to practice and verify the feasibility of the pill formula.


With a wave of a delicate hand, the three medicines for the Little Rejuvenation Pill were approved.

‘Within the No.

1 spiritual array, Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath, waved the black chicken, and began conducting alchemy.

“Grandmaster Elixir…”

He was a little excited.

When he was at the Innate cultivation level, this was something he didnt dare to imagine.

It was because back then, his Cooking Expert didnt involve any Grandmaster elixirs at all.

His alchemy technique was lacking, and it was difficult for him to even refine the Innate pill.

But now, after receiving vast experience from the Sovereign level Cooking Expert, he had become an extremely skilled veteran.

If nothing unexpected happened, there would be no problem in refining the Grandmaster Elixir.

Whether or not he could reach the middle grade would depend on how he executed it.

“Young Master Xu has opened the cauldron!”

Outside the completion venue, the audience was excited again.

Just as the spiritual medicines arrived, the 10 contestants at the competition venue opened the cauldrons at the same time.

And the most eye-catching person was undoubtedly Young Master Xu, who had won two full scores in the previous two rounds.

The competition began.

It flashed above the spiritual arrays.

The contestants could not see it.

However, the audience could immediately see the names of the elixirs that appeared on their respective spiritual arrays the moment the contestants opened their cauldrons.

“Fallen Star Pill! Those three Innate contestants have chosen the seventh top-grade healing elixirs at the same time.


“Grandmaster Elixir! Three Alchemy Masters have chosen Grandmaster Elixir! Its the same for Miss Yu.

This is her specialty.

For a sixth-grade Grandmaster Elixir, she has to strive for top-grade quality in order to win against the others.”

“Grand Origin Pill, Tree Spirit Pill… These are the sixth-grade elixirs of the Central Region, right Ive rarely seen them before.”

“Yes, those two contestants are the Alchemy Master of the Central Region.”

“Heavenly Star Pill! Zhu Yan has chosen to strive for fifth grade, and if he succeeds, hell become a fifth-grade Master.

Good heavens, is he going to compete with Young Master Xu”

“Young Master Xu… Hiss, Little Rejuvenation Pill! This is too aggressive! Others are still working on realm-breaking pills, cultivation pills, and other conventional pills, but hes directly using healing Holy Medicine”

“Little Rejuvenation Pill, theres a price but no market.

This is interesting.”

The audience discussed.

The other nine spiritual arrays began to go through the normal process of conducting alchemy at the same time.

‘As for the No.1 spiritual array, it also went through Young Master Xus abnormal black chicken art of conducting alchemy.

However, this time, Young Master Xu stood up.

“Looks like the difficulty level of the Little Rejuvenation Pill isnt low.

It has caused Young Master Xus butt to leave his seat,” someone mocked.

“Isnt that obvious Its the Little Rejuvenation Pill!”

‘When the people saw the alchemy had started, their voices became softer.

It was as if they would affect the performance of the contestants in the spiritual arrays if they argued too much.

Time passed, minutes and seconds.

There wasnt anything surprising about this round of competition, including Young Master Xu didnt act like a demon.

In other words, this should be the normal rhythm of conducting alchemy.

After a while, it was approximately15 minutes.

A few loud booms were heard.

A contestants cauldron exploded.

It was not the explosion at the end of alchemy.

It was because the contestant was nervous and it had resulted in the mistake in the rhythm of conducting alchemy.

To avoid wasting time, he directly chose the second round of alchemy.

Failure in conducting alchemy was not taken into the assessment because it was normal.

It was the quality of the pill that would be assessed.

30 minutes later.

“Its done!”

The geniuses of the Five Regions werent to be trifled with.

Even if it was a top-grade Innate healing medicine, the Falling Star Pill, became two cauldrons in 25 minutes.

However, the quality of the pill formed didnt seem to be ideal.

The two contestants once again began to refine elixirs.

Half an hour passed.

“Young Master Xu!”

Hearing a cry of surprise, everyone turned to look at the No.1 spiritual array.

The Little Rejuvenation Pill was the most difficult to refine.

Relying on the perfect rhythm of conducting alchemy, Young Master Xu had shortened its refining time to even shorter than the other fifth-grade and sixth-grade elixirs.

“Hes condensing the pills now!”

The audience cried out in surprise.

Everyone in the judges seats also looked intently.

On the viewing platform, Hua Ying leaned forward slightly.

This time, she couldnt hold on to it any longer.

Although she couldnt understand the refinement of the Little Rejuvenation Pill, she was very familiar with the rhythm of Young Master Xu making his move personally.

“Three, two, one…”

Hua Ying was counting by second.

Then, she pursed her red lips, widened her beautiful eyes, and shouted in her heart, “Explode!”


The No.

1 spiritual array seemed to explode like a cauldron explosion, precisely with the sound of an explosion.

The explosion even caused the spiritual array to shake violently.

One could vaguely see a dusty man serving tea and pouring water.

He was directly blown away by the explosion and stuck onto the wall of the spiritual array.

“As expected…”

Hua Ying couldnt help but let out anoh sound.

She shook her head as if she was going to shake the water out of the spiritual array.

She understood now.

“99%, hes Uncle Xu!”

“Such a precise explosion.

Its exactly the same as the rhythm of my alchemy… Oh, its still a little different.

I cant form a pill.”

“D*mn it…”

At the judges seats.

Shi Ti frowned.

Dong Lings beautiful eyes twinkled.

The two of them seemed to have thought of something at the same time.

It exploded when he first formed the Little Thunderbolt Pill.

And this time, it also exploded

Lu Chenghui jumped in excitement.

“The cauldron exploded!”

“But he also had a cauldron explosion previously, and he successfully refined the Little Thunderbolt Pill,” someone refuted.

Lu Chenghui was stunned.

When he looked back at the No.

1 spiritual array that was filled with dust and smoke, his gaze became somewhat unsightly.

There seemed to be a little bit of path of energy.

Was it enshrouding in the midst

In the spiritual array.

Xu Xiaoshou walked over quickly and pulled Xiao Wanfeng down from the spiritual arrays wall.

If he hadnt reacted at the last moment realizing that ordinary people couldnt withstand the damage of the condensing method of Infernal Heavens and had drawn a large chicken to withstand the explosion, Xiao Wanfeng would have died by now.

“Cough, cough, Young Master Xu…” Xiao Wanfeng looked at Young Master Xu with hidden bitterness.

He didnt say anything and looked back at the alchemy cauldron.

“Is it done”

Even if he was just a bystander and had been blown up twice, Xiao Wanfeng was still looking forward to witnessing a miracle.

Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands and smiled confidently.

Then, he took out a jade bottle, and a pitch-black pill flew out of the alchemy cauldron.

“The Little Rejuvenation Pill, top-grade!”


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