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Chapter 796: Purple Lightning Phenomenon! Elixirs Upgraded!

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Time passed by.

“Look, did I see clearly The No.

1 spiritual array is asking for a blank jade scroll again.”

“Oh my God, 16 transformations are not enough to satisfy Young Master Xus appetite.

And he is now deducing the 17th transformation”

“Oh my God, Young Master Xu, Im convinced.

I should have suppressed you just now.

You really… make people love and hate you!”

“Really, how can there be such a person I saw the senior presidents reactions.

Almost every time Young Master Xu raised the medicine, they would be shocked.

This only proves that Young Master Xu is very likely right.”

“My Xiao Chu, why are you so disappointing You havent even refined the first transformation yet”

The audience on the sidelines grabbed the railings and commented anxiously.

Almost everyone had noticed Young Master Xu.

It was because this fellow had successfully refined several elixirs in the competition venue, which had always been silent and filled with cauldron explosions.

Just this alone was enough to crush the others!

“What does that mean”

‘The judges received a new paper.

They could no longer understand Young Master Xus intentions.

‘There were only three types of medicine in this paper.

However, the elders could smell something shocking.

“What on earth is he trying to do Im too old and cant take the blow…”

Dong Ling waved her hand and said numbly, “Approve!”

In this round of competition, she had already shouted the wordapprove countless times.

She was afraid that there might be side effects after this.

At least for now, she felt that she no longer could pronounce the wordapprove correctly.

The No.

1 spiritual array received the medicine.

Xu Xiaoshou could not wait to start conducting alchemy again.

The cauldron explosion was normal.

Cauldron explosion was normal in conducting alchemy, more so it was Xu Xiaoshou who was conducting alchemy.

Cauldron explosion at the competition venue did not affect his temperament in the slightest.

This time, he took action himself.

After carefully verifying the medicine that he had chosen, he drew a black chicken and began conducting alchemy.

“I must succeed!”

Xu Xiaoshou prayed in his heart.

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If he did not succeed in refining the Little Thunderbolt Pill, he could only submit the previous elixirs.

Although he was determined to win this round, if he failed, there would still be regrets, and he might not get full scores.

“In less than 15 minutes, I have to refine a brand new sixth-grade Grandmaster Elixir.”

‘Xu Xiaoshou knew the difficulty.

He had strengthened the medicine, so the quality of the completed pill would definitely increase.

However, the only thing worth rejoicing over was that he had only added a few medicines.

In general, the difficulty of refining the Little Thunderbolt Pill was still at the Innate Stage.

With his Sovereign StageCooking Expert, he should be able to do it without fear!

“Do it, Young Master Xu…” Xiao Wanfeng silently encouraged Young Master Xu in his heart.

From being flustered by the audience in the beginning, to the fact that Young Master Xu had completed a few cauldrons of pills, Xiao Wanfeng felt honored.

He felt that he was witnessing a miracle.

He was still an alchemy apprentice, and he was witnessing it up close.

Although in the course of the normal competition, other than writing, greeting the staff, and serving tea, he had no other work.

But in the future, he would probably be mentioned in the history books, wouldnt he

A certain year, a certain month, a certain day, at Dongtianwang Citys Alchemy Convention, Young Master Xu was stunning, breaking the record.

His alchemy apprentice, Xiao Wanfeng, was extremely elegant, handsome, and carefree.

His calligraphy was like dragons and phoenixes dancing in the wind,

unrestrained and ostentatious.

His authentic work has been preserved in a collection hall…

“Hehe.” Xiao Wanfeng couldnt help but laugh out loud as he fantasized about it.

“Hes still struggling with the Little Thunderbolt Pill!”

In the judges seat, Lu Chenghui immediately called out when Young Master Xu made a move.

He was the one who paid the most attention to the No.

1 spiritual array because Young Master Xu had given him a big blow.

It definitely wasnt because of the Amber Juice…

Seeing that Young Master Xu was still wasting time on the Little Thunderbolt Pill after his cauldron exploded, Lu Chenghui burst into laughter.

“How stupid!

“Somehow he is still young.

In the end, he still failed to see through my trap.

The Little Thunderbolt Pill can not be made with the spiritual medicine of the incomplete pill formula.

“As in the end, the conflict of medicinal properties is the fundamental problem.

No one can solve it!”

Dong Ling silently tuned back and glanced at President Lu.

She then focused on the action of the No.

1 spiritual array.

After a moment of silence, she said, “What If…”

“There is nowhat if!”

President Lu interrupted her.

Like a tiger that had been touched, he stomped his feet and said, “Its not like you dont know that all in the pill formula are interrelated.

It was hidden until the last step.

Only at the last step of conducting alchemy did you confirm that you should directly reject the main


But if you dont use the medicine on the incomplete pill formula, it would be tantamount to failure… You know all this! You know all of this!”

Dong Ling held the latest paper in her hand and was silent for a moment before she said, “He also asked for the Spirit Returning Flower.”

“Is impossible even if he uses Spirit Returning Flower!” President Lu was aggressive.

“The hidden medicinal properties of the Herb of Great Heavens Heart can solve the problem of extreme Yang and heat…”

“Thats also useless!”

“Theoretically, the Yin nature of the sunflower seed can solve and absorb the Yin-cold trap that you set up in the beginning.

“Nonsense! If thats the case, the Little Thunderbolt Pill wont be a seventh-grade pill anymore!”

“Perhaps he wants to surpass…”

“A junior!” Lu Chenghuis eyes were about to pop out as he glared at President Dong Ling.

“Hes only a junior.

How old is he How can he improve and upgrade the pill formula”

Shi Ti silently stabbed his back, “Amber Juice, Amber Juice, Amber Juice…” He hummed a minor tune.

“Ah ah ah…” President Lu was going crazy.

He suddenly turned around: “You, old junk, shut up!”

“Oh,” said Shi Ti.

He looked at President Lu, who was furious.

After a moment of hesitation, he said, “Tolerance is a virtue; generosity is the cultivation of a person…”

“shut up! ! !”


At the last moment of the second round.

“Time is running out.

Theres no time soon.”

‘There was an audience keeping track of the time and reminding everyone.

“Yes, the good show on the stage has ended.

Everyone has stopped.

Were just waiting for Young Master Xu.”

“Yu Chuchu seems to have refined other elixirs.

I remember she raised the medicine twice.”

“Yeah, Zhu Yan is the same.

Qiu Jiangzhi didnt change.

In the end, the cauldron exploded.

He is now burying his head in the useless medicines in the cauldron, regretting it.

I wonder if the cauldron is hot…”

“Of course, it is.

Its a climax in the cauldron.”


The audience joked.

Conducting alchemy concerned them.

It was only a small matter of the stakes.

However, no matter how urgent it was, they were happy to be lively.

The more lively it was, the better.

It would be best if it was as lively as the heaven geomantic arena.

Only then would it make peoples blood boil even more.

What a pity.

In the second round of the competition, the only person who made peoples blood boil was Young Master Xu, who was constantly making great feats.

“He seems to have reached the last step.

I remember that everyones cauldron explosion happened here.

Qiu Jiangzhi started to have his cauldron explosion after this step.”

“Yes, yes.

I wonder if Young Master Xu will die here.

His previous cauldron explosion happened here too.”

“Tm looking forward to a miracle!”

In the spiritual array, Xu Xiaoshou was fully focused.

There was no problem with his theory.

His accomplishment was still to be seen.

And after this round, there was no time left.

The final gamble, whether or not he could form the pill, would depend on whether or not the “Cooking Expert” was great enough.


The three newly requested main ingredients were added at the end, acting as the finishing touch.

‘Xu Xiaoshou used the pill condensation art that he hadnt used for a long time.


Inan instant, in the No.1 spiritual array, an explosive sound louder than the combined sound of the cauldron explosions of all the people previously rang out.

All the elders in the judges seats were shocked.

Shi Ti thought that Young Master Xus pill-condensing technique already had 80% of the Infernal Lineages power.

The rest of the senior presidents looked at the dust in the spiritual array and began to laugh.

“Hahaha, he failed as expected!”

Lu Chenghui was the happiest.

The pill-condensing technique had already exploded to such a state.

It was even louder than a cauldron explosion.

How could it be possible to form a pill

“Its useless!” He turned his head to look at Dong Ling, referring to Dong Lings praise for Young Master Xus bold use of medicine.

“It seems like its not over yet” Dong Ling fixed her eyes on Young Master Xu.

Lu Chenghui was ignored.

He could only look at the No.

1 spiritual array again.

Then, his pupils constricted.


In the No.

1 spiritual array, tiny purple flashes of lightning swam around and disappeared when they touched the barrier of the spiritual array.

“A phenomenon of path energy”

The other 99 contestants on the stage were shocked.

‘The phenomenon of path energy during the process of conducting alchemy and condensing elixirs could only happen when refining sixth-grade Grandmaster Level Elixir or above, and when the elixirs were at the highest level.

Otherwise, when Young Master Xu refined the Innate Pill previously and the glow of pill formation occurred, it would not have shocked so many people.

But now, it was just a Little Thunderbolt Pill of the seventh Innate grade.

Even if Young Master Xu had successfully refined the pill, it was impossible for a phenomenon of path energy to appear.

But it had appeared!


The contestants and the spectating Elixir Masters were all stunned.

‘As experts, they didnt see the glow of pill formation, but the purple flashes of lightning moving around.

They could still question the authenticity of the glow of pill formation.

But there was no way to question this phenomenon of path energy!

When a Master came into contact with Dao-related matters, he would be able to tell whether this phenomenon of energy was real.

“So, this is a sixth-grade Little Thunderbolt Pill Or it is seventh-grade, but it has changed”

Yu Chuchu was the closest to the No.

1 spiritual array.

She could see clearly the most, but she also couldnt figure it out the most.

She could clearly see Young Master Xus ostentatious smile in the dust.

Although his voice could not be heard, she could see his laughing face.

After taking out the jade-made alchemy bottle, three purple lightning pills from the cauldron flew in.

“Its really a sixth-grade pill!”

In the judges seat, Lu Chenghui was pressed against the table.

His body leaned forward, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

It wasnt that Young Master Xus refining of the sixth-grade pill was shocking.

After the first round, the presidents had felt that he had the strength of a sixth-grade.

The current situation was that the Little Thunderbolt Pill was seventh-grade Innate, but Young Master Xus pill formation was clearly an anomaly of a sixth-grade Grandmaster Elixir.

There was no way to explain this!

“He succeeded…” Shi ti mumbled.

Even without looking at the elixirs, based on the high-quality elixirs that they had taken from the No.

1 spiritual array, they could tell the quality of Young Master Xus elixirs as long as he succeeded in condensing the elixirs.

“This is impossible, this is too mysterious…” Lu Chenghui collapsed onto the chair as if he was deflated.

In the end, he only touched the edge of the chair and his butt slipped.

He then plopped on the floor.

After a long time, then only the senior president realized that he had lost his composure.

He patted his butt and stood up, calling out hurriedly.

“Bring the pills over!”

“Quickly hand over the pills!”

The staff members quickly went forward to ask for the pills.

Xu Xiaoshou handed over the pills smiling, closed the spiritual array, and walked out.

“Times up.”

Dong Ling announced promptly.

The other 99 spiritual arrays on the stage were also closed, and the contestants came out.

“Young Master Xu!”

Immediately, someone pounced over, “Has Young Master Xu refined a seventh-grade Little Thunderbolt Pill”

Everyone gathered together.

Zhu Yan and Yu Chuchu were no exception.

Qiu Jiangzhi even pulled his head out of the alchemy cauldron.

His face was covered in dust as he looked over with hope in his eyes.

He felt that the Little Thunderbolt Pill could be formed.

However, in the end, he was still stuck at the final step.

He had completely failed this round.

In the end, he might end up with the same results as the contestants who had not been able to make a move from the beginning to the end.

“No,” Xu Xiaoshou denied with a smile.

The contestants finally let out a sigh of relief.

Some people had found out that the Little Thunderbolt Pill was a trap.

After obtaining Young Master Xus affirmation and realizing that it was really a trap, they felt that their judgments were still right.

Yu Chuchu, Zhu Yan, and the others were glad that they did not waste time struggling with the Little Thunderbolt Pill.

Qiu Jiangzhis face was ashen.

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment before saying, “What I refined was not a seventh-grade pill, but a sixth-grade Little Thunderbolt Pill.”

The contestants thought, “What”

This time, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Young Master Xu, are you joking”

“Yes, the Little Thunderbolt Pill is a trap.

Its a seventh-grade elixir.

How can it be sixth-grade”

“Impossible, this is impossible!”

Faced with the doubts of the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “Didnt you guys see the phenomenon of the pill formation What are you still doubting”

‘The phenomenon was not like the glow of pill formation, it was drawn by him.

And it was really the phenomenon of pill formation, a phenomenon that could only be found in Supreme-Grade Grandmaster Elixir.

Since the appearance of the purple lightning phenomenon, Xu Xiaoshou had understood that his “Cooking Expert” at the Sovereign Stage was not for nothing.

Its knowledge could be realized if used properly.

“It is really the Little Thunderbolt Pill…”

Qiu Jiangzhis eyes shone brightly as he pounced over and grabbed Xu Xiaoshous hand.

“Young Master Xu, how did you form the pill”

Yu Chuchu frowned.

“Qiu Jiang Zhi, watch out your behavior.

If what Young Master Xu said is true, then he has improved and upgraded the pill formula.

This thing is priceless, how can he tell you directly”

Zhu Yan also nodded.

This was an unwritten rule in the world of alchemy.

You can ask for experience, but it would be too much if you ask for a brand new Master Stage pill formula directly.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

Facing so many talented people, he was very generous.

“Its okay, its not a secret.

I just made some slight improvements.

Ill share with you, just take it as making friends, haha…”

Everyone was slightly moved.

This kind of generosity, in this world, probably only the masters of those who present could do it.

“Thank you, Young Master Xu!”

“Young Master Xu, please tell us!”

“We will definitely pay for it, and we promise not to spread it.

I believe that everyone here has this bit of credibility,” Zhu Yan suggested.

“We will keep it confidential!” Yu Chuchus eyes were bright.

At this moment, she once again tumed into a student who had just started studying, completely forgetting about the bet.

“Elixir Masters are really cute…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

This was the difference between Elixir Masters and Spiritual Cultivators.

Just like the Saint Servant and in the Holy Divine Palace, people only knew how to fight to the death.

However, in this world, no matter how realistic and bloody it was, there was still a group of cute intellectuals who were focused on knowledge and did not feel ashamed to ask.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou looked around at the tens of thousands of audience and then the judge panel who had gathered together to observe the sixth-grade Little Thunderbolt Pill, he chuckled.

“Come, all of you sit cross-legged on the spot.

While its hot, Im going to explain to you the biggest trap of this assessment…”

“The class begins now!”


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