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Chapter 795: Young Master Xu Has Gone Crazy!


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In the spiritual array, Young Master Xu stopped and tured his head to talk to his alchemy boy, ignoring the situation outside.

The staff member went forward and picked up the perfected pills, handing them over to the anxious judge panel.

“Fire Pill!”

“Its really Fire Pill!”

Lu Chenghui was the first to receive the pills and his hands were shaking.

He could not help but shake his head.

“How is this possible How is this possible”

Dong Ling took over the pills.

At a glance, she had the answer in her heart.

The appearance was perfect.

The quality was top-grade.

It was flawless!

It was just like a mature and experienced alchemy master had spent more than a month to temper a pill which was not of much use but the alchemy process was extremely complicated.

Other than the full score, there was no other score that could be given to the paper that Young Master Xu had handed in.

“Tm convinced!”

A president praised sincerely.

Being proud and arrogant was a taboo in alchemy.

But those who were really talented and knowledgeable could conquer everyone as long as they showed the corresponding strength.

“This may not be Young Master Xus understanding.

Maybe it so happened that he was tortured by his teacher in the past.” A president gave his opinion.

The elders were influenced and nodded their heads repeatedly.

Indeed, there was no market for the Fire Pill.

However, as a 10th-grade pill, its composition of spiritual medicine was not valuable, but the refining process was very complicated.

It truly tested the skills of the Elixir Master.

Therefore, people would still use it to teach their disciples.

The possibility that Young Master Xu had learned about the Fire Pill in the past… was very high!

“Dont be discouraged, everyone.

This is only a 10th-grade pill.

Even though Young Master Xu has successfully refined it, if someone produces a seventh-grade pill subsequently, he definitely wont win the championship.” Lu Chenghui suddenly said.

When he said this, he was not the only one who was shocked by himself.

The other senior presidents beside him were also shocked.

“What does President Lu mean by this Has he taken Young Master Xu as an imaginary enemy” Shi Ti teased.

“Hahaha, President Lu, your sense of immersion is a little strong.

Isnt it good to have a genius in the world of alchemy Why do you keep thinking that he will become your opponent Is it because of… Amber Juice”

The group of presidents instantly burst into laughter.

Dong Ling also shook her head laughingly.

Lu Chenghuis face turned red.

He realized that he had been bewitched and felt a little embarrassed.

“Thats not true.

Amber Juice is only 10th-grade.

It doesnt have much to do with it.

I just cant get used to Young Master Xus style.

Thats all.”

“Yes, yes…” someone gave him a way out.

“That Young Master Xu is indeed arrogant.

I cant stand it either.

However, it seems that he can afford to be arrogant.”

“Hmph,” Lu Chenghui sneered and flicked his sleeve, “Its just he has learned about the Fire Pill before.

Its just coincident!”

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“Haha, thats true…” the elders agreed with a smile.

At the side.

The staff member didnt leave after delivering the pills.

Seeing that the senior presidents seemed to have finished validating, she took out another piece of paper from her pocket and handed it over.

“president, this is the second pill proposed by the No.

1 spiritual array.

Please approve it.”

Lu Chenghuis face stiffened.

Everyone staggered at the same time and stopped smiling.

They couldnt react for a while.

“The second transformation”

Soon, Dong Ling came back to her senses.

With a wave of her hand, the paper entered her eyes.

“Is this a joke” Shi Ti, who was at the side, was also shocked.

“He didnt have to think He just finished refining the Fire Pill, and he already has the idea for the second pill”

As he spoke, Shi Ti turned his head to confirm with the staff member.

“Young Master Xu gave this note to you when he handed over the pills”

“Yes,” the staff member nodded.

This time, it was silent at the judges seats.

Lu Chenghui suddenly felt a burning pain on his elderly face.

He had just lambasted that it was a coincidence that Young Master Xu was able to form the Fire Pill.

And this time, he was directly slapped on the face.


There was still a chance…

Lu Chenghui hurriedly looked at Dong Ling, “President, this paper…”

Dong Ling took a deep breath, “Take a look yourself!”

She handed over the paper.

Lu Chenghui quickly took it and glanced through.

Then, with a thud, he collapsed onto the chair.

“Ninth-grade, Great Sun Boiling Blood Pill.”

After the presidents passed the paper to each other, they looked at each other speechlessly.

“He got it right again!”

“He got one of the 13 transformations right again.”

“This time, its also a coincidence”

The elders were speechless.

Except for Lu Chenghui who collapsed onto the chair, “It shouldnt be, it shouldnt be…”

“It could be a coincidence for once, but now that the Grea Sun Boiling Blood Pill is out, it should not be a coincidence.

Young Master Xu does have some talent.” Shi Ti looked at Dong Ling.

The other senior presidents did the same.

Among the low-grade spiritual medicine, pills similar to the Great Sun Boiling Blood Pill which could stimulate bloodline power and increase ones combat strength for a short period of time, were forbidden medicine.

It was because they would more or less damage the foundation of a Spiritual Cultivator.

Magic Pill Technicians Association didnt recommend it at all, nor did they supply similar pill formulas to outsiders.

But the Great Sun Boiling Blood Pill was an exception.

It was a pill from the lineage remainder of the Holy Palace.

It had been confirmed a good pill.

Even though it was a ninth-grade pill, it didnt have any side effects at all.

It was the rarest among the 13 transformations.

If it wasnt for Dong Ling who had suggested the possibility of this pill, the senior presidents could have only given 12 transformations at most.

“How did he know about the Great Sun Boiling Blood Pill” someone asked.

The pill was from the Holy Palace and not widely known to the outside world.

Even the major factions in various regions might not be able to get their hands on this top-grade pill.

Dong Ling mumbled, “Dont forget, Demi-Saint Descendant.”

Everyone was enlightened.

Everyone was shocked by Young Master Xus skill in conducting alchemy.

They had indeed forgotten that he had the identity of Demi-Saint Descendant.

Other factions couldnt obtain the pills from the Holy Palace didnt mean that the Demi-Saint faction couldnt obtain them.

Or to put it another way, such top-grade elixirs werent circulated to the outside world.

However, to the Demi-Saint faction, they were just ordinary elixirs.

“The levels are different…” the senior presidents sighed and didnt think about anything else.

‘They were certain that even if some of the contestants present could deduce seventh-grade pills, they wouldnt be able to deduce ninth-grade Great Sun Boiling Blood Pill.

It was because they could not come into contact with it due to their levels

However, Young Master Xu was different.

Not only was he a genius, but also because of his Demi-Saint background.

“Its no point comparing, relax!”

Finally, someone gave up resisting.

He sighed and patted Lu Chenghui on the shoulder before returning to his seat.

Lu Chenghui was still in a daze.

“This shouldnt be.

This isnt right.

This is too ridiculous…”

The grand alchemy competition was in full swing.

15 minutes later…

The audience began to shout frantically again.

They had witnessed another history.

“Its the fourth type! Young Master Xu is trying out the fourth transformation!”

“Oh my God, others are still racking their brains but he has already completed three cauldrons of pills, and he is now starting on the fourth.”

“Its not right.

How does he refine pills so quickly How could a person form three cauldrons of pills in half a minute Has this guy practiced conducting alchemy on those three cauldrons pills countless times in advance”

“Is it a coincidence”

Half an hour later.

“Yu Chuchu is making her move now.

She put forward the spiritual medicine to the judges team and began to refine.”

“Zhu Yan has also started, so has Chou Jiang Zhi… Those with the strength of six grade seem to have a direction and are starting to try conducting alchemy.”

“Zhao Tian Yins cauldron has exploded.

He is ranked number three, with a score of 95!”

“Young Master Xu, he, he is already in his sixth cauldron.

Oh my God.

“can tell that Young Master Xu should be refining low-level elixirs.

Thats why he is form the pills so quickly.

But this is still very mysterious.

Has he practiced refining these six types of low-level elixirs countless times before”

“Is it a coincidence, is it”

45 minutes later.

“Yu Chuchus cauldron exploded.

She seems to be refined in the wrong direction.”

“Zhu Yan is the same.

They both failed in the last step of the pill formation process.

Could they have thought of the same wrong answer”

“Oh my God, this is too exciting!”

“Look, Young Master Xu has stopped.

Is he also stuck… and did not form the pill He is also stuck in the last step.”

“Awesome! Go to hell, Young Master Xu.

Youre so sickening!”

At the judges seat.

“Hahaha, they are indeed refining the Little Thunderbolt Pill!”

The senior presidents became lively again one by one.

The shock that Young Master Xu gave them had numbed them.

This time, no matter how the No.

1 spiritual array made a move, they could remain calm as long as they viewed Young Master Xu as a monster.

What made them happy was that most of the sixth-grade Master who had started conducting alchemy had fallen into the trap they had set up.

“Were still pretty good.”

“Yes, the Little Thunderbolt Pills move was too crucial.

Otherwise, we would lose all our faces.”

“Look at Young Master Xu… hahaha, he also had a cauldron explosion.

He was defeated by the Little Thunderbolt Pills move!”

Lu Chenghui was excited.

Ever since the No.1 spiritual array came to pick up the spiritual medicine for Little Thunderbolt Pill, he felt that he had regained his dignity.

It was because he was the first to propose the Little Thunder Pills move, and at last, the 18 judges had completed it together.

Seeing that even the heaven-defying Young Master Xu had died in his hands, his heart finally felt at ease.

“But dont forget, Young Master Xu has already succeeded in seven cauldrons of elixirs…” said Shi Ti suddenly.

“Shut up!” Lu Chenghui immediately shouted.

“Old fellow, you shut up!” The other senior presidents echoed.

At this moment, in the judges seat, Young Master Xu had become a taboo that could not be mentioned.

This guy was too monstrous.

Seven cauldrons of elixirs had directly smacked all the presidents faces until they were swollen.

If not for the fact that they could still find dignity in the other contestants and realized that it was not because their questions were too simple but it was that Young Master Xu was too abnormal…

At this moment, there would have been 18 cracks in the judges seats, and the staff would not be able to find them to obtain the medicine!

Shi Ti wasnt angry after being scolded.

He had Elder Sangs 14 words of truth to protect his body.

So how could he be so easily angered

“What is he doing”

At this moment, after seeing the cauldron explosion of the No.1 spiritual array, Young Master Xu wasnt as discouraged as the others.

Instead, he began to instruct Xiao Wanfeng, the alchemy boy for a long time.

Xiao Wanfeng wrote a bunch of notes swiftly.

Seeing this, the hearts of the senior presidents throbbed at the same time.

The audience on the viewing platform and the sidelines also noticed this scene.

“What are they planning to do now”

Yu Chuchu was the closest to the No.

1 spiritual array.

She could vaguely detect the slightest movement of the No.1 spiritual array.

After she realized that the Little Thunderbolt Pill was a trap after the cauldron explosion, she began to think of other directions.

But Young Master Xu seemed to be planning to make a move on this path

‘The No.

1 spiritual array waved hands and the staff member went over.

They came in front of Xiao Wanfeng and took over a few papers in surprise.

They immediately went to the judges seat to take the medicine.

“What is this!!!”

The senior presidents took a total of nine papers and they went crazy, really crazy!

“Seventh-grade Life-Returning Pill, seventh-grade Heart of Wine Pill, seventh-grade Splittig-Thunder Pill, sixth-grade Emperor Dragon Pill…”

“God! How did he deduce the sixth-gradeEmperor Dragon Pill”

“Is he a pervert”

“At one go, he directly wrote out all the possibilities of the pill formula Is he a pill encyclopedia What exactly is in his mind”

Dong Ling ignored the other presidents frenzy.

She held the three pill formulas in her hands that she could not understand.

“What kind of elixirs are these”

The others realized that something was wrong at the same time.

Nine papers, plus the first eight papers, Young master Xu directly raised 17 possibilities.

After eliminating the trap of Little Thunderbolt Pill, he wrote out all the 16 possibilities that he had mentioned before!

In other words, what Dong Ling was holding in her hands were the three transformations that even the 18 judges had not expected.

Lu Chenghuis hands trembled as he took the paper in Dong Lings palms.

According to the reasoning of the spiritual medicine, he read out the names of the pill formulas one by one:

“Sixth-grade Great Mystic Broiling Pill, sixth-grade Velvet Confusion Pill…”

“Fifth grade Yin Taunting Blood Pill… He must have gone mad!”

President Lu cried out in shock.

“Fith-grade Yin Taunting Blood Pill.

I remember that its a yin-attribute elixir.

The major one belongs to the ice-type.

What the f*ck, how could it be derived from 33 fire-type spiritual medicine”

Shi Ti was shocked too.

He immediately snatched the paper and looked at the words on it, constricting his pupils.


“Using theDeadly Yang Grass to push the fire-type to the extreme, using theHeart of Thunderto convert the fire-type into the Yang-type, and using the main medicine, theSpirit Returning Flower to convert the medicinal properties… this is the work of a genius!”

“Its amazing! This is the new pill formula for the Yin Taunting Blood Pill!”

President Lu came back to his senses.

He slammed the table angrily.

“How is this possible The Yin Taunting Blood Pill has been validated by the market.

His theory of spiritual medicine might be feasible, but there must be a mistake in the middle of refining it.

This thing with conflicting medicinal

properties and extremity only exists in legends.

How can such a junior person complete it”

“What if he can” Shi Ti said without raising his head.

“Theres nowhat if!” Lu Chenghui was like an enraged lion.

Hearing the arguments beside her, Dong Ling tried her best to calm down her agitated emotions.

As an Elixir Master, she had to calm down when she saw such a medicinal pill.

After recovering from the shock, she pressed her hand down and suppressed the emotions of the two elders.

“Lets see for now.

Lets give him the approval of the medicine.

Whether he can form the pills or not, in the end, it will depend on the results.

Theres no use arguing about it.”

Hearing Lu Chenghui and Shi Ti arguing, the other presidents realized that the situation was getting serious.

Fifth grade was the elixirs of the Peak of Master.

If there were a participant in the alchemy who could improve fifth-grade elixirs, even the wordgenius was unable to describe the person.

He was definitely a monster among the monsters specially recruited by the Holy Palace!


“Give him the medicine!”

“Yes, I really want to see how big a hole Young Master Xu can poke in the sky!”

In the No.1 spiritual array.

Xu Xiaoshou took the spiritual medicine that Xiao Wanfeng handed over.

At this moment, he was completely immersed in his world of conducting alchemy.

He had even forgotten his original intention of doing evil in order to gather passive points in the beginning.

“Idont have much time left…”

It was only at this point that he realized that there were times when ones strength was limited.

He couldnt produce several batches of seventh-grade and sixth-grade six elixirs in the next fifteen minutes.

It was too difficult, so he had to make a choice.

“Fifth-grade Yin Taunting Blood Pill, or a bold attempt…”

Xu Xiaoshou tapped his finger on the wooden table.

He had only glanced at the Yin Taunting Blood Pills formula once.

He could roughly remember it, but he couldnt remember all the medicine used.

So the subsequent medicine used was really based on his knowledge.

“But the remaining time is too short.

If I were to refine fifth-grade elixirs, I would likely exceed the time limit, its not worthwhile…”

Xu Xiaoshou was hesitant.

He didnt think that his standard could be flawless when he was refining the fifth-grade Yin Taunting Blood Pill for the first time.

After all, he hadnt even tried to refine the lowest sixth-grade elixirs of the Peak of Master.

“Then, theres still another option.”

Finally, his gaze was still fixed on the cauldron explosion.

“The Little Thunderbolt Pill seems to be a trap.

Based on the normal alchemy experience, its impossible to form a pill.”

“However, if we use theSpirit Restoring Flower and push its quality to the sixth grade, its possible to break the trap successfully.”

“And this will definitely be something that those old foxes wouldnt think of, and well be able to obtain better results…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered and raised his eyes to look at the judges seat.

Many senior presidents eyes were also fixed on him, nervously staring at him.

Without much thought, Xu Xiaoshou waved at Xiao Wanfeng.

“Wanfeng, write down a few more medicine for me.

Remember, they are Spirit Restoring Flower, Herb of Great Heavens Heart, Sunflower Seed.

These are the three main ingredients..

Its sufficient with the spiritual medicine that was sent just now!”


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