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Chapter 790: Conducting Alchemy of the Black Chicken!

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On the viewing platform.

Almost all the representatives of the major powers were focused on Young Master Xu.

‘The arena was filled with the most beautiful people in the entire alchemy competition.

It wasnt his appearance.

It was his one-finger comical ability.

Hua Yings eyes flashed with disappointment as she looked at Young Master Xus Black Fire.

She actually still hoped that Zhou Tianshen wouldnt lie.

However, Young Master Xus performance didnt match the image of the tall and mighty martial uncle Xu in her mind.

“He doesnt even have the most basic fire attribute or wood attribute!”

Hua Ying could see that Young Master Xu didnt have the fire attribute at all.

This black Ink Flame was summoned with a spiritual technique.

Not to mention the Infernal Heavenly Flames, or White Flames

It couldnt even compare to most of the spiritual flames.

In the judges seats, Shi Tis secretly worried mind also relaxed, and he silently let out a long sigh of relief.

“Its not the Infernal Heavenly Flames…”

He realized that Young Master Xu and Xu Xiaoshou were fundamentally different.

At least as Elder Sangs disciple (apprentice) , Xu Xiaoshou was pious when conducting alchemy.

Even if it would trigger an explosion, this explosion was brought about by his exceptional focus.

That was the temperament of an artist.

And art itself lied in focused, bringing with it an unexpected beauty.

‘What Xu Xiaoshou had done was to magnify this beauty… unexpectedly in infinite.

However, Young Master Xus attitude towards conducting alchemy was impudent.

He did not even have the least bit of respect.

This kind of person who did not even have the slightest bit of piousness towards “Conducting alchemy”would not be able to refine a good pill!

Shi Ti was slightly disappointed.

But at the same time, he was also somewhat glad.

Fortunately, it wasnt him.

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Elder sangs little remaining reputation wouldnt be sullied.

Within the spiritual array.

As long as the spiritual source maintained the black Ink Flame drawn by “Drawing Expertise, it wouldnt disappear.

But in terms of the quality of the flame, this Ink Flame wasnt just a little bit inferior to the white flame.

Xu Xiaoshou had used this flame to heat the alchemy cauldron for a long time before the alchemy cauldron finally had a temperature that could be used.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Treally didnt expect the quality of the flame drawn to be so inferior.

If the Alchemy Cauldron hasnt warmed up by the end of the quarter of an hour, that would be a joke.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that at that time, he would really have to shamelessly ask President Dong Ling to borrow thePrimal Purple Fire to use.

Fortunately, warming the cauldron succeeded, and the first step was taken.

After a period of time, the other Alchemists couldnt hold themselves back anymore and began to take actions.

Xu Xiaoshou looked to the left.

Yu Chuchu was still frowning and thinking hard.

“This girl…”

He turned his head and looked at Xiao Wanfeng with a smile.

“Your sister Chuchu is too noob.

I have already told her the content of the pill formula, but she still hasnt thought of it.”

“What my sister Chuchu, not mine…” Xiao Wanfengs face turned red, he hurriedly changed the topic, “Young Master Xu, do you think theres no problem with that pill formula Are you going to start conducting alchemy If you want any spiritual medicine, tell me.

describe it to me.

I should be able to find


He turned his head and looked at the wooden table.

Spiritual medicine had already been taken out from the ring.

However, these hundreds of medicines did not seem to have any obvious differences in appearance.

Xiao Wanfeng actually had a headache.

“You dont have to choose the dishes.

Just brew the tea.

You dont have to do the rest.” Xu Xiaoshou gave a mysterious smile and then sternly refused.

He was also quite serious about conducting alchemy.

He could not allow Xiao Wanfeng to do whatever he wanted.

Conducting alchemy was something that If a spiritual medicine entered the cauldron at the wrong time, it could lead to failure, let alone a “Thirst Generating Pill” that was quite difficult for others

Xiao Wanfeng, as a tool for grandstanding, just stood there and brewed tea with the Passive Points.

There was no need to use it.

After being rejected, the young man only let out an “Oh” and silently took his tea and retreated.

Then, he carefully observe Young Master Xus next move.

Others did not think that Young Master Xu would succeed.

But Xiao Wanfeng had never seen Young Master Xu fail in anything.

He felt that Young Master Xu was pretending.

His standard in conducting alchemy should be pretty good.

No matter how bad it was, he would at least be at the innate stage!

“What kind of technique would it be…”

Xiao Wanfeng was secretly curious, and his eyes were filled with anticipation.

Conducting alchemy!

Young Master Xus aura was suddenly released, like a swordsman pulling out a sword and swallowing the mountains and rivers.

The next second, Xiao Wanfeng saw Young Master Xu wave his hand, and a black ink chicken appeared in the air..

Wait a minute

There seemed to be something wrong…


“Cluck Cluck Cluck!”

‘The sound of a chicken echoed in the spiritual array.

After Xiao Wanfeng reacted, his eyeballs popped out.


Chicken !

Young Master Xu summoned a chicken

‘The young man suddenly turned his head and looked at Young Master Xu, trying to put on an awkward expression of “Sorry, I used the wrong spiritual technique.

However, there was nothing.

‘What he saw was Young Master Xus solemn face and his pious expression.

“Its not that theres something wrong with my eyes, its that theres really something wrong with Young Master Xu!” At this moment, Xiao Wanfengs state of mind exploded.

“Chicken !”

The arena was filled with people who saw this scene.

Almost immediately, someone pointed at the black ink chicken that appeared in the spiritual array and cried out.

“This is too crazy.

Did Young Master Xu use the wrong skill Did he call for a chicken”

“Wahahaha, a chicken! Its a black chicken! A chicken appeared at the venue of the grand convention of conducting alchemy”

“Oh my God, what did I see A chicken A chicken that seems to be able to cry Is this Young Master Xus spiritual technique that was summoned”

“Everyone, look at this ink chicken.

Its lifelike and lifelike.

Does it have the same taste as the ink fire I guess this is young master Xus demi-saint family (ies) high-level conducting alchemy.

Hahaha, I cant make this up anymore!”

“Chicken! Wahahaha, its really chicken! F * ck!”

“E * ck, its awesome.”

In the judges seats, many of the old presidents expressions disappeared at the same time.

It was as if a mighty figure had suddenly made a move and drained the emotions of these eighteen respected old seniors with a great power.

After a long silence.

President Lu gritted his teeth and spat out the words that he had been holding back.

“He! is insulting the art of conducting, alchemy!”

Crack Crack Crack.

Even though the other presidents were used to big scenes, they couldnt help but clench their fists at this moment, each of them in a state of uncontrollable anger.

In the abnormally eye-catching spiritual array on the other side.

The old president could see the random black chicken.

It raised its neck and cackled, while it walked with its chicken feet, step by step, to the table.

Then, the black chicken opened its mouth and jumped into the alchemy cauldron with a stalk of spiritual medicine in its mouth.

Together with the spiritual medicine, it turned into a spiritual weapon and ended its evil life.

However, after that, a second black chicken appeared.

It climbed onto the wooden table, held the spiritual medicine in its mouth, and jumped into the alchemy cauldron..

The cycle repeated itself.

There was no end to the cycle.

Inside Young Master Xus spiritual array, the high-level art of conducting alchemy was displayed before everyones eyes.

The graceful, plump, and delicious black chicken, step by step, stepped on the old presidents bottomline of conducting alchemy.

After “trampling” and “destroying” it, it chose to commit suicide.

“Ive gone crazy!”

In the judges seat, President Lu stood up with a bang, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

He couldnt stand it anymore.

If one could say that Young Master Xus previous actions were tolerable, it was because everyone had gradually gotten used to some of the detestable actions of the dandy of the big families.

But with this black chicken…

This could no longer be considered a simple “insult”!

It was fine if he didnt know how to conduct alchemy, but Young Master Xus methods..

Without a doubt, he was provoking the entire art of conducting alchemy in the Eastern Sky Realm!

“Cluck Cluck Cluck”

The black chicken cried out wildly.

As it cried out, it picked up the spiritual medicine in its mouth and brought about its own destruction.

Xiao Wanfeng had gone mad.

He held his head with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

The audience outside the venue had also gone mad.

One by one, they laughed out loud, slapped their thighs, and told everyone around them to witness this shocking scene that would definitely be recorded in the history of conducting alchemy in the Eastern Sky Realm.

The Alchemists who had already finished the first round of the competition in the confinement zone had also gone mad.

They all leaned on the railing in disbelief, and at the same time, they had high respect for Young Master Xus courage.

Even a demi-saint descendant couldnt do this!

‘There were demi-saint in the world of conducting alchemy.

It was said that Demi-Saint Infernal of the Holy Palace had a bad temper when he was young.

It was very likely that he would directly attack and kill this person who insulted his conducting alchemy from two regions away!

Young Master Xu, how dare you…

It was as if yawning was contagious.

When the attention of tens of thousands of people was focused on a certain point, this force field would affect others even through the spiritual array.

On Xu Xiaoshous side.

A Seventh Grade Alchemist was still focused on conducting alchemy.

Suddenly, his train of thought was stuck by the conflicting medicinal properties in the pill formula.

He subconsciously raised his eyes to think of a way to solve it, but he accidentally saw the tens of thousands of people in the arena go crazy.

“Whats going on”

“The competition is over”

He looked in the direction of the crowd in shock and saw several groups of black chickens rolling and crawling inside Young Master Xvs spiritual array with spiritual medicine in their mouths, performing the act of going to the Alchemy Cauldron to die.


The expression on the elixir masters face immediately turned dull.

He was shocked beyond belief.


The next second, there was an explosion in front of him.

He was sent flying by the huge force and smashed onto the spiritual array.

“Oh what the f…”

The Alchemist didnt even have the time to activate the protective spiritual source.

As a result, before he fainted, this Alchemist could only subconsciously blurt out a sentence.

Then, with endless confusion, he completely fell into darkness.

Young Master Xu, is he conducting alchemy

“Bang Bang Bang…”

There were countless bad things caused by such confusion.

Too many people accidentally noticed the crazy movements in the Outer Court, and then saw Young Master Xus conducting alchemy.

Then, the cauldron explosion.

The sound of the cauldron explosion was incessant.

‘The face of Shi Ti, who was sitting in the judges seat, turned dark.

He discovered another characteristic on Young Master Xu that was similar to Xu Xiaoshou.

The only difference was…

Xu Xiaoshou blew up his own furnace.

Young Master Xu was different that he blew up someone elses!

“Damn it, I cant hold it in anymore…”Lu Chenghui pushed the chair away.

At this moment, he didnt even want to call anyone over.

He only wanted to enter the arena alone, enter the spiritual array, and throw Young Master Xu out of the Eastern Sky Realm.

He wanted to go back to the northern region and refine that damn “black chickens conducting alchemy”.

“This is too insulting to conducting alchemy!”

Fang Fang wanted to move, but Dong Ling waved her hand.

Her eyes were filled with shock, “Hold on.”

“president Dong Ling!” Lu Chenghui turned his head back in anger.

This time, he didnt even want to shift the blame.

As long as he dragged Young Master Xu out, it would be worth it for him to take the blame.

If such a person was present, he would be an eyesore.

Dong Ling didnt even tum her head back.

Her eyes were burning as she stared at young master Xu conducting alchemy.

“Didnt you notice that hes a little strange”

Lu Chenghui was about to explode from anger.

“Whats a little weird President Dong Ling, Are You Blind ! Is there onlya little weird about this kid”

Dong Ling finally turned her head and glared at Lu Chenghui.

Lu Chenghui stared straight ahead and met his gaze.

At this moment, most of the old president was also in a fit of anger.

There were many people who supported Lu Chenghui.

“Wait!”Shi Ti calmed down and realized that something was wrong.

“Everyone, look.

Its true that someone was affected by the cauldron explosion at the scene, but Young Master Xus own cauldron doesnt seem to have exploded yet”


With this sound, the old presidents finally calmed down.

‘When they looked back, they also discovered this strange phenomenon.

Young Master Xu, who was using the black chicken for conducting alchemy, hadnt really had a cauldron explosion up to this point.

Moreover, if one didnt look at the black chicken, one would only look at the process of conducting alchemy.

Young Master Xus process was smooth and fluid, without the slightest bit of delay like the other contestants.

On the contrary, he seemed to have refined this Thirst Generating Pill countless times, and he was extremely skilled.

Lu Chenghui hesitated and turned his head, becoming somewhat uncertain.

“President Dong Ling, you mean… that someone here has leaked the question”

Everyone was stunned.

Dong Ling slapped her forehead, and her eyes rolled back.

This was indeed not Lu Chenghuis fault.

At the start, she had the same reaction.


“Look carefully at the process of conducting alchemy.

Someone leaked the question.

which junior could do it so skillfully in such a short period of time” Dong Ling pointed at Young Master Xu.

All the President reacted.

Indeed, the final version of the pill formula had been decided in the morning.

But it only took one or two days to go back to the previous version that could be used to refine pills.

One or two days.

Even if the question was leaked, who would be able to do it so smoothly

Because they were using the black chicken for conducting alchemy, the old president couldnt see through young master Xus alchemy technique.

However, the timing of the spiritual medicine was just right.

There wasnt even a guarantee that everyone present would be able to do it so… perfectly!

The alchemy technique only appeared because of “improving the fire level, “correcting the mistakes”, and “refining the alchemy process”.

If there were no mistakes during the process of conducting alchemy…

What did it matter whether the alchemy technique was used or not

This was exactly what Young Master Xu was doing on the spot!

“He gave up on the alchemy technique and only used the right timing to place the spiritual medicine and control the flame level to start the alchemy technique” An old president was surprised.

“This is impossible, this is impossible…

Lu Chenghui shook his head and muttered.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that something was wrong:

“Who can guarantee that there are no mistakes in the process of conducting alchemy Also, Young Master Xu doesnt know the pill formula, right Even if he does, how can he control the timing of every stalk of spiritual medicine so well”

“These pill formulas arent even recorded with such precision.

Does this mean…”

He didnt dare to continue.

However, after swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Shi Ti helped complete the second half of Lu Chenghuis conjecture, “He has grasped all the medicinal properties of all the spiritual medicine in the profound thirst pill formula.

Thisall even includes the hidden medicinal properties!”

Once these words were said, the eighteen judges felt their scalps go numb at the same time.

This young man didnt seem to be in the right place, but he really seemed to be doing something incredible!


This kind of godly technique was completely different from his previous absurd performance!

“You cant judge a book by its cover, you cant judge a book by its cover…” a president exclaimed in surprise.

Black chicken…


Young Master Xus timing when he threw the spiritual medicine in was too exquisite.

Every stalk of the medicine would cause the alchemy cauldron to produce a miraculous positive reaction.



This black chicken…


Young master Xus process of conducting alchemy would be an art, as long as he selectively abandoned those black chickens!

Shi Tis eyes were fixed on Young Master Xu while he was conducting alchemy.

He felt that he had discovered a treasure.

“As expected of the demi-saints descendant.

There must be a very powerful alchemist in his family.”

“Otherwise, ordinary people wouldnt have the idea of making disciples pay attention to the hidden characteristics of basic spiritual ingredients.”

On the other hand, those elixir masters who were distracted and affected by the cauldron explosion were cursing and leaving the scene.

Shi Ti finally understood.

“When dealing with this kind of black chicken… ugh, a different kind of conducting alchemy, one should have a different attitude.”

“Just like when Elder Sangs Infernal Heavens alchemy technique first appeared…”

“Accepting it might be another option.”

Thinking of Elder Sang, Shi Ti thought of the other partys letters.


Tolerance was a virtue.

Magnanimity was a persons cultivation.

At this moment, he had a different understanding.

Thats right!

Why not give this black chicken… ugh, give Young Master Xu some time to see what kind of chicken he would be able to concoct in the end….

Pui, what kind of thing


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