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Chapter 784: The Ignorant Newbie of Alchemy, Xiao Wanfeng


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At the registration area of the passageway.

Xu Xiaoshou left early in the morning.

The moment he stepped out of the door, he was already at the venue of the grand competition of conducting alchemy.

However, at this moment, he was still tugging at the receptionist.

“Tama grade ten alchemist.

This is my assistant in conducting alchemy.

Without this person, I wouldnt be able to produce any Elixirs!”He pointed at Xiao Wanfeng and said ina serious manner.

Xiao Wanfeng, who was beside him, felt the attention of the people around him.

His face felt a little hot.

Conducting alchemy was an extremely private matter.

A low-level Elixir Master could not concoct a great elixir.

Generally speaking, they would not have an assistant.

Young Master Xu wanted to pull him into the arena.

There was no doubt that he wanted to fake…

Yes, there was no doubt that he was thirsty.

Xiao Wanfeng had never helped Young Master Xu in conducting alchemy.

He had never even seen Young Master Xu conducting any alchemy.

However, how could he not know what Young Master Xu was thinking

After pausing for two days, Young Master Xu was about to act up again! 7

The receptionist of the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association was very troubled.

He said hesitantly, “But he doesnt have the Alchemist Badge.

Theoretically speaking, he cant enter the arena.

If everyone is like Young Master Xu, then the arena wont be able to squeeze in at all.”

He turned his head and pointed at the arena of the convention of conducting alchemy.

The convention of conducting alchemy, as long as one had the Alchemist Badge, they could register.

However, everyone was well aware of their own strength.

What grade ten or grade nine Elixir Master Today, they only wanted to have fun.

If they went up, they probably wouldnt even be able to cause a ripple.

Therefore, normally, no one would want to go up and embarrass themselves.

But this Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky was so arrogant and had such a big face!

If he wanted to embarrass himself, then forget it.

Amere grade ten, and he wanted to bring a random person along to embarrass himself

Xu Xiaoshou said angrily, “The Amber Juice that benefits the common people was developed by me! Ive spent a lot of effort and hardwork for the world of conducting alchemy.

Ive endured the cauldron explosion and shed a lot of blood.

How can you treat me like this Cant you even bring an assistant”

Todays convention of conducting alchemy was well-organized.

Alchemists all stayed low profile and of high quality.

When had they ever caused such a big incident

In just a short while, a lot of people surrounded them.

“This is Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky, the demi-saints descendant”

“What a big face! Ive never seen such a ridiculous person.

A grade ten Alchemist still wants to bring the newbie of conducting alchemy into the venue Does he think that hes concocting an unparalleled great pill”

“But an alchemist needs an assistant.

Its not against the rules for him to bring someone along, right”

“The main thing is that this Amber Juice was developed by him Recently, Plenty Gold Company launched Amber Juice.

Its medicinal effects are too good.

Even my wife agreed when she used it!”

“Thats right.

Is this Amber Juice really produced by the First Pavilion in the Sky”

“Does he sell anything else I want to do something awesome…”

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The surrounding people started pointed fingers, and their attention was immediately attracted.

“Attention, Passive Points, 800.”

“Suspected, Passive Points 794.”

“Belittled, Passive Points 682.”

Information bar popped up.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou had planned to enter the arena quietly and leave after obtaining a spot for the trial.

He was no longer the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

He could not bring out his signature cauldron explosion, white flame, and the like.

He had only brought Xiao Wanfeng and not Xin Gugu and the others, so he could spy on them.

But very quickly, Xu Xiaoshou realized that he was wrong.

This convention of conducting alchemy was the focus of everyones attention!

He had just squandered his millions of Passive Points, and he hadnt even played the new evolution tree yet.

And that damn thing cost one million Passive Points every time he played it.

Why not take advantage of the fact that there were more people this time and take advantage of it

“Young Master Xu, youre making things difficult for us…”

The staff clearly knew Young Master Xus identity, so they could only be submissive and could not agree.

Indeed, there were very few old factions in the capital who did not know about the demi-saints descendant, Xu Deye.

However, even if Xu Xiaoshou pointed out that he was the one who refined the Amber Juice, the staff still did not dare to let this troublemaker act recklessly.

“Go and ask your President Dong Ling!”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and said in a tone that he and she were very familiar with each other She will agree to my request.”

The receptionist was instantly caught in a dilemma.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar and thought to himself, this Young Master can afford to wait.

In just a short while, tens of thousands of Passive Points had entered his account.

Even if he wanted to keep a low profile today, he reckoned that he would not be able to do so.

At this moment, President Dong Lings voice resounded throughout the entire venue, suppressing the agitation.

“The time has come.

The convention of conducting alchemy will begin now!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes swish as he stared at the receptionist, suppressing his aura.

“You want to delay the entry of the serious competitors”

The receptionists forehead was sweating profusely.

For a moment, she didnt know how to resolve this matter.

At this moment, a young woman suddenly squeezed out from behind.

She was dressed in an alchemists long robe.

Her appearance was graceful, and she had the demeanor of a lady froma prestigious family.

There was a contestant number plate “2379” pasted on her chest.

However, she was clearly a high-ranking member of the Association headquarters.

When she realized that there was a situation here, she stepped forward after understanding the situation.

“Tl take care of it.” She patted the shoulders of the staff member.

Her voice was as sweet as the chirping of an Oriole and was very clear.

Some people around recognized the identity of the woman and were very excited.

“Yu Chuchu!”

“Look, its President Dong Lings disciple, the daughter of the Yu family, Miss Yu Chuchu!”

“Shes a grade six alchemist at the master stage.

Shes a strong contender for the top spot in conducting alchemy.”

“Why is she here Oh, shes attracted to Young Master Xu!”

“Haha, Chuchu hates this kind of profligate.

I guess shes going to expel Young Master Xu this time!”

“Chuchu, you can do it! Big sister loves you!”

“Go, go!”

‘The surroundings suddenly erupted in cheers.

Xu Xiaoshou did not recognize this womans name.

However, the people of the Imperial City clearly had a considerable degree of recognition for President Dong Lings disciple.

“Big sister Chuchu…”

The receptionist turned her head to look at the person and heaved a sigh of relief before hurriedly retreating.

Yu Chuchu stepped forward and tilted her head to look at this foppish Young Master Xu.

She thought to herself, can this kind of person really develop Amber Juice

Recently, when Amber Juice went on sale, it caused a sensation in the entire citys conducting alchemy world.

Yu Chuchu used the power of the Yu family to directly probe into the Plenty Gold Company.

She knew better than anyone else that Amber Juice was created by a young man, and he was even half agood-for-nothing boy!

The convention of conducting alchemy was about to begin, so Yu Chuchu didnt think too much about it.

Knowing the farce that thegood-for-nothing boy in front of her had created recently, she also understood that the demi-saints descendant wanted to gain a special kind of respect.

This was something that even the Magic Pill Technicians Association had to give.

“Young Master Xu, is it Bring your men into the arena first.

The competition is about to begin.

Dont cause trouble!” Yu Chuchu frowned.

Her cold voice contained traces of disdain.

It was better to meet him than to only hear his name.

Earlier, even though it was rumored that Young Master Xu was a demi-saint, Yu Chuchu felt that a young man who could develop Amber Juice should be extraordinary and outstanding.

But today, when she saw him..

The rumors were not false!

He even had to bring an ordinary people to the convention of conducting alchemy for grandstanding.

Could such a fellow really develop Amber Juice

Yu Chuchu seriously suspected that Young Master Xu had plagiarized someone elses work!

“Disliked, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not understand that he had never seen this woman in front of him before.

Why did she dislike him the moment she stepped in


She despised him well!

He laughed happily and didnt care about her tone, he smiled and asked, “Your name is Yu Chuchu Youre the disciple (apprentice) of President Dong Ling A grade six Alchemist A Master stage alchemist Wow, so there really is a Master stage alchemist among the same generation.

You look so young.

Youre quite amazing!”

This voice was very sincere and didnt have a hint of sarcasm.

It was as if it was full of admiration.

When Xiao Wanfeng heard this, he tuned his head slightly to show that he wanted to distance himself from Young Master Xu, but it was useless.

This mouth… Yu Chuchus red lips also twitched.

She endured the sarcastic words that came to her mouth and did not want to speak.

“Young Master Xus name!”

She picked up the number plate on the table and wanted to record her personal information.

She did not even raise her head to ask.

“Are you asking for your big name or your nickname”Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with smile.

He bent his knees and lowered his head to get a better look at the delicate face in front of him.

“Your real name!”Yu Chuchu looked up angrily and gave him a hard slap.

“Xu Deye.”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded, “My full name is Xu Deye.

You can also call me by my nickname, Xu Die.”

Yu chuchu frowned and repeated the word “Xu Die.

She suddenly realized that something was wrong and her face turned red.

She imprinted “Young Master Xuon the number plate and threw it over.


She said that and turned around to leave.

“Hehe…” Xu Xiaoshou held the number plate and glanced at the “2381” on it before throwing it to Xiao Wanfeng.

Xiao Wanfeng hurriedly caught it and covered his ears.

As expected, there were angry rebukes and harsh reprimands coming from the surroundings.

“Despicable, shameless, despicable!”

“He is indeed a dandy! The descendant of a demi-saint is just like this Just Like This”

“Young Master Xu, how can you have the nerve to bully Chuchu You are a grade ten alchemist, but she is a Master alchemist.

You should use respectful language when speaking! How can you do this”

“But lets not talk about it.

Miss Chuchu looks so cute when shes angry.”

“Sob sob sob sob, why doesnt Young Master Xu come and bully me…the speaker was a chubby black-skinned girl who only knew how to sob.

“Yue!” The crowd vomited.

Xu Xiaoshou led Xiao Wanfeng and ignored the curses of the people around him.

With the title of “Young Master Xu, he entered the arena with a large number of passive points.

He was constantly setting up a character that was completely different from “Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou in order to prevent people from associating his two identities.

He was already a demi-saints descendant.

Even Xu Xiaoshou himself didnt think that he was a dandy when it came to teasing him.

He only felt that he hadnt used his full strength yet!

Playing a character that was different from his usual personality and deserved a beating…

It was quite interesting

Entering the competition venue, his field of vision was much broader.

The outer perimeter was filled with people who could not pass through.

At the northernmost comer was the judges seat with eighteen people.

‘There was also a group of spectators to the side.

On top of them was high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

They were the spectators sent by the highest power in the imperial city.

It was worth mentioning that Hua Ying was also on top of them.

‘When Xu Xiaoshous “Perceptionreached that place, Hua Ying looked at him with a conflicted expression.

“This little girl…”Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, finding it funny.

He knew that this girl must have been confused by his identity.

However, he didnt choose to look at her.

He still didnt quite understand the purpose of this little girl from the infernal lineage.

He looked down.

‘The ground of the competition venue was divided into small areas.

Each area was separated by an array to prevent the cauldron explosion from affecting others.

Xu Xiaoshou hated setting up an array in a competition venue where there were people watching.

However, conducting alchemy in front of people meant that an array was absolutely necessary.

“So many familiar auras…”

His attention fell on all directions.

On the surface, Xu Xiaoshou could detect the familiar faces of Dong Ling, Shi Ti, and the others in the judges seats.

In the dark, he could also see the hidden red-clothed and white-clothed people.

After leveling up, his “Perception” was very strong.

After all, he was already at the sovereign stage, so it was normal for Xu Xiaoshou to “Perceive” Rao yaoyao, who was carrying the Cang Godhood Sword on her back, in the void.

Since they were both at the Sovereign (stage) , the other party did not deliberately hide it…

If they did not look at each other, there would be no problem at all!

‘There were numbers on the respective array areas on the ground.

Xu Xiaoshou circled around them and found that the largest number was “500”.

Obviously, even if the venue was big enough, it could only accommodate up to 500 people conducting alchemy at the same time.

As one of the last batch of people to register, he held a number plate that was more than two thousand.

He estimated that he would have to wait for a few rounds.

After the announcement of the start of the competition, there was a fireworks display.

While Xu Xiaoshou was observing the others, the surrounding alchemists were also observing this grade ten alchemist who didnt know what was good for him.

This was the only grade ten alchemist in the arena…

Was this person here to be a bystander

While everyone was deep in thought, President Dong Lings voice sounded one after another after the fireworks of the convention of conducting alchemy,

“First, let me introduce the rules of this competition.”

“The competition will be divided into three rounds.

The first round will be the elimination round, and the top 100 will be selected.”

“The second round will be the advancement round.

The top 10 will be awarded the Imperial City Trials Jade Pendant.

As an alchemist competing for the Imperial City Trial, you can bring two guardian guards below the Master (stage) level into the arena.”

“In the third round of the grand finals, the champion will be awarded theLittle Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.”

President Dong Ling paused as she spoke, as if she was giving the crowd time to catch their breath.

‘As expected, the moment the champion of the grand finals was awarded theLittle Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake, the crowd exploded.

“Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake !”

“Isnt this thing the supreme treasure of the City of the Living Bodhisattva, one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, Ashvattha, which the heavenly flame can only be produced from The champion will be awarded with this”

“Oh My God, did I hear it wrong, or has the Magic Pill Technicians Association gone mad”

“You did indeed hear it wrong.

President Dong Ling said “Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake, not “Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake!”

The crowd burst into discussion.

Xu Xiaoshou stood in the middle of the crowd of alchemists with a puzzled look on his face.

Looking at the rapidly breathing alchemists around him, he felt that he did not fit in.

It was as if…

He was the only person in the world who did not have common sense.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and looked at Xiao Wanfeng.

Xiao Wanfeng was just as confused as he was.

‘The two of them were both warriors.

They were not purely figures in the world of conducting alchemy.

Naturally, they did not know the common sense of the world of conducting alchemy.

Seeing Xiao Wanfengs expression, Xu Xiaoshou felt comforted in his heart.

His breathing suddenly quickened, and then he looked at Xiao Wanfeng with disdain, as if he was a “Country bumpkin with no knowledge, before turning his head back.

Xiao Wanfeng:

The youth realized something, and his breathing quickened as well, as he tried to integrate into the big family.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou had already moved his feet and came to the side of the only peer he knew at the scene.

He gently patted Yu Chuchus shoulder, ina gentle voice, he said, “That inexperienced alchemist of mine, wanted to ask you, but he was embarrassed.

So I could only ask on his behalf.

What is that “Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake It seems to be very powerful”

Xiao Wanfeng:

Yu Chuchu was shocked.

She did not realize when Young Master Xu had approached her!

If this person didnt pat her, he was like an invisible person.

Even her spiritual senses couldnt detect him…

Yu Chuchu lowered her head and looked at her shoulder.

She felt dirty.

To be honest, she didnt want to bother with Young Master Xu.

But this question wasnt what Young Master Xu wanted to ask.

It was what the harmless boy who was conducting alchemy, and standing behind Young Master Xu was curious about.

Yu Chuchu had seen Xiao Wanfengsashamed expression before.

She knew that this ordinary person had no choice.

He took money from others and did things for them.

She could only look at Xiao Wanfeng and explain nicely.


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