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Chapter 782: It Had Always Been Like This, Right

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“Is there an inside story”

Xu Xiaoshou keenly sensed that something was not right.

He had long suspected that Bazhunan was so powerful, how could he be so easily killed by Hua Changdeng with three strikes.

In the past, when he heard the legend, he felt that it was not entirely believable.

However, Mei Siren also said so.

He confirmed the truth of the legend, but skipped the middle step.

There was also the final result of You Tu killing Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe in the end.

Bazhun‘an was fighting with Hua Changdeng.

What was wrong with You Tu

Moreover, even if Bazhunan was killed, the target of revenge should be Hua Changdeng, right

Why did he go to the previous Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou felt that if it was a fair fight, then it would be a fair fight.

Bazhunan was not as skilled as You Tu.

So what if You Tu was defeated You Tu should not be so shameless as to bully the weak


“What did the previous Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace do during this decisive battle” Xu Xiaoshou stuck his head out and asked.

Mei Siren smiled without saying anything and avoided this question, “Arent you very familiar with him Why dont you just ask the person involved I am also an unrelated person.”

He naturally knew that the “he” in Master Sirens words referred to Bazhunan.

Now, his identity as a Saint Servant was no longer a secret in front of the elder Sword Deity.

From this, it seemed that Master Siren was not very opposed to the Saint Servants stance

Or perhaps, from that night when the Bazhunan wanted to enter the arena to help, but was unable to do so, he seemed to be leaning towards the Saint Servants stance

“The direction of the Saint Servant is the right one” Xu Xiaoshou could not help but guess.

However, he suddenly felt a headache.

On the surface, no matter what, the Saint Servant was just a dark faction, and the Holy Divine Palace was the righteous organization.

The latter had been maintaining the stability of the continent for more than a thousand years.

However, there were too many people who wanted to challenge the authority of the Holy Divine Palace.

The exact reason could not be explained.

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However, it could not be that everyone was attracted by Bazhunans charisma, right

Xu Xiaoshou pondered and carefully asked the question that had been hidden in his heart for a long time, “If it was master siren, how would he view the position of the Holy Divine Palace”

He felt that the history and things that the old monster, the Bazhunan, who had lived for hundreds of years, had witnessed should be more thorough than the “old people” of the current era.

Therefore, to a large extent, the words of the Mei Si people could represent the truth of history.


The Mei Siren muttered and sighed:

“You have to admit that for thousands of years, the existence of the Holy Divine Palace was equivalent to the pillar of the world.

It inherited the darkness and spread light to most people

“Because of the existence of the Holy Divine Palace, this Continent has been stable for thousands of years

“When there is injustice in the world, the Holy Divine Palace will send people to be judged.

When there is darkness and crime, white-clothed people will immediately take actions.

When there are signs of strange forces and gods, Red-clothed people will resolutely step forward

“Everyone agrees with the Holy Divine Palace

“If justice can be equated by quality and quantity, then the Holy Divine Palace is that scale.

It has achieved what ordinary factions can not.

For most people, it is close to perfect… fairness!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, this official language is not what I want.

‘What I want is not the opinions of the majority of people, but the opinions of Master Siren.

“What do you think” He asked.

Master Siren smiled and said, “Compared to the common people, do you think my opinion is very important”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “You are also one of the common people.”

Master Siren was slightly surprised, but he didnt say anything and gave his opinion, “I think that the Holy Divine Palace has reached its limit, which is… not bad.”

“Not bad” Xu Xiaoshou pressed him step by step, “So Master Siren thinks that existences like the saint servant and Xu Yue Grey Palace are actually wrong”

Mei Siren nodded and shook his head.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He did not understand what this meant.

“They may not be right, but they are not wrong either.” Mei Siren explained.

‘Xu Xiaoshou was even more confused.

What kind of explanation was this

It would be fine if you didnt say it, but when you said it, it made people even more confused.

Mei Siren smiled and shook his head, “Lets not talk about this for now.

This old man will tell you a story.”

“Please, sir.” Xu Xiaoshou immediately sat up straight.

The elder Sword Deity slowly opened his mouth and said, “This old man has lived for hundreds of years.

I have basically walked through the five regions of the Continent, including the Spiritual Cultivation World and the secular world.”

“In the secular world, there is such a strange phenomenon

“Merchants do business, farmers Farm, and dynasties rise and fall after a hundred years

“When the world is prosperous, the world is peaceful, but when it is declining, the people are suffering.

No matter when, the people follow a certain rule and live their lives

“The hard-working farmers may not be able to get anything because of a natural disaster.

It will be hard for them for years, but they still have to contribute to the dynasty that has guaranteed their safety, even if they are already very poor

“Merchants either rely on their primitive accumulation, or they wash their hands of other businesses and change from black to white.

Too many people put in a certain amount of effort to fight

“The losers disappear into the dust of history, and the winners earn a good fortune.

They start to realize the monopoly of commerce and walk to the peak of their lives.

Even if their wisdom, status, means, and strength… are not equal to their wealth.”

“And these people only need to contribute a tiny bit to the dynasty that set the rules.”

“The rich discriminate against the poor and the poor hate the rich.

However, there are few disputes within the rules.”

“The dynasty, as the one who set the rules, has already achieved a certain level of fairness.”

Speaking up to this point, Mei Siren paused.

Within the cloud and fog, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have understood something, “So”

Mei Siren continued, “Very few people realized that the person who set the rules had only achieved a certain level of fairness.”

“A small number of people who felt that they were still in an unfair situation gathered together.

Hence, they raised their flags and shouted that they would rise or fall.”

“The losers could alert the dynasty and perfect the rules, or they could be suppressed.

They would be like a bubble, and all their efforts would be for nothing.”

“Those who succeed may be able to uphold their own hearts and achieve fairness in a greater sense, or they may become a king without limits, be extravagant and lascivious, and then be overthrown by the next group of people

“Who do you think is right and who is wrong”

Mei Sirens sudden question was like a blow to the head, catching people off guard.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could not answer.

‘The elder Sword Deitys words actually revealed all the answers.

At this point, he roughly understood what the Saint Servant, Xu Yue Grey Palace, and other underground factions represented in Master Sirens story.

And what kind of role did the Holy Divine Palace play.

“The one who succeeds is right” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“Youre really smart!” Mei Siren laughed and scolded, “Indeed, history is written by the one who succeeds.

But when a dynasty has set up a nearly perfect rule that can last for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, who can guarantee that the next person who wants to overthrow it will be able to do


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“Thats why, in everything Ive said to you, theres onlymaybe its not right andmaybe its not wrong, but there has never been a definiteright answer.” Mei Siren raised his teacup, he left the young man in front of him time to think.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Indeed, the Mei Siren was not like Bazhun, who would give a non-correct answer.

He was like a bystander to history, like an outsider who had witnessed the history of the Continent for hundreds of years and would not easily make a judgment.

While Bazhunan was the person in charge.

From his point of view, his answer was right.

Xu Xiaoshou knocked on the tea table and said, “It is precisely because of the injustice that there are people who rise up.

They may not be able to do better, but it is not wrong to try bravely… Therefore, from this point of view, Saint Servant and ghost beast have their own things they want to fight for, and

the answer is closer to perfection.

They are right!”

The last part of his voice was raised, and his exclamation turned into a questioning tone.

Mei Siren took a sip of tea to moisten his throat and put down his teacup, he said leisurely, “If I were to tell you that above the dynasty, there is still the empire, and any uprising army has only been on the path of destruction for thousands of years, and those who have been destroyed, other than being

branded as a dark faction, have also shaken the stability of the continent.

They have indeed broken the rules and created more chaos.

Do you still think that they are right”

Xu Xiaoshou was flabbergasted, “So the Saint Servant is wrong Bazhun‘an is just a troublemaker that he will definitely die! ”

Mei Siren smiled.

“I never said that.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his toothache, “Does that mean that the Holy Divine Palace is right “According to what you just said, they have indeed achieved a great degree of fairness.

If it were someone else, they might not be able to do better than them.

So… so I should actually join the holy divine palace and

maintain the order of justice that they have established for thousands of years”

Mei SIren smiled again and asked, “But it has always been like this, is that right”

‘Xu Xiaoshous mind went blank.

He felt as if lightning had struck his mind and enlightened him.

‘It has always been like this, is that right

‘Thats right!”!

‘Perhaps this is what Bazhunan and the ghost beast believe in”

Indeed, regardless of anything else, Xu Xiaoshou could not agree with the way the red-clothed people had treated the ghost beast to implicate the nine clans.

Perhaps most of the ghost beast were like the uprising army, causing chaos in the world and causing unrest.

However, there were thoughts of a sincere desire for themselves, for the clan, or even for the entire continent, for a more equitable existence, right

Implicating the clan..

Was it suitable

Xu Xiaoshou did not speak for a long time.

He thought of the situation of the ghost beast.

He thought of the battle between Bazhunan and Hua Changdeng, and You Tu beheading the previous Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace.

‘When he thought of the factions that were still living in the dark, even under the illumination of the only light of justice in thousands of years.

If they were really called “justice,” perhaps there wouldnt be any injustice or dark things, right

Therefore, the so-called justice of the Holy Divine Palace was only one-sided justice!

It was what Master Siren said.

He didnt dare to agree or deny it, but he had to accept it.

Because it had existed for too long, it had become a so-called “correct” system that regulated peoples lives!

“I think I understand now.” Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

Before this night, he didnt really know the positions of the various major factions that were competing against each other.

But after talking to Master Siren, he suddenly came to a realization.

Perhaps what everyone was fighting for was the other partys concession.

It didnt have to be “I am justic

But as a Spiritual Cultivator, compared to the peasants, merchants, and ordinary people who faced injustice, perhaps the biggest difference was..




To fight an entire world on ones own, this was an impossible myth in the secular world.

However, in the Spirit Cultivation world, there was indeed someone who could do it.

To suppress an entire era on ones own.

For example… Bazhunan!

Xu Xiaoshous heart pounded, and his blood was boiling.

He suddenly understood Bazhun‘ans intentions.

Perhaps Bazhun‘an, a Three breaths for innate stage, three years for Sword Deity, really had the power to challenge an entire dynasty.

But in the end, he was suppressed by the “empire.”.

However, a genius who suppressed an entire era was still a genius.

As long as he didnt die, as long as he still wanted to fight, he could always rise again and make a comeback.

Thus, in the Abyss Island, there was a legend of “both black and white veins will be under my command.

Therefore, after the Continent went dormant for forty to fifty years, there was a rumor that the Saint Servant had risen again and the Eighth Sword Deity had appeared.

This time, he understood who his real opponent was.

Bazhun‘an was not limited to one dynasty.

All of his plans were for the Black Hand behind the dynasty, the Empire!


Xu Xiaoshou said once more, and his eyes lit up.

He understood the Saint Servants position, and he also understood the final meaning of him joining the saint servant as a chess piece.

Even a genius like Bazhunan would need to sink into oblivion for decades for some reason.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, was only a mere Master (stage).

How could he use months, years, or even just a dozen years to subvert the nearly perfect rules that had existed for thousands of years

However, there was no need to settle down anymore.

‘There were too many people who had done things likehibernation.

Saint servant, Xu Yue Grey Palace..

Or in other words, all the factions that didnt belong to the Holy Divine Palace!

Whether it was those who had declared war or those who hadnt, these..

Had nothing to do with him!

Before he became a chess player who controlled these things, the only thing he had to do was to do his part and stir up some trouble, stir up some **, make the situation more chaotic, and then take advantage of the chaos to develop.

In the end, before everyone could react…

He went right up into the Nine Heavens!

“Damned old man, I seem to understand your meaning and your Path…”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Elder Sang.

Every time he thought of elder sang, he would have a new interpretation of elder sangs “Qiu Long Words.

‘What kind of person had he experienced to be able to conclude such a “Qiu Long Words”

‘What kind of person had suffered such a blow to be able to say such a seemingly random sentence to his own disciple (apprentice) , but it was actually filled with the philosophy of life…

“Before you have absolute strength, be serious and be a good chess piece!”

Across the tea table, the Mei Siren suddenly stood up.

“Tt seems like you have understood something.

He took a deep look at Xu Xiaoshou, not caring about what his words had made the other party to have any thoughts.

Maybe he gave up.

Maybe he was more persistent.

But no matter what, it had nothing to do with him.

Mei Siren turned around and walked to the windowsill.

Under the moonlight, he looked at Abyss Island and whispered, “Im leaving.

Xu Xiaoshou quickly got up.

He was the one who asked the questions in tonights conversation.

But at first, Master Siren came to find him.

So, Master Siren came to answer all the questions he had accumulated along the way.

In the end, he came to take his leave

“Where are you going”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that master siren was going back to the cultivation room to sleep.

Rao Yaoyao had already set her eyes on Master Siren.

Even if she was persuaded to retreat, Master Siren probably wouldnt stay any longer for the sake of the stability of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“Go to the next stop and look for the next person.

Go chase after another possibility that can shake my resolve.” Mei Siren turned around.

He was gentle and refined with a smile on his face.

“What possibility”X u Xiaoshou was startled.

“Its You Tu, or Bazhunan, or you, or it is…”as Mei Siren spoke, his figure suddenly became transparent and dim.

Xu Xiaoshou only realized what the elder Sword Deity meant when his entire body shattered into specks of light and dispersed with the wind.

“You dont believe me, youre still looking for…”

He sat back on the tea table feeling a little depressed and poured himself a cup of tea.

He carried it to the windowsill and came to the position where the Mei Siren had been standing at before he disappeared.

He looked at the Abyss Island as well.

His gaze swept past, and he seemed to see Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe in the central region.

“Actually, theres no need to look for it anymore…”

“Bazhun‘an will fail once, but I, Xu Xiaoshou, wont.”

“What Bazhunan cant do, Ill definitely succeed in time!”


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