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Chapter 779: My Name Is Xuan Cang!

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He had been in seclusion for two days.

Many things had happened in that short span, and he wanted to get ahold of the situation.

Suddenly, his heart palpitated.

He had sensed a dangerous fluctuation through his skill,Perception.

Xu Xiaoshou ran back into the building, shouting at Xin Gugu, who was swimming in a pool of his blood.

If Xin Gugu had used his full strength, he would not have been reduced to such a miserable state.

Outside the First Pavilion in the Sky, in the direction of the Holy Divine Palace, a shocking fluctuation was vaguely transmitted.

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou would not have noticed it.

However, things were different now thatPerception had reached the Sovereign (Stage) like all of his other Expertise Passive Skills.

Having experienced a multitude of Dao principles in Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou could tell that someone at the Higher Void (level) had created the disturbance.

He could feel a shocking sword intent trained on him.

“Rao Yaoyao!”

Thought was unnecessary for Xu Xiaoshou to confirm the identity of the one whose sword intent was locked onto him.

It was none other than the ruler of the Red Coats, one of the Seven Sword Deities, Rao Yaoyao!

“Shes here

He did not need to be a genius to know why Rao Yaoyao had appeared.

Once she had settled the matters regarding the Yunlun Mountain Range, this female sword Deity would spare no effort to uncover the truth; and the first place she would look into would be the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Xu Xiaoshou had been curious to know why the Night Guardian of the Red Coats had not visited them.

Mei Siren must have intimidated the Night Guardian, forcing him to let them go.

Unfortunately, Master Sirens intervention had attracted another individual with a heaven-defying identity and strength.

Rao Yaoayao had come to question him.

“Where is Liu Changging” Xu Xiaoshou asked those around him nervously.

Xin Gugu noticed Xu Xiaoshous panicked state.

Although he did not sense Rao Yaoyaos sword intent, Xu Xiaoshous appearance as if he were about to face a great enemy made him give up on the idea of going for another round.

“He hasnt arrived yet,” Mo Mo replied.

“You guys hide for a while…” Xu Xiaoshou paused as he spoke.

‘Whether these two ghost beast host bodies could hide from the prying eyes of the ruler of the Red Coats was still uncertain.

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Therefore, he waved his hand and said telepathically, “Hide in Yuan Mansion.”

‘Mo and Xin Gugus hearts trembled.

They realised that something was wrong and did not dare tarry.

They entered the spatial rift that opened above their heads, vanishing as if they had never been around in the first place.

“Hey, where is Brother Xin and Big Sister Mo” Xiao Wanfeng had just arrived.

He was curious to know where the other two had disappeared.

“They have gone to do some work,” Xu Xiaoshou answered vaguely.

He did not want to reveal too much.

Xiao Wanfeng did not care about the small details, an urgent look colouring his expression.

“Young Master Xu, there are enemies.

“Lknow there are enemies around, but you arent qualified to join in on the fun.

Go to sleep.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, dismissing him.

Xiao Wanfeng let out an “Oh.” He thought to himself, “Young Master Xu would have had to be blind to miss such a big hole in the wall… I guess it explains how he knows have infiltrated.”

Mumbling to himself, Xiao Wanfeng noted that Young Master Xu appeared different, but not by much, leaving as instructed.

He originally wanted to go back to sleep.

In the end, he thought of how he had been taking advantage of Young Master Xus absence to kick back and relax.

As someone serving the Young Master, he ought to take some initiative.

Thus, he endured the feeling of drowsiness and ran to the main entrance, resuming his vigil.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally saw this and did not say anything more.

He allowed Xiao Wanfeng to work overtime.

This king scroll…

‘Mu Zixi, who only had the appearance of a curious child, was still puzzled.

“Young Master Xu”

“Rao Yaoyao is here.

Lets go back to the house.

She shouldnt be looking for you or me,” Xu Xiaoshou explained, something he usually did not do.

Rao Yaoyao

‘Mu Zixis heart tightened, and her small mouth opened and closed.

She was afraid that if she said anything now, others would hear it, so she kept her thoughts to herself, returning to her house.

“Received Concern, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou also returned to his room.

He did not think that Rao Yaoyao was here to look for him, or at least he hoped so.

A giant of her level had no reason to come knocking on some small frys door.

The Night Guardian must have reported the unusual relationship betweenYoung Master Xu and Master Siren to the higher-ups of the Palace, startling them.

‘As expected, Rao Yaoyao was here to look for Master Siren.

“Did I miss anything”

‘Xu Xiaoshou recalled the actions and words he had spoken on the night of the battle in the imperial city.

Uneasy, he entered his room and locked the door.

Events flashed through his mind at the speed of light.

He put himself in his enemies shoes and tried to pick out flaws.

In the end, he only found a few telepathic communication lines between him and the Mei Siren during the battle in the Central Zone that could cause him some trouble.

“It cant be that serious, can it”

Such memories made Xu Xiaoshous heart skip a beat, but he soon relaxed.

The Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, had shown that he had some contact with Mei Siren, but it was only a matter of a few words.

Even if they were close to each other, it did not amount to much.

Master Siren was a sucker for talent; everyone knew that.

Who would not be moved by the exceptional talent ofSaint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, in the way of the sword

Moreover, even if he had won the peoples attention of the imperial city in the battle that day…

Xu Xiaoshou had learmed that the Dragon Melting Realm could block the outside worlds perception from Elder Sang, who had entered Tiansang Spirit Palace in the past.

In theory, the imperial citys Spiritual Cultivator could not have seen the communication between him and Mei Siren.

Rao Yaoyao was another story altogether.

Still, would someone at Mei Sirens level neglect something so rudimentary as blocking the senses of outsiders while conversing with the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou Would he give outsiders any leverage against him


Was it a special ability

“Theres no need to look.

Look up.

Do you want to listen to the Sword Deitys conversation” The voice sounded again.

This time, Xiao Wanfeng understood.

The voice was extraordinary.

It did not sound like any human language Xiao Wanfeng knew, but he could understand it without any trouble.

Up there

Xiao Wanfeng raised his head.

Only two Sword Deities were conversing with each other.

Was there a third person present

Moreover, what was with this voice It sounded directly in his mind…

Could it be a Spiritual Cultivators telepathic communication

“Who are you”

Xiao Wanfeng did not sense any malice in the speaker and thought it safe to figure out what they wanted.

“My name is Xuan Cang!”

‘When Xuan Cangs voice sounded again, Xiao Wanfeng felt the pores on his body explode, and the wooden sword in his hand began to buzz.

Xuan Cang

‘Who was that

Xiao Wanfeng indicated that he did not know such a person, but his gaze quickly locked onto the longsword on Rao Yaoyaos back…

“Are you…2″

He stared up at it, stupefied, goosebumps standing on end.

Xuan Cang


The Cang Godhood Sword was one of the five great chaotic divine instruments that suppressed fate in the Holy Divine Palace.

Was the sword spirit this Xuan Cang

“Is it talking to me” Xiao Wanfeng mumbled to himself.

His immediate thought was that it sounded too outlandish to be true.

Was this another of Young Master Xus pranks

“Young Master Xu” He asked, pushing the thought out telepathically.

The voice was silent for a time.

It seemed stunned by the question.

‘When he realised it was not a prank by Young Master Xu, Xiao Wanfeng felt his heart bloom in ecstasy.

The sword spirit of the Cang Godhood Sword was conversing with him!


“I want to listen to the night talk between Sword Deities!”

With a buzz, his mind shook.

The sound of rushing air filled his ears and the conversation between those two lofty individuals filtered into his ear.

The Cang Godhood Swords voice mixed in with the other two Sword Deities, “Kid, do you want to become a Sword Deity or even surpass one”

The bewitching voice held him captive.

Even Xiao Wanfeng, who was used to big scenes, found it hard to resist, his heart beating wildly.


Had the Cang Godhood Sword chosen him

‘Why Was he the legendary chosen one

Xiao Wanfeng envisaged himself wielding the Cang Godhood Sword, stepping on Young Master Xu, and punching the Eighth Sword Deity, Bazhun‘an.

He felt he could not hold on any longer; his desire was too great! It was his future!

“No, youre not!”

The sword spirits voice interjected, shattering his fantasies.

“I noticed the Sword intent buried in your heart.

You have just enough heart energy and barely qualify to converse with me.”

“Then again, there arent many people in this era who have earned that right.”

“Lwant to give you a chance.”

Xiao Wanfeng did not care that his dreams had been dashed.

He merely asked, “Why me”

Xuan Cang fell silent.

Lying did not seem to be a skill it knew.

It calmly said, “Because the first two people rejected me.”

What the hell!

The first two people rejected it, so it came to him… Was he a spare tire

“May I ask, who are the first two people you mentioned” Xiao Wanfeng hesitated for a long time before asking the question on his mind.

Curiosity gnawed at him, demanding an answer.

Xuan Cang: “You Tu and Bazhunan.”


Immediately, Xiao Wanfeng hugged his blank head, utterly speechless.

It was as if his soul had flown out of his body, causing him to crash into the ground.

Was this a part of the sword spirits recognition

Xuan Cang had chosen him

Had he obtained the qualifications to stand on par with the likes of You Tu, the head of the Seven Sword Deities, and even Bazhunan, the Eighth Sword Deity/

Nervous, nervous, excited, ecstati

Xiao Wanfengs mood changed rapidly.

No single word could express his current emotions.

If someone acts friendly for no reason, he is either a traitor or a thief.

All of a sudden, this thought flashed through his mind.

No one in this world would ever dream that something like the Cang Godhood Sword could possess ulterior motives.

Nonetheless, caution was the letter of the word.

voice his question, “What do you want Am I worthy”

Since he dared to think of such an absurd claim, Xiao Wanfeng also dared to He felt more than a little unqualified…

Xuan Cang: “You are worthy! I only have one request.

Come to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe and find me.

After becoming the sword-bearer of the Divine Sword, kill the other sword-bearer with four swords for me..”


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