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Chapter 777: Gou Wuyue, How Did You Receive His Sword

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‘There was an uproar in the hall.

Chu Lisheng dared to reveal this information, so he must have verified it beforehand for its accuracy.

In other words, it meant that the First Pavilion in the Sky was not a real Demi-saint faction!

Chu Lisheng stood proudly in the hall, convinced of his assertion.

He would use the First Pavilion in the Sky as an example.

This shabby faction had deceived everyone.

Moreover, there were suspicions of them harbouring ties with the Saint Servant.

Now that Sword Deity Rao lacked merit…

It was no wonder events had taken a turn for the worse.

Rao Yaoyao kept silent.

After a long while, Rao Yaoyao pressed her hands against the wooden table, leaning forward as she asked, “Are you certain, Elder Chu” Her question elicited surprise in Chu Lisheng.

“Its true!”

Chu Lisheng answered, elaborating, “The spy I planted in the First Pavilion in the Sky informed me of Young Master Xus situation.

He did not even have a guard at the Cutting Path (Stage) with him when he went out a few days ago.

His backing cant exceed that of a Demi-saint faction.

Its ridiculous!”

Just as he finished speaking…


Yaoyao Rao slapped her delicate hand against the table, causing it to explode and send shards flying across the council hall.

Wooden splints and sheaves of paper fluttered in the air and caused a mess.

Sword Deity Raos pretty face coloured in anger amidst the dust and debris.

Everyone was shocked.

No one knew why Sword Deity Rao was so angry.

Cheng Ji shrank in his seat, looking like a frightened sparrow seeking comfort in the warm embrace of his chair, his eyes betraying terror and shock.

‘The First Pavilion in the Sky may have deceived the people of the imperial city, but it could not have deceived Rao Yaoyao!

‘Why was she so angry

Only Chu Lisheng could sense the reason for Rao Yaoyaos anger.

The female Sword Deity was not mad with the First Pavilion in the Sky but herself!

What was going on

‘Was there something wrong with her

Was she a Saint Servant

Before she could pursue that train of thought, her body tensed up, and her eyes narrowed.

“You said that the First Pavilion in the Sky is not a Demi-saint faction, but my people say that Young Master Xu not only has the Higher Void (level) guards by his side but even the Demi-saint, one of the Seven

Sword Deities, is connected to him… What do you have to say to that”

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The great hall fell into dead silence.

Shocked, stunned, and utterly mired in disbelief, such were the emotions that hung over their heads.

The Night Guardian sighed, shaking his head helplessly.

He had already dropped the case.

It had not been long since he combed the streets from Tiansang City to Dongtianwang City.

His investigation turned up empty, and so he had dropped the case.

Regardless of whether Young Master Xu was Xu Xiaoshou or not, he could no longer pursue this matter.

It was too late.

Xu Xiaoshou was now the infamousSaint Servant, Xu Xiaoshow.

He could do nothing else besides handing over all the evidence he collected and letting Senior Rao take over the reins.

He had made the wrong call.

The next time he met Xu Xiaoshou, it would be as enemies.

All this while, he, the Night Guardian, had been shouldering these responsibilities himself.

It was too much for him to handle alone.

There were still many other things requiring his attention.

He… he could not take any more blows.

On the other sid

Chu Lisheng:

He was still in a dazed state.

‘As soon as Rao Yaoyao finished speaking, he felt his knees go soft, and his body almost collapsed on the spot.

Higher Void (level)

Higher Void (level) guard

‘A descendant of a Demi-saint faction wouldnt have a Higher Void (level) guard accompany them while travelling, would they

What kind of Demi-saint faction would be so extravagant as to provide its descendants with Higher Void (level) guards when travelling

‘What a waste!

Higher Void (level) cultivators were not cabbages – they were scarce even in the Holy Divine Palace and Dongtianwang City!

Those old fogeys who usually did not move unless necessary were mere guards of a side hall!

Chu Lishengs mind sank into a quagmire.

He spent a long time in that unresponsive state before managing to force out a few words, “S-senior Rao, are you serious”

Rao Yaoyao raised her eyebrows.

“What do you think”

Chu Lisheng felt his scalp go numb.

He realized that he had asked a stupid question.

Why would Sword Deity Rao lie There was no reason for her to debase herself with petty falsehoods!

Immediately, he stuttered out a response, “Young Master Xu also confronted the Demi-saint Jiang family of the Plenty Gold Company and said that he discovered the Demi-saints birthday.

Nobody has ever accomplished such a feat in the past hundred years of the Northern Region.

Hes been spouting

nothing but lies.

At this point, even if Rao Yaoyao did not say anything, Chu Lisheng knew he had shot himself in the foot.

Thats right!

Even his identity was fake, so how could he still believe Young Master Xus words

Perhaps, he was using him to warn the Jiang clan!

Chu Lishengs heart sank.

He had not done his job well.

Even if he wanted to make trouble for Young Master Xu, there was no getting around his Higher Void (level) guards.

Not to mention Chu Lishengs spies, even if Chu Lisheng went, he might not be able to detect the existence of the Higher Void (level) guards.

Nothing would change except a complete loss of face on his part if he publicized his inaptitude!

Failure was not an outcome the Holy Divine Palace accepted.

Neither could he shirk his responsibilities lest he drew Sword Deity Raos wrath.

“Master Cheng, punish him afterwards!”

Rao Yaoyao took her seat.

She was calmer now that she had vented.

Waving her hand casually, she dismissed Chu Lishengs following words.

She already knew what he wanted to say.

The guards of the First Pavilion in the Sky were too powerful, so it was normal for them not to uncover all the factions secrets.

Nevertheless, she felt Chu Lishengs ability to handle delicate matters was too lacking.

His very nature made him unsuitable for his line of work.

Making inferences instead of pursuing the truth only did more harm than help.

It was the type of action that invited universal condemnation.

“Deploy the Holy Divine Palaces forces and go door to door to get the truth.

Speak to all the Demi-saint factions in the Northern Region, including those reclusive ones, and see what you can find.”

“If you can find anything related, report it immediately.

We cant allow news to spread to the five regions.

Send all personnel available.

Dont hold back,” Rao Yaoyao ordered.

Everyone in the hall listened with shock written on their faces.

How much time and resources would it take to go door to door

Knocking on the doors of Demi-saint families was not as easy as a snap of the fingers.

These were Demi-saint families – families wielding extraordinary powers and influence.

A troubled look overtook Cheng Jis features.

He, too, thought it was a tall order.

An awe-inspiring light shone in Rao Yaoyaos eyes as she said in a deep voice, “If the First Pavilion in the Sky is involved with the Saint Servant, and you cant get anything out of him, then you can remain seated in this position… forever.”

“I-I got something out of him…”

She turned to look at Cheng Ji, “Unless you can make the heavens light up, I think the position of Hallmaster is about to come to an end.”

Cheng Jis mind raced.

The pros and cons of the present matter were only just becoming known to him.

The implications were far-reaching.

Saint Servant…

After the battle at the White Cave, the Saint Servant was at the top of theWhite-clothed blacklist!

No matter how much he needed to throw into investigating the First Pavilion in the Sky, it would still be worth his while since the White-clothed could reimburse him.

The identity of the Saint Servant was something that would shake the foundations of the five regions once it was confirmed.

After all, Bazhunan, the Saint Servants chief, was someone who could contend with Hallmaster Dao decades ago…


Even Dao Qiongcang was inferior to Bazhun‘an in his prime!

Yaoyao Rao pinched the space between her brows and waved her hand, “Dismissed.”


The White-clothed and Red Coats in the hall disappeared in an instant.

Cheng Ji quickly bade farewell.

He almost dragged Chu Lisheng away as he hurried off to do his work.

Rao Yaoyao was the only one still seated.

She stared at the shattered remains of the table and fell into deep thought.

She had not put much stock into the First Pavilion in the Sky, but now things had changed.

It started when she learnt of the Saint Servants growth from the Night Guardian.

It was also why she did not pursue Cheng Ji and Chu Lisheng.


It was not his jurisdiction.

Since it involved the Saint Servant, a dark faction, the White-clothed should handle it.

‘The First Pavilion in the Sky had its roots in Dongtianwang City.

It must have been the work of the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, in disguise.

After a certain matter was investigated, Xu Xiaoshou jumped onto the stage in the open and publicly slapped the Holy Divine Palace in the face.

Yet, the Holy Divine Palace had not reacted at all!

Rao Yaoyao was right about one thing.

Cheng Ji was in charge of Dongtianwang City.

If such a ridiculous incident happened in the imperial city, the White-clothed would be responsible; otherwise, his position would be undermined.

“Mei Siren…”

She looked out the window.

She stared at the ancient pilgrimage tower of simple design in the distance.

Rao Yaoyao frowned, thinking hard.

‘There was only one person she had had to be cautious of during the night battle in the imperial city.

Mei Siren!

Mei Siren had entered the arena but had not moved.

What was he thinking

What was he going to do

‘That day, the situation was urgent, and all sorts of important matters came flooding in one after another.

Rao Yaoyao had no time to dabble in trivial matters, so she did not bother asking Mei Siren why he had been present.

Now that she was free, she could calm her heart and re-examine her encounter with Mei Siren in more detail.

Mei Siren was a senior, and he belonged to a generation of heroic figures from hundreds of years ago.

If one were to rank the Seven Sword Deities, regardless of strength or seniority…

You Tu and Mei Siren would rank first.

Their tier was one held by seniors of that venerable generation.

‘The Southern Regions Feng Tingchen would place second, including the middle-aged and several old folks.

All three were figures hailing from the previous era.

Below them were Hua Changdeng, Gou Wuyue, Rao Yaoyao, and Wen Ting.

If one were to consider an eighth person to join that list…

Bazhun‘an would undoubtedly fall into the third category: those were the younger generation of Sword Deities, perhaps not even middle-aged.

Still, those falling into the third tier were by no means spring chickens.

They ranked fairly high on the totem pole of seniority.

A mere thought was enough for Rao Yaoyao to understand the position held by these venerable seniors of the first category.

Mei Siren had always taken a neutral stance, something that had not changed in several hundred years.

Despite what was said or done, he refused t involve himself in the mundane affairs of factions and disputes between individuals.

He was only interested in imparting knowledge and teaching.

It was completely different from You Tu, who had always opposed the Holy Divine Palace.

It was why she had not suspected him at all despite his strangely timed appearance.

It could not have been a coincidence that Mei Siren entered the arena after the battle in the imperial city.

Only a connection between himself and the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, could explain his appearance.

However, Rao Yaoyao did not think much of it.

Which swordsman in the world had not received pointers from Mei Siren

Among the Seven Sword Deities, the only one who had not received pointers from the Mei Siren was You Tu, but he was of the same generation as the former.

Even Feng Tingchen of the Southern Region, who was on his way to becoming a Sword Deity, must have heard all sorts of legends about Mei Siren.

It was also possible that he had indirectly received some of Master Sirens inheritance.

For example, it was very likely that his Master, who was on the path of practising the Sword, did not know that his Masters Masters Master had received pointers from Mei Siren.

‘That was one reason Mei Siren was respectfully calledMaster Siren by the world.

He had been spreading the teachings of the Sword for a very long time.

For Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou to have accomplished so much so quickly along the path of an ancient swordsman… was probably a result of coming into contact with Mei Siren and being taught by him.

Rao Yaoyao did not find it strange.

The crux of the issue was Mei Sirens neutrality.

Mei Siren was known to impart the way of the Sword to those who wished to learn it, but he never interfered in the politics surrounding the positions of his disciples in the greater world.

It was a reflection of his impartiality.

However, that night, Mei Siren showed an uncanny display of attention to the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

“Is it because Xu Xiaoshou is Bazhunans heir and the new Dao holder of You Tus path Could he possess outstanding talent” Rao Yaoyao hesitated.

She had seen Xu Xiaoshous talent.

It was something any teacher would take pride in.

If so, Mei Sirens attention was not unfounded.

Yet, since he knew Xu Xiaoshous position, he should not have meddled.

Mei Siren ought to know the consequences better than her.

Rao Yaoyao had never considered Mei Sirens declaration: “I, Mei Siren, wanted to enter the arena, but because Xu Xiaoshou was too strong, I was suddenly not needed, so I could only watch from the sidelines,” as being remotely possible.

It was too absurd!

The only suspicious point was the level of attention Mei Siren had attached to the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, on that particular night, and perhaps his sudden revelation that he was Young Master Xu, a guest of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The Night Guardian had provided this piece of information, and Rao Yaoyao trusted her subordinates.

Even though the Night Guardian had erroneously confirmed that Young Master Xu was not the Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, it was a case of misidentification, a mistake anyone could have made under certain circumstances.

However, she, Rao Yaoyao, was different.

She had a lot more on her plate and plenty of things she needed to consider.

The Seven Sword Deities had their secrets and connections to various factions, dating more than a hundred years ago.

These were not things those Red Coats at the bottom of the ladder would know.

Therefore, the Night Guardians mistake was within a reasonable margin or error.

Rao Yaoyao, on the other hand, had to be vigilant.

She had to work on the premise that the First Pavilion in the Sky harboured suspects, acting in reserve of the Saint Servants plans.

It was a strange notion even in Rao Yaoyaos head.

What could have been their aim, and what was Mei Sirens role in the whole debacle

Although she did not want to believe ill of Mei Siren, and his history would attest to that belief, it remained a distinct possibility that he had involved himself somehow.

Rao Yaoyao hoped her conjectures were false, but only after receiving the report on the findings would she feel relieved.

She felt that she was worrying over nothing and a colossal waste of money, but it had to be done.

The situation would turn serious if a connection tied the two together.

An event concerning one of the Seven Sword Deities, Mei Siren, was sure to shake the heavens and cause the seas to roil.

It was the sort of event that occurred at the turn of a new age.

Rao Yaoyao pursed her lips and let out a long sigh.

Tomorrow would be the alchemy and spiritual array trials.

Being understaffed, Rao Yaoyao knew she had her work cut out for her.

She did not know what other tricks were in store, but she prayed nothing else would rock the boat, not during such a sensitive period, at least.

After the Imperial City Trial, Sacred Void Island was due to descend.

“Its such an eventful autumn…”

The night wind blew, and moonlight filtered through the frosted panes.

The streets were brightly lit, and people bustled about, forming a stark contrast with the quiet Council Hall.

Rao Yaoyao, leaning against the windowsill, gently stroked the Godhood Sword.

The light wind teased her hair, spiriting away a portion of her worries.

Rao Yaoyao suddenly thought of the heaven-covering sword intent that remained in the Yunlun mountain range.

She was at a loss.

For a person whose cultivation level had fallen to the bottom of the weapon prohibition order, how could he still summon Abyss Island

Not even the Holy Emperor could command such a feat…

‘Was it because he was Bazhunan

“Gou Wuyue, how did you receive his sword”

Rao Yaoyaos eyes misted over, reminiscing the past.

It was as if she was transported back in time when the Moonless Sword Deity brought the Saint Servant, Sang Qiye, back to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe to receive his punishment after the battle in the Eighth Palace.

“The Holy Divine Palace has schemed for thirty years to drive the sheep into a dead end.

From the Central Region to the east, you brought 700 White-clothed and crossed countless realm:

“In the end, you didnt even manage to touch the hems of Storytellers clothes whom you were supposed to arrest.

Instead, you brought back the Saint Servant, Sang Qiye, of the former Holy Palace, losing 700 White-clothed enforcers in the process.”

“He lost an arm and was sent to the holy prison, being forced to reflect upon his actions for three months.

It was only after the new year that he was allowed to return to his duties!”

Rao Yaoyao was present at the trial.

She even felt that…


Everyone present thought that Gou Wuyue would blame the losses on alack of assistance.

Rao Yaoyao had even preempted what the judges would say.

Perhaps something along the lines of: “A lack of assistance Are the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi, and the Divine Puppet not enough to be considered assistance”

It was unexpected.

Gou Wuyue had not said a word.

He was hauled off to prison without a single complaint.

Everyone was shocked.

Rao Yaoyao was also shocked.

After receiving her order to head east and witnessing firsthand, the remnant sword intent in the Yunlun Mountains, Rao Yaoyao fell silent.

“The world is the same wherever you go.

I brought the chief of the five divisions and the Godhood Sword, Xuan Cang, to this place, but I cant even hand over a decent person…”

Rao Yaoyao stroked her Godhood Sword, smiling bitterly.

If it werent for her surname Rao, she would probably be finished by now.

She looked up at the ancient city in the Sky.

Much of the city wall had been pulled out, and one could vaguely see the Void Chains of Heaven piercing through the spatial fragment, restraining Abyss Island.

Abyss Islands momentum was like the long river of fate; perhaps it could be delayed, but nothing could stop it.

Rao Yaoyao shook away those thoughts.

She lifted her Godhood Sword with a swoosh and flew out the window.

Although there were some things she did not want to face, someone had to step forward and take charge.

This time, her target was the First Pavilion in the Sky!


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